Friday, March 31, 2006

Top 20 Sporting Social Networks

With the baseball playoffs going on, American football in full swing, and the English Premiere League season heating up, it seems sports are everywhere nowadays. So, we’ve gathered 20+ social networks related to sports for you to check out and see if any strike your fancy. – For all the fishermen out there. Share your catches and compare, talk about your favorite spots and more. – A wiki based sports site where very fan has their own talk page so you can leave messages for one another. – Meet other bikers, share routes, show off pictures of your gear, and more. – Run by and, the site is a mixture of news and social networking. – Share the teams you are passionate about, – Get together with other people who enjoy working out, share hiking & running paths, show off your latest workout stats and more. – Not just a social network, you can also locate golf courses all over the world, and find nearby golfing buddies to play with. – Create a profile, share photos & videos, post your scores, find courses to play on and more. – Meet other golfers, talk about the game you love, blog about it. – A network for high school athletes to chat, upload videos, blog, and more. – A social network for fans of any and all sports. – Dedicated solely to NASCAR racing enthusiasts. – Track your scores, post from your mobile, meet other golfers. – A social site dedicated to the popular world sport of cricket. – A site dedicated to all sports. Rewards members with points for contributing, points will someday be redeemable for sporting goods. – A site for those wishing to find othes to participate in recreational sports. – A site for high school athletes to post photos, videos, share statistics, schedules and more. – A sports site not focusing on any one sport, but more of a site about the fans of sports. – A site for those who are enthusiastic about their walking to meet others that share your love. – A sports network dedicated to all of the extreme sports. – A network focusing on the most popular sport in the world, football (AKA soccer). (via)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Top 20 Free Press Release Distribution Sites

Following up on the advertising toolbox, you also need to let the media (oh if only there was a site about web 2.0 and social networking where you could get covered…) know about your new venture. We’ve gathered 20+ sites that will help you with getting your press release out in the world for free. – Free release distribution with ad-support – Free distribution, paid services gives you better placement and permanent archiving. – Distributs to sites like Google News and, Gold level will also get you to sites like LexisNexis. – Focuses on ecommerece and requires you include an image, 3 keywords and links. – Free distribution company with offices in 12 states. – Easy press release distribution for free, more features for paid accounts. – Distributes your release, offers a web page with one keyword link to your site. Pro upgrade will give you three links, permanent archiving and more. – Allows for free distribution to sites and search engines, premium membership differs only slightly in adding in graphics. – All the usual free distribution tools, premium service includes logo, product picture and more. – Not only will they distribute your press releases, but you can also set up a full company profile. – Ad supported press distribution site. – European-based free press release distribution site. – Completely free distribution to search engines, news sites, and blogs. – Distribute your press release with a free or paid version, others can vote it up ala Digg style. – Not only distributes your release, but attempts to teach you how to write one, and even offers downloadbale samples for you to work with. – Submit your release for free and get on their front page and the category of your choice. – A free press release service formatted as a blog. – Free press release distribution no matter what, but extra services based on the size of your contribution. – Free distribution to search engines, newswires, and RSS feeds. Fee based bumps get you better placement. – Free distribution to Google News and other other search engines. – Gives free distribution for plain formatted releases, fees for HTML-coded releases. (via)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Top 20 Orkut Tools

Orkut may be a bit neglected in the wake of all the Facebook and MySpace related news, but they’re supposedly working on an API, too. If so, we might soon see a lot of new Orkut applications coming up. For the time being, this is a collection of some useful browser addons and desktop tools to make your Orkut experience more enjoyable.

Online and Desktop Applications

AZ Orkut Toolbar – This is a browser toolbar for Firefox and IE that provides you with links to various Orkut pages, like home, profile, messages, fans, album, videos, friends, communities, scraps, settings, and more. There is a universal Orkut search button and a radio player too.

Free Orkut Toolbar – This browser toolbar allows you to access all the Orkut features. Also has built-in radio and chat features.

Orkutalert – This small tool runs in your computer background alerts you whenever you receive a new scrap and when your friends log on to Orkut.

Orkut Cute – Orkut Cute is a feature-laden desktop application for managing your Orkut page. It comes with a scrap editor that has a rich-text formatting bar with an HTML page preview. There is an instant messenger that you can use to chat with your GTalk and MSN Messenger friends. You can use its ‘Get Scraps’ feature to download your scraps from Orkut to your desktop.

Orkut Scraps to RSS Reader – This PHP script allow you to convert your Orkut scraps from your scrapbook and and community messages into a RSS feed. You simply need to add your Orkut user ID or community ID in the provided web address. One simple way to check on your Orkut directly from your RSS reader.

Orkut Word Generator – With this online tool, you can generate words in the shapes of people, Orkut style.

PowerScrap – PowerScrap is a site that you can use to access your social networking sites Most-Networked-Executives like Orkut, YouTube, Myspace, etc. with more features. Once you log in to Orkut from the PowerScrap site, you can change the color of your Orkut page, listen to an online radio station, browse anonymously, send messages to multiple friends, send multimedia content by scraps, send confidential scraps, and much more. The PowerScrap scrap editor also provides you rich-text formatting options.

Scrapboy – You can send and receive Orkut scraps from the Scrapboy desktop application without using a web browser.

TOrkut – Desktop application for accessing and managing your Orkut profile with Scrap Editor and other features.

Firefox Addons

Orkut Helper – Addon with features like auto login to Orkut, create links to various pages, animated smileys, common scraps to friends or community members, and more.

Orkut Scrapbook Searcher – This addon provides a search box inside Orkut for searching through scrapbooks and communities.

Orkut ScrapEasy – Uses Ajax for scraps; this way, you don’t have to leave your scrap page after posting a scrap.

Orkut Scrapper – Brings on more scrapping features like a toolbar, secret scraping, font styles, live preview, translation, etc.

Orkut Scrap Replyer – This addon pops up a form when you click on your friend’s picture. You can use this form to send a scrap.

Orkut Toolbar – This addon provides formatting features for your scraps.


Add Orkut Profile to Your Blog – This is a simple widget for bloggers to add an Orkut badge on their blogs. The widget is available for Blogger blogs.

Orkut Birthday – Add your Orkut birthdays to your Netvibes page.

Orkut Birthdays – Add upcoming birthdays of your friends to iGoogle.

Orkut Photo Album – View your Orkut photo album in iGoogle.

Orkut Scraps – View your Orkut scraps in iGoogle.

Greasemonkey Scripts

Keybord Shortcuts For Orkut – the name says it all; this script adds several handy keyboard shortcuts for Orkut.

Mass Moderation Script – Adds mass ban, mass delete and mass remove options for community moderation in community topics page.

Smiley Toolbar – gives more smiley options to you in the form of a handy toolbar.

Orkut Formatting Toobar – a toolbar that makes text formating in Orkut easier. (via)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Top 20 Apple TV Plugins And Hacks

Leopard is coming soon, and some reports claim that the new Front Row is going to borrow its look from New-Digital-TV-Boxes Mar-08. In the meantime, Apple TVs themselves are cheaper then ever, but Apple is strangely quiet about it. Is Apple TV the future of home entertainment or is it Apple’s blunder which will probably disappear from the market in the years to come? You decide. In the meantime, we’ve created a toolbox with over 25 plugins and hacks to make all you AppleTV owners smile.


Apple TV RSS Plugin – Configure and read various RSS feeds right on your Apple TV.

ATVLoader – Install many plugins from a large database. This one is great for those that want a simplified and easy way of installing plugins without a lot of hassle.

nitoTV – The biggest and best plugin of them all. Network and USB mounting, mplayer, and DVD playback with VIDEO_TS files or ISO files.

Road Trip – GPS plugin that works with any USB GPS adapter, fetches maps from MapQuest.

Sapphire – Best way to manage TV Shows and Movies.

Sports Scores – This plugin allows you to check sports scores.

Streamer – Stream internet radio through your Apple TV.

MPDControl – Control your MPD server easily from your Apple TV.

ATVTorrents – Finds torrents in your Home directory and automatically starts downloading them with rTorrent.

Firefly – Allows the streaming of music on your Apple TV to iTunes.

Omelette – A fun puzzle game designed to run on your Apple TV.

Perian – Although not truly a plugin, Perian allows playback of many file types.

JamanTV – Download movies from the JamanTV service onto your Apple TV.

ATVWakeOnLan – Wakes up remote media servers nearby.

Applications Menu – Run applications on your Apple TV easily with this launcher.


Firefox – This hack shows you how to get Firefox up and running on an Apple TV, step by step.

Component to RGB – How to convert from component to RGB for TVs that don’t have component ports.

How to Play DivX From a NAS – Explains how to play DivX files on your AppleTV from a network storage device.

Color Output – How to easily get color output from the AppleTV’s component ports.

Asterisk – How to get Asterisk running on an AppleTV.

Keyboard/Mouse – How to get a USB keyboard and mouse working on an Apple TV.

Mouse Pointer – This tutorial explains how to enable the mouse pointer.

OS X – Install OS X on an Apple TV.

USB Drive – A tutorial that tells you how to boot your Apple TV from an external USB drive.

Enable VNC – Tutorial explaining how to enable Remote Desktop/VNC.

SSH and AFP – Explains how to enable SSH and AFP on Apple TV. (via)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Top 30 Tools to Name and Register Your Domain

We’ve been covering topics such as how to design your site, and even how to code it, but before you do all that, you need to register a domain name. Here are 30+ tools to help you figure out a good name and register it. And if what you want isn’t available, you can always search the after-market for a name.

Domain Name Pickers – Enter keywords, set the maximum number of characters you want, and see what it comes up with. – Enter words to see the possible remaining combinations and suggestions. – Gives tips and advice on how to pick a name, has a random generator and keyword checker.

Domain Name Generator – Tool over at that allows you to enter a word or phrase and see what’s available. – Put in up to 15 each in the prefix and suffix columns and see what combinations are available. – Helps you find the few 4-letter domain names remaining. – Displays domain names that are unregistered as suggestions, offers a thesaurus for your keyword. – See randomly generated domain names and check out which are available. Pick other languages, search for keywords and more. – Enter two words and see what is out there and get suggestions. – Enter words, choose category, define if you will allow hyphens and more.

Web 2.0 Name Generator – Generates random Web 2.0 “sounding” names and then lets you check availability.

Domain Registrars – A bit pricey at $10.95 a year, but a very straightforward site that’s easy to follow. – Offers registrations for $7.99 year with Google Apps thrown in. – Known for easy account management. – ICANN accredited domain register at only $7.99 a year. – Offers a range of domain reseller tools. – Specializes in creating paring pages for all of your domain names. – Various prices depending on the extension. – Probably the best known registrar in the market today. Has received some criticism in the past years, but it’s still quite cheap. – An Australian domain registrar and also offers a name assisting tool. – Offers registration along with buying and selling services. – Domain registrations on the cheap side, with some extra services thrown in for free.

    name – $9.29 a year per registration with lots of free services added in. – One of the oldest companies in the domain name registration market, their prices are a bit high compared to others. – Register domains and monitor your domains registered at other companies. – Another one of the old school registrars that’s been around for ages. – Has domain auctions as well as registrations. – Offers reasonable registration rates with a free domain lock. – Originally known for being a home of many freeware and shareware programs, now it also offers domain registrations. – Allows you to register .vu = Venture, .fm = Family, and .st = Site TLDs. – A Canadian registration service with free domain and email forwarding. (via)

Top 30 Stock Market Tools & Resources

With bulls once again controlling the stock market Wall-Street-Crash, interest in stock trading Bear-Stearns-Troubles is on the upswing again. Here are 30+ sites to help you learn some things about trading and then trying your own hand at it.

Brokers – An online broker that starts you off with 100 commission free trades. – A popular online trading house with 320 local branches, low minimum account opening balance of $500. – A top rated online trading firm as noted by Barrons and SmartMoney.

OptionsXpress – online options and stock broker, highly rated by Kiplinger’s.

Vanguard – one of the biggest boys in the business has its own online brokerage service, too.

Communities – A news aggregator and community for financial information. – A community that lets you trade information with others via blogs and discussion. – Show off your trading skills, track others, even earn fees from allowing people to follow your trades after you’ve proven yourself. – A social network for investors with analysis and blogs. – Use charts, news, and information to help make predictions in this community. – A social community for investors to trade tips and track performance. – Track your portfolio, get investing ideas and discuss them with others. – A social network for people looking to learn about stocks, share tips, and make friends. – A social network for investors to share information and try to form more well thought out investing strategies. – A virtual stock market site for you test your strategies and compare them with others.

Miscellaneous – Helps you with your financial news by putting it all in one easy place. – A start page for anyone interested in stocks. – Compete with friends and complete strangers to see who the real Wall Street Wall-Street-Layoffs Idol is.

Portfolio Managers – Manage your portfolio online and share it with friends. – Track and evaluate your investments to improve your performance. – Enter your portfolio and get suggestions of where else you can look for more investments.

Tools – Watch the portfolios and real-time trades of top investors, friends, family, and learn from them. – Offers analysis on stocks, day trading, investing, stock charts and more – Offers lots of tools to help you maximize your portfolio. – Using an architecture similar to the [email protected] program, GStock leverages the unused computing power out there in the world to project stocks for up to 10 years. – Offers courses in trading and investing. – A site that attempts to find the best investors in the world and let you track what they do so you can follow along and learn. – A centralized site for charting, portfolios, risk assessment and more. – A source for all your financial news and is fully customizable. – Get advice from one of the largest financial service providers in the country. – Brings together investment advice from blogs, money managers, and investment newsletters. – Search over 18,000 small cap and micro cap stocks. – See which companies release the most press releases in a tag cloud like setting.

Tipping Monkey – Learn how to do trades and play the stock market while only risking virtual money. (via)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Top 30 News Related Sites

Everyone knows about the big news sources such as Google, Yahoo, BBC, and so on, but there is a whole world of customizable news sites and news aggregators out there. We’ve gathered 30+ sites to help you wade through the enormous amount of information that comes your way on the Internet.

Customizable News – Allows you to choose the news feeds you want to read, and dump the ones you don’t want. – Pick the news or sources you prefer, read them on their site, have them emailed or even sent directly to your printer. – A personal news aggregator that attempts, with the use of filters, to help you narrow down the most important news items. – Aggregate news from the countries and categories you choose, throw in personal blogs and major news sources as you like. – Allows you to choose the news sources you want to read and brings them together for you. – A news aggregator that lets you create an unlimited number tabs for each subject, then also share news you find of interest.

General – A site that graphically illustrates how stories across the world relate to each other, and makes it easy for you to follow along. – News taken from RSS feeds, blogs and more on the biggest headlines and headliners. Latest news is done as text, overall news categories done by simply clicking on pictures. – Brings together news from over 25,000 sources and adds in commentary from experts in various fields. – A news site that brings you different perspectives on the same story from around the world, and helps you follow along as it progresses. – Gathers news from news sites, blogs, videos and more to bring you news covered from every conceivable angle. – Gathers information from around the net and ranks the importance of the story based on your location. – This site monitors users interaction with a story and uses standards set by economists to predict its popularity and rank its “newsiness” score. – News feeds separated by category, you can also see big news in tiny pics so you can visually choose your story. – Uses a mixture of automated algorithms and human editing to bring together the best news from a large selection of sources. – A mixture of a news aggregator and RSS reader that will email you headlines you want, and let you search multiple news sources. – A search engine specializing in alternative news sources. – An Australian CNBC-Erin-Burnett site that attempts to digest news for you in your industry, category, area and so on. This is all in an attempt to cut down on the amount of time you have to spend reading. – Aggregates news from traditional sources and blogs, allows you to build a personalized page, and even post results to your blog.

News Opinions – Using a mixture of technology and humans to find hot stories, users make stories popular by clicking through to them. Offers widgets for your blog to help you get noticed. – Submit a story and let others vote on how fair and unbiased it is. – Share news from around the world, express your opinion and let others tell you why your opinion may be in the wrong. – Enter any term and quickly see what opinions are like on that subject across the web.

User Created News Sites – A “newspaper” written by its readers from their local perspective. The higher rated the story, the better placement it gets in the paper. – A citizen based news site using a wiki-based system for organization. – A site for professional and citizen journalists to both cover the news and debate it. – Write stories about the news that matters to you, build credibility when other users vote on your stories. – A citizen journalist site that was named one of Time magazine’s Top 50 Websites of 2007. – Works strictly with images from eyewitnesses. – Users generate the news and vote on what’s worthy of your attention. – A site that allows anyone to contribute to a developing story while being guided by editors. (via)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Top 70 Online Language Communities and Resources

The world wide web can be a good place to start learning a foreign language. This is a compilation of language communities, tools, and other online resources that’ll help you get started.

Language Communities

Chaula – Chaula is a pronunciation dictionary created by the community and a social network where you can help other people learn your language.

FriendsAbroad – An online community of language learners speaking over 80 languages across 200 countries.

Huitalk – This is a language learning community where you can chat with other Huitalk members, access the article resource, and join the forums to learn new languages.

iTalki – Language exchange network wherein you can find a partner and practice speaking a foreign language using an instant messenger or iTalki’s text and voice chat tool.

Kan Talk – This site will help you learn English by conversing with other members and sharing questions, recordings, and videos.

Lingoz – Online dictionary created by the community and providing a resource for language questions.

LiveMocha – Another language learning community where you can enroll for language lessons, and practicing conversing with text and chat tools with other community members.

MyLanguageExchange – Find a partner to practice a new language with a native speaker.

Novlet – A collaborative story writing tool in several languages. You can also read stories written by other users.

Open Language Archives Community – Network of institutions and people who are creating an online language resources like data, tool, and advice to documentation and analysis of human language.

SharedTalk – Chat on voice or text with other members to learn new languages.

Speak Any Language – Forums, chat, and tools for learning foreign languages and interacting with people speaking foreign languages.

TalkBean – You can tutor language students or be a student on the TalkBean community. Students pay to get language lessons and tutors can get paid to teach.

TalkConmigo – Barcelona’s language exchange community.

Top Language Community – This is an online language community site for bilingual and multilingual people living in London, UK, and Ireland offering language jobs, dating, flat sharing, directory, events and forums.

TraduWiki – A wiki where members and readers contribute to translate documents and texts. You can submit your documents for translation in select languages.

UniLang – This is a community where people can discuss and find language resources, linguistics and translation.

WeLang – WeLang is an online language community where you can learn new languages and communicate with native speakers.

xLingo – xLingo is a language exchange online community where you can find partners across the world to learn new languages.

Sites Offering Courses and Tools for Learning Multiple Languages

1-Language – Learn English with 1-Language’s audio course. The site also provides various resources for learning different languages in different countries.

AlphaLearnr – AlphaLearnr is a collection of Flickr pictures grouped according to the English alphabet to help children learn English.

BBC Languages – Resources for learning French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Greek, Urdu, and more.

Digital Dialects – Provides interactive activities for learning over 48 languages.

EduFind – Provides language learning tools, courses, materials, resources and news in more than 128 languages. The site also lists language schools in various countries.

eLanguage – Provides free online grammar guides in English, Spanish, French, and German. Provides slideshows of 32 world cultures.

eLanguageSchool – Resources for learning Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Engoi – Free vocabulary exercises of more than 12 languages.

Fonetiks – Online pronunciation guide to different variations of the English, French, French Canadian, German, Swiss German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Japanese, Mandarin, and Thai languages.

Goethe-Tests – Free online language tests.

InternetPolygot – Learn various languages with digital flashcards.

iTools – Provides word, text, and website translator tools.

Learn Indian Languages – Provides English, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu language word and sentence constructions in the scripts of your language.

LanguageGuide – LanguageGuide offers sound integrated language learning tools in 11 languages developed by its volunteers.

Linguanaut – Phrases and alphabets of 49 languages.

Mango – Free language learning course with each course comprising of 100 lessons. Courses available are for Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, German, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Geek, English for Spanish speakers, and English for Polish speakers.

Omniglot – Provides information of over 150 different writing systems with illustrations, origin, usage, notable features and the language(s) written with it.

PhraseBase – This is an online database of everyday words and phrases translated into over 90 foreign languages. There are live webcam language classrooms as well.

Scola – A non-profit educational organization re-transmitting native language TV programs from around the world.

Single-Serving – Learn common phrases and words that you can use while traveling to various countries. Provides information on more than 33 languages.

Stella Online – Online language courses for Danish, English, and Hungarian.

Transparent – Site offering free language software.

Transcon – This site provides important and need-to-know vocabulary of Middle East and African nations for military and civilians working in these conflict areas.

Virtulingo – Provides personalized language learning programs over the Internet through VoIP programs. Languages offered are Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian. Standard lessons start at USD $35.00.

Vocabulix – Learn Spanish, English, and German with Vocabulix’s predefined lesson from over 90 choices or from a lesson created by another Vocabulix user.

Word2word – Links of various resources of learning new languages online.

Translation Tools and Services

101 Languages – Basic vocabulary and translation service of various languages.

AjaxTrans – With AjaxTrans, you can have your text translated, automatically in the language of your choice, as you type. Supported languages are English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Greek, and Dutch.

AllWords – Provides links to language dictionaries, language learning tools, translation services, etc.

AltaVista Babel Fish – Translates a web page or up to 150 words of text in English to/from Chinese (Simplified), English to/from Chinese (Traditional), English to/from Dutch, English to/from French, English to/from German, English to/from Greek, English to/from Italian, English to/from Korean, English to/from Japanese, English to/from Russian, English to/from Portuguese, English to/from Spanish, German to/from French, Dutch to/from French, French to/from German,French to/from Greek, French to/from Italian, French to/from Portuguese, and French to/from Spanish.

AquariuasNet – Provides translation jobs, forums, and directories of translation agencies.

Babelplex – You can enter any word and search the web on the translation of that word in the language of your choice.

Foreignword – Provides links to language dictionaries, translation and language identifier tool, and directory of language translators. – This is a multilingual dictionary supporting translations from and to these languages – Dutch, Estonian, German, Italian, Lithuanian,Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Google Translate – This Google tool translate text and webpages in English to/from Arabic, English to/from Chinese (Simplified), English to/from Chinese (Traditional), English to/from French, English to/from German, English to/from Italian, English to/from Korean, English to/from Japanese, English to/from Russian, English to/from Spanish, English to/from Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified) to/from Chinese (Traditional), and German to/from French. You can also enter a particular phrase in your language and search it among other language sites. There is a multi-lingual dictionary too.

ImTanslator – Provides an online translator, spell checker, multilingual dictionary, virtual keyboard, and a Russian decoder tool.

iPhoneCedict – An online Chinese to English dictionary.

LingoDeal – LingoDeal is a translators’ open marketplace aggregating language deals from other different language translation job networks.

Netfinder – Directory of New Zealand sites that provides translation services of the sites its its directory into 8 languages.

PanImages – You can use PanImages to translate words into different languages and search Google Images and Flickr.

PopJisyo – This is pop-up dictionary for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other languages that you can use to read foreign language websites.

Proz – Proz is an online directory of freelance language translators & translation agencies. It also has translation job listings.

SDL FreeTranslation – Translates websites and text in English to Chinese (Simplified), English to Chinese (Traditional), English to/from Spanish, English to/from French, English to/from German, English to/from Italian, English to/from Dutch, English to/from Portuguese,English to/from Russian,English to/from Japanese,and English to Norwegian. there is an advanced translation option, chat translation, and human translation service available at a price.

TranslatorsBase – You can post a project at TranslatorsBase and get quotes from freelance translators and translation agencies.

TranslatorsCafe – TranslatorsCafe provides linguistic news and resources. You can also chat with other linguists and apply for work at translation agencies.

WordReference – Multilingual online dictionary that supports English to/ from Spanish, English to/ from French, English to/ from French, and English to/ from Italian translations.

WorldLingo – Resource for various free online language dictionaries. Also provides language translations of documents, websites, multimedia, and software by professional translators.

Yahoo Babel Fish – With Yahoo Babel Fish, you can translate a webpage or upto 150 words of text in English to/from Chinese (Simplified), English to/from Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified) to/from Chinese (Traditional), English to/from French,English to/from German, English to/from Dutch, English to/from Greek, English to/from Italian, English to/from Korean, English to/from Japanese, English to/from Russian, English to/from Portuguese, English to/from Spanish, German to/from French, Dutch to/from French, French to/from German,French to/from Greek, French to/from Italian, French to/from Portuguese, and French to/from Spanish.

Miscellaneous Tools

Orangoo – Online spell checker in 27 languages.

Project Readon – You can use this browser-based player to watch videos with foreign language captions.

RhymeZone – Enter a word and find its rhymes, synonyms, antonyms, definition, related words, similar sounding words, homophones. You can also check spellings, match consonants and letters, search for pictures and quotations, and search in Shakespeare works.

Talklets – Add this tool to your website and convert its content to life-like speech. (via)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Top 20 Database Tools & Resources

It’s never too late to start learning about databases, because they’re pretty much ubiquitous and you’re bound to bump into them sooner or later. We’ve gathered 20+ tools to help you get started working with them. – Works with RRDtool to provide more graphing options, advanced templating, and more.

Database Administration and SQL Scripts – A large collection of database scripts and articles. – A very active forum for database developers of all types.

Dev Shed – A large collection of tutorials on working with MySQL. – An open source relational database with SQL standard features and cross-platform compatible. – A database management tool for use with FlamebirdSQL.

Ganglia – A scalable distributed monitoring system that works with RRDtools.

How To Forge – A collection of articles on how to do some “out of the norm” tasks with MySQL. – An administration front end for Firebird and InterBase databases. – A free graphical user interface for use with MySQL.

Oracle FAQs – A collection of FAQs about Oracle database administration. – An open source project for administrating and developing PostgreSQL projects. – Probably the best known database manager out there today for SQL.

phpPgAdmin – A we-based admin tool for PostgreSQL. – An open source, object orientated SQL database system.

RRDTool – A “round robin” database that keeps the data footprint a constant size.

SQLite Aministrator – A tool to help create, design, and administer databases. – A collection of commands for Oracle and SQL. – A database development tool for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and more.

TurboDbAdmin – An AJAX powered Database management solution.

Zmanda – An open source backup solution for your MySQL projects. (via)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Top 30 Sites To Help Inspire Your Designs

Sometimes you simply can’t come up with a concept for a new site, and staring at the empty screen for hours doesn’t help you one bit. What follows is a collection of 30+ sites that will provide hundreds of ideas to help inspire you. – A collection of several hundred sites with impressive CSS designs. – A large collection of stylish pages for you to browse and get inspired. – A site that lets users put color sets together and inspire other designers to use them. – Over 1,500 CSS based sites, dived bcategories or tags. – Features news and announcements as well as monthly site galleries dating back to May 2004. – Over 1,700 sites for you to rate and comment on. Narrow your browsing by color. – Over 3,000 sites, all built with CSS, to inspire you. – Samples are tagged by colors, number of columns and so on. Rate them and look up the top rated. – Over 600 site samples for you browse and see if anything inspires you. – A collection of over 2,000 design samples for you to look through and see if anything strikes your fancy. – A site dedicated to liquid and elastic CSS designs. – A site to submit your latest CSS designs and allow others to vote on them a’la Digg style. Take a look around and see if something inspires you. – Over 1,100 sites have been submitted, vote on the one’s you like best, or just browse them all. – Collecting sites that represent the best of the web since November of 2003. – A site demonstrating what you can do with CSS just by changing the style sheet, but none of the coding. – A fairly new site with only about 70+ sites in their archive so far, but also has articles, tutorials and more. – A Digg-style site for designers to vote on stories, share logos and see what others think, or get your own ideas. – A gallery of sites tagged by colors, design, style of site; it also features solutions to common design problems. – Over 700 sites in their gallery that you can look up by color, layout, type of site, or simply browse. – Over 500 designs that you can browse, comment on, and vote for. – A site focusing strictly on darker designs with light text. – A gallery of logos that is sure to inspire any designer. – A place to share your logos, enter contests and, well, get inspired. – An aggregator for multiple design inspiration sites. – A collection of over 2,000+ open source web designs. Download for use, or find inspiration in so many designs. – Over 9,400 samples for you to browse, vote, and comment on. – Tons of sites added to the gallery, tagged by their features such as dark, texture, and more. – Favorite Website Awards site with fave sites of the day, week, month, an people’s choice. – A collection of over 2,300 sites, tagged by colors to easily find the color schemes you’re looking for. – Over 1,200 WordPress themes to browse through; search by number of columns, color, or theme. (via)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Top 20 Online Multiple-Services Blog Pingers

You need only one multiple-service blog pinger to notify blog search engines, aggregators, and directories whenever you update your blog. But, in case your favorite service goes down or if you feel like experimenting with different ones, here is a list of more than 20 online ping tools and blog pingers that will notify various web services for you.

Online Multiple-Services Blog Pingers

Alles Over Ping Service – This is a blog ping service that pings 7 web services. Service is available in Dutch and English.

AllPodcasts – AllPodcasts is a podcast ping service that pings your feed to 7 podcast directories.

Autopinger – This is what I call a ping service with a difference. Autopinger pings your blog at regular intervals so that you don’t have to ping manually. It also displays the ping success rate of the sites it pings in percentages. Autopinger pings 25 English services and 19 non-English services. After a ping, it shows you the actual ping response from the services rather than a just success or failure report.

Blogblip – Currently sends pings to 45 web services. You can request addition of more directories to its list using the form on the site.

Blogflux Pinger – Pings 17 general services, 7 specialized services, 4 Japanese language services, and one service each in Chinese, Danish, French, German, and Spanish languages.

Feedburner Pingshot – If you are using Feedburner to burn RSS feeds for your blog, you can activate its Pingshot feature to ping web services automatically every time you update your blog. Feedburner Pingshot pings to 6 web services and you can add 5 more addresses to ping.

Feed Shark – Pings 16 services that accept blogs, 12 services that accept RSS feeds, and 8 services that accept podcasts. You can view your submission status on your current page itself.

iPings – iPings is a simple ping service that pings your feed to 32 web services.

King Ping – Just enter your blog URL at King Ping to have it submitted to 57 web services.

MyPageRank.Net Ping Service – Simple site that pings your site to 25 web services.

Pingates – Pingates pings your blog to 37 services.

Pingerati – You can use this unique service to ping non post information like contacts, events, job information, addresses, geolocations, etc. called microformats to services that accept these microformats like Eventful, Technorati, and Alexa.

Ping.In – Pings 37 general service sites, 12 non-English services, and 6 special services.

PingMyBlog – PingMyBlog pings the highest number of services – a whopping 68 search engines. You need to enter your blog name, URL, and feed (optional) to ping. Ping reports are available.

Pingoat – Pings 26 English search engines, 15 non-English search engines, and 9 special services. You add your blog name, url, and xml feed (optional) to ping. This service also features ping reports.

Ping-o-Blog – Ping-o-Blog sends pings to 18 general services.

Ping-o-Matic – Ping-o-Matic is one of the oldest blog ping services around. It pings to 17 general services and 5 specialized services. It says on the site that they regularly check the services to make sure they’re legit and so though they ping to a few number of services, these services are the most important ones.

Pingsalot – Pingsalot pings your blog to 24 active servers. It checks your site URL for availability before pinging, and is your site fails to respond, pings are not sent out. – pings your feed to 13 web services.

Miscellaneous Ping Tools

Pingomation – Pingomation can check if your blog has recently pinged Ping-o-Matic. – If you have updated your blog’s sitemap and want to ping the update, this is a tool you should use. pings Google, Yahoo!, and about your updated sitemap.

Twitbacker – Twitbacker is a service to ping your blog update to Twitter. (via)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Top 60 Online Calendars and Calendar Tools

Many of us prefer to manage our appointments, social events, and to-do lists with online calendars. The list below contains over 65 calendars, tools & resources, which should be a good starting point for all your online calendar needs.

Online Calendars

30 Boxes – 30 Boxes is a nice online calendar with integrated maps, multiple themes, weather, blog tracker, instant photo sharing, and much more. You can add feeds, create a profile page and have your buddy list. The service is quite unique and scores above most online calendars available today.

Airset – Create group calendars along with shared contacts, blogs, lists, and files with this tool.

Annomate – Annomate is an online personal organizer with features like calendars, contact management, photo albums, file storage, chat room, and more. Price starts at $3.95 per month.

Anywr – Anywr is a service that lets you import your contact addresses from Outlook and other email accounts to one central place. It also provides an online calendar that you can synchronize with your mobile phone.

AOL Calendar – AOL Calendar comes with your AOL inbox with features such as email drag & drop into calendar to create events.

Assign-A-Day – This is an online calendar for use by teachers and students. Teachers can create a calendar and add assignments for students to view.

Backpack Calendar – Backpack allows you to make pages with to-do lists, notes, files, and images. Backpack also has calendar and reminder features that can be accessed on email or on your cell phone. The calendar feature doesn’t come with the free edition though.

BlueTie – This is an email, calendar, and file sharing solution that you can use for your small business on your domain. The free version can have up to 20 users.

BusinesITOnline – BusinessITOnline provides tools for small business including file sharing, invoicing tools, contacts management, and an online calendar. There is a free and premium version of the calendar service.

CalendarHub – This is an Ajax-based online calendar with a drag & drop interface.

CollectiveX – Create sites for your groups with CollectiveX. Features offered include calendars, file & photo galleries, and more.

Cozi – Shared calendar service for families. You can synchronize your Cozi calendars with Outlook calendars.

eloops – eloops is an online project management software complete with calendar, data backup, and social networking software for organizations. Pricing starts from $24.88 per month.

Google Calendar – Google Calendar is another popular online calendar that you can access with your Google account. You can create private or public calendars, merge calendars, and create reminders. If you are using Gmail as your email account, you can open Google Calendar from the link above your Gmail inbox. Quite convenient.

Goowy – Goowy is a flash-based service offering email, online calendar, file storage, IMs with appealing screen visuals. If you like Yourminis start-up page, then you might want to try this out. It comes from the same company. The calendar service is in beta though.

HipCal – A basic calendar service that you can used to set reminders on your phone.

iCal – The popular iCal for Mac can be published online and shared with friends and family.

ifreebusy – This service allows you to upload your calendar and convert between to formats. Calendar – Calendar service from, the site that offers 5GB email, photo album, and notes.

iZeit – This is an online PHP calendar and to-do list. Multiple users can set their own log-in, password and customizations.

Jotlet – Jotlet provides calendar functionality for your business requirements complete with reporting tools and appointment booking.

Kiko – Another cool calendar with drag & drop feature and many more.

Live Calendar – This is the online version of the Outlook calendar and comes with your Windows Live Hotmail account.

localendar – Create colorful calendars to add to your website.

Luvup – You can create your own social calendar among your friends circle and keep track of common events.

MarkThisDate – Directory where you can share your public calendars.

MyGoya – You can use this online operating system to upload your calendars, documents, bookmarks, and other files on the web.

MyHomePoint – Create a calendar for your family with this tool. You can create private and shared task lists, create reminders for birthdays and family gatherings, and also divide the household chores among your family members

MyMemorizer – This is an basic online calendar with reminder service on the email or mobile phone.

MynoteIT – With MynoteIT, you can create notes accessible from your mobile phone, manage bookmarks and contact lists, and create an online calendar.

Nexo – Nexo allows you to create a group calendar, pictures, videos, tasks, polls, blogs, files and more.

Officezilla – A free web based office suite with calendars, contact managers, message forums, email reader, link sharing, chat, to-do list manager, and more.

Ovosuite – Ovosuite is a comprehensive online suite with calendar features for organizations.

Planzo – Ajax-based new calendar service. You can embed pictures on your calendar background.

Plaxo – You can use the Plaxo calendar to sync with your other calendars.

Reminder Firefox – This Firefox addon is a to-do list manager that you can use to remember important tasks and events. You can import lists from othe calendars and share lists using a FTP or Webdev server.

RSSCalendar – Provides a bare-bone calendar feature from which you can create RSS feeds for your readers.

Scrybe – Cool online calendar with offline synchronization features. Many neat features introduced such as world clock, expanding day boxes, etc. Currently in private beta. Looks promising.

SnapPages Calendar – Another innovative calendar with funky buttons and cool layout. You can also password-protect your events.

Spongecell – Create interactive calendars for your sites or blogs with Spongecell widgets.

SynapseLife – This is a cool one. SynapseLife offers web based contacts manager, calendar, lists, bookmarks, and feeds. All the applications are accessible from any mobile device or cell phone.

Teamspace – Team space is an online office suite for organizations with features such as file sharing, project management, chat, and calendar, among others. The calendar feature has individual time zones, password protection and Outlook synchronization for organizations. Prices starts at $4.99 per member, excluding disk space.

Tilika – Create your events calendar with Tilika and have it send invitations to your friends and monitor who’s coming.

Todoist – Todoist is an online task manager with an inbuilt calendar.

Trumba – This is a web-hosted software for publishing website calendars and other event widgets that you can embed into your own website. Subscription costs $99.95 per month

Yahoo! Calendar – This one is Yahoo’s offering for organizing your events and appointments. Has to do lists and weather information modules. It can integrate with Microsoft Outlook and Palm devices.

Zimbra Calendar – This is a feature-rich Ajax-based web calendar with features like fast switching between multiple time views, drag and drop event modules, rich text meeting note composer, attachments to meeting modules, reminders, calendar sharing, etc.

Zoho Planner – You can create your to do lists and set reminders for your appointments with Zoho Planner. You can set your pages to private or share them publicly.

Calendar tools

Better GCal – Firefox addon for Google Calendar. Creates collapsible header and sidebar, event title text wrap, colored weekend days, week numbers, and skins.

CalendarsQuick – You can create personalized and printable calendar templates with this service.

CommonLoop – This tool is supposed to extract event information from your emails and websites and add them to your calendars. Currently it is in alpha testing.

Calgoo – Calgoo synchronizes your Google, Outlook, and iCal calendars online and offline, and also creates mash-ups of your calendars, schedules and contacts.

Free Online PDF Calendar – Create downloadable calendar templates on PDFs of various size.

Google Calendar Add – You can use this to add contacts from your address book to Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Notifier – This is a Firefox addon to view your Google Calendar events for the day on your browser.

GooSync – Synchronize your Google Calendar with your mobile phone or PDA with this tool.

iCal Exchange – You can publish your iCals on this site for free.

iCal to Google Calendar Import – Import tool for the MACs to send iCal data to Google Calendar.

Memotoo – You can view and sync your personal data like bookmarks, contact details, and calendar online with Memotoo. The free version is limited to only 40 events in a calendar though.

Provider for Google Calendar – You can use this extension for Sunbird, Lightning, and Thunderbird to read and write events to your Google Calendar.

Remember The Milk – A popular to-do list manager that you can use to set list and share your tasks and set reminders. It integrates well with Google Calendar.

Spanning Sync – You can use this to synchronize your Google Calendar and Apple iCal.

Timeanddate – Create calendar templates for any year with public holidays of any country.

Twittercal – Use this to add events to your Google Calendar from your Twitter account.

Webical – A tool that lets you view and edit multiple iCals.

Zyb – A new service that you can use to import your mobile phone contacts, calendar, and messages online. (via)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Top 30 YouTube Resources And Site Integration Tools

YouTube is the most popular site for viewing online videos. We’ve already found a number of ways to download YouTube videos, and now we’ve gathered a list of 30+ general YouTube tools and resources for you. Simply embed them in your website or blog, search YouTube videos with them or use them for converting video file types. Enjoy!

YouTube third party tools

Axara YouTube tools – A collection of utilities for conversion of YouTube videos into a format chosen by the user. These formats are FLV, DVD, AVI, WMV, MOV, M4V, 3GP.

CatchTube – A great video search engine. It has a cool link which displays ‘Most Recent videos’.

Delutube – A free service that provides a new way to watch deleted YouTube videos. The users have to provide the ID of the deleted video to play it.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter – A software utility for downloading and converting YouTube files for iPod, Cell Phone, MP3 etc.

fTube – fTube is a flash based YouTube player that downloads recent videos from YouTube in a list and enables users to play those videos.

IndexTube – A browseable categorized index of public YouTube videos.

iTube – An application allowing users to grab & convert YouTube videos and import them into iTunes.

MemoriesOnWeb – A slideshow software for YouTube videos.

Overstream – Overstream enables users to add subtitles to online videos.

Search The Tube – A portal enabling users to search YouTube videos from websites, blogs or user profiles.

Speedbit Video Accelerator – Speedbit Video Accelator is a download accelerator like typical download managers. Its working principle is similar to other download managers as it opens multiple connections for downloading YouTube videos.

Tubular – Tubular is an intuitive, brand new YouTube client for OS X. Its features include one-click iPod conversion and drag-and-drop playback

TvTube – A Mac application making it easy to users to browse videos on YouTubue and similar video sharing sites.

YouTube API Extraction Tool – A simple feed extraction tool that posts dynamic content from YouTube.

YoutubeCrazyVideos – A desktop player for YouTube videos.

YouTube Podcaster – A podcast feed maker enabling users to generate podcast feeds from submitted keywords or URL.

YouTube Uploader – A desktop application for uploading videos to YouTube without using the original interface.

YouTube Userscripts – A nice collection of scripts for performing multiple tasks with YouTube.

YouTube Widget – A Mac widget which allows users to search, browse and download videos from YouTube.

Youtube Video Slideshow – A fast way to search for YouTube videos.

YouTube videos swicki -A YouTube videos search engine with a tag cloud dedicated to YouTube.

Site integration tools

TubePress – A highly configurable WordPress plugin that displays YouTube videos in an embedded gallery in posts or pages.

TubeSock – TubeSock allows users to download YouTube videos and save them on iPod, Mac or PlayStation.

Viper’s Video Quicktags – A WP plugin that easily generates codes which can be copied from YouTube.

WP-FLV – WP-FLV is a WordPress plugin simplifying the process of inserting flash video files (FLV) inside a WordPress post or page.

WordPress Favourite YouTube Videos – Favorite YouTube Videos is a plugin that displays latest YouTube videos in a configurable manner.

WordPress Related Videos Plugin – A WordPress plugin that uses tags to display similar YouTube videos and also displays them on WordPress blog.

YouTube badge maker – A badge maker which shows recently uploaded 6 videos to users.

YouTube WordPress Plugin – A plugin utilizing the YouTube API to generate videos based on specific tags of posts.

YouTube Video Gallery WordPress Plugin – A video gallery plugin for displaying gallery of videos from Youtube site.

YouTube WordPress Plugin – A simple WordPress plugin to display YouTube videos on WordPress blog. (via)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Top 20 Tools For XML

XML is one of those aspects of websites everyone uses, but few understand. We’ve gathered 20+ tools to help you with just that. – A commercial company offering a full suite of XML editing tools. – Numerous resources, current news, recommended reading list and more.

Don’t Invent XML Languages – Though XML is easily customizable, this site tells you why it’s better to stay with one of the main five versions.

eXist – An open source XML database.

Flash & XML FAQ – A FAQ about the interactions between Flash and XML.

JiBX – A framework for binding Java objects with XML.

Open XML Editor – A free XML editor with form testing and validating.

STG XML Validation Form – A free validator for your XML documents.

Tizag XML Tutorials – Tutorials for just about every aspect of XML.

TopXML – Has tutorials and quizzes for the beginner in XML.

Vex – A visual editor for XML that provides you with a word processor-style interface.

W3C Standards – This website specifies the official syntax for XML.

XML and Databases – A guide to using XML as a data storage system.

XML Checker and Validator – Checks your XML document both for form and validation.

XML Cooktop – A free XML editor for Windows.

XML Copy Editor – A free XML copy editor with built-in validation.

XML Developer Center – Contains downloads, tutorials, a community and more. – Features tutorials, samples, links and more.

XMLmind XML Editor – Offers both free and paid versions with the paid version offering more features.

XML Schema Tutorials -Tutorials for all skill levels from W3Schools. – Full of articles and introductions to all aspects of XML. (via)

Top 25 Tools & Tutorials For JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most often used languages on the web, and it seems to be gaining in popularity each day. We’ve gathered 25+ tools and tutorials which will be useful to any JavaScript programmer – novice or pro. – A component library that gives you AJAX-style fuctions with common visual elements.
Agile Partners Photo Resizing Tutorial – A tutorial on how to use the Prototype and libraries to build an interactive photo resizer.
ByteFX – A low-level framework for simple JavaScript effects.
DevGuru – Defines all the terms of JavaScript and gives you code samples of what they do. – An open source DHTML toolkit built in JavaScript and based on several other tools.
Drag & Drop Sortable Lists – Tutorial for creating sortable lists with drag & drop functions. – A large collection of DHTML and JavaScripts for your use.
Firebug – An extension for the Firefox browser that allows you to do web development from directly inside the browser, including JavaScript. – A reference site that teaches you both how to read and write JavaScript. – A list of JavaScript objects, properties, and methods that include examples. – A JavaScript library with a small footprint and concise coding for as few lines as possible.
Learn JavaScript in 10 Minutes – As the name implies, learn the basics of JavaScript in 10 minutes from this very straightforward tutorial.
Lightbox2 – A JavaScript for overlaying photos on the current page with a semi-transparent background.
LightWindow – Another overlay window system that allows you to do it with multiple media file types and even other websites. – A set of JavaScript libraries that takes ideas from Python and Objective-C, and uses them in JavaScript.
Moo.fx – JavaScript effects library that works with the Prototype.js and Mootools frameworks. – An object-oriented JavaScript framework for intermediate to advance users.
Prototype Windows Class – Allows you to add an overlay window to your HTML. – A JavaScript framework that is built with Web 2.0 in mind, includes Ajax integration. – The personal site of a professional web developer who offers over a 120 tricks for defeating browser incompatibility issues of CS and JavaScript.
Reflection.js – A small JavaScript to add reflections to your image. – A JavaScript library that integrates easily with numerous frameworks.
ThickBox – Works with jQuery to provide an AJAX hybrid for image overlays.
TinyMCE JavaScript Content Editor – A content editor written completely in JavaScript and converts HTML text areas in to editor instances.
W3Schools JavaScript Tutorials – 100 Examples to learn JavaScript by. – Takes the point of view of teaching JavaScript to a programming novice.
Walter Zorn Drag & Drop – A cross-browser JavaScript DHTML library that allows you to turn any image in to a layer that can be dragged and dropped where the user chooses. (via)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Top 25 Tools and Tips For Working With .NET

Microsoft is going to be letting developers take a look at the source code for .NET, but for those of you still in the trenches, coding away, we’ve gathered 25+ tools to help you with your daily tasks. – A rich site of articles and tutorials on using .NET. – Home of the .NET framework with news and starter lessons. – Web themes for your ASP .NET projects.
Channel9 – Wikis, forums, podcasts and more related to all the Microsoft tools, especially .NET. – An open source clearing house for .NET projects, downloads, discussion forums and more. – A resource for articles and tutorials on Visual Basic and .NET. – A Microsoft site for detailing how to use .NET with other other tools to code for Windows, the web, gaming, and hardware. – Features Quickstart guides and forums. – An open source web framework for enterprise class web development. – It’s not every programming language that gets a talk radio show dedicated to it. – A user community for .NET developers that also features code sharing. – A large selection of video tutorials to get you going with .NET.
Lutz Roeder’s Programming .NET – Offers several tools for .NET such as Reflector and Resourcer. – A unit test framework for .NET, includes advanced features to test all aspects of your project. – An open development project that lets you run .NET on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows, and Unix.
MSDN Library – A resource for users of .NET and includes sample code, documentation, technical articles, and reference guides.
NAnt – A free .NET build tool. – A tool built with the idea of controlling complex .NET coding, includes online demos.
NDoc – Generates class library documentation for your projects built in .NET. – A unit-testing framework for all iterations of the .NET language.
ReSharper – An add-in to Visual Studio that adds in unit testing, refactoring, and more.
Snippet Compiler – A program that allows you to run small pieces of .NET code without having to build an entire Visual Studio project for it. – Adds unit testing to Visual Studio and makes it as easy as a one click.
The Regulator – A free tester for regular expressions. – Specializing inserver side development of enterprise level projects using .NET.
W3Schhols – Features a collection of tutorials and code snippets for your use. (via)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Top 25 Productivity Modules For iGoogle

We already know we can turn Netvibes into our personal office. Why not do the same with iGoogle, which is gaining popularity (and hundreds of new modules) very fast? We’ve assembled a list of over 25 productivity modules for iGoogle; take notes, send e-mail and SMS and review your daily schedule directly from your favorite personalized portal.

Notes & To-Dos

  • Google Notebook – Add sections, notes, and edit multiple books – directly from iGoogle.
  • Remember the Milk – Extremely powerful to-do manager with reminders, priorities, categories, repeats, and much more.
  • Sticky Note – Sticky notes for iGoogle.
  • To-Do List – Very simple to-do list with nice colored priorities.
  • To-Do List – Another simple to-do list.
  • ToDo Reminder List – This one doesn’t only have to-dos, but also includes a fancy email notification system.
  • Uday’s Scratch Pad – Simple scratch pad for scribbling down notes and ideas.


  • Google Calendar – See your three day agenda, today’s agenda, and future days’ agendas with this powerful gadget.
  • Google Calendar – Simple agenda-only viewer.
  • Google Calendar Viewer – See your GCal agenda for the day at one glance.
  • Microsoft Outlook – If you use Outlook for their calendaring, give this gadget a try. You can view contacts, tasks, your inbox, and create new tasks all from iGoogle.


Instant Messaging

  • AIM Messenger – Use eBuddy mobile to message with your AIM contacts.
  • Google Talk – IM with all your contacts (and do chat rooms) with the official Google Talk module.
  • meebo by C#UK – Another gadget.
  • Meebo Gadget – Chat with virtually any network using Meebo’s online AJAX client.
  • MessengerFX – Use MessengerFX’s powerful online program to chat with MSN users.
  • MSN Messenger 3.0 – Great MSN Messenger Mobile gadget for iGoogle.
  • Yahoo! Messenger – Chat with your Yahoo buddies right from iGoogle.