Monday, February 27, 2006

Top 60 Tools For Gmail

With Google announcing the ability to increase your Gmail storage capacity this week, we decided to delve into other ways to extend and enhance Google’s popular webmail service. Presenting: 60+ tools and resources for Gmail.

Desktop Applications

GCount – An application for Mac OSX that alerts you to new mail.

gDisk – An app for Mac OSX giving the ability to turn Gmail accounts into storage drives.

gFeeder – A small ticker for your Gmail that will let you know at a glance what’s coming in for you.

GetMail – Allows you to migrate your emails from Hotmail to your Gmail account.

Gmail Drive – Another tool for turning your Gmail account in to a virtual storage drive, this one works directly from inside Windows Explorer.

Gmail Loader – For Windows or Linux, aids you in loading your email to your Gmail account.

GMailFS – Turns your Gmail space into a virtual drive that your Windows Explorer can see.

GotMailG – A Mac widget to display the number of unread messages in your inbox.

POP3/IMAP server for GMAIL in JAVA – Allows you POP3 access via your favorite mail reader to your Gmail account, IMAP still in development.

Send To GMail – With one click, you can back up any file you want from your computer to your Gmail account.

Firefox Tools

Better Gmail – Combines some of the most popular Greasemonkey scripts in to one extension. Includes things such as skins, saved searches, keyboard macros, and more.

Delegate to Remember The Milk – Adds a button to Gmail and allows you make to-do lists.

Dragdropupload – Allows you to drag your files to the attachment box.

GCalQuickTab – Allows you to quickly change between Google Mail and Calendar with keyboard shortcuts.

Gmail Checker – Allows you to check your Gmail for new messages.

Gmail Manager – Allows you to not only manage multiple accounts, but know how much mail and spam they have.

Gmail Notifier – Get notifications of new emails right in your browser.

Gmail RTL – Adds direction buttons to your email.

Gmail S/Mime – Allows you to send and receive encrypted emails.

Gmail Skins – Change the look of your inbox, insert HTML tables, use emoticons and more.

Google Toolbar – Official Google release of a toolbar with Gmail features.

Gspace – Turns your Gmail account in to a virtual web drive that you can upload files to and store them.

gTalk Sidebar – Incorporates Google Talk into your sidebar.

GTDInBox – A Getting Things Done tool that integrates into Gmail, helps you get organized.

WebMail Notifier – Checks your Gmail account for unread emails; works with other email services also.

Greasemonkey Scripts

Clean Gmail Print – Removes the Gmail logo when you go to print out your email

Folders4Gmail – If you prefer the old style of sorting mail in folders over labels, this is the script for you.

Force HTTPS for GMail, GCal, and GDocs – Forces the corner links in the Google apps to change over to HTTPS.

gDate2Cal 0.1 – Turns dates in Gmail in to links to take you to that day in Google Calendar.

Gmail + Reader Integration – Lets you use Google Reader with your Gmail account.

GMail Attachment Icons – Shows you an icon that lets you know what type of file is attached to an email without opening it.

Gmail attachment reminder v2.4.1 – Reminds you to attach a file your email if it appears you haven’t.

Gmail Contact List – Adds a contact list near the “To” field in compose.

Gmail Conversation Preview – Right click on a conversation to get a preview of it in a bubble.

Gmail Date Search – adds a Search by Date button to Gmail’s search form

Gmail Delete Button – RED Color – Turns the delete button red so there is less chance of hitting it accidentally.

Gmail Emoticons! – Puts an emoticons button next to the “Check Spelling” button to allow you to enter numerous different smilies.

Gmail Encrypt – Allows you to encrypt outgoing emails and create encryption keys.

Gmail FavIcon Alerts – Turns the Gmail favicon in the address bar in to a new mail alert.

Gmail from address selector – Lets you change the reply-to email address depending on who you are sending to. (i.e. sending to someone like “”, you choose your work address as the from address)

Gmail Full Width – Removes the advertising block on the right so that your mails take up the full width.

Gmail Google Calendar sidebar – Adds your Google Calendar to your Gmail display.

Gmail Lite – Removes ads, the footer, stars, and chats.

Gmail Macros – Allows you to create more keyboard shortcuts to speed up your Gmail experience.

Gmail Multi-User Login – For those of you with more than one Gmail account, this will give you a drop down menu with all of your accounts listed.

Gmail Multiple Signatures, plus Float – Will change your signature based on what return address you enter.

Gmail – One Click Conversations – Allows you quick access to the most recent conversations with a contact via a one click button.

GMail Header, Navigation and Ads Switcher – Can choose to hide or show the header, navigation bar, and ads by clicking a button.

Gmail – Zip Attachments and Download – Allows you to download all the attachments of an email by merely clicking on the paper clip icon.

GmailTo -Opens mailto: commands from websites in Gmail compose.

Google Air Skin – Script to use Air Skin in Gmail, Google Calendar, on, and Google Reader.

Label Colors – Lets you choose the colors of various labels so you can tell them apart easier.

Plaxo4Gmail – Allows you to sync your Gmail with your Plaxo info.

Saved Searches – Allows you to save a Gmail search so that you can just click on the saved search to do it again.


GBooks – Allows you to turn a Gmail account in to a bookmarks server.

gExodus – Allows you to export your emails from another account to your Gmail account in mbox format.

Gmail icon generator – Allows you to create a small graphic of your Gmail address to place on websites so that you may display your address without spam bots reading it.

Gmail Music – Store MP3 files in your Gmail account and play them on any computer.

Gmail Todo – Turn your Gmail into a helpful “To Do” list.

PhpGmailDrive – Retrieves a list of attachments from a Gmail account and enables you to list them on a website or blog for others to download.

You’ve Got Gmail – A plugin for the Trillian messenger program that lets you manage your accounts. (via)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Top 50 Tools for eBay Buyers and Sellers

We recently gave a preview of Auctomatic, a new set of “auction tools 2.0″ that’s funded by the creator of Gmail. But you don’t have to wait until that site launches to speed up your eBay experience: as former eBay addicts, we’ve rounded up 50+ tools to make life easy for eBay buyers and sellers. Today.


    Turbo Lister – eBay’s free listing tool that allows you to customize your listings, upload and edit items in bulk and manage your auctions. Essentially for bulk posting.MarketWorks – A complete auction management solution. Automate your listings, email correspondence and more.

    Infopia – Manage and integrate every aspect of your eBay business with the rest of your e-commerce ventures.

    AuctionSound – Web based auction management tool with a primary focus on eBay Trading Assistants and consignment sellers.

    Meridian – Automatically calculate shipping, send invoices and process payments. View customer profiles and transactions with this complete auction management system.

    ShootingStar – A popular work flow and time management system for eBay sellers. Manage the selling process more efficiently.

    TeraPeak – A marketplace research tool. Allows you to research average prices, other sellers, current eBay trends and more from a web based interface.

    ReliaBid – A service that aims to eliminate non-paying bidders, so you can receive your payments sooner.

    Marketplace Research – An eBay tool designed to give both buyers and sellers an opportunity to research the latest trends in the eBay marketplace.

    Supreme Auction – Downloaded software that lets you create your auction listing, add templates and submit it to eBay, right from your desktop. – Enter any eBay user id and instantly receive a detailed report of their feedback.

    Endicia – Print, pay and manage your postage and shipping right from your computer.

    Zoovy – Manage your billing, inventory and shipping for your eBay business.

    HammerTap – Research your products and market to make the most profitable decisions for your sales.

    Vendio – Maximize your eBay sales, open a store, brand your business and make your eBay listings more effective.

    Blackthorne – All-in-one application that enables you to create professional listings in bulk, manage sales, buyer communication and feedback from your desktop.

    ChannelAdvisor – Tool for inventory management, ad creation, order fulfillment and more.

    Auctiva – Free web based auction listing software with hundreds of listing templates and unlimited image hosting.

    Listing Ticker – Tool that creates a ready-made code to copy and paste into your web pages so that you can display your current eBay auctions.

Selling Manager – eBay’s online tool to assist you in managing and tracking your eBay listings. There are free and Pro versions.

ImageShack – Store your images for use in your eBay listings.

Pro Stores – Fully customizable eBay store with shopping cart integration.

eBay Sales Reports – Track your performance, measure your existing business and determine areas of improvement.

AuctionHawk – A fully integrated auction management solution. Track sales, store your images, customize your listings and more.

AuctionWizard 2000 – Software that enables you to manage your eBay listings and eBay stores at the same time.

SpoonFeeder – Complete auction management software. Store and edit your photos, build advanced auction templates and more.

EzLister – Manage your auctions, inventory and view detailed reports from this web-based management tool.

AuctionInc – A complete shipping calculator to check rates for Fed Ex, UPS and DHL. This tool can even calculate drop shipping fees.

InkFrog – Another auction management system at your disposal.

PhotoBucket – A good place to store images for use in eBay auctions.

Template -O -Matic – Free-web based auction listing creator.

HungryGopher – Manage your listings, images, sales and reports from one tool.

eBay Sidebar tool – Sidebar tool for Windows Vista. Check current auctions, receive eBay message alerts and more directly on your computer.

SquareTrade – Paid program that allows you to back all of your merchandise with a warranty. Manage your feedback rating and resolve disputes.

AuctionBlox – This tool allows you to list and manage all of your eBay auctions plus your osCommerce store so you can incorporate the two.

SitePal – Add an animated speaking salesperson to your eBay auctions.

Photoblat – Auction-ready image hosting. Place as many images per auction as you like.

List’d – Quick and easy auction listing service.

AuctionUsername – Use keywords to find unregistered eBay user names.


GoofBay – Search tool that tracks down misspelled and badly written eBay auction titles, helping you to get a good deal.

PowerSnipe – Tool that places bids on your behalf in the final seconds of an auction, leaving little time to be outbid.

BidBurglar – Win more auctions by placing bids in the last few seconds.

AuctionTamer – Multi-site auction software that allows you to research the listings before you bid.

AuctionStealer – Auction sniping tool that automatically places your bids in the closing seconds of the auction.

SilentSniper – Place your bids ten seconds before the end of the auction and beat out the competition.

TypoTracker – Find better deals by hunting down misspelled auction titles with this tool.

Auction Speller – Web based tool for tracking down misspelled auction listings to find better deals.

AuctionSniper – Out bid the competition in the last few seconds of the auction.

JBidWatcher – Manage your bids, snipe auctions and monitor your buying activity.

AuctionStealer – Another sniping tool that will automatically place your bid right at the end of the auction (not to be confused with the other tool of the same name, above). (via)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Top 30 Firefox Add-ons For Downloading Images, Videos & Files

Every day we all run across content we would like to save a copy of. Sometimes, it’s even legal to do so. This toolbox gives you Firefox add-ons to save just about anything from a webpage you could ever want. Obviously you shouldn’t install these all at once.

File & Page Saving

Backgroundimage Saver – Helps you save the background image of a page even when hidden behind a transparent GIF.

BatchDownload – Assists you in downloading multiple image links at once.

Bazzacuda Image Saver – Will cycle through your open tabs, if any tab has an image and nothing else, the image will be saved and you can have the tab close automatically.

Downloads in Tab – Moves the download manager to a tab.

Download Manager Tweaker – Open the standard download manager as a separate window, a new tab, or the sidebar.

Download Statusbar – Rid yourself of the pop-up download window and manage everything from your status bar.

Download Sort – Automatically save downloads to different directories when using “Save Link As” or “Save Image As”.

DownThemAll! – Download one link or multiples, has a built-in accelerator.

Facebook Photo Album Downloader – Download complete Facebook photo albums.

FlashGot – Download one link, selected link, or all the links on a page.

Image Download – Download all the pictures and filter by width, height, type, create sub folders and more.

Image Toolbar – Provides one click to image actions such as downloading.

Launchy – Enables you to open links and mailtos with the external applications of your choice.

OpenDownload – Adds functions similar to IE’s ‘Open’ and ‘Run’.

PDF Download – Checks every link to see if it is a PDF, if it is, it gives you the option to open it inside or out Firefox, download it to a folder or view it as HTML.

Pterodactl – Saves the largest image on the page, in all tabs, and renames files to keep from having conflicts.

Save As Image – Saves the currently displayed tab as an image creating an instant screenshot.

SafeDownload – Automatically scan downloaded files for viruses.

Save Complete – Aids you in saving complete webpages.

Save Image In Folder – Save images to special folders on your hard drive.

Save Images – Saves images from the current tab’s cache to a specified location.

Save Link In Folder – Save links to special folders on your hard drive.

Screengrab! – Saves the entire web page as an image.

Sourceforge Direct Download – If you frequently download from Sourceforge, this will help you skip the mirror selection step.

ScrapBook – Helps you save portions or entire webpages and then organize them.

TiX Now! – Improves downloading speed from Rapidshare and MegaUpload amongst others.

Video Downloading

Amazing Media Browser – Scans a page for embedded media and helps you download the source files.

Download Embedded – Provides the ability to download several forms of media.

Download Helper – Will extract content from many different sites.

Fast Video Downloader – Can save videos from around 60 video sites.

GetVideo – Provides access to the direct path to get the video.

Google Video Downloader – Adds a button to the status bar to save videos from Google Video.

Media Pirate – The Video Downloader – Gives you the ability to save videos from approximately a dozen sites.

PimpFish Basic Toolbar – Capture video files from numerous sites.

UnPlug – Scans a web page for media players and tells you where the media files are stored so you can download them.

Video Download – Adds a simple right click command to download videos from numerous sites. (via)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Top 40 Resources for Managing Your Money Online

Money. Whatever you think of it, you can’t simply disregard it. Luckily, managing your finances today is easier than ever. We’ve collected over 40 tools and resources that will help you spend less, earn more and organize better.

Budget organizers & Financial Planning

Buxfer – Personal money tracking: keep track of how you spend your money and who owes you.
BudgetTracker – track your transactions, bills, income and budget in one place. Organize yourself with BudgetTracker’s calendar and receive notifications of upcoming events.
BudgetPulse – free service that enables you to track your money flow, plan your budget and create fancy looking charts and diagrams. Currently in public beta.
Cyclr – Create “cycles” of money: find others who owe the same amount as you and cancel out each others’ obligations. Currently in private beta testing.
DimeWise – Dimewise is a secure web-based personal finance manager. It’s not free – the services costs $5 per month.
NetWorthIQ – create your financial profile and compare it with other users. Overly aggressive ads might put off some users.
Expensr – a free financial manager that helps you understand where all your money is going. It supports graphs, projections, and some community features like tags and public personal profiles.
I owe you – log, track and share your expenses in various currencies; generate instant reports, and access all this data from anywhere.
Mint – do not confuse this Mint with analytics software Mint from Shaun Inman – these two have nothing in common. Mint is a personal finance organizer which is currently in early beta stage, with invitation-beta coming soon.
Pearbudget – compare what you thought you’d spend to what you’ve really spent; analyze your expenses and save money. Pearbudget is a free desktop application, but a web-based version is currently in beta stage.
BillHighway – Tools for group finances: chapter finances for fraternities and sororities, paying the rent and buying group gifts.
Foonance – A simple, “Web 2.0″ money tracking solution: add your “money stores” (places where you keep your money) and log transactions.
Billster – Track personal and group expenses (including standing orders), and set reminders.
SpicyDigits – Track shared and recurring expenses within a group – notifications are sent to group members via email. Free to use.
BillQ – Slick, nicely designed service to keep track of your bills. Like Basecamp for bills.
Mvelopes – Unlike many other services, Mvelopes connects to your bank account (supported banks only) and pulls all your data together on one place. However, pop-up ads for “financial success” courses made us dubious about this one.
Iohu Money – New bill tracking service, currently in private beta testing.
Less Accounting – Expense tracking for small businesses.

Invoice Management

Freshbooks – a tool for tracking time and invoices; allows you to send invoices and receive money via PayPal and Authorize.Net.
BlinkSale – a free online service that lets you create, send and track invoices. It supports data import from Basecamp, CSS customization, and automated invoice sending. Integrates with PayPal for automatic payments.
Cashboard – free financial planner aimed primarily at small businesses. Enables you to create and track invoices and log your financial performance.
SecondSite – another invoice management site with a lot of features, including SSL encryption, data backups and document sharing. Starts with a free plan for 1 user, several for-pay plans are also available.
SimplyBill – create invoices, export them to PDF, send them to clients, track your time, keep track of payments and more with SimplyBill.

Financial Trading & Investment

Gstock – get elementary analysis of buy&sell signals for most stocks on the market.
Motley Fool’s Caps – a rich resource of stock-market related information and tools from one of the better known financial sites on the web, the Motley Fool.
StockCloud – a very simple yet interesting tool, StockCloud shows company tickers in a big tag cloud. A larger ticker symbol means that a company distributes press releases more frequently.
Wikinancial – Test your stock picking strategy and compare it to the rest of the community. There’s no real money, but you can use the knowledge you gain to trade on the real-life stock markets.
DigStock – Digg for stock news: boost good stories to the top.
SaneBull – A “Netvibes for finance” that helps you make trading decisions by putting all the essential data on one page.
ValueWiki – A wiki for stocks. Also includes live chat and a ticker widget for your blog.
Yahoo! Finance – One of the most popular sites for stocks. Includes up to date market info and the ability to create a portfolio.
Google Finance – Google’s rival to Yahoo Finance. A simple layout with Flash graphs and portfolios.

Social Networks

SocialPicks – A social stock-picking community: share ideas with others and track your investments. Includes groups and Digg-like voting on financial news stories.
StockPickr – Get stock ideas and recommendations from a community of investors. Owned by financial news site
Wesabe – Community-based money management. You enter your financial data, and Wesabe serves up tips based on the experience of similar users. Your financial data is not shared directly with other users.
Zecco – An online stock broker complete with community features. Trade real stocks – up to 40 trades a month for free, after which fees apply.
BullPoo – Share stock information with a community of investors. Includes blogs, portfolios and forecasts.
RipplePay – An experimental payments system that passes debt between users in an IOU system.

Salary Reports

PayScale – Compare your salary to those with the same job.
WageExchange – a social network where you can anonymously share your salary with other users and see how you stack up.

Online Payment Systems

PayPal – Love it or hate it, Paypal is the leading way to exchange money between individuals online. Owned by eBay.
Google Checkout – Google’s service for buying items in online stores without giving your credit card details to the merchant. No person-to-person exchanges.
MoneyBookers – a popular alternative to PayPal, especially in countries where PayPal still doesn’t let users receive funds. (via)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Top 50 Analytics Tools to Track Website Traffic

From analyzing your RSS feed to counting page views to visual representations of where your visitors are clicking, there is no shortage of companies looking to help you better understand your web site’s traffic. In our latest “toolbox” installment, we analyze (pun intended) the wide variety of applications and tools available for keeping tabs on how your sites, feeds, blogs, emails, or even your intranet is performing.

Web Traffic Visualization

Visualization tools use a variety of methods to show you where users are clicking on the individual pages of your Web site to help you make design adjustments that emphasize the right links and content.

ClickTracks – Enterprise analytics software, shows visitor navigation directly on your site’s pages.

Crazy Egg – Provides visual “Heat Maps” to show where your visitors are clicking.

Indextools – Provides web-based analytics package featuring real-time reporting. The Path Explorer feature provides a visual overlay of how users are behaving on your site.

Intellitracker – Enterprise web analytics software including recently released IntelliMaps feature for visualizing user activity.

VisitorVille – Windows application that helps you visualize your web site traffic through a video game-like interface, for example, animated characters representing a visitor to your site.

Blog and RSS Feed Analysis

While a blogger with significant traffic should also make use of one of the many analytics packages listed, there are also a variety of tools specifically designed to help bloggers better serve their readers and advertisers.

FeedBurner – The most widely used tool for measuring stats on RSS feeds for blogs and podcasts, FeedBurner reports and trends subscribers, incoming links, and visitors. FeedBurner was recently acquired by Google.

MeasureMap – Provider of web-based tool for tracking blog traffic, inbound links, comments, etc. The company was acquired by Google while still in beta and is currently not offering new accounts.

Mint – An installable application for measuring traffic, referrers, and feeds, aimed primarily at bloggers.

Performancing – Aimed at small to medium size sites and blogs, provides data on individual visitors and tag cloud views of referring sources in addition to standard statistics.

Pheedo – Tracks stats relating to RSS advertising, including subscribers, number of views for different pieces of content, and conversion rates from the ads in your feeds.

Technorati – Measures the popularity of blogs based on the number of people that have “favorited” them using the service.

Market Research Data and Site Rankings

Want to see how your site stacks up against the competition? Several companies provide publicly available data and rankings on web traffic.

Alexa – Provides widely-reported and widely-criticized statistics on relative popularity of web sites, based on usage of those that have installed the Alexa Toolbar.

Compete – Uses a diverse set of tools for measuring traffic and popularity of web sites.

comScore – Market research firm that publishes reports on Internet usage and trends.

Hitwise – Market research firm, provides analysis on key websites in more than 160 verticals.

Nielsen//NetRatings – Offers web analytics package that compares your site with others in your industry. Produces widely followed research reports in dozens of different Web verticals.

Analytics Software Packages

There are dozens of companies that provide similar packages for measuring your web site traffic in great detail. From spotting problems in your registration path to seeing which content is most popular, picking the right vendor will depend largely on your site’s level of traffic, goals, and budget.

Clickability – Provides imWare, which includes web-based tools for adding Email This, Save This, and Print This functionality, and then provides stats on each respective tool and how it is being used.

Clickfox – Provides an analytics tool based on “artificial intelligence” technology that makes specific recommendations for your web site with a focus on usability.

Clickstream – Markets Datasherpa Web Analytics to hosting providers.

Coremetrics – Provides analytics software with a focus on delivering information on actual customer behaviors.

DeepMetrix – Provices LiveSTATS analytics software with versions for enterprise users, small business, and ISPs.

Fireclick – Offers analytics package that integrates with paid search engines, e-mail providers, affiliate programs and more in order to provide a consolidated view of all site activity.

Google Analytics – Google’s free analytics software. Includes tight integration with AdWords (see also: 27 Features that Make Google Analytics Best of Breed). Unlike some enterprise apps, the stats are usually on a delay of a few hours.

Hitslink – Around since 1999, offers a Professional and Enterprise version of their web-based real-time reporting package.

iPerceptions – Provides “attitudinal analytic solutions” looking at customer behavior both online and off.

Manticore Technology – Includes Web Analytics as part of their Virtual Touchstone “demand generation” suite.Maximine – Offers full suite of analytics software to handle privacy, accessibility, site quality, legislative compliance, web standards enforcement and traffic tag validation issuesMetriServe – Web-based analytics solution, also offers gadgets for Windows Vista and Mac OS X to get up-to-date stats on your desktop.

Moniforce – Offers two versions of the webSensor analytics package, Enterprise for high traffic sites and a light version called Commerce.

Mtracking – Dubs itself a “visitor relationship management service” with two different analytics packages.

Nedstat – Offers two analytics products – a more lightweight service called Sitestat and enterprise-focused Nedstat Pro.

SPSS – Provides “Predictive Web Analytics” by providing lists of the visitors most likely to convert.

Omniture – Offers three web analytics products; SiteCayalyst for traffic analysis, DataWarehouse for list generation, and Discover for segmenting large chunks of data. – Provides a range of analytics packages from small to large web sites, as well as a free counter that anyone can use.

Optimal IQ – Provides Marketing Webtools, along with ClickForensics product for monitoring click fraud.

Quova – Analytics software with a focus on measuring the effectiveness of marketing strategies by geographic region.

SiteClarity – Web analytics with reports in areas including marketing, site optimization, and customer retention.

SiteCounter – Offers free stat tracking of key metrics like visits, page views, and referring source for sites with less than 250,000 visitors per month.

Unica – Offers NetInsight for enterprise-class web analytics and NetTracker, for small and medium businesses or internal sites.

Visual Sciences – Formerly WebSideStory (one of the earlier large web tracking companies), today the company offers the HBX Web Analytics package aimed at high traffic sites.

WebAbacus – Performance and Effectiveness product provides a variety of analysis of designed-focused reports.

WebSTAT – Provides installable client-side analytics package that includes more than 40 canned reports.

WebtraffIQ – Analytics package tracking site traffic, effectiveness of emails, and offline campaigns.

WebTrends – One of the top players in analytics since the early days, the company now offers multiple tiers of software packages for different size businesses and specific industries.

SiteMeter – Provides a basic free tracking service for measuring visitors and page views, and a premium version with more features with pricing based on page views.

Log File Analysis

If you would rather keep all of your data in-house and customize a stats package for your own needs, these solutions offer a starting point by providing an analysis of the log files on your server.

123LogAnalyzer – resides on your web server and analyzes your web site’s log files. Provides stats on visitors, geographic regions, popular content, etc. Starts @ $14.95/user.

Analog – One of the longest running stats packages, Analog is open source and provides basic statistics like number of visitors, referring source, and popular content.

AWStats – An open source, installable stats page, AWStats analyzes your raw log files to produce a number of graphical reports. The software can also be used to provide analysis of FTP log files and mail log files.

Webalizer – Downloadable, open-source analytics software that generates reports from your site’s log files. (via)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Top 12 Twitter Apps for Your Phone

Miniblogging tools like Twitter are growing like mushrooms, but despite some strong newcomers in this space over the last few weeks, Twitter is still the leader when it comes to mobile. And although Twitter works great through SMS, there are a large number of mobile applications that let you save on SMS bills and get the best from Twitter on your phone: here are the 12 that stand out.


Fring is a well known mobile application that not only lets you easily communicate with all your Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk and regular phone contacts, but also with your Twitter friends from one, integrated contact list. You can save on your SMS bill, since Fring works with Wi-Fi or your fixed data plan.


Jtwitter is a Java application that you can install on your phone. It allows you to send Twitter updates using your phone without having to send SMSs. You can also view your timeline, your friends’ timelines, public and featured timelines. Jtwitter only refreshes when you request it to, so you can set it to download data according to your needs. To download Jtwitter you just need to go using your phone web browser and the app will install automatically.


Mobio produces a lot of widgets that work together and are based on mash ups of web services. The mobile application GetMobio allows you to view all your Twitter updates in one place, separate and apart from your text messages. You can publish an update to your public Twitter timeline, get updates from your friends and track the public Twitter timeline. It works on most of the popular phones.

Abiro Jitter

Abiro Jitter (which stands for “Java Twitter”) is a tiny Twitter client for mobile phones. You can list messages or users, view friends, public and user timelines and send direct messages. Abiro Jitter supports all languages, but your phone needs to support fonts that include local characters and symbols. Jitter communicates directly with the Twitter server, increasing performance and reliability.


Twitteresce by MadPilot allows you to download public and private tweets to your phone and post updates. All you need is a Java J2ME enabled mobile. Unlike SMS, which can bombard you, you can choose when to receive Tweets. Plus, a very nice feature gives you the ability to close Twitteresce and leave it in the background; it will then pop up and alert you when you have a new tweet.


Cellity is a web app that you can easily install on your mobile phone and which will let you use Twitter while on the go. You need to register for the website in order to receive the download link. Cellity makes it easy for you to invite your friends to use Twitter, since you can do it from within the application itself.


Jargong is another application that allows you to bring all the best web apps to your phone and never miss a twit. You can send and receive direct messages and browse into a user’s timeline from another timeline. You also can set Jargon to automatically or manually refresh data. When updating your IM status message in Jargong, the status message in Twitter can automatically be updated.


TwitterBerry is a mobile client for posting updates to Twitter that works only on the Blackberry (hence the name). TwitterBerry quickly lets you post twits to the Twitter website, without loading the XHTML form in your browser. Besides posting new twits, you can view your friend’s timeline or the public timeline. The timelines show the user’s icon, the message and the username.


WHERE produces a series of mobile apps, including one that brings Twitter to you phone. You are allowed to post GPS enabled twits because the application automatically checks the zip code of your current location and memorizes it. Moreover, your friends can see both desktop and mobile map views of your twits.


TreoTwit is another cool application that you can use to send your twits from your mobile device, but this one is specially made for the Palm OS Treo and Palm OS PDA. It includes shortcuts that easily open the more common Twitter pages in your mobile web browser. In short, it optimizes Twitter for the Treo.


Twibble is a Twitter client application for the Nokia N95. In addition to some basic Twitter functionality, it can leverage the built-in GPS of the N95 to add your current position to a twit. The position can then be automatically displayed by Twittervision and Twittermap.

Tiny Twitter

Tiny Twitter is a mobile application that works on any Java enabled device and any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone. You can send direct twits to any of your friends and hide twits from specific users (which will not be deleted from your message stream). Additionally, you can set the automatic update interval to whatever you prefer to keep your friends’ timeline fresh. (via)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Top 80 Photoshop Tools and Resources

Almost exactly 6 months ago (February 28th 2007), Adobe promised an online edition of Photoshop “within 6 months”. That hasn’t materialized yet, but in the meantime we thought we’d take a look at the desktop version, which is an irreplaceable tool for every photographer and web designer out there…even most bloggers can’t live without it. In this post, we have compiled a one-stop-shop for various Photoshop tools and resources.

Photoshop Plugins, Filters and Brushes

Twisting Pixels – The leading developer of Photoshop plugins and filters for web, multimedia and print publications. – Over 400 free, quality, custom brushes for Photoshop versions 7+.

Filter Forge – A plugin for Adobe Photoshop that allows you to build your own Photoshop filters.

Alien Skin Software – Develops filters for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe After Effects and Corel Paint Shop Pro. Graphic designers and digital photographers everywhere use our plugins for print, Web, and photo restoration work.

Action Central – Directory of Photoshop actions created by users. Runs an exchange where people can upload and download actions.

PS Brushes – A nice collection of free Photoshop brushes.

Filter Factory – A very large collection of filters available for Photoshop, they are all free and made with the Filter Factory module (provided with PS) by various authors.

Brush Find – Directory filled with thousands of custom Photoshop brushes scattered across the internet.

Fonts in Design – Hundreds and hundreds of fonts you can use with Adobe Photoshop.

The Imaging Factory – Collection of commercial use, Adobe Photoshop plugins.

Brusheezy – A place for artists to download and vote for the best custom photoshop brushes and photoshop patterns on the internet.

Redfield Plugins – Lots of very nice Photoshop plugins, 3D backgrounds and tutorials.

BrushFed – 1000 plus brushes for Adobe Photoshop.

SiteGrinder – SiteGrinder is a Photoshop Plug-in that converts Photoshop designs to web sites. There is many features and makes web design a breeze.

GrafNet – On this site you can find descriptions of effects of thousands of filters, see how they modify the picture, download the filters you need and also contact their authors.

Mehdi – Site has many free plugins and resources.

Filter Meister – A plugin for Adobe Photoshop that has the ability to create professional plugin filters which can be distributed on a royalty-free basis.

Richard Rosenman – This page features a growing set of (mostly free) Photoshop filters and plugins coded by the author.

Good-Presets – Large collection of brushes, patterns, gradients, style and more for Photoshop.

Void Brushes – Currently has 827 Photoshop brushes in 34 sets for free download. Site does require a reciprocal link if you choose to use them.

AV Bros. – Very nice collection of commercial filter plugins for Adobe Photoshop.

Wetzel & Company – Has a large collection of copyright free backgrounds and textures for art directors, illustrators and web designers using Photoshop.

The Plugin Site – Nice collection of Photoshop compatible plugins. Textures, frames and filters to name a few.

Action Addiction – Here you will find a collection of actions available to download for Photoshop 4 or above.

Plugins World – An extensive directory of Photoshop filters and plugins from various artists on the web.

Xero Graphics – Nice collection of Photoshop compatible plugins. – A selection of Photoshop Brushes for free download, all the Designs are free to use for commercial and non commercial use.

Photoshop Tutorials and Learning Resources

Photoshop User TV – Free weekly podcast from the “Photoshop Guys” covering the hottest Photoshop tutorials, insider tricks and timesaving techniques to raise the bar with your productivity.

Action Fx – Tutorials, tips and downloads for Photoshop users.

Photoshop Lab – Site filled with Photoshop tutorials, tips, news, reviews and resources for the enthusiastic Photoshop user.

Good-Tutorials – Tutorial directory with lots of Photoshop tutorials.

Photoshop Training – In depth, online training courses for Photoshop Professionals. Produced by NAPP.

BittBox – Well written tutorial explains how to create your own custom Photoshop brushes.

Tutorialized – Another tutorial directory loaded with Photoshop tutorials covering all aspects of re-touching, photo manipulation, graphic design and so much more.

Photoshop Quick Tips – Adobe Certified Expert, Justin Seeley, produces this regular podcast covering lots of Photoshop tips and techniques.

Pegaweb – Collection of Photoshop Tutorials.

Photoshop Elements User – Complete Resource for Photoshop Elements learning and education. Features online training, a newsletter, forums and a learning center.

Photoshop Roadmap – Photoshop specific tutorial directory.

Photoshop Killer Tips – Free downloadable videos filled with tips, workarounds, and shortcuts to make your Photoshop experience that much better.

Photoshop Star – A website dedicated to bringing you free, high-quality Photoshop tutorials.

Absolute Cross – Directory with tutorials covering layouts, special effects, interfaces and more.

Grafx-Design – Smaller directory of tutorials.

Photoshop Videos – The official dvd training site of NAPP. Online video store filled with videos covering a variety of projects for Photoshop users.

Mike’s SketchPad – Very nice selection of Photoshop tutorials to increase your design skills.

Tutorial Man – This is a site filled with hundreds of Photoshop tutorials, covering web graphics, digital art, layouts and more.

PsLover – 10,230+ Photoshop tutorials at your disposal.

Planet Photoshop – Photoshop tutorials, video tutorials, reviews and a forum to interact with other Photoshop users.

PSD-Tutorials – Tons of Photoshop tutorials. Covering every aspect of Photoshop and you can submit your own tutorials.

Total Training – Step by Step Photoshop video tutorials for an experience level.

Pixel Perfect – Master digital artist Bert Monroy hosts this podcast. Learn the tips and tricks you need need to create great digital works in Photoshop.

Total Tutorials – Lots of very detailed Photoshop tutorials.

PS Workshop – Site has over two thousand Photoshop tutorials, plus Photoshop tools and forums to connect with other artists.

Magazines, Associations and other Resources



Official home of Photoshop. You can purchase, upgrade and receive support for the latest editions of Photoshop.

Photoshop Cafe – Very popular and busy, forums with others interested in Photoshop techniques and design.

Layers Magazine – The premier magazine for Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

Photoshop User – The website of NAPP(National Association of Photoshop Professionals). Has a members only community, their official magazine, discounts and Photoshop tech support.

Photoshop Seminars – Web based directory of Photoshop seminars and tours around the country.

Photoshop Insider – Blog written by Scott Kelby, the editor and publisher of Photoshop User Magazine and President of NAPP.

Photoshop Forums – Very active Photoshop forum with tips, techniques and tutorials from other interested Photoshop users.

Photoshop Help – Hosted by Jim Barthman, this is a blog dedicated to providing free help for Photoshop and digital photography questions.

Photoshop World – Official home of the Photoshop World conference and expo.

John Nack on Adobe – A blog written by John Nack the Senior Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop. Covers interesting news and information about Photoshop, photography and related issues. Photoshop Forum – Busy Photoshop forum moderated by Photoshop professionals.

Photoshop Hall of Fame – The mission of the Photoshop Hall of Fame is to honor and recognize those individuals whose contributions to the business, education, development, and art of Adobe Photoshop have enduring value.

Photoshop Support Forums – Adobe has several support forums for their popular Photoshop program. – A blog covering the latest news, trends and information for Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop 911 – Submit your Photoshop related problems to their emergency hotline for a Photoshop professional to answer your question on the blog.

Adobe Digital Kids Club – A special site created for teachers, students, and parents. You’ll find the essential digital photography, video, and imaging resources you need to engage students in learning while teaching them important digital communication skills.

Computer Arts – An online magazine filled with tutorials, design tips, galleries, competitions and more from industry leading professionals.

PhotoshopGuru’s Forum – Friendly Photoshop forum, tutorials and all other kind of resources to help people understand this wonderful program.

Simple Photoshop – Here you will find a comprehensive Toolbox reference, that will show you just what all of those little icons on the toolbar actually do.

Photoshop Contests

Worth 1000 – One of the leading creative competition and Photoshop contest sites on the internet. There is always new Photoshop contests taking place.

Freaking News – Members get cash for participating and winning daily Photoshop contests. Also has a full gallery of previous contest entries and winners.

Photoshop Contest – Use Photoshop to manipulate and modify images, then enter them in their contests. Members can view, vote and comment on your work.

PhotoChopz – Photoshop forum that holds regular contests for Photoshop users. Photoshop Contests – holds regular Photoshop contests available to registered members. Check this page for updates and new contests.

MechaPixel – Regular Photoshop contests and gallery of past contests.

PhotoshopFaceoff – Members take a daily image and modify it in anyway they choose-they can then post their image to the site for viewing by the general public.Members may also vote and comment on their favorite entries and at the end of each Face-Off a “winner” is declared. Challenge – They give you a set of images to download and then you rework and create a new image from the set.

Photoshop Talent – There are 2 types of contests. Contests with a given source image and contests with a given theme. Users submit their photoshopped images in these contests. Later on, people can vote on these entries to determine a contest winner. (via)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Top 40 Tools For Google Calendar

The new Yahoo Mail rolled out to everyone this week with, among other things, better integration with Yahoo Calendar. But don’t forget what we think is the simplest calendar out there: Google Calendar. We’ve thrown together a series of programs, browser add-ons, Greasemonkey scripts, and Stylish user styles for Google’s calendar service.


Compact Header – Stylish script that gives you more space by removing the header of Google Calendar.

Extra Tabs – User script that changes the custom date range tab to multiple tabs of your choice.

Full Cal – Add-on gives you a larger view activated by a customizable hotkey.

Google Air Skin – Greasemonkey hack to give Google Calendar, Gmail,, and Google Reader a nice skin.

Google Calendar Optimized – User style that compacts the paddings and margins and lowers the font size.

Header and Navigation Switcher – Hide the navigation and header bars with this user script.

Show Week – Greasemonkey addon that adds week numbers.

Slate Series – Grey user style skin, ideal for those depressive autumn days.

Textwrap Events – Wrap long event names so they’re actually readable.

Wheel View – Script to let you move the calendar with your mousewheel.


Add Your Agenda To Gmail – Tutorial on adding your Google Calendar agenda as a Gmail sidebar.

Facebook to Google Calendar – Greasemonkey script to send Facebook events to Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Forecast – Adds your agenda to every webpage you visit.

Google Calendar Widget For TypePad – Put your calendar in a sidebar for your TypePad blog.

Howto integrate Google Calendar in you website using AJAX – Short tutorial that shows you how to put your agenda into your website.

iGoogle Calendar Gadget – A simple Google Calendar gadget for your iGoogle homepage.

Remember the Milk For Google Calendar – Add your RTM to-do list to Google Calendar.

WoogleCal – Adds Google Calendar to your WordPress blog.

Alternative Clients

Calgoo – Java app that syncs Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook (and works as a standalone app itself).

GCALDaemon – Google Calendar synchronization for virtually any iCal-compliant client. Also includes a Gmail notifier, a Gmail terminal, an RSS>iCal converter, and much more. Tutorials here and here. – Minimalistic WebKit browser for OS X that displays Google Calendar.

GDATA Provider – Allows read/write access to GCal from Lightning/Thunderbird and Sunbird (tutorial here).

Google Calendar Gadget – Google Desktop plugin that displays your calendar.

Google Calendar Mobile – Google provides a handy mobile version of your calendar. Just go to in your phone, and it will redirect you to a special mobile version.

Google Calendar Quick Add – Firefox add-on to quickly create an event.

Google Calendar Widget – Yahoo Widget Engine (formerly Konfabulator) widget that displays your calendars on your desktop.

How to make your Google Calendar your PC’s desktop wallpaper – Lifehacker tip on making Google Calendar your wallpaper in Windows XP.

Milo Calendar – SuperKaramba widget for KDE that views your calendar on your desktop.

Rainlendar – Windows/Linux app that displays Google Calendar on your desktop.

Remote Calendars – COM-.NET Add-in for Outlook 2003 that has two-way sync with any iCal calendar (including Google Calendar, see here for more).

SyncMyCal – Sync Google Calendar with Outlook XP/2003/2007.

Twittercal – Create events by sending messages to the gcal bot on Twitter.


Google Calendar Notifier – Firefox add-on with easy notification for today (and tomorrow)’s agenda.

Google Notifier for Mac – Get Gmail and Google Calendar notifications with this handy app.

IMified – Add events and view upcoming tasks through AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, Jabber, or Google Talk.


Better GCal – A Firefox extension that adds the Air Skin, Collapse Header and Sidebar, Colorize Weekends, Force Secure Connection, Show Week, Slate Skin, and Text Wrap Events to Google Calendar.

GCalSecure – Makes GCal use a secure connection.

Google Calendar Quick Import – Greasemonkey script to import ICS/iCal events into Google Calendar.

hCalendar to Google Calendar – Add hCalendar events to Google Calendar with this handy user script

todo list prototype -.Adds a to-do list to Google Calendar (and stores entries in your local gm_scripts folder).

TODOlist – Improves the above script to save events to Google Calendar. (via)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Top 15 Ways To Create Website Screenshots

Taking screenshots of web sites is probably one of the most commonly done tasks on the internet – doubly so if you have a blog or work as a journalist. This week, we wrote about Thumbalizr, a service that lets you take screenshots of websites. However, there are several other tools for easy screenshot capturing – some standalone and some in the form of a browser plugin.


Save as image – an aptly named Firefox plugin that lets you save a page, frame, or part of either as an image directly from Firefox.

Pearl Crescent Page Saver – Save images of web pages in jpg or png format; save the entire page or just a portion of it, with the ability to automatically scale the image to a smaller size.

Picnik for Firefox – if you use online image editor Picnik this Firefox plugin enables you to easily import a screenshot of the currently opened webpage into it.

Snissa – simple Firefox plugin for taking web page screenshots.

Screengrab! – a plugin that lets you save visible part of window, the entire page, just a selection, or a particular frame of a webpage.

ieSnapshotter – a shareware plugin for Internet Explorer that allows you to take screenshots and thumbnails of web pages.

Standalone programs

SnagIt – definitely one of the best programs for screenshot capturing, with all the options you might need. Integrates with Firefox, can replace the standard Windows print screen function, and enables you to create profiles for various types of use. Costs 39.95 bucks, but you can try out a free trial version before buying.

FastStone Capture – a powerful utility for taking screenshots with a floating control panel as well as the ability to capture anything on the screen including windows, objects, full screen, rectangle regions, and even freehand-selected regions.

WebShot – a program that allows you to take screenshots and thumbnails of web pages or whole websites. Its main advantage is its powerful command line utility which enables you to automate the process of taking screenshots.

Paparazzi! – a tiny application for Mac OS X that lets you take screenshots of web pages.

PrintKey – replaces your print screen function with a better one with more features. There’s a commercial version but you can also find an older, unsupported, freeware version on the provided link.

I4X Screencatcher – take screenshots of the active window, entire screen, or the selected area with this tool.

InstantShot – an advanced but freeware application for Mac OS X that sits in your menu bar and gives you a myriad of screen capturing options, including capturing a region, hotkeys, several output formats, image scaling and many others.

Web based

WebShotsPro – enter a URL address and get a screenshot of the website in question. Simple. You might encounter quite a long queue before getting your screenshot, though.

Thumbalizr – already mentioned in a recent article, Thumbalizr lets you create screenshots of websites by pasting their URL; the only problem is that it doesn’t always work. (via)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Top 50 Google Reader Extensions and Scripts For Firefox

Don’t get us wrong, Google Reader is our favorite feedreader. But sometimes, we just wish it was a little…better. Here are 50 Firefox extensions and scripts to make Google Reader your own.

Note: some of these require the Greasemonkey or Stylish extensions.


  • Google Reader Notifier Firefox Extension – Multilingual extension that tells you how many items are unread.
  • Google Reader Toolkit – Handy add-on that alerts you to unread items.
  • Google Reader Watcher – Firefox extension that displays all unread feeds.


  • Colorful List View – Colors the headers in the list view.
  • Google Reader Air Skin – Light skin for Google Reader.
  • Google Reader Bottom Link – Adds a small link to the original page at the bottom of the feed.
  • Google Reader for wider screens – Changes the length of stories in Google Reader.
  • Google Reader Optimized – User style that gets rid of all unnecessary elements.
  • Google Reader Plain and Green – Green skin based on Sage’s Plain and Green style.
  • Google Reader Prettifier – OS X theme for Google Reader. Fork with a few bugfixes here.
  • Google Reader Preview – Shows the original page instead of the article summary (fork with widescreen support here).
  • Google Reader Preview Enhanced – Better version of Google Reader Preview.
  • Google Reader “Slate series” – Clean theme in slate colors. You may also be interested in the modified version.
  • Google Reader title unread count – Moves the unread count to the front in the page title.


  • CodeReader – Increases the font size of code snippets in the currently viewed item.
  • Google Reader Functional Links – Quick Links fork with updated hotkeys.
  • Google Reader Quick Links – Shortcut keys for links in the story you’re currently reading.
  • Google Reader show original in new tab – The must-have script for Google Reader. Just hit ‘t’ to open the current article in a new tab. Note: this script conflicts with a Google Reader native shortcut. You may want to use Masayuki Ataka’s script that changes the hotkey to ‘y’.
  • Google Reader Slideshow – Automatically scroll through your items at a user-set speed.
  • Grease Reader – Adds a ton of powerful hotkeys.
  • Iris – A Google Reader sidebar influenced by Sage.
  • Read By Mouse – Toggles a mouse-only mode where you read using only your mouse.


  • Google Reader Custom Search – Adds search to Google Reader via Google Co-op.
  • Google Reader Custom Search (2) – Updated version of the Google Operating System script that displays results inside Google Reader like normal posts.
  • Google Reader Gears Search – Uses Google Gears to search your posts.
  • Google Reader Search – Search powered by Google’s Blogsearch that searches the current feeds or the entire Blogosphere.


  • Facebook Sharer + Google Reader – Sends the current story to Facebook.
  • Gmail Box for Google Reader – Integrates Google Reader’s subscriptions to Gmail (based on Google Reader Redux).
  • Google Reader + BlueDot – Based on Google Reader +, but for
  • Google Reader + Bookmarks – Sends Reader posts to Google’s bookmarking site.
  • Google Reader + – Based on Google Reader + Bookmarks, but for Forks here and here.
  • Google Reader + ma.gnolia – Based on Google Reader +, but for ma.gnolia.
  • Google Reader + Simpy – Sends Reader posts to
  • Google Reader + Twitter – Sends Reader posts to Twitter.
  • Google Reader 30Boxes – Add 30Boxes events from the search field.
  • Google Reader digg news – Adds a “Digg It” button to every item. Works well with Digg Button Animator Enabler.
  • Google Reader Redux – Integrate Google Reader into your Gmail account.


  • Auto add to Google Reader – Automatically bypasses the “Add to Google homepage”/”Add to Google Reader” choice Firefox usually gives you when subscribing to a feed.
  • Better GReader – Combines an optimized skin, Smart Google Reader Subscribe, and Quick Links into a Firefox extension.
  • Google Gears – Take Reader (and tons of other apps) offline with this great Google product.
  • Google Reader Subscribe – Adds a button to add the current page’s feed to Google Reader.
  • Jasper’s Google Reader Subscribe – Based on Google Reader Subscribe, but concentrating on taking up as little room as possible.
  • Smart Google Reader Subscribe – Based on Jasper’s script, but tells you if the feed is already in Google Reader (saving you clicks).
  • Tag Cloud – Generates a tag cloud of all your tags. (via)
  • Friday, February 17, 2006

    Top 40 Web Operating Systems

    Facebook wants to be the operating system for the web, it says, and this week’s changes to its email system are a tiny part of that puzzle. But there are many more web operating systems hoping to bring all your usual desktop applications online in one place. Some replicate the entire desktop, while others are startpages with info from around the web – here are more than 45 of our favorites.

    Remotely Hosted WebOS

    • AstraNOS – Picture Windows 98. Then picture an OS X dock. Then picture a night sky. Then throw them all together. You now have a pretty good picture of AstraNOS.
    • BeDesk – Basic wrapper for other online tools.
    • cmyOS – Free hosted webtop powered by eyeOS.
    • Desktoptwo – Not only do you get 1GB of space, you get a fully-featured suite. No, not a basic online editor that has simple formatting options. The full 2.0 suite from Sun, converted into a Java applet.
    • DoxBoard – Slick WebOS with some basic features.
    • GCOE X – Nice WebOS with a powerful terminal and support for the iPhone.
    • eyeOS – Beautiful webtop powered by the eyeOS software.
    • Glide – Online operating system with support for BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile, Symbian and iPhone users.
    • – With 3GB of space, FTP access, and Zoho Office support, what’s not to like?
    • goowy – Great webtop with your own email account (, IM, 1GB of space (via, and much more.
    • jooce – Slick invite-only online OS.
    • mybooo – Invite-only webtop with a ton of features.
    • myGoya – Nice WebOS with PIM features, a media player, and much more.
    • OOS – Basic online operating system that offers a personal webpage.
    • Parakey – Not much is known about Blake Ross’s newest invention, but we do know that Facebook liked it enough to purchase it for an undisclosed sum.
    • Psych Desktop – GPLed webtop with a powerful UNIX-like console.
    • Purefect Desktop – Web desktop with a powerful IDE.
    • SSOE – Flash-based webtop a lot of features.
    • StartForce – Powerful WebOS with tons of apps and features makes the descendant of Orca Desktop a hit.
    • Xindesk – File sync, a powerful API, and much more are included in this great WebOS.
    • Webdesk – This Indian webtop includes 1GB of space, POP3 client, PIM, and a nice modules API.
    • Webdows – We don’t know how long it will take Microsoft to sue these guys, but it’s a real enjoyment in the meantime. It has XP and Vista styles (including a few Vista effects), FTP, file sharing, IM, and much more.
    • Widgets Gadgets – AJAX desktop with tons of apps and a working API.
    • YouOS – File sharing, powerful shell, and 700+ applications are all available with this wildly popular operating system.
    • ZimDesk – Slick WebOS with tons of apps.

    Self-Hosted WebOS

    • eyeOS – One of the most popular webtops on the planet, eyeOS boasts tons of apps, a booming community, and a lot more features.
    • Fenestela – There’s still quite a few bugs to be ironed out in this French WebOS, but you get a cool XP interface and basic PHP apps.
    • Psych Desktop – GPLed desktop with a powerful UNIX-like console.
    • Purefect Desktop – Web desktop with a powerful IDE.
    • Virtual-OS – Includes powerful API, web server sync, forum integration, and offline AJAX support.
    • ZKDesktop – Powerful open source Java-based WebOS.

    Remote Desktops

    • DesktopOnDemand – A fully featured Linux-based desktop with Gnome, Gaim, AbiWord, Evolution, GIMP, WebDAV, VNC, web login, and much more.
    • Free Live OS Zoo – Java applet
    • Nivio – Subscription-based ($12.99/month) service that offers Windows XP, Adobe Reader, iTunes, Google Talk/aMSN/Windows Live Messenger,, Thunderbird, Nvu, and much more. All through a Java-based web interface.


    See also: 14 Personalized Homepages Compared, Feature by Feature

    • Favoor – Basic startpage with a nice folder option.
    • iGoogle (formerly Google IG) – Great startpage with the most amount of apps I’ve seen for a portal.
    • iStyled – Simple startpage with basic customization.
    • – Customizable page with basic features.
    • (formerly – Basic news page backed by Microsoft.
    • My Yahoo! – Yahoo!’s entry into the startpage market isn’t bad: it offers news, Yahoo! Mail notification, podcasts, videos, and photo galleries to your startpage.
    • Netvibes – There’s a reason everyone uses Netvibes. It has tons of apps, tabs, skins, and a great interface.
    • Pageflakes – Popular, easy-to-use page with a simple interface.
    • Schmedley – Powerful startpage with tons of features.
    • Webwag – The main appeal here isn’t the widget on demand feature (a quick way to build a widget for the site of your choice), the toolbar, the apps, or the content directory. It’s the External widget feature, which allows you to convert and add Netvibes and iGoogle widgets to your Webwag page.
    • Widgetop – Nice looking AJAX start page.
    • yourminis – Great start page with tons of apps and a bunch of skins by the creator of goowy. (via)