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Monday, April 17, 2006

Top 70 IDEs for Developers

For developing cool applications you need an Integrated Development Environment, also called an IDE. Here’s our list of 70+ IDEs for developers and all our geek readers who like to try their hands at coding.


Anjuta C/C++ IDE – A dynamic C/C++ IDE with features including project management, interactive debugger and an editor for browsing and syntax highlighting. Runs on POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes), Linux.

BVRDE – A C/C++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) primarily designed for easy cross-platform development. It allows a developer to compile applications on a remote server easily. Runs on a Windows platform but debugging and compiling is on UNIX systems.

C-Free – C-Free is a professional IDE offering support for multiple compilers including Cygwin, Borland C++ Compiler, Microsoft C+ Compiler, Open Watcom and Digital Mars.

Code::Blocks – A free C++ IDE based on the plug-ins. It works on Windows and Linux.

CPPIDE – A complete integrated development environment for C/C++ environment with a source code editor, compiler and debugger.

c.vim – c.Vim is a C/C++ IDE that enables easy coding and execution of programs.

Dev-C++ – A feature-packed IDE for Windows and POSIX (Linux/BSD/Unix).

Developers IDE – Developers IDE is an Integrated Development Environment (Code Editor) to use Dos based free C/C++ Compilers in a windows environment.

KDevelop – A C/C++ IDE for UNIX under the GPL license.

MinGW Developer Studio – MinGw is a C/C++ IDE ported to Microsoft Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

Paradigm C++ Professional integrated development environment – A comprehensive solution for writing C/C++ code for real mode, extended mode, or protected mode x86 applications in an easy way.

Quincy 2005 – Quincy is an open-source IDE for developing applications on the C/C++ framework.

Rhide – An IDE for developing and debugging C/C++ applications in DJGPP GNU/Linux.

The V IDE for GNU C++ and Java – A free multi-platform C++ framework for writing GUI applications for X Athena, X Motif/Lesstif and all Windows platforms.

UEStudio IDE – UEStudio is a powerful IDE built on the powerful editor UltraEdit. It includes the features of 30 popular compilers (including Microsoft Visual C++, Java, GNU C/C++, PHP, Perl and over 30 etc).


BlueJ Java IDE – A Java IDE packed with built-in editor, compiler, virtual machine and debugger for executing programs in Java. Includes a graphical class structure display, provides support for graphical and textual editing, enables the creation of interactive objects, interactive testing and incremental application building.

DrJava Java IDE – An IDE released under the GNU GPL that enables users to evaluate Java expressions.

Eclipse – A widely used open source IDE for Java. Requires the user to install the Sun Java runtime environment (JRE) installed. The IDE supports Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Linux, Solaris, QNX, AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS X, and possibly other systems as well.

Gel – A Windows IDE with special features including syntax highlighting (Java, JSP, HTML, XML, C, C++, Perl, Python, etc), unlimited undo and redo of code, column selection mode, block indent and unindent, spell checker, enhanced search option, spell checking, auto indent, regular expression searches, code completion (Java and JSP), parameter hints, identifier hints, context sensitive help linked to Javadoc.

Javelin from Step Ahead SW – A highly productive Java IDE for Windows. It enables users to visualize application development in Java through a set of class diagrams.

JBuilder – A popular commercial IDE for developing applications in Java. The enterprise edition includes J2EE support and UML/ app server integration.

JCreator Java IDE LE (Light Edition) – Jcreator is a compact and light-weight Java IDE for Windows environment with Project Management support, a syntax highlighting editor, wizards, class viewer, package viewer, tabbed documents, JDK profiles (which enables users to work with multiple Java Development Kits). It comes in two editions JCreator Standard which is free of cost and JCreator Pro which comes with a 30 day trial.

JEdit – A highly customizable well-designed IDE written in Java.

jGRASP – A compact development environment for Java. It runs on all platforms with a Java Virtual Machine producing Control Structure Diagrams (CSDs) for Java, C, C++, Objective-C, Ada, and VHDL.

JIPE Java IDE – A free IDE for Java allowing programmers to write and test Java applications and applets. It runs on both Windows and Linux and is easily portable to operating systems that have Java Virtual Machine installed.

JPad Pro – Jpad Pro is a low-cost Java editor featuring visual debugger, code completion, and source browser.

IBM Rational Application Developer – A powerful Java IDE for Windows and Linux. It is very strong for JSP, servlets and other J2EE development.

IDEA – An intelligent Java IDE with improved performance, better usability and streamline project configuration. It is a commercial IDE and is available for a 30-day evaluation period. The commercial license can be acquired at a cost of $499.

NetBeans – An open source Java IDE with a syntax highlighting code editor that provides support for auto code completion, annotations, macros, auto-indentation, etc. It also includes visual design tools (wizards) for generation of code.

Oracle JDeveloper – JDeveloper from Oracle is a powerful IDE with J2EE capabilities (including EJB and Struts) and support for Oracle database access.

SlickEdit – SlickEdit is a proprietary, multilanguage IDE with a powerful editor and macro language. It supports all of the most popular programming languages.

Sun Java Studio – An intuitive development environment from Sun Development Environment (IDE) for Java, providing a comprehensive set of features and functionality. It runs on MacOS, Windows and Solaris.

Stylus Studio – An integrated JAVA IDE that enables quick development of XML-enabled Java / J2EE applications.

UltraStudio – UltraStudio is a feature rich text editor for HTML, PHP, Java, Javascript and Perl. It also includes an Integrated Debugger, Integrated VCS Version Control, built-in Class Browsing, Language Intelligence (like Intellisense), Project Converter and other features.

Visual Paradigm Integrated Development Environment (VP-JIDE) – Visual Paradigm Integrated Development Environment for Java programmers/developers enables users to write/compile/run/deploy Java applications/applets with supporting features like project management, class and method navigation, syntax highlight and code completion to enhance productivity.

XEmacs – XEmacs is a free, highly customizable open source text editor and application development system. A modern, GUI version of the original Emacs.

.NET Programming

#Develop – An open source IDE for application development in .NET

Antechinus – A visual editor for designing C# applications. Its common features include basic intellisense and syntax coloring, as well as the option of completing applications from within the IDE. Available for $49.95.

ASP.NET Web Matrix – Web Matrix is a .NET WYSIWYG development tool supported by the community. The download size is small and is approximately 1.3MB in size. Available for free.

PrimalScript – A product of Sapient, PrimalScript is a script level IDE code development tool.

SharpDevelop – An open source development IDE for the .NET environment; similar in appearance to Visual Studio .NET.

Visual Studio .NET – A feature rich Integrated Development Environment for .NET based applications. Provides various options to simplify application development.


EPIC – An open source Perl IDE for the Eclipse platform. Its features are syntax highlighting, on-the-fly syntax check, content assist, Perl doc support, source formatter, templating support and a Perl debugger.

PerlBuilder – Perl Builder is a Windows based IDE for developing applications through Perl. The licensed version is available for $199.

PerlComposer – An open-source GUI tool used to design graphical interfaces for X-windows using Perl/GTK

Perl Editor – Perl Editor enables developers to create, test and debug Perl scripts on Windows tools.

Perl Express – A free Perl IDE for the Windows environment targeted towards experienced and professional developers and beginners.

Open Perl IDE – An open source integrated development environment for writing and debugging Perl scripts on any version of Windows.

OptiPerl – A fully integrated visual IDE for creating, testing, debugging and running Perl scripts either directly or via HTML documents.

Zeus – A Windows IDE with multi-programming language support. It provides support for C#, Ch, D, Java, Perl, Python, PHP just to name a few.


Dev-PHP – Dev-PHP is a fully featured development IDE for PHP. It is open-source, runs on windows and features: class browser, scripts preview, integration with PHP parsers, PHP-GTK library, and Xdebug of course.

Eclipse PHP IDE – An open source PHP IDE project from Eclipse.

Komodo IDE – A multi-platform, multi-language powerful IDE for developing dynamic web applications with a rich feature set for client-side Ajax technologies such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript and XML and advanced support for Perl, PHP etc.

Nexidion Designer – An IDE for web development on the Linux platform.

NuSphere PhpED – A popular development environment for PHP with a fully-functional two weeks trial. Its advanced features include code folding, true unicode editor, fast SFTP, SSH terminal, database client, embedded mozilla browser, inline error analysis for PHP and validation for HTML.

phpDesigner – A complete PHP integrated development environment for both beginners and professional developers that boosts the process of editing, analysis, debugging and publishing PHP powered applications and websites. Single user license is available for $56.25 and the 14 day trial version enables the user to evaluate the software without any license.

PHPEdit – A professional IDE for PHP with advanced php related tools, powerful debugger and profiler, code beautifier, help integration, real time syntax checker and advanced keyboard templates.

Zend IDE – A powerful PHP IDE for creating rich web applications. Provides PHP, Java and JavaScript support.


BlackAdder – BlackAdder is a cross-platform IDE for developing GUI applications in Python. The free demonstration version is available with limited functionality.

Boa Constructor – An open-source cross-platform Python IDE. Includes an advanced debugger, visual frame creation, multiple source views.

Eric – A full featured Python IDE based on the cross platform Qt GUI toolkit.

IDLE – Features include attribute completion, syntax checking, debugger etc.

SPE IDE – SPE IDE is a free python IDE for Windows, Mac & Linux with UML, PyChecker, Debugger, GUI design, Blender.

Wing IDE – An advanced level Python IDE with support for web, GUI and scrip development through various Python packages like Django, Turbogears, mod_python, wxPython, PyQt, PyGtk, TkInter.

xRope – An open source Python IDE for Linux/Mac OS X platforms.


Arachno Ruby – A commercial cross-platform IDE for Windows available at a price of $49. The powerful IDE features an integrated debugger to save time.

FreeRIDE – A fully featured open-source cross-platform IDE for the Ruby programming language. Also works with Debian and Unix operating systems.

Mondrian – A cross-platform Ruby IDE with an intuitive look and feel. It includes a dynamic object browser, runtime error integration and syntax highlighting

RadRails – RadRails is available as an open-source plug-in for Eclipse and as a stand alone application. Its advanced features include fast server debugging, code completion with type inferencing, CSS/HTML/JS code editors etc.

RDT – An open source Ruby IDE for Eclipse platform with features such as syntax highlighting, syntax check, graphical outline. (via)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Top 20 Database Tools & Resources

It’s never too late to start learning about databases, because they’re pretty much ubiquitous and you’re bound to bump into them sooner or later. We’ve gathered 20+ tools to help you get started working with them. – Works with RRDtool to provide more graphing options, advanced templating, and more.

Database Administration and SQL Scripts – A large collection of database scripts and articles. – A very active forum for database developers of all types.

Dev Shed – A large collection of tutorials on working with MySQL. – An open source relational database with SQL standard features and cross-platform compatible. – A database management tool for use with FlamebirdSQL.

Ganglia – A scalable distributed monitoring system that works with RRDtools.

How To Forge – A collection of articles on how to do some “out of the norm” tasks with MySQL. – An administration front end for Firebird and InterBase databases. – A free graphical user interface for use with MySQL.

Oracle FAQs – A collection of FAQs about Oracle database administration. – An open source project for administrating and developing PostgreSQL projects. – Probably the best known database manager out there today for SQL.

phpPgAdmin – A we-based admin tool for PostgreSQL. – An open source, object orientated SQL database system.

RRDTool – A “round robin” database that keeps the data footprint a constant size.

SQLite Aministrator – A tool to help create, design, and administer databases. – A collection of commands for Oracle and SQL. – A database development tool for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and more.

TurboDbAdmin – An AJAX powered Database management solution.

Zmanda – An open source backup solution for your MySQL projects. (via)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Top 20 Tools For XML

XML is one of those aspects of websites everyone uses, but few understand. We’ve gathered 20+ tools to help you with just that. – A commercial company offering a full suite of XML editing tools. – Numerous resources, current news, recommended reading list and more.

Don’t Invent XML Languages – Though XML is easily customizable, this site tells you why it’s better to stay with one of the main five versions.

eXist – An open source XML database.

Flash & XML FAQ – A FAQ about the interactions between Flash and XML.

JiBX – A framework for binding Java objects with XML.

Open XML Editor – A free XML editor with form testing and validating.

STG XML Validation Form – A free validator for your XML documents.

Tizag XML Tutorials – Tutorials for just about every aspect of XML.

TopXML – Has tutorials and quizzes for the beginner in XML.

Vex – A visual editor for XML that provides you with a word processor-style interface.

W3C Standards – This website specifies the official syntax for XML.

XML and Databases – A guide to using XML as a data storage system.

XML Checker and Validator – Checks your XML document both for form and validation.

XML Cooktop – A free XML editor for Windows.

XML Copy Editor – A free XML copy editor with built-in validation.

XML Developer Center – Contains downloads, tutorials, a community and more. – Features tutorials, samples, links and more.

XMLmind XML Editor – Offers both free and paid versions with the paid version offering more features.

XML Schema Tutorials -Tutorials for all skill levels from W3Schools. – Full of articles and introductions to all aspects of XML. (via)

Top 25 Tools & Tutorials For JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most often used languages on the web, and it seems to be gaining in popularity each day. We’ve gathered 25+ tools and tutorials which will be useful to any JavaScript programmer – novice or pro. – A component library that gives you AJAX-style fuctions with common visual elements.
Agile Partners Photo Resizing Tutorial – A tutorial on how to use the Prototype and libraries to build an interactive photo resizer.
ByteFX – A low-level framework for simple JavaScript effects.
DevGuru – Defines all the terms of JavaScript and gives you code samples of what they do. – An open source DHTML toolkit built in JavaScript and based on several other tools.
Drag & Drop Sortable Lists – Tutorial for creating sortable lists with drag & drop functions. – A large collection of DHTML and JavaScripts for your use.
Firebug – An extension for the Firefox browser that allows you to do web development from directly inside the browser, including JavaScript. – A reference site that teaches you both how to read and write JavaScript. – A list of JavaScript objects, properties, and methods that include examples. – A JavaScript library with a small footprint and concise coding for as few lines as possible.
Learn JavaScript in 10 Minutes – As the name implies, learn the basics of JavaScript in 10 minutes from this very straightforward tutorial.
Lightbox2 – A JavaScript for overlaying photos on the current page with a semi-transparent background.
LightWindow – Another overlay window system that allows you to do it with multiple media file types and even other websites. – A set of JavaScript libraries that takes ideas from Python and Objective-C, and uses them in JavaScript.
Moo.fx – JavaScript effects library that works with the Prototype.js and Mootools frameworks. – An object-oriented JavaScript framework for intermediate to advance users.
Prototype Windows Class – Allows you to add an overlay window to your HTML. – A JavaScript framework that is built with Web 2.0 in mind, includes Ajax integration. – The personal site of a professional web developer who offers over a 120 tricks for defeating browser incompatibility issues of CS and JavaScript.
Reflection.js – A small JavaScript to add reflections to your image. – A JavaScript library that integrates easily with numerous frameworks.
ThickBox – Works with jQuery to provide an AJAX hybrid for image overlays.
TinyMCE JavaScript Content Editor – A content editor written completely in JavaScript and converts HTML text areas in to editor instances.
W3Schools JavaScript Tutorials – 100 Examples to learn JavaScript by. – Takes the point of view of teaching JavaScript to a programming novice.
Walter Zorn Drag & Drop – A cross-browser JavaScript DHTML library that allows you to turn any image in to a layer that can be dragged and dropped where the user chooses. (via)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Top 25 Tools and Tips For Working With .NET

Microsoft is going to be letting developers take a look at the source code for .NET, but for those of you still in the trenches, coding away, we’ve gathered 25+ tools to help you with your daily tasks. – A rich site of articles and tutorials on using .NET. – Home of the .NET framework with news and starter lessons. – Web themes for your ASP .NET projects.
Channel9 – Wikis, forums, podcasts and more related to all the Microsoft tools, especially .NET. – An open source clearing house for .NET projects, downloads, discussion forums and more. – A resource for articles and tutorials on Visual Basic and .NET. – A Microsoft site for detailing how to use .NET with other other tools to code for Windows, the web, gaming, and hardware. – Features Quickstart guides and forums. – An open source web framework for enterprise class web development. – It’s not every programming language that gets a talk radio show dedicated to it. – A user community for .NET developers that also features code sharing. – A large selection of video tutorials to get you going with .NET.
Lutz Roeder’s Programming .NET – Offers several tools for .NET such as Reflector and Resourcer. – A unit test framework for .NET, includes advanced features to test all aspects of your project. – An open development project that lets you run .NET on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows, and Unix.
MSDN Library – A resource for users of .NET and includes sample code, documentation, technical articles, and reference guides.
NAnt – A free .NET build tool. – A tool built with the idea of controlling complex .NET coding, includes online demos.
NDoc – Generates class library documentation for your projects built in .NET. – A unit-testing framework for all iterations of the .NET language.
ReSharper – An add-in to Visual Studio that adds in unit testing, refactoring, and more.
Snippet Compiler – A program that allows you to run small pieces of .NET code without having to build an entire Visual Studio project for it. – Adds unit testing to Visual Studio and makes it as easy as a one click.
The Regulator – A free tester for regular expressions. – Specializing inserver side development of enterprise level projects using .NET.
W3Schhols – Features a collection of tutorials and code snippets for your use. (via)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Top 20 Tools and Lessons About SQL

SQL is all around us, but not everyone really knows its inner workings. We’ve gathered 20+ tools and lessons to help you learn all about it.

25 Commandments for MySQL Development – A list of 25 things all MySQL designers should keep in mind as they work.
Comparison of different SQL implementations – A simple page comparing all the different ways you can use the SQL language.
Instant SQL Formatter – Open several different forms of databases and output them in to a language of your choice including SQL.
Introduction to SQL – An introductory lesson to SQL, covering pretty much all the basics.
Learning SQL Using phpMyAdmin – A tutorial for learning the popular phpMyAdmin interface for MySQL database management.
MySQL Basics – A basic tutorial for those just starting out with learning MySQL.
MySQL Cheat Sheet – A quick reference for some of the most common commands in MySQL.
Oracle SQL Developer – A free graphical tool for developing an SQL database. – An open source database system developed on SQL.
SQL Designer – A site directed at teaching very basic beginners in SQL database work.
SQL Injection Attacks – A documentation of how “Injection Attacks” work on an SQL database.
SQL on Rails [PARODY] – A web framework for combining Ruby on Rails with SQL for quick deployment. – A large resource for all things related to SQL. – A very organized tutorial for SQL that lets you focus on one section at a time. – A tool for harnessing the power of Python and SQL together. – An interactive beginner’s course to SQL that includes an on-line SQL interpreter. – Corrects spelling an syntax errors in your SQL code. – An interactive tutorial that teaches you the ins-and-outs of MySQL. – A site to get help with any troubles you may be having with SQL databases.
Stump The SQL Guru – From the, ask tough questions of an SQL expert.
W3 Schools SQL Tutorials – An extensive tutorial on SQL that includes quizzes and recommended reading list. (via)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Top 20 Tools For RoR Development

Ruby on Rails is a popular web application framework for a lot of modern websites. We’ve gathered 20+ tools to help you with your Ruby on Rails coding – feel free to add more in the comments. – Ruby, Java, AJAX, all in one handy scaffold for better integration in your projects.
DZone Snippets – A repository of thousands of code snippets for different programs, tons for RoR.
Four Days On Rails – An attempt to teach you the basics of Rails in four days and get to where you can build basic apps in that time.
Gardens Point Ruby.NET Compiler – A Ruby on Rails compiler for the .NET system. – An extension package for Rails that allows for templates, working with AJAX, and rapid deployment.
Instant Rails – Ruby, Rails, Apache and MySQL built in to one handy runtime for testing.
Learn To Program – An online tutorial for people who aren’t that familiar with programming, let alone Ruby.
Locomotive – A Mac OS X application for RoR development.
Nuby On Rails – A guide to writing plugins for RoR.
Programming Ruby – An online book about learning the popular language. – Home of Radrails, a downloadable, interactive development environment for RoR.
Ruby Cheatsheet – A detailed, printable, cheatsheet of the most common RoR commands.
Ruby Development Tools – A Sourceforge project, Ruby Development Tools is running on Eclipse.
Ruby Facets – A huge collection of core extension methods and standard library additions for Ruby.
Ruby In Steel – Ruby development that works with Visual Studio 2005. Does cost, but offers a free 30-day trial.
Ruby QuickRef – A reference site for everything related to Ruby on Rails. – The central site for the Rubyconf and Railsconf. – A tutorial site for learning Ruby that assumes you are at least familiar with programming in general. – Test your knowledge of Ruby with the Ruby Quiz site; you may even learn something.
RubyScript2EXE – A Ruby compiler which can strip down the Ruby library and embeds the interpreter in a EXE executable.
Try Ruby! – A hands-on, interactive tutorial of Ruby.
UJS Rails Plugin – An Unobtrusive JavaScript (UJS) plugin for Rails to make it flow smoother.
Yahoo Ruby On Rails Tools – Tools for using RoR with Yahoo and access to more APIs and applications. (via)

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Top 20 Java Tools

There only seem to be two types of people in the world when it comes to Java, The Lovers and The Haters, but there is no denying that Java is here to stay. We’ve got a toolbox of 20+ tools and tutorials to help out Java coders of all skill levels. – An open source development platform for Java based applications, as well as other languages.
Emma – A Sourceforge project that provides you with a free code coverage tool.
Groovy – Created to run on the Java Virtual Machine but adds in features inspired by Python, Ruby on Rails and Smalltalk. – An open source persistent classes development tool; due to licensing, it can be included in to other open source projects.
Idevelopment Java Examples – A large collection of examples of Java programming along with documentation.
JAD – A non-commercial use Java decompiler. – A site for Java programmers and enthusiasts to gather, chat, and collaborate on projects together.
Java PathFinder – A verifier for executable Java bytecode hosted by Sourceforge. – A directory to just about every open source Java project you could dream of. – A huge collection of hundreds of tips related to Java programming. – Tons of examples of Java code. – Take online courses, followed up by tests that let you climb the colored belt tree (like you do in martial arts) until you become a Java Master. – Articles, forums, and more to learn all sorts of tricks for working with Java. – Tons of examples of different functions with snippets of source code provided. – A user community for Java programmers with a ranch-flavor. Forums, tools, code snippets and more. – A huge resource of libraries, packages, and classes. – A large collection of examples of Java from various open source projects that you can study. – Tools focusing on the look of Java in an attempt to make it look more elegant.
JODE – Free Sourceforge project that contains a decompiler and optimizer for Java code. – An open source testing platform for Java that works towards understanding your intentions.
PHP/Java Bridge – A Sourceforge project that aids in bridging the gap between PHP and Java to make them work together.
PMD – A Sourceforge project that scans Java apps and looks for bad code. – A Java/JEE application framework with a large support system and training sessions all over the world.
The Grinder – Another Sourceforge project that is a Java load testing framework. – A Java developer community with a focus on enterprise-class projects. (via)

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Top 20 Tools For Working With AJAX

AJAX may be an overused buzzword, but it also has some incredibly cool uses within your websites. We’ve rounded up the best AJAX tools for your perusal – free feel to add more suggestions in the comments.

AJAX Activity Indicators – A large collection of animated GIFs for you to use as your AJAX application’s progress indicator.
AJAX For N00bs – Just as the site name implies, a site to help people just beginning to learn AJAX.
AJAX Mistakes – An editable list of common mistakes developers make when implementing AJAX, and suggestions on how to avoid them yourself. – A collection of scripts, tutorials, forums and more. – If you can’t find the perfect AJAX load icon for your project, this site will help you generate one to meet your needs. – An enterprise-level AJAX development platform with numerous pre-built widgets.
Clean AJAX – A Sourceforge project for a Javascript, Server Side, AJAX framework. – Tons of tutorials for AJAX developers of all skill levels.
Google AJAX API – The Google API will help you implement Google services on your web page while utilizing AJAX page loading.
Google Web Toolkit – A Google-produced tool to help you become less accident-prone when writing AJAX apps. – A JavaScript library built to work with AJAX; super slick on their front page. – Customizable AJAX loading animated GIFs that are free to use. – A large collection of downloadable AJAX scripts, most of which are configurable. – A JavaScript framework that includes an AJAX library and aims to make app building easier. – An open source AJAX development framework with JavaScript development and a rich GUI.
Rialto – A cross-platform, corporate web applications driven framework.
SAJAX – A framework for calling PHP, Perl or Python from your pages without refreshing the browser. – Works with Prototype, works heavily on AJAX in interfaces. AJAX Articles – A large collection of tutorials and code snippets to help you learn AJAX. – A Java tool to help you build AJAX apps with a GUI Desktop feel to them.
Yahoo User Interface Library – Yahoo’s attempt at helping you build AJAX driven apps. (via)

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Top 20 PHP Resources

With WordPress 2.5 launching this week, a bunch of themes and plugins needed updating. If you’re not that familiar with PHP, this might present a slight problem. Not to worry, though – we’ve collected together 20+ tools for you to discover the secrets of PHP. – A PHP framework for PHP5 with a focus on ease of use. – A PHP framework meant to work like Ruby on Rails smf take some of the heavy lifting off the developer. – An open source PHP framework with an eye towards sites hosted on shared servers. – A blog about coding, includes lots of PHP code snippets to help you learn new tricks.
DagonDesign PHP Form Mailer Script – A PHP script to aid in making forms of any length.
DIY Framework – A no-frills, bare-bones PHP framework – just as the name implies. – A large collection of tutorials for every level of PHP developer. – Horde is a framework specializing in PHP applications, and is also very friendly to languages other than English. – Nearly two dozen video tutorials taking you from the most basic aspects of PHP up through advanced techniques. – A site full of resources for the beginning PHP designer, features numerous scripts to help you over some of those beginning hurdles. – A home for lots of PHP scripts to save you time from doing some of the more mundane work. – An extensive help site for PHP users of all skill levels, has over 400 code snippets to help you along with different project aspects.
PHPOpenBiz – A PHP framework with an eye towards business applications more than anything else. – 13 video lessons on PHP ranging from 6 minutes to 22 minutes in length. – An open source framework that works with PHP 5 with a heavy focus on making PHP code forms easier to read. – A PHP framework with a built-in templating engine. – An open source PHP framework with Ajax implementation, admin generator and more.
The PHP Resource Index – Numerous resources, but the star is their archive of over 3600 PHP scripts for just about every function you can dream of. – A Sourceforge project for adding Ajax to any PHP page.
Zend Framework – The Zend framework is another open source PHP project with over 300 contributers. – A PHP framework capable of producing Web 2.0 forms and handling Ajax. (via)

Sunday, March 5, 2006

Top 20 Tools For Perl Development

Even in this day-and-age of Java and Ajax, Perl still has a role to play in the world of coding. To make sure you don’t forget it, we’ve collected over 20 tools and tutorials to help you with all of your Perl programming needs.

Beginning Perl Tutorials – 20 tutorials for those just beginning their CGI scripting with Perl. – An MVC framework that runs on FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris or Windows. Allows for Perl development. – An archive of modules, scripts, resources, and more.
Creating Perl Modules – A guide to creating modules of reusable Perl code to speed up future scripting. – An open source Perl IDE project running on Sourceforge.
Extreme Perl – An online book about extreme programming with Perl. – A good site for beginners with online tutorials and links to other resources.
Learn Perl in 21 Days – A guide to teaching yourself Perl in just 21 days.
Learning Perl the Hard Way – A free book for learning Perl that assumes you already know programming, just not Perl. – An open source web development engine that works on integrating Perl and HTML.
Perl 6 – A guide to what is going on with the development of Perl 6, and what you can expect from it. – A Wiki for all things related to Perl.
Perl Object Oriented Programming – A guide to object oriented programming in Perl.
Perl One Liners – A summary of how to convert Perl one liners into full scripts.
Perl Regular Expressions – A good basic guide to the most rudimentary expressions in Perl, accompanied by code snippet examples.
Perl Vector Search – A guide to building a search engine using Perl that does not require database access.
Perl2PHP – A guide showing you the equivalent of a Perl command in PHP so you can move back-and-forth between the languages. – A question and answer site for you to ask experts in Perl to help you with your problems. – Perl Object Environment (Poe), is a framework for creating event-driven, multitasking programs in Perl. – A repository of Perl scripts for everyone to use around the web.
When Perl Isn’t Fast Enough – A guide on how to speed up your Perl scripts that may be running too slow. (via)

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Top 25 Tools For Taming Python

Python is one of the most popular languages out there, and some say the easiest. We’ve gathered 25+ tools to help you with the language no matter what your skill level.

(An Unofficial) Python Tutorial Wiki – As the name says, an unofficial Wiki attempting to keep the Python tutorial organized.
Byte of Python – An online book for learning Python, presented in a Wiki. – An object-oriented framework for Python to deploy web applications. – A web framework with a heavy eye towards automation.
Instant Python – A crash course to get you started in Python programming.
IPython – An enhanced shell for Python that allows for better interactivity.
Learn Python in 10 Minutes – As the name says, apparently you can learn to program in Python in 10 minutes. – A site detailing how to create a GUI in Python and more.
MacPython – A collection of resources for those using Mac OS X and developing Python.
MatPlotLib – A tool for the Python and IPython shells to generate 2D, printable charts, graphs, maps and more.
Movable Python – A portable version of Python that can be stored on a memory stick so you can work from virtually anywhere without having to install the language. – A Python template framework system similar to what is used by Amazon and Salon. – A tool for converting Python scripts in to Windows EXE files.
PyChecker – A source code checker for Python that looks for bugs.
PyDev – An extension for Python and Jython that lets you work with Eclipse. – A collection of free modules to turn Python into a language capable of programming games. – A web framework utilizing Python, Perl, and Ruby to deploy your work.
Python Cookbook – Part of the ActiveState Programmer Network, features numerous contributed Python code snippets.
Python Imaging Library – The P.I.L. adds image processing to to your Python interpreter.
Python Package Index – An archive of over 2800 programming packages for Python.
Python Sidebar for Mozilla – A sidebar you can add to Mozilla browsers (eg. Firefox) which gives you quick access to Python documentation. – A 33-level challenge to test your Python coding skills. – A Python tool to bring web admins and developers a little closer together in what they work with.
Pyx – Python package for creating PostScript and PDF files. – A Python-based database web app framework with Ajax integration. – A public domain framework for Python coded web applications. – A suite for Python that allows you to use object-oriented development for your web applications.
Yahoo Developer Network Python Tools – Articles and tools for getting Python to work with Yahoo. (via)