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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Google Search Results in Warning Entire Internet

Today, some searchers found every site in Google's search results carried the warning that: "This site may harm your computer". Users who attempted to click through the results saw the "interstitial" warning page that mentions the possibility of badware and refers people to for more information.

The problem affected internet pages across the whole planet, and lasted for around 40 minutes before engineeers were able to fix it.

"We periodically receive updates to that list and received one such update to release on the site this morning. Unfortunately (and here's the human error), the URL of '/' was mistakenly checked in as a value to the file and '/' expands to all URLs. Fortunately, our on-call site reliability team found the problem quickly and reverted the file," Google said in its official blog.

Google blacklists entire internet

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Google Earth Layer Blocked in China

China appears to have blocked access to the popular internet maps service - Google Earth. Google Earth is a virtual globe program that displays satellite images of varying resolution of the Earth's surface, allowing users to visually see things like cities and houses from a bird's eye view.

Google's map and satellite-photo service offered Chinese Internet users something they rarely could see: a bird's-eye view of the secret compound of Zhongnanhai(located west of the Forbidden City), where the country's top leaders live and work.

But in recent weeks, some layer of Google Earth(such as Google Earth Community) could not load and work in China. The Google Earth Community is an online forum which is dedicated to producing placemarks of interesting or educational perspectives. It may be found on the Google Earth webpage or under the Help section on the program itself. After downloading a placemark, it will automatically run Google Earth (if not opened), and fly to the area specified by the person who placed it. Once there, you can add it to your "My Places" by right clicking on the icon and selecting "Save to My Places". Additionally, anyone can post a placemark for others to download; as long as you have an account.

Google Earth

When I run a proxy program, and open Google Earth again, the Google Earth Community layer is right there, everything is ok.

Google Earth

Then I close the proxy program and click the layer again, it's tell me "Fetch of NetworkLink failed( Connect Failed."

Google Earth

That mean the Weather,Gallery and Global Awareness layer is blocked in China. Google Earth Community is in the Gallery layer,  so it cannot be open again.

If the Chinese government is blocking its own citizens from seeing where their leaders live, whereas the rest of the world can see just fine, we're talking some major institutional paranoia.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Google Retiring AdSense Referrals Program

Google started introducing the AdSense Referral Program in November 2005 where publishers can get $100 bonus when they successfully referred someone into the AdSense network.

They slowly continued this program to include Google products (AdWords, AdSense, Picasa) as well as FireFox with Google Toolbar. And though western publishers get $1 for every Firefox downloads they refer, Asian publishers like in the China only get 10% of that referral fee or $0.10 (sometimes ever as low as $0.01).

Today Google has announced they will be ending their AdSense referrals program. AdSense Referrals allows you to include product referral links which cane be bought or downloaded. When a user from your site buys or downloads something via that link, you get a commission of the sale. Most popular referral links include Firefox and AdSense ad units. Today they announced that they will be officially stopping them by the end of August 2008.

An email from Google AdSense confirms that Google is terminating AdSense referrals:

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve AdSense by developing and supporting features which drive the best monetization results for our publishers. Sometimes, this requires retiring existing features so we can focus our efforts on the ones that will be most effective in the long term. For this reason, we will be retiring the AdSense Referrals program during the last week of August. We appreciate your patience during this transition and here are some alternative options to consider:

  • Google Affiliate Network: As part of the integration of DoubleClick, the DoubleClick Performics Affiliate Network will now operate as the Google Affiliate Network for advertisers targeting users located in the United States. Similar to the AdSense Referrals program, the Google Affiliate Network enables publishers to apply for advertiser programs and get paid based on advertiser-defined actions instead of clicks or impressions. For further details, please visit:

  • AdSense for content ads: If you have less than three AdSense for content ad units on a page, you may wish to replace the referral ad units with standard AdSense for content ad units.

If you currently use referral ads, either to promote Google products or offerings from AdWords advertisers, AdSense Referrals code will no longer display ads beginning the last week of August. We encourage you to take the following steps before the product is retired:

  • Remove the referral code from your site(s): Please take a moment to remove all referral code from your sites before the last week of August, so you can continue to effectively monetize your ad space.

  • Run and save all referrals reports on your desktop: Create and save all reports related to the referrals program on your desktop, so you continue to have access to your valuable campaign information.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Google Translation Gadget

Google released a translation gadget which can translate blog or website easily from one language to another. According to wikipedia only 35.2% of the internet users are English, so it makes sense to add translation widgets for your blog to increase the reach for your blog.

Google Translator widget supports lots of languages as of now if your primary language is English. This widget also served through Javascript and carries a link Google Translator and Google Gadgets.

Add the Google Translate gadget to your webpage is quick and easy. Its offer instant access to automatic translations of that page. Go to Google Translate gadget, select the language of your webpage, copy and paste the HTML to include the gadget on your webpage.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Google Blogspot And Google Pages Unblocked In China

The free blog hosting services Google Blogspot and the free homepage hosting Google Pages are accessible in China today.

Some days before, Google BlogSpot is blocked again after the the 17th Party Congress finished in BeiJing , but after YouTube unblocked, the Google Blogspot and Google Pages both unblocked now, that surprise me, those blocking are extremely arbitrary.

Hope that is not temporary unblocked.

Update: Google Blogger(Blogspot) was blocked in China again a week ago.

Friday, October 26, 2007

How To Visit Google BlogSpot In China

Most efforts(using proxy or editing hosts file, for example) to bypass The Wall can work, . I'm going to write 2 methods dedicated for blogspot.

The easier way is to use pkblogs, who provides accesss to blogs "blocked in India, Pakistan, Iran or China". But I think pkblogs itself may be blocked soon.

The more technical way (by Dance In The Dark) is to assign "*" to an alternative IP address which is not banned yet, by configuring proxy settings of Firefox with following steps:

  1. Create a new text file and write the following codes
    function FindProxyForURL(url,host){
    if(dnsDomainIs(host, "")){
    return "PROXY";

  2. Save it as C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\local\proxy.pac

  3. In Firefox, open Tools(menu)->Options(menu)->Advanced(tab)->Network(tab)->Connect, Settings(button)->Automatically Proxy Configuration URL(box), enter:


  4. Say OK to close all dialogs. Now you can try


  1. The IP we used here may be banned in the future, you will need to google for new solutions at that time.

  2. IE is also known to support auto proxy configuration, but I can't get it work. (via)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Google BlogSpot Blocked Again In China

The most popular blog host BlogSpot is blocked again after the the 17th Party Congress finished in BeiJing.

In the south China, BlogSpot is not accessible all the while, but in the north China, BlogSpot was suddenly accessible on October 15 in BeiJing. The 17th Party Congress started on October 15. Some believe that the current unblocking may be related to the 17th Party Congress, temporarily allowing the major foreign journalists to access their favorite BlogSpot. So the BlogSpot was only unblock in north China, on October 15. After the Congress's finishing, the BlogSpot is blocked again.

An unblocking of the site last year led to the availability of a Shanghai-based foreign blogger known as Chinabounder, whose blog recounted the author's sexual exploits with Chinese women while working as an English teacher. The posts ultimately led to an unsuccessful hunt for the author and a temporary closing of the blog(via).

Friday, October 19, 2007

Baidu Hijacking Google, Yahoo, Microsoft In China

Numerous users find that if they trying to access Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft search engines from China are being redirected to Chinese-owned search engine Baidu yesterday.

Chinese DNS servers are under government control, some have accused Baidu of hijacking the traffic, but some suspect that Chinese government has unilaterally blocked there US search engines in China and is redirecting all requests to Baidu.

Hijacking Google Blog Search

Hijacking Google Blog Search

Hijacking Yahoo Search

Hijacking Yahoo Search

Hijacking Microsoft Search

Hijacking Microsoft Live Search

Earlier this week, Beijing has been ramping up its filtering of political sites in an attempt to stifle political dissent leading up to the Communist Party Congress, a meeting in which leaders are selected to serve under the president for the next five years. The most popular online video website YouTube is also blocked in China yesterday.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Google Launches Chinese Blog Search

Today, Google released a Chinese version of Google Blog Search, the URL is . The IP address of "Chinese Blog Search" is in Bei Jing. Now Chinese users can use Google blog search services in simplified Chinese language.

According to Google Chinese Blog, the Chinese version of Google Blog Search can track most of Chinese blog service providers,including Sina blog, Sohu blog, Tencent blog, blog, Baidu space, and other blog networks.

Meanwhile, Google blog search is also support most standalone blogs, such as WordPress, MovableType, Google Blogger blog.

The Chinese blog search is self-censoring, when I try to search "Tiananmen Square" in, I get no result. Google is not just translate BlogSearch's interface into Chinese language.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Google Answers Censorship In China

Today, Google and Tianya (a famous Chinese community website) launched a free Q&A service - "Tianya Answers". Some believe this is a strong competitors of "Baidu Zhidao" (the biggest Q&A site in China). In the bottom of "Tianya Answers" we can get "Google technology provide".

Social search has been Google's weaknesses, Google Answers is also defeat by Yahoo Answers. In China, Baidu Zhidao is the biggest Q&A service. Google launches Q&A service in China will enable Google to compete with Baidu. But in the "Tianya Answers", we found some of the very obvious Google-specific issues.

When we register a new account, we can get the following message : "Please note that according to Chinese laws, your IP information will be recorded for at least 60 days. And it will be will be provided to government agencies when we get the request."

That is mean, Google will complied with requests from the Chinese authorities to furnish information regarding an IP address of Google's users, and Google will only simply state that they just conform to the laws of the countries in which they operate.

Before in 2006, Google launches the Chinese version of its search engine to be censored ( Google use so-call SafeSearch filter used to keep people away from "bad" information, such as "subversive" material.

Google being in China helps itself more than China and simply does not fit into the "Don't Be Evil" mantra, but Google also known little about China's censorship. The "community website" is the "high-risk" project, they must face the work of looking out for and cleaning up "harmful information", if they do not get the "harmful information" out, they will be out. So they choice to collaborates with the Chinese regime.

Google "Don't Be Evil" ... Not in China.

Sources in Chinese .

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Top 25 Productivity Modules For iGoogle

We already know we can turn Netvibes into our personal office. Why not do the same with iGoogle, which is gaining popularity (and hundreds of new modules) very fast? We’ve assembled a list of over 25 productivity modules for iGoogle; take notes, send e-mail and SMS and review your daily schedule directly from your favorite personalized portal.

Notes & To-Dos

  • Google Notebook – Add sections, notes, and edit multiple books – directly from iGoogle.
  • Remember the Milk – Extremely powerful to-do manager with reminders, priorities, categories, repeats, and much more.
  • Sticky Note – Sticky notes for iGoogle.
  • To-Do List – Very simple to-do list with nice colored priorities.
  • To-Do List – Another simple to-do list.
  • ToDo Reminder List – This one doesn’t only have to-dos, but also includes a fancy email notification system.
  • Uday’s Scratch Pad – Simple scratch pad for scribbling down notes and ideas.


  • Google Calendar – See your three day agenda, today’s agenda, and future days’ agendas with this powerful gadget.
  • Google Calendar – Simple agenda-only viewer.
  • Google Calendar Viewer – See your GCal agenda for the day at one glance.
  • Microsoft Outlook – If you use Outlook for their calendaring, give this gadget a try. You can view contacts, tasks, your inbox, and create new tasks all from iGoogle.


Instant Messaging

  • AIM Messenger – Use eBuddy mobile to message with your AIM contacts.
  • Google Talk – IM with all your contacts (and do chat rooms) with the official Google Talk module.
  • meebo by C#UK – Another gadget.
  • Meebo Gadget – Chat with virtually any network using Meebo’s online AJAX client.
  • MessengerFX – Use MessengerFX’s powerful online program to chat with MSN users.
  • MSN Messenger 3.0 – Great MSN Messenger Mobile gadget for iGoogle.
  • Yahoo! Messenger – Chat with your Yahoo buddies right from iGoogle.


Monday, February 27, 2006

Top 60 Tools For Gmail

With Google announcing the ability to increase your Gmail storage capacity this week, we decided to delve into other ways to extend and enhance Google’s popular webmail service. Presenting: 60+ tools and resources for Gmail.

Desktop Applications

GCount – An application for Mac OSX that alerts you to new mail.

gDisk – An app for Mac OSX giving the ability to turn Gmail accounts into storage drives.

gFeeder – A small ticker for your Gmail that will let you know at a glance what’s coming in for you.

GetMail – Allows you to migrate your emails from Hotmail to your Gmail account.

Gmail Drive – Another tool for turning your Gmail account in to a virtual storage drive, this one works directly from inside Windows Explorer.

Gmail Loader – For Windows or Linux, aids you in loading your email to your Gmail account.

GMailFS – Turns your Gmail space into a virtual drive that your Windows Explorer can see.

GotMailG – A Mac widget to display the number of unread messages in your inbox.

POP3/IMAP server for GMAIL in JAVA – Allows you POP3 access via your favorite mail reader to your Gmail account, IMAP still in development.

Send To GMail – With one click, you can back up any file you want from your computer to your Gmail account.

Firefox Tools

Better Gmail – Combines some of the most popular Greasemonkey scripts in to one extension. Includes things such as skins, saved searches, keyboard macros, and more.

Delegate to Remember The Milk – Adds a button to Gmail and allows you make to-do lists.

Dragdropupload – Allows you to drag your files to the attachment box.

GCalQuickTab – Allows you to quickly change between Google Mail and Calendar with keyboard shortcuts.

Gmail Checker – Allows you to check your Gmail for new messages.

Gmail Manager – Allows you to not only manage multiple accounts, but know how much mail and spam they have.

Gmail Notifier – Get notifications of new emails right in your browser.

Gmail RTL – Adds direction buttons to your email.

Gmail S/Mime – Allows you to send and receive encrypted emails.

Gmail Skins – Change the look of your inbox, insert HTML tables, use emoticons and more.

Google Toolbar – Official Google release of a toolbar with Gmail features.

Gspace – Turns your Gmail account in to a virtual web drive that you can upload files to and store them.

gTalk Sidebar – Incorporates Google Talk into your sidebar.

GTDInBox – A Getting Things Done tool that integrates into Gmail, helps you get organized.

WebMail Notifier – Checks your Gmail account for unread emails; works with other email services also.

Greasemonkey Scripts

Clean Gmail Print – Removes the Gmail logo when you go to print out your email

Folders4Gmail – If you prefer the old style of sorting mail in folders over labels, this is the script for you.

Force HTTPS for GMail, GCal, and GDocs – Forces the corner links in the Google apps to change over to HTTPS.

gDate2Cal 0.1 – Turns dates in Gmail in to links to take you to that day in Google Calendar.

Gmail + Reader Integration – Lets you use Google Reader with your Gmail account.

GMail Attachment Icons – Shows you an icon that lets you know what type of file is attached to an email without opening it.

Gmail attachment reminder v2.4.1 – Reminds you to attach a file your email if it appears you haven’t.

Gmail Contact List – Adds a contact list near the “To” field in compose.

Gmail Conversation Preview – Right click on a conversation to get a preview of it in a bubble.

Gmail Date Search – adds a Search by Date button to Gmail’s search form

Gmail Delete Button – RED Color – Turns the delete button red so there is less chance of hitting it accidentally.

Gmail Emoticons! – Puts an emoticons button next to the “Check Spelling” button to allow you to enter numerous different smilies.

Gmail Encrypt – Allows you to encrypt outgoing emails and create encryption keys.

Gmail FavIcon Alerts – Turns the Gmail favicon in the address bar in to a new mail alert.

Gmail from address selector – Lets you change the reply-to email address depending on who you are sending to. (i.e. sending to someone like “”, you choose your work address as the from address)

Gmail Full Width – Removes the advertising block on the right so that your mails take up the full width.

Gmail Google Calendar sidebar – Adds your Google Calendar to your Gmail display.

Gmail Lite – Removes ads, the footer, stars, and chats.

Gmail Macros – Allows you to create more keyboard shortcuts to speed up your Gmail experience.

Gmail Multi-User Login – For those of you with more than one Gmail account, this will give you a drop down menu with all of your accounts listed.

Gmail Multiple Signatures, plus Float – Will change your signature based on what return address you enter.

Gmail – One Click Conversations – Allows you quick access to the most recent conversations with a contact via a one click button.

GMail Header, Navigation and Ads Switcher – Can choose to hide or show the header, navigation bar, and ads by clicking a button.

Gmail – Zip Attachments and Download – Allows you to download all the attachments of an email by merely clicking on the paper clip icon.

GmailTo -Opens mailto: commands from websites in Gmail compose.

Google Air Skin – Script to use Air Skin in Gmail, Google Calendar, on, and Google Reader.

Label Colors – Lets you choose the colors of various labels so you can tell them apart easier.

Plaxo4Gmail – Allows you to sync your Gmail with your Plaxo info.

Saved Searches – Allows you to save a Gmail search so that you can just click on the saved search to do it again.


GBooks – Allows you to turn a Gmail account in to a bookmarks server.

gExodus – Allows you to export your emails from another account to your Gmail account in mbox format.

Gmail icon generator – Allows you to create a small graphic of your Gmail address to place on websites so that you may display your address without spam bots reading it.

Gmail Music – Store MP3 files in your Gmail account and play them on any computer.

Gmail Todo – Turn your Gmail into a helpful “To Do” list.

PhpGmailDrive – Retrieves a list of attachments from a Gmail account and enables you to list them on a website or blog for others to download.

You’ve Got Gmail – A plugin for the Trillian messenger program that lets you manage your accounts. (via)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Top 40 Tools For Google Calendar

The new Yahoo Mail rolled out to everyone this week with, among other things, better integration with Yahoo Calendar. But don’t forget what we think is the simplest calendar out there: Google Calendar. We’ve thrown together a series of programs, browser add-ons, Greasemonkey scripts, and Stylish user styles for Google’s calendar service.


Compact Header – Stylish script that gives you more space by removing the header of Google Calendar.

Extra Tabs – User script that changes the custom date range tab to multiple tabs of your choice.

Full Cal – Add-on gives you a larger view activated by a customizable hotkey.

Google Air Skin – Greasemonkey hack to give Google Calendar, Gmail,, and Google Reader a nice skin.

Google Calendar Optimized – User style that compacts the paddings and margins and lowers the font size.

Header and Navigation Switcher – Hide the navigation and header bars with this user script.

Show Week – Greasemonkey addon that adds week numbers.

Slate Series – Grey user style skin, ideal for those depressive autumn days.

Textwrap Events – Wrap long event names so they’re actually readable.

Wheel View – Script to let you move the calendar with your mousewheel.


Add Your Agenda To Gmail – Tutorial on adding your Google Calendar agenda as a Gmail sidebar.

Facebook to Google Calendar – Greasemonkey script to send Facebook events to Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Forecast – Adds your agenda to every webpage you visit.

Google Calendar Widget For TypePad – Put your calendar in a sidebar for your TypePad blog.

Howto integrate Google Calendar in you website using AJAX – Short tutorial that shows you how to put your agenda into your website.

iGoogle Calendar Gadget – A simple Google Calendar gadget for your iGoogle homepage.

Remember the Milk For Google Calendar – Add your RTM to-do list to Google Calendar.

WoogleCal – Adds Google Calendar to your WordPress blog.

Alternative Clients

Calgoo – Java app that syncs Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook (and works as a standalone app itself).

GCALDaemon – Google Calendar synchronization for virtually any iCal-compliant client. Also includes a Gmail notifier, a Gmail terminal, an RSS>iCal converter, and much more. Tutorials here and here. – Minimalistic WebKit browser for OS X that displays Google Calendar.

GDATA Provider – Allows read/write access to GCal from Lightning/Thunderbird and Sunbird (tutorial here).

Google Calendar Gadget – Google Desktop plugin that displays your calendar.

Google Calendar Mobile – Google provides a handy mobile version of your calendar. Just go to in your phone, and it will redirect you to a special mobile version.

Google Calendar Quick Add – Firefox add-on to quickly create an event.

Google Calendar Widget – Yahoo Widget Engine (formerly Konfabulator) widget that displays your calendars on your desktop.

How to make your Google Calendar your PC’s desktop wallpaper – Lifehacker tip on making Google Calendar your wallpaper in Windows XP.

Milo Calendar – SuperKaramba widget for KDE that views your calendar on your desktop.

Rainlendar – Windows/Linux app that displays Google Calendar on your desktop.

Remote Calendars – COM-.NET Add-in for Outlook 2003 that has two-way sync with any iCal calendar (including Google Calendar, see here for more).

SyncMyCal – Sync Google Calendar with Outlook XP/2003/2007.

Twittercal – Create events by sending messages to the gcal bot on Twitter.


Google Calendar Notifier – Firefox add-on with easy notification for today (and tomorrow)’s agenda.

Google Notifier for Mac – Get Gmail and Google Calendar notifications with this handy app.

IMified – Add events and view upcoming tasks through AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, Jabber, or Google Talk.


Better GCal – A Firefox extension that adds the Air Skin, Collapse Header and Sidebar, Colorize Weekends, Force Secure Connection, Show Week, Slate Skin, and Text Wrap Events to Google Calendar.

GCalSecure – Makes GCal use a secure connection.

Google Calendar Quick Import – Greasemonkey script to import ICS/iCal events into Google Calendar.

hCalendar to Google Calendar – Add hCalendar events to Google Calendar with this handy user script

todo list prototype -.Adds a to-do list to Google Calendar (and stores entries in your local gm_scripts folder).

TODOlist – Improves the above script to save events to Google Calendar. (via)