Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Top 180 Del.icio.us Tools and Resources

Social bookmarking was one of the earliest trends out on the social web, and del.icio.us quickly took the lead. Today, we outline over 180 of the best tools and resources to get the most out of the number one social bookmarking site.

Web browser add-ons and Bookmarklets

Randomizer button– A great way to find sites whch you may never have discovered otherwise, the button takes you to a random, recently bookmarked site.

del.icio.us Toobar– A Firefox extension allowing you to bookmark and tag sites from a toolbar in the browser.

del.icio.us Firefox Extension– The official del.icio.us Firefox extension does a great job of integrating your favorite bookmarks into your favorite web browser.

Quicker Tag Bookmarklet– Add to your Firefox toolbar to quickly tag bookmarks with specific keywords.

Mischievous– Browser plugin for Internet Explorer using del.icio.us to manage your bookmarks.

del.icio.us Internet Explorer Context Menu– An IE context menu for del.icio.us, just right click, ad, and tag.

nutr.itio.us– Allows selection of the text for the description of the link to add to your delicious links via usage of a bookmarklet

Another Delicious Sidebar– A Firefox extension sidebar for browsing and editing your del.icio.us bookmarks.

del.icio.us Complete– A good alternative to the official Firefox extension, more suited towards power-users.

del.icio.us post– Firefox extension which is a simple way to post your current page or link to del.icio.us.

VeryDelicious– A Firefox extension toolbar that allowing the user to quickly add and find del.icio.us bookmarks.

Search plugin for Mozilla browsers– Search your del.icio.us bookmarks using this extension for any mozilla browser.

HuntAndGather– A Firefox extension which opens tabs corresponding to the latest URLs stored on del.icio.us given a specific tag with many advanced options.

Delicious Linkbacks– A boomarklet which allows you to easily see all the buzz around any webpage.

Lazy Sheep Bookmarklet– A bookmarklet which automatically tags and describes your bookmarks with use of an algorithm.

loqu.acio.us– Add comments to del.icio.us from anywhere using a simple bookmarklet.

del.icio.us loader– Loads Firefox bookmarks directly into del.icio.us.

Outfoxed– Adds del.icio.us to your informers list.

foxylicious – A Firefox extension which syncs your local bookmarks with del.icio.us.

delic123– A firefox toolbar facilitating multi-faceted search in del.icio.us.

Familiar Taste – is a Greasemonkey extension for the Firefox web browser that consults your set of del.icio.us bookmarks to see if you have the current page marked.

del.icio.us one click delete – A Firefox extension allowing you to delete del.icio.us bookmarks in a single click.

del.icio.us Opera Buttons– A custom Opera button where you enter your del.icio.us username and then you can click on the buttons or drag them into your main bar.

Safarilicious– Automatic exporting of Safari bookmarks to del.icio.us.

Scrumptious– A Firefox sidebar add-on for del.icio.us.

Fastest Ways to Post– Powerful bookmarklets based on the del.icio.us API.

Internet Explorer Active Channel– Synchronize your del.icio.us bookmarks with Internet Explorer.

Integrating Bloglines and del.icio.us– Easily post Bloglines posts to del.icio.us.

Buttons for Internet Explorer– Similar functionality to the Firefox extension, but for IE.

konqil.icio.us– A del.icio.us service menu for the web browser Konqueror.

One-Click Delete– Adds a simple delete link to all del.icio.us pages. Similar bookmarklets at post.icio.us.

Save This Page– A direct link from your website to save to del.icio.us.

Firefox Search Plugin– Direct del.icio.us search from Firefox.

Epilicious– An extension for the Gnome web browser Epiphany that lets you synchronize your local bookmarks with del.icio.us.

Visualization and Alternative UIs

HubLog– Browse del.icio.us tags graphically.

del.icio.us direc.tor– A nicely implemented del.icio.us alternative view.

avar.icio.us– A javascript posting interface for del.icio.us with some additional features such as auto-completion.

Your del.icio.us top sources– See your top del.icio.us bookmark sources.

del.icio.us surf– Browse del.icio.us tags/users in a visual interface.

del.icio.us Auto-Complete– Adds auto-complete to del.icio.us posting areas for more efficiency.

Grafolicious– Graph the evolution over time of a single del.icio.us bookmark.

Trendalicious– A real-time view of del.icio.us trends.

del.icio.us Most popular Treemap– A visual treemap based upon the del.icio.us most popular.

LiveMarks– Real time preview of the latest, and most popular del.icio.us bookmarks.

spid.ero.us– Find new bookmarks from social bookmarking services like del.icio.us in an alternative interface.

fac.etio.us– Navigate del.icio.us by means of a faceted interface.

Mapping del.icio.us– Plots the locations of del.icio.us geotags on maps.

del.icio.us direc.tor– An alternative ajax-based interface for del.icio.us.

DeliciousMind– Create an XML structure from your bookmarks for import into FreeMind mind mapping software.

Styling del.icio.us– A greasemonkey based firefox skin, and a Safari one for styling del.icio.us.

Delicious.NET– An RSS wrapper and del.icio.us api mod.

browse.delicious– Explore del.icio.us through a visual browser.

Network Badges– As a website component, display details about you del.icio.us network.

Cloudalicious– Graph the progression of any del.icio.us tag cloud.

Skinning del.icio.us– Apply skins to del.icio.us with these tips.

Graph del.icio.us subscriptions network– Browse del.icio.us users acording to their subscription lists.

Graph del.icio.us related tags– Browse similar del.icio.us tags graphically.

Tagrolls– Show your site’s del.icio.us tags as a part of it.

Linkrolls– Like tagrolls, but for links.

del.icio.us pioneers– A display of the first bookmark-ers of the most popular links.

del.icio.us Illogical Interface– Filter your del.icio.us bookmarks with logical operators on tags.

Vox Delicii– A heat map-like visualization of the current week’s popular content on del.icio.us.

del.icio.us Tag Clouds– Collect all of your del.icio.us bookmarks clustered into tag-clouds.

SlashLinks– Automatically mirrors del.icio.us links with a customizable design and layout.

DoubleUp– Let’s your site’s visitors browse your del.icio.us bookmarks unconventionally.

Expialidocio.us – uses the OpenLaszlo platform and the del.icio.us API to display posting histograms and time-specific tag clouds.

Delimages– A view of various images from del.icio.us.

Delicious Soup– A tool which reveals some of your del.icio.us activities.

Revealicious– A set of visualizations for your del.icio.us account allowing you to browse, search and select tags, and viewing posts matching them.

Delancey– An alternate view of del.icio.us bookmarks tracking the most frequently used ones.

Extisp.icio.us Images– A random Yahoo image search result for a user’s set of tags.

Revealicious– A great way to graphically browse your del.icio.us account.

del.icio.us tag clouds– Create tag clouds from your del.icio.us bookmarks.

Delicious Soup– Visually reveals your del.icio.us activities using flash.

Vox Delicii– Another flash tool for visualizing the most popular del.icio.us bookmarks.

del.icio.us Popular Treemap– View del.icio.us popular bookmarks in a treemap.

Cloudalicious– Watch a bookmark’s tag clouds over a period of time.

del.icio.us Mind Map Maker– Create a clustered mind-map from your del.ico.us bookmarks.

LiveMarks – Watch del.icio.us activity, live.

HubLog: Graph del.icio.us subscriptions network– Visualize networks of del.icio.us users using their inbox subscription lists.

del.icio.us popular sites– Displays the most popular new sites in last 24 / 48 hours and of all time with another alternative to del.icio.us’ native UI.

Scripts and Development

Play Tagger– Integrate and play .mp3 files on your website using javascript.

Json Feeds– Load a javascript object containing your latest bookmarks using this script.

Google Reader + del.icio.us– Add Google Reader bookmarks to del.icio.us with this script.

Backing up del.icio.us to Gmail– A tutorial based on a script from Bill Mill.

del.icio.us backup– Dumps all your del.icio.us bookmarks into a sqlite database via a Ruby script.

Scripted Re-Mark– Edits all your bookmarks at once, making it easy to batch re-tag bookmarks.

del.icio.us + Gmail– A useful script for using del.icio.us from gmail. It runs once a day, crawls each link and sends an email to a gmail account with the from field being the page url, the subject being the tags, and the body being a copy of the page.

Rubilicious– Ruby bindings for del.icio.us.

delicious.py– Allows you to access del.icio.us via a Python API.

Services Delicious– Select, add and delete your del.icio.us bookmarks from any PHP script, without worrying about XML.

del.icio.us import script– Import your netscape bookmarks to del.icio.us.

Bookmark this– Add a del.icio.us bookmark this link to every one of your posts.

Autoblogger– Reads recent del.icio.us bookmarks with a specific tag and creates a link to them with the page title, as well as a random excerpt of the text.

introsp.icio.us– Analyzes your del.icio.us bookmarks to display your interests, made in Ruby.

Related del.icio.us Links in Your Sidebar– Relate del.icio.us links in your sidebar using PHP, RSS and Magpie.

ar.icio.us-A PHP script which allows for several sorting methods in your del.icio.us RSS.

The Easiest Way to Publish del.icio.us Links on Your Site– Publish del.icio.us links on your site using javascript.

Greasemonkey del.icio.us Director– A greasemonkey script which auto-loads whenever you visit your del.icio.us page.

Linkback Greasemonkey Script– Displays a “c” bookmarklet within your browser which, when clicked, which displays what the del.icio.us community is saying about what you’re seeing.

del.icio.us API– The del.icio.us Application Programming Interface allows developers to create their own del.icio.us tools, ike many you see on this list.

Ridiculous– A wrapper for writing del.icio.us apps in Ruby.

delicious-java– A Java API for del.icio.us.

Desktop, Mobile, and CMS Plugins/Applications

cloud.lic.io.us– An OS X dashboard widget which shows a tag-cloud reflecting your bookmarks.

Delicer– A Windows client which allows you to quickly manage your del.icio.us bookmarks and tags as you would emails.

DeliciousTray– An application which sits in the Windows system tray and gives quick access to all links and tags posted to your del.icio.us account.

Technorati and del.icio.us Tags for Blogger– An easy way to add del.icio.us and technorati tags to posts using the blogger CMS.

Bunnyhug Updater del.icio.us– Download all of your del.icio.us bookmarks and save them on your local machine using a Windows client.

mobilicio.us– Access your del.icio.us bookmarks on your mobile phone or other devices.

WordPre.cio.us– Imports del.icio.us into your WordPress blogroll.

del.icio.us cached++– Uses WordPress’ built-in MagpieRSS to fetch and cache your del.icio.us bookmarks.

WordPress Delicious Plugins– The WordPress codex directory of del.icio.us plugins.

tagSense.net– A windows client for del.icio.us, add bookmarks, add tags, hotkey accessibility, etc.

dashLicious– A Dashboard widget for posting to del.icio.us. Optimized for Safari and NetNewsWire users.

delimport– Index your del.icio.us bookmarks using Mac OS X’s Safari.

Delicious Trackbacks– A wordpress plugin for counting the amount of times your posts have been bookmarked on del.icio.us.

Audiolicious– A del.icio.us Windows program which lets you turn any RSS feed into a podcast. It uses text-to-speech to convert the feed’s pages into .mp3s.

Use del.icio.us for categories in blogger– Integrate del.icio.us into categories using the blogger CMS.

mog.rif.icio.us – is WordPress plugin that displays del.icio.us bookmarks for one user in the sidebar. Organizes by tag, in a dynamic menu and checks once a day for new bookmarks.

Bookmark this! WordPress Plugin– Adds a del.icio.us “Bookmark this!” link to either your posts or your sidebar in WordPress.

del.icio.us Facebook app– Facebook app showing your recent del.icio.us bookmarks in your profile.

Dead.licious– A mac app which scans your del.icio.us library for dead links.

Delibar– Yet another OS X del.icio.us app, similar to Pukka, but open source.

BookmarksToDelicious– A python client for posting to del.icio.us.

Gnomolicious– A GNOME applet for drag and drop posting to del.icio.us.

Deliwin– Now, for a Windows program. Delibar stores all your bookmarks in the system bar for easy access.

Cocoalicious– An open source del.icio.us client for Mac OS X.

Pukka– Another OS X del.ico.us app. Pukka is shareware and is $12.95 to register.

tag cloud v1.0.1– A WordPress plugin which makes a tag-cloud from the most used del.icio.us tags.

del.icio.us Smart Tagging Plugin for WordPress– Add del.icio.us smart tagging to your blog or website.


DiggLicious– A digg/del.icio.us mashup.

Find Similar Sites– An easyutil/del.icio.us mashup finding relevant websites based on their tags and theusers that bookmarked them.

Diggdot.us– A Digg, slashdot, and del.icio.us mashup.

Geotag del.icio.us bookmarks– View geotagged bookmarks in Google Earth.

del.icio.us 3D– del.icio.us geotag map mashup with FreeEarth.

graph.icio.us– Use Freemind and del.icio.us in an integrated mind map.


del.icio.us Blog– The official blog of the service we all know and love.

deli.ckoma – provides statistical data gained from del.icio.us like posts per day, number of tags per post etc.

del.icio.us Url– Search for a urls history on del.icio.us.

delicious post checker– Verify and delete bookmarks in del.icio.us.

From del.icio.us to WordPress – A guide describing how to automatically bookmark links on del.icio.us.

del.icio.us Categorizer– Orders your del.icio.us bookmarks hierarchically.

Furl to Delicious – Import your Furl bookmarks to Delicious.

Fresh del.icio.us– An application which checks for broken urls in your del.icio.us bookmarks.

extispicious – Randomly generates meaningful and spiritually juxtaposed tags using the wonders of del.icio.us.

taga.licio.us– A del.icio.us tag filter of sorts.

Private del.icio.us bookmarklet– A way to make private bookmark links using del.icio.us. Based on Semi-private bookmarking in del.icio.us.

delicious-discuss– A mailing list about del.icio.us.

Automatic filing with del.icio.us– File your current webpage into the read later category efficiently.

Wetaste– WYISWYG digest for del.icio.us.

sid.vicio.us– Generates analogies for del.icio.us tags.

Backing up del.icio.us– Back up your del.icio.us bookmarks just in case anything happens to them.

del.icio.us tag search– Find bookmarks with several different tags.

Startplane– A directory based upon del.icio.us bookmarks and tags.

TXP.icio.us– Easily integrate your del.icio.us tags into your website or blog.

del.icio.us filtered– Seeing a link once should be enough. A personalized del.icio.us feed.

Make your own Multipost Bookmarket Tool– A social bookmarking bookmarklet tool which allows you to post multiple times to sites like furl, digg, and of course, del.icio.us

foaflicious – Generate a FOAF file fom your del.icio.us bookmarks.

CollaborativeRank Search– Tagging has a great influence on this del.icio.us search engine’s rankings.

Durl– Find out about those who bookmarked a specific url with del.icio.us.

Delicious Plugin– Fetches and displays your del.icio.us feed on your blog.

Post to del.icio.us from FeedDemon– Adds a del.icio.us bookmark link directly to Feedemon.

gre.gario.us– Find people with the same or similar del.icio.us bookmarks to you.

MySQLicious– Copy and mirror your del.icio.us bookmarks in MySql.

Gataga– Search for bookmarks across several social bookmarking networks like del.icio.us.

Extended del.icio.us bookmarklets– Extend the functionality of del.icio.us with custom bookmarklets.

Oishii – Polls the del.icio.us front page every 5 minutes, and returns all sites bookmarked by at least 30 people, a zeitgeist of sorts.

7 Ways to Get to the Top of the del.icio.us Popular Page– A great list put together by ProBlogger, one of the premiere blogging tips sites on the net.

Social Bookmarking in Plain English– A well done Youtube video explaining just what social bookmarking is, just in case you haven’t realized already.

del.icio.us Tag Stemmer – Looks for your del.icio.us tags with the same English language stem.

Yummy Tag Buffet– Browse various tags in del.icio.us.

Backup del.icio.us with Excel– Backup your bookmarks in an excel spreadsheet.

Sorting del.icio.us/popular – a bookmarklet that will sort del.icio.us/popular not just by total number of posts, but by the ratio of recent to total posts. Sorts del.icio.us popular according to it’s ratio to total posts.

del.icio.us network explorer– Explore your friends’ bookmarks and relations with a Java applet.

Feedburner Feedflare– Reflects the number of saves and top tags for items in our Feedburner feed. (via)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Top 50 Tools for Web Design

We’re in the middle of a Cambrian explosion of new web based tools: so many that even we have trouble keeping track. Web designers haven’t escaped: there are now scores of tools that turn ordinary folks into designers (for better or worse) and plenty of new toys for the pros, too. We’ve gathered together more than 50 such tools and resources: feel free to add more in the comments.


SiteKreator – You can instantly design, build and host a fully-branded website for personal or business use.

Leafletter – Allows you to create a “little web site” that you can then distribute anywhere (social networks, blogs, other websites).

SynthaSite – Browser-based website creation tool that allows you to collaborate with friends or colleagues. Also has lots of widgets, templates and other components you can use.

Weebly – With Weebly you can create a fully branded website using a drag and drop interface, and change your design any time.

FolioNow – A web-based tool that makes creating websites affordable and requires little effort.

Zinadoo – Lets you create and share a mobile website.

mobispirit – An online platform for creating mobile applications.

siteMighty – Web based platform for creating affiliate websites in minutes.

CreataPlace – Create a professional portfolio website without programming. And it’s affordable.

weebox – Flash-based website creator with a drag-and-drop interface. You do have to host through them.

freewebs – Fast and easy website creator with hundreds of available templates and customizable widgets.

Built Smarter – Tons of templates available, depending on the price you’re willing to pay, built-in modules and customization also available.

sampa – Free website creation and hosting. There is an ad bar that runs across the top of your site.

Wufoo – Online form builder with full CSS and XHTML integration.

formspring – Another online form builder. This one lets you get all of the form submissions through an RSS feed or single spreadsheet instead of hundreds of emails.


inserit – A codeless CMS that lets you freely design your pages and integrate live content anywhere. Host your website anywhere (Linux or Windows).

BrowserShots – Test your site in different browsers.

tweak – Tweak is a CMS that allows you to design your way, and make it conform. You can also save pages in just about any format (HTML, PHP, ASP, JSP, etc.).

formatpixel – Create an online magazine, fanzine or catalog that you can then share on your website.

RoundedCornr – Generates HTML/CSS code and images for rounded corners.


ColorSchemer – I use the color scheme gallery on this site all the time for inspiration when creating just about anything.

COLOURlovers – Tons of color theory inspiration and color schemes as well as color trends.

Color Mixers – Color Mixers creates color schemes for you, and has an easy-to-use slider interface.

ColorBlender – A free online tool for color matching and palette design. You just choose a color using the color picker and a 6-color matching palette will be automatically created.

Kuler – Make color schemes that are compatible with Adobe Creative Suite products.

colr – Another color scheme generator.

Color Tool 2.0.8 Alpha – This is a pretty cool color scheme generator that allows you to save and then link to your color scheme.

Vecteezy – Get free vector graphics from top artists around the world.

BlogFlux Button Maker – The Button Maker allows you to make 80×15 and 88×13 buttons with a few clicks and without needing to know how to use a graphics program.

Button Browser – Button gallery and button maker.

Brilliant Button Maker – Another 80×15 button maker.

Background Image Maker – You can make slash, strip, dot or gradation backgrounds with this free online tool.

Brusheezy – Very cool Photoshop brushes available for download.

Tartan Maker – Create your own tartans with this easy-to-use web-based tool. Use for backgrounds or other images.

iconfinder – An icon search engine.

Stripe Generator 2.0 – Create striped backgrounds for your site.

FamFamFam – Silk icons, 1000 to choose from. There are report icons, picture icons, XHTML/CSS buttons, hardware drive icons, feed icons, and more.

IconBuffet – Professional icon collections.

Web 2.0 Badges – Create Web 2.0 badges for your site.

The Icon Factory – They offer freeware icons as well as a shareware IconBuilder.

Colr Pickr – Pick a color and Colr Pickr will show you a bunch of images that consist primarily of that color from flickr.

terra IMS mapicons Dynamic Generator – Create PNG format images to use as icons on Google Maps or Yahoo Maps.

pic2color – Create color palettes from images, and recolor your graphics.

TypeTester – TypeTester allows you to try out different web fonts to see how they’ll look side-by-side.


DesignSnack – A user-controlled web design showcase that can serve as great inspiration. Users get to vote on sites showcased.

Web Creme – A gallery of beautiful web designs for inspiration.

CSS Collection – A collection of real websites built with CSS to serve as inspiration.

cssBeauty – Check out their gallery for tons of inspiration.

ConceptShare – Share your work with clients and coworkers with a very clear interface that is unlikely to confuse clients.

A List Apart – The must-read blog/online magazine focused on web development and design.

Web Design from Scratch – Tons of resources for design, including articles on design process, goal-oriented design, site architecture and usability.

Css ForSale – Purchase an established CSS-based website or just go here for inspiration. (via)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Top 30 Tools For Working With Wordpress Posts

Aside from tweaking the design and installing the occasional plugin, most of the time in your WordPress blog is spent writing and editing posts. In the penultimate post of the WordPress Tips series, we present 30+ tools to help you with everything from saving recurring post layouts to hiding the spoiler at the end of your movie review.

Post Administration & Layout

Add Graphic Signature – Adds a graphic of your signature to your posts either automatically or via the insertion of a simple tag.

Adman – Allows you to post ads such as Google AdSense at the beginning or middle of a post.

Another WordPress Meta Plugin – Allows you to add Meta tags and keywords to your post to try to further optimize your blog for search engines.

Category Remindr – Category Remindr puts a button next to the “Publish” button to remind you to select the categories for your post.

Corrector – Adds Google Spell to your admin area and can spellcheck in 27 languages.

DropCap First Character – Enlarges the first character of a post to give it more of a magazine appearance.

Front Page Excluded Categories – Sometimes you don’t want posts from certain categories on your front landing page, this allows you to exclude them from appearing there.

Limit the size of main page posts – Set the number of words you want each of your main page posts to contain, if they exceed that limit, a link is provided to a page with the complete post.

Notify On Draft Post – Notifies the editor when the authors of a multi-author blog post a new draft for review.

Post Notification – Sends an email to all of the registered Users, who have opted in, when you make a new post. Includes the option to include the post in the email.

Post Repeater – Sometimes you have a post with significance every week, month, or year; this plugin will do it for you with just a few edits.

Post Templates – Allows you to set up repeating templates such as a “Picture Of The Day” and so on without all the tedious copy and pasting.

PostPost – Allows you to add content such as advertisements before or after every post.

Posts Expire – Set an expiration date on your post, after the date passes, it will no longer be displayed.

Subscribers Only – Lets you mark a post as “subscriber only” so they are visible only to members of your site.

Subscribe-Remind – Adds a reminder to the bottom of each post to your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed.

WordPress PDA – Helps your readers view your blog on a PDA browser.

WP-orderposts – As more people use WordPress also as a CMS, sometimes you don’t want your posts in chronological order; this plugin allows you to change it.

WP-Sticky – Sometimes you want a post to always be the first entry for your blog, especially when using WordPress as a makeshift CMS. This plugin does just that by making a post “sticky”.

Post Tools

Auto Link – Use the Google API to set delimiters like [movie]Move Title[/movie] to make it auto link to the page on IMDB. Can set others as you wish.

Author Complete Post List – Gives you the ability to display all the posts by an author, including the ones where they are co-author.

Blog by Mail with Categories – Changes the “Blog by Mail” feature in WordPress so you can also set the category.

Code Markup – Allows you to include snippets of code, including HTML, in your post without it affecting the page.

Easy Post-To-Post Links – Allows you to use a shortcut when writing a post linking to another post on your blog; shows the full hyperlink in the published post.

On This Day – Will display posts posted on the same day in previous years.

Plain Text Paste – Helps to ease the pain of pasting something you wrote in Microsoft Word into WordPress.

TD Word Count – Will display a word count for each post on a blog, and gives you a total count.

Ubernyms – Allows you to make shortcut for terms and links you use often. Just enter the abbreviation and this plugin fills it in for you.

WP-Footnotes – Allows you to add footnotes to a more detailed post.

wpSpoiler – Great for sites that do movie or TV reviews, will allow you so hide text behind [spoiler] tags. (via)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Top 30 WordPress Plugins To Get More Blog Readers

Gaining blog readers is hard; WordPress makes it much easier. Here are 30+ WordPress plugins to help you garner some of that attention, and then retain readers once they visit.


DJ-Email-Publish – Once you publish on your WordPress blog, this sends the post as an email to your other blogs such as MSN Spaces.

Live Space Sync – Allows you to import all your posts to your Microsoft Live Spaces so you can advertise your blog to your contacts.

LiveJournal Crossposter – Automatically posts your latest entries to your LiveJournal account, or any other LJ software based site.

Vox Crossposter – Makes it so your posts also appear on your Vox account.

Xanga Crosspost – Allows you to have your posts appear on your Xanga account also.

RSS Feed Tools

©Feed – Adds copyright info to your feed and puts a digital fingerprint on it so you can search the web for content theft.

Add to Any Subscribe Button – Allows your readers to subscribe via just about any reader out there.

AddThis Sidebar Widget – Adds RSS info and social bookmarking to the sidebar.

Better Feed – Adds a “read more” button, a copyright notice, and a “Add to del.icio.us” link.

DeCat – Allows you to select certain categories to not be included in your feeds.

Feed Control – Gives you the ability to exclude posts from your feed, add pages and much more.

Feed Footer – Adds copyright and advertising to your RSS posts.

Feed Master – Assigns a number to your feed readers so you get a better idea of stats specific to them.

Feed Styler – Allows you to style your feed.

FeedBurner FeedSmith – Make sure all your RSS feed subscribers get counted along with the ones signed up via FeedBurner.

FeedStats – Gives you statistical data on your feeds.

Feedvertizer – Add text links to the end of your feed posts.

RSS Flashfeeder to Myspace – Feeds your last two posts to your MySpace page.

Slash Comments – Adds info to your feed about how many comments are on the post.

Subscribe-Remind – Adds a little reminder to the end of each post reminding readers to subscribe to your feed.

Social Bookmarking

Digg Button – Allows you to add the Digg button anywhere in a post with just a simple code snippet.

Digg IT – Another plugin allowing inclusion of the Digg button.

JPF Add to Reddit – Allows readers to submit your posts to Reddit, if they are already logged in, it automatically posts the title and URL.

Share This – Adds multiple social bookmarking links and an e-mail-this function in one handy button.

Sociable – Adds the linking information for 61 social bookmarking sites.

Social Bookmark Buttons – Adds social bookmark buttons for Digg.com, Netscape.com, Reddit.com, Del.icio.us, Stumbleupon.com, Google.com, Socialogs.com, and Socialposter.com.

Social Bookmarks Plugin for WordPress – Gives you access to the social bookmarking icons.

Socializer Plugin – Adds the ability to post to nearly 40 social bookmarking sites.

SocialList – Lets you see which of your posts have been submitted to del.icio.us and Digg.

Socialogs.com – Allows you to have your entries submitted to Socialogs.com.

WP-Notable – Adds the icons for numerous social bookmarking sites to each post.

wphotspots – Tracks the activity of your posts on several social bookmarking sites. (via)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Top 50 Tools For The WordPress Admin

Running your WordPress blog can feel like a full-time job sometimes. We’ve compiled an A-Z list of more than 50 plugins to help you streamline everything you need to do out back. As with any plugins list, don’t install them all at once!

404 Notifier – Gives you a log of all your 404 errors so you can see why your readers are ending up on broken pages.Admin Dropdown Menus – Make your crowded admin panel menus neat and orderly by turning them into dropdown menus.

Admin Panel Comment Reply – Adds a “reply to comment” option in the comments section of the admin area.

Ajax Spell Checker – Uses a combination of dictionaries to check your posts.

Auto-hyperlink URLs – Gives you several options for having URLs automatically turn in to hyperlinks.

AWSOM Pixgallery – Designed to allow artists and webcomic creators to create a portfolio of their artwork.

Batch Categories – Adds a page to the category management, showing all the posts that belong to a category making it easier to add to another category, or when using an import tool from another blog.

Custom Admin Menu – Gives you the power to rename, hide or move just about anything you want in the admin area.

Custom Write Panel – Allows you to customize the “Write” panel of WordPress. Hide things you don’t need such as “Post Password” and add things you feel you may need.

Dashbar – Let admins have admin access while working in the frontend of the blog without having multiple windows open.

Dashboard Editor – Ever wanted to change the Dashboard to be more useful? This is the plugin you need.

DashNote – Adds a post-it note feature to the dashboard to jot down notes to yourself.

Digital Fingerprint – Adds a digital fingerprint to your posts so you can search the web to see if your content has been scraped.

Domain Mirror – Will allow one WordPress install to be accessed from multiple domains and will even change the name and URLs based on the address people access it with.

Download Counter – Counts and tracks the downloads of all your files.

Email Users – This plugin allows you to mail registered users on your blog based on their role.

Enforce WWW Preference – Provides 301 redirects to queries with /index.php and enforces your use or non-use of www to make sure your search engine indexing is uniform.

Excerpt Editor – Gives you more control over the excerpts such as length and auto creation.

FeedBurner FeedSmith – Make sure all your RSS feed sbscribers get counted along with the ones signed up via FeedBurner.

Fix Database – Will check your WordPress database for errors and attempt to fix them.

Genki Announcement – Allows you to add an announcement before your first post without editing your themes, can even run on a timer.

Genki Pre-Publish Reminder – Forget to set your categories before you publish? Write yourself a reminder!

Google Analyticator – Inserts Google Analytics on every WordPress page

Google Sitemaps Generator – Will create a Google compliant sitemap of your blog.

GT Post Approval – Adds “Approve” and “Reject” buttons to the administrators view on all posts, very handy for blogs with multiple authors.

Instant Update – Will handle the tedious chore of upgrading your WP install with just one-click.

Just Unzip – Upload a zip folder from the Write page; this plugin unzips the contents and associates them with the current post.

Khanh’s Instant Notepad (KIN) – Allows you to jot notes to yourself on a notepad.

Leprakhauns Word Count – Adds a Java powered word counter to your editing page, very useful for writers working to a word count on professional blogs.

Mass Post Manager – Allows you to move or delete all the posts in a category at once.

Mutliply – Allows you to control multiple blogs from one administrator.

NextGEN Gallery – Adds an image gallery to your control panel and can even add a flash gallery.

OneClick Install – Adds an extremely powerful uploader and installer for plugins and themes to WordPress, eliminates the need to unzip or FTP!

Page Link Manager – Allows you to easily rearrange pages, hide them, and move them at will.

Permacop – Allows you to redirect any URL to another.

Post2Page – Write a post that should really be on permanent display? Turn it in to a page with this plugin and have it handle the URL redirects to boot.

PlugInstaller – Point this plugin to a new plugin you want on the web, it takes care of obtaining it, uploading it and unpacking it.

podPress – Numerous features for bloggers wishing to add podcasts to their WordPress install. Previews, RSS feeds, adding cast to posts, and many, many more.

Search and Replace – Search all your posts at once for specified text, quickly replace it.

Share This – Adds multiple social bookmarking links and an e-mail-this function in one handy button.

Simple Pop-up Images – Add a thumbnail image to your post; when the user clicks on it, they get a larger pop-up of the picture.

Simple Tagging – Simplifies the tagging process to drop down menus, can import from your current tagging plugins.

Site Unavailable – Puts up a message your site is down, customize the message, all the while, the admins can still log in.

Throttle – Monitors your bandwidth and limits non-essential items during heavy load times to help performance.

Wikipedia-NoFollow – Written in response to Wikipedia’s implementing a “nofollow” rule to their outgoing links, a plugin to add nofollow to links you give to Wikipedia pages.

WordPress Mobile Edition – Strips your blog down for easy reading on phones and PDAs.

WordTube – Why use YouTube when you can host and stream your videos as you please? Includes a flash player.

WP Grins – Adds clickable smilies to both the administration area and comments section at once.

WPAds – Add rotating banner and text ads to any position you define in your blog.

WP-Custom Login – Allows you to modify the user login page logo to an image of your choice to allow you to brand your site more completely.

WP- DBManager – Gives you the power to optimize the database, back it up, restore, delete the backup database , drop emptied tables and run selected queries.

WP-phpMyAdmin – Gives you quick access to your PHP databases directly from the WP admin area without haveing to login to phpMyAdmin. Very handy.

WP Plugins Tracker – Will verify all of your plugins are the latest version by checking them against the wp-plugins-db.org database.

WP Super Edit – Gives you more control over the Visual editor including emoticons, layers, style attributes and more.

WP-Table – Allows you to add a table directly in the Visual mode or import from a spreadsheet. (via)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Top 50 Tools For Torrenting

When they think of torrents, most people think only of illegal downloads. But the same file sharing technology can be used for legal distribution of all kinds of content. Today, for instance, the record label Labrador Records is asking fans to share its free summer sample on The Pirate Bay to ease the load on its servers.

To show that torrenting isn’t all bad, we’ve rounded up 50+ tools to help you get started on the torrent path, all with totally legal uses.

Distribution Sites Of Legal Content

BitTorrent – From the makers of the original software, they now offer a mixture of free and pay-for content.

bt.etree.org – Band videos of “trade friendly” musicians.

BTSharp – Integrates with .NET apps and helps you distribute with private trackers.

Ibiblo.org – Torrent distribution site of ibiblo content.

Legaltorrents.com – A completely legal torrent site and a great place to experiment and get a feeling for how it works.

LegitTorrents.info – Includes free videos, games and Linux distributions.

LinuxTracker.org – A centralized location for Linux related software, all delivered by torrent.

PublicDomainTorrents.com – Hundreds of torrent media files that reside in the public domain such as movies, TV shows, serials and more. (WARNING:Occasional rotating questionable ad)

Revision3.com – Mixture of torrent-delivered media and direct downloads of vidcasts.

Star Trek:New Voyages – Fan-produced Star Trek episodes, some with original cast members, all distributed with torrents.

SXSW – Free torrents from the organizers of the SXSW music festival.

tlm-project.org – The Linux Mirror Project, helping spread the alternative operating system.

Vuze.com – From the makers of the Azureus client, hosts a mixture of free and pay-for content, all delivered via torrents.

Information Sites

Brian’s BitTorrent FAQ – Large FAQ that answers some of the most basic questions about starting with torrents.

Magoo’s Guide To BitTorrent – An in-depth instruction from beginning to advanced torrent use.

Slyck.com – News from around the torrent community.

TorrentFreak.com – Up-to-date news on the torrent community of both the legal and illegal variety. Occasionally offers legal downloads. They also have a good tutorial on how to start a torrent of your own using some of the most popular clients.

Video Tutorial – A nearly 14 minute video demo of how to get started with torrent clients and downloading from sclipo.com.

Vlad44.com FAQ – Covers some very in-depth questions about torrents such as how to make your own and to configure your web server to host the files.

Wikipedia entry on BitTorrent – Explains how the technology works, some of the history, legal issues, and more.

Torrent Clients

ABC Client – Runs on Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Linux.

Acquisition – A torrent client exclusively for Macs.

Arctic Torrent – Runs on Windows 2000/XP/XP 64/2003/2003 64.

Azureus – Runs on all operating systems and supports numerous languages.

BitComet – Runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, some support for Windows 98.

BitLord – Works with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003.

BitPump – Runs on all versions of Windows.

BitSpirit – Compatible with Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003.

BitTornado – Windows (doesn’t list which versions), Linux, OS X, BSD.

BitTorrent – The original one developed by Bram Cohen. Works with OS X, Linux, and Windows. Is sometimes referred to as “Mainline” to denote its status as the original.

BitTyrant – Works with Linux, OS X, and Windows.

Bits On Wheels – Exclusively for Macs, features 3D images of your peer swarm.

Burst! – Compatible back to Windows 98.

Deluge – A Linux client

Enhanced cTorrent – For Linux.

FlashGet – Windows-only client program.

FoxTorrent – Torrent client that integrates with the Firefox browser.

Gnome BitTorrent – Another Linux only torrent client.

Halite – Windows NT, 2000, XP

KTorrent – For Linux and OS X.

Opera – Web browsing suite with a built-in torrent client.

qBittorent – For Linux and OS X.

QTorrent – A bittorrent client for Linux.

rTorrent – For Linux and OS X.

sharktorrent – For Linux, OS X, Windows.

Tomato Torrent – Only for the OS X operating system.

Torrent Swapper – For Linux, OS X and Windows – all flavors.

TorrentVolve – For Linux, OS X and Windows (versions not listed).

Transmission – Available for Linux and OS X.

Turbo Torrent – Windows only.

μTorrent – Windows only.

WizBit – For S60 smartphones.

Wikipedia Client Comparison – Lists the features of all the clients so you can choose which one best suits your needs. (via)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Top 50 Online Maps Tools and Resources

Mapping is a huge and growing sector, from social maps for sharing with friends, to mashing up Google Maps in every possible way. Trawling through all the mapping sites out there, we’ve compiled a list of the most interesting online mapping tools that some are referring to as “Maps 2.0″.


Click2Map.com – Create custom Google Maps, manage your markers, publish and share your creations.

ClustrMaps.com – Get a visual representation of all the visitors to your website.

Geotag it – Add geo tags to Flickr and Del.icio.us posts and see where other links and photos come from.

MapBuilder.net – Uses Google Maps to help you build a custom tagged map you can add to your own website.

Mapicurious.com – Mark vacation spots, restaurants, bars, just about any place you would recommend.

Mappr.com – Another site allowing you to geo tag your Flickr photos to allow people to see them on a map.

Maptales.com – Tales of trips and more sorted on to a Google Map.

Maptrot.com – Create maps of interesting locales such as Route 66 or major sports stadiums, share them with the world.

Mkmap.com – Collaborative map that allows users to add things such as transit services and restaurants.

OpenStreetMap.org – A user editable map of the world to be worked on in collaboration.

Pixagogo.com – Add your own photos to a Google Map, give people a real feel for your neighborhood or vacation.

Planiglobe.com – Customize a map and download PostScript and Illustrator versions.

Quikmaps.com – Doodle on a Google Map, pass it around, embed in your site, or download it to your GPS.

Tagmaps – A way to visualize text on geographic maps, then can be used on your site.

Traffic.com – Check out traffic for your area on a map.

Trippermap.com – Tag your Flickr photos with a location; they get added to a flash based map for your website.

Useamap.com – Helps you publish a map for your event, provides a short url for easy use.

Wayfaring.com – Create and share maps, explore ones made by others.

Wayki.com – Tag locations and share with others, explore tags others have left.

YourGMap.com – Customizable and embeddable Google Maps with content you choose.


goDCgo.com – Look up Washington DC-specific information such as traffic, special events and car pooling.

IamCaltrain.com – Interactive map of the San Francisco metro area trains.

onNYturf.com – Interactive subway map of New York City.

Seattle Bus Monster – Plan your bus routes in the Seattle, WA area.


DaylightMap.com – See where the sun is shining currently on this map.

Feedmap.net – Add a geo-code to your blog so people can look blogs up by location. You can also browse for areas that would interest you.

FlightAware.com – See how many planes are currently in the air and where they are.

Gruvr.com – Place to look up local music and add tour info.

HealthMap.org – A global disease outbreak map. For general interest or to suggest places you may wish to avoid.

Hotpotr.com – Map of Wi-Fi cafes and hotspots.

Incident1.com – Interactive map of 911 calls from around the United States.

Mailboxmap.com – Enter an address, get the locations of USPS mailboxes nearby.

Map-Runner.com – You can create a run route and assign a difficulty rating and a safety rating; it will be available to all runners using map runner, and they can rate it.

MAPLight.org – Shows geographical connections between congressional voting and money donations.

MapMyRun.com – Plot out your running course, indicate where water and bathrooms are, calculate your workout. They also have MapMyHike.com, MapMyRide.com, MapMyTri.com, and MapMyWalk.com.

MappyHour.com – Click anywhere on the map to display nearby bars and their happy hour specials.

MapWii.com – Enter your Wii number and see other players online to setup games all from a geographic map.

Moremap.com – Uses Google Maps as a basis to show earthquake activity, traffic reports, radio stations, and numerous other functions.

Platial.com – Add content from video, photos, stories, feeds and add it to your website.

PublicRoutes.com – A global map of mass-transit systems.

SignalMap.com – Find or add your own reports on cell strength to various locations and by carrier.

Tornado Paths – Visual history of tornado paths on a map.

VirtualVideoMap.com – Shows a Google Map with YouTube videos sorted by locations.


Ask.com Maps – Ask.com’s driving directions solution.

Google Mars – Google’s interactive map of the fourth planet of our solar system, Mars.

Google Maps – Get directions, look up your house with satellite photos. The basis of many websites.

Mapquest.com – Look up local businesses, get driving directions.

Poly9 FreeEarth – A free, online interactive 3D globe with various layers you can apply.

Windows Live Local – Microsoft’s entrant in to the mapping game.

Worldmapper – Maps of the world resized based on various subjects such as land mass and population.

Yahoo! Local Maps – Get driving directions, find businesses and much more. (via)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Top 60 Collaborative Tools for Groups

With businesses and families spread out more and more, we’ve dug up 60+ sites that will help everyone be on the same page.

Business Productivity

37Signals.com – Maker of collaboration tools including Basecamp (others listed below).

8apps.com – A mixture of social network and productivity applications.

BlueTie.com – Online collaboration directed towards small and medium sized businesses.

Businessitonline.com – Centralized cash flow, documents, calendars and more for a team or small business.

CentralDesktop.com – A full work suite for project teams including spreadsheets, file sharing, calendar and more.

Colligo.com – Allows you to work on projects off-line and then sync them when you can login.

ConceptShare.com – Share concept designs and allow invited workers to mark-up, comment, and give feedback.

Confluence – An enterprise-class wiki with features such as PDF exporting.

ContactOffice.com – Allows groups to share documents, calandars, contacts, and files. They can then access them from a number of different mobile devices.

Coventi.com – Upload your documents, share, and allow others to highlight portions or edit.

Copperproject.com – Share projects, tasks, documents and timelines with your entire team.

CrossLoop.com – Allows two computers to connect securely to share their desktops for collaborative work and transfer of files.

Eloops.com – Share files, calenders, projects, and then create RSS feeds to share your public ones.

Foldera.com – Allows for communication over projects, and centralizes work to make sure version is always current.

Glide – Facilitates group meetings to review projects together.

Google Docs & Spreadsheets – From the behemoth known as Google, collaborative documents and spreadsheets.

GroupSharp.com – Allows you to share lists, databases, file sharing, and wikis for your team.

Huddle.net – Designed for collaborative work in the fields of PR, advertising, marketing, design and more.

Instacoll.com – Allows real-time sharing of documents to work on them with colleagues.

Joyent.com – Get collaborative software and backup services in one package.

Longjump.com – Offers standard collaboration, but also the ability to build new applications for your team to use and even market.

Mindquarry.com – Work on projects online or off-line, then synchronize as soon as you are back.

Near-Time.net – Build wikis, blogs,create documents for your team to work on, and have the ability to sell your content and expertise.

Nexo.com – Share files and notes amongst your company, or even with other companies you invite.

Octopz.com – Allows your team to work a wide range of documents including video, audio, and flash animations.

OpenTeams.com – Allows your team to create cPages of your project.

QuickBase.com – A collaborative tool from Intuit, the makers of Quicken.

PlanHQ.com – Specifically for groups working on business plans.

ProjectSpaces.com – Share and work on documents, notify team members via RSS and email.

Solodox.com – Create, access, edit, share, and collaborate on documents & projects.

TeamWorkLive.com – Track tasks, centralize communication, share documents and files, then collaborate with clients and remote teams.

TheOpenDoc.com – Create multiple workspaces with multiple documents, then share them for group editing.

Thinkature.com – Collaborative workspace with voice chat and numerous drawing tools.

Tracbac.com – Workspace for your group that features versioning, IM, VoIP ad more.

Uhroo.com – Focuses on working on goals, estimates, client feedback and more.

Vyew.com – Your team can work on a project and then publish it directly to where you choose on the web.

WebOffice.com – Work on documents and more with live web meetings.

Wrike.com – Project management that allows you to assign tasks and then let people work in teams on them.

Writewith.com – Create documents and invite others to edit and chat while you do so.

Yugma.com – A catch-all collaboration site for files, tech support, presentations and more.

Zimbra.com – Email service with collaboration tools.

Zoho.com – Create documents and grant permissions for others to work on an entire page or just one portion or object.

Creative Collaboration

Kalabo.net – Site for musicians to collaborate on compositions together.

Freepository.com – Specifically for computer program development and allows storage of code to be worked on from anywhere.

Glypho.com – Site for group writing of fictional stories.

Novlet.com – Collaborative writing of non-linear stories in any language.

WebBrush – Focuses more on graphical sharing and includes drawing tools.

Writeboard.com – From 37signals, perfect for collaborative writing, journalists, bloggers and more.

WriteMaps.com – Designed specifically for creating and sharing sitemaps amongst web teams.

Family and Social Collaboration

Cozi.com – Helps families organize and communicate in a web based method.

Famundo.com – Built for families or small groups to organize and share contacts, calendars, and projects.

Grouptivity.com – Uses email to start a group discussion on any subject of your choice.

LooseStitch.com – Create to do lists and share them with whomever you choose.

Mecanbe.com – Post your goals in life, get suggestions on how to achieve them.

Stixy.com – Share documents, photos, to do lists and more with family and friends.

Wamily – For teams, families, clubs and everything in-between. Share photos, run a wiki, have conversations.


Bubbl.us -Create and share your mind map with your team, also embed in to your website or blog.

Comapping.com – Mind mapping for everyone from students working together to project management.

Gliffy.com – Draw & share mind mapping diagrams.

Kayuda.com – Mind mapping for individuals or organizations.

Mind42.com – Mind mapping for one, or multiple users.

Mindomo.com – Has both free and premium accounts for mind mapping.

Mindmeister.com – A mind mapping tool you can share with an unlimited number of simultaneous users. (via)

Monday, January 23, 2006

Top 30 Plugins for Wordpress Comments

When working on a WordPress blog, posts often take center stage. However, the comments are often just as important – they create valuable discussion. And yet the default WordPress comment box is simplistic and uninspiring – here are Mashable’s favorite comment-focused WordPress plugins that can eliminate spam, improve the appearance of comments, and add more value to your posts.

Fight Spam

Akismet – Antispam plugin from the creators of WordPress that uses a central database of spam comments to flag spam. Requires a free API key from WordPress.com

Spam Karma – Analyzes comments for spam based on a karma system.

Bad Behavior – Prevents spambots from even accessing your site by analyzing their HTTP requests.

Did You Pass Math? – Asks commenters a simple math question before their comments are posted.

Comment Timeout – Closes comments on old posts.

Encourage Commenting

BlogFollow – Shows a snippet of the commenter’s blog at the bottom of the comment.

DoFollow – Removes “nofollow” attributes from links in comments so search engines can follow them.

DoFollow Trackbacks – Removes “nofollow” attributes from trackbacks

Show Top Commentators
– Lists the most frequent commentators on your blog, along with links to their blogs, in your sidebar.

Improve appearance

Nicer Trackbacks – Improves the appearance of trackbacks from other blogs.

WP-NoSh*t – Filters bad words from comments.

Numbered Comments Adds numbers to comments.

AuthorHighlight – Highlights comments by the blog’s author.

Comment Highlighter – Styles comments based on the author’s name, email, or URL.

wp-chunk – Truncates long URLs in comments to prevent them from stretching the page.

Enable rich comments

Custom Smileys – Adds clickable smiley emoticons to comments.

TinyMCEComments – Turns the comment box into a full-featured rich text editor.

Live Comment Preview – Allows readers to preview their comment before posting.

Edit Comments XT – Lets commentators edit their own comments.

Enable avatars

Gravatar – Displays user-selected avatars from a central database next to comments.

Favatars – Pulls the favicon from a commenter’s blog or website, and uses that for their avatar.

MBLA – Adds user images from MyBlogLog to comments.

OpenID Comments – Lets readers comment with their OpenID identity.

Show off comments

WP-Most Commented Posts – Displays posts with the most comments in the sidebar.

Latest Comments with Avatars Reloaded – Shows the latest comments, along with the MyBlogLog avatars of the commenters.

Allow better conversation

Simple CoComments – Tracks the conversation across blogs.

Comment Karma – Digg-style voting on comments.

Quoter – Allows users to quote a previous comment in their comment.

Whisper – Lets users “whisper” comments that are only visible to one person.

Moderate comments effectively

Comment Twitter SMS Notification – Notifies you of new comments through Twitter SMS.

Bannage – Adds the ability to ban users from commenting by name, email, or IP.

CommentCentral – Allows batch opening and closing of comments on multiple posts. (via)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Top 40 Firefox Add-ons for High Speed Blogging

Firefox works great on its own, but it’s the thousands of extensions that make it excel. We’ve pulled together more than 40 add-ons for Firefox that provide quick access to handy blogging tools. But whatever you do, don’t install them all at once.

Blog Publishing

Blogger Bar – Search Blogger, “Blog This” function for any page you’re on.

Clipmarks – Clip any portion of a website to save, email or put on your blog.

Deepest Sender – Blog to multiple platforms from one window.

JustBlogIt – Just right click, and you’re blogging about the page you’re viewing.

LiveJournal Addons – Notifies you of friends updates, messages and more.

LiveJournal Hook – Gives you quick access to many LiveJournal commands and tags.

MySpace Blog Editor – Post directly from Firefox, drag and drop clips from sites.

Scribefire – A blog editor that integrates with your browser and allows you to drag and drop items from a web page into a blog post.

Twitterbar – Post to Twitter directly from the address bar.

WordPress.com Sidebar – Adds a quick access sidebar to get to your WordPress.com account.

Uploading Photos and Media

Fireflix – Sidebar extension to upload, browse, and manage your Flickr photos.

Firefox Companion for Kodak EasyShare Gallery – Upload photos directly to your Kodak EasyShare Gallery.

Firefox Universal Uploader – Universal program for uploading to sites such as Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, and Facebook.

FireFTP – An integrated FTP system that syncs and checks versions.

Flickr Sidebar – View the pictures in your account in a sidebar.

Fotofox – Select, tag, and upload images to popular sites such as Flickr.

ImageBot – Lets you upload photos to ImageShack or Photobucket.

OakFlickr4PFF – Allows uploading to your Flickr account.

Blog Tools

Adsense Notifier – Displays your current earnings from Google Adsense in the status bar.

Copy as HTML Link – Copies the address of a page to the clipboard as an HTML ready link.

Create short URLs – Right click an address, click wrapURL, and create a shortened URL for your use.

Dict – Highlight a word, right click it, select define and get a definition in a pop-up window.

DictionarySearch – Similar to Dict, but the result appears in a new tab.

FastDict – Add quick access to any number of dictionary sites to spruce up your blog entries.

ShrinkThisLink Link Shrinker – Use the ShrinkThisLink service without leaving the page.

Tiny.pl – Shortens an address via the tiny.pl service.

Blog Design, Customization and Development

ColorZilla – Get a color reading from any spot in your browser.

DT Whois – Adds a button for Domaintools.com whois service for the site you are currently viewing.

Firebug – Look under the hood of your favorite websites and take a peak at their code.

Greasemonkey – Allows you to run small java scripts to manipulate the way a page displays to you.

HTML Validator – Checks the validity of a page’s HTML and tells you the results in simple graphics.

IE Tab – Lets you view a webpage in an Internet Explorer tab without leaving Firefox.

iWEBTOOL Webmaster’s Toolbar – Allows you quick access to services and tools from iWEBTOOL.

JavaScript Debugger – In browser Java script debugging.

KGen – Allows you to see the strongest keywords for a given site.

LinkChecker – Checks the validity of all links on a given page.

Load Time Analyzer – Allows developers to measure how long a page takes to load.

MeasureIt – Draws out a ruler to get a pixel dimension of any element on a page.

MetaTags – Checks the meta information of a site and features an automated search engine submission tool.

RankQuest SEO Toolbar – Quick access to over 30 SEO tools.

SearchStatus – Keyword density analyser and checks backlinks.

SEOHAND – Tracks a site’s standings and creates graphs over time.

SEOQuake – Ever wonder why a page gets good search ranking? This will help you figure it out.

Web Developer – A highly regarded debugging tool for designers. (via)