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Top 20 BlackBerry Mobile Apps for Organization and Productivity

iPhone this, G1 that, where is all of the love for the BlackBerry? Like the forgotten child in the orphanage, it seems no one talks about the still popular RIM smartphone anymore. Well, it’s still out there going strong, and long before the iPhone and G1, BlackBerry had apps before apps were cool.

From better instant messaging to full Office document editing, there is something for all business-minded BlackBerry owners in this list of 20 great organization and productivity applications.


BBSmart – Allows you to see your emails as HTML so no more annoying links in place of pictures. Costs $29.95.

Google Talk – A full version of the popular Google Talk IM client for your BlackBerry. Can do everything with your desktop client, even save chats to your account.

IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger – Allows you to IM with your contacts on AIM, GTalk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, MySpace IM and Yahoo. Cost is a rather hefty $49.95.

IM+ for Skype – Gives you the ability to chat with your Skype contacts, see who is online and use your Skype Out account all from your mobile phone with no need for a computer or Wi-Fi. Costs $29.95.

TwitterBerry – While it is arguable if this will actually increase your productivity, it is still nice to have access to your full Twitter account while away from the office or on the road.

Document Productivity

BlackBerry Database Viewer Plus – Allows you to view MS Access, Excel, FoxPro, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL databases directly on your BlackBerry. Costs $19.95.

eOffice – A Microsoft Office compatible suite of applications that allows you to view and edit documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and everything else you could hope for an office application to do. Costs $29.95.

eSpell – eSpell is a spell checker that works on documents, emails and SMS text messages on your BlackBerry. Costs $19.95.

MSDict Concise Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus – The Oxford dictionary and thesaurus comes to the BlackBerry with over 180,000 entries in the dictionary and more than 350,000 synonyms and antonyms in the Thesaurus. Costs $39.95.


Berry Locator – While not exactly about productivity, Berry Locator is an essential app for anyone on the go. If you lose your beloved phone, you can send an email to this app that will be displayed on the screen telling whoever finds it how to get it back to you, and if you have GPS enabled, you will see a map showing you where it is. Costs $6.95.

Personal Productivity Assistant – Allows you to keep an eye on all sorts of accounts while you are on the go. You can keep an eye on your credit card statements, stock broking accounts, cell phone minutes and even monitor your Netflix account from this handy app. Costs $4.95 a month or a one time fee of $29.95.

Pocket Express – Pocket Express gives you flight status, weather, stock reports, a mobile concierge service and more. Costs $9.99 a month, or $99 a year.

RDM+: Remote Desktop for Mobiles – A remote desktop access system for your phone that will give you full control of your chosen computer. Costs $49.95.


Agendus – A Personal Information Manager that doesn’t overwrite your existing built-in applications, but instead stores its data in the same locations as your phone so all information is available to both apps. Aims to cut the number of button clicks needed to do tasks. Costs $39.95.

e-Mobile Today Professional Edition – Significantly overhauls your homepage so it shows more information such as appointments for the day, missed calls, quick access to contacts and a whole lot more. Costs $29.95.

Google Sync – This free app will synchronize your Google Calendar and contacts with the built-in applications in your BlackBerry.

Remember The Milk – MilkSync is a bi-directional synchronization tool for the built-in Tasks app in your phone. They offer a free 15-day trial, but after that it is only available to Pro account subscribers.

Travel Planning & Booking

Travel+ USA – Gives you information on bus, flights and train schedules, ability to look up hotels, sort results by price and more. Costs $19.95.

Travel Mate For BlackBerry – This app allows you to save all of the information about your trip, track expenses, convert currency, look up facts on your destination and more. Costs $25.99.

WorldMate Live – WorldMate Live is the perfect travel companion. It allows you to book hotels on the go, check weather, convert currencies and more. If you pay for the paid version, you also receive real time flight status and alerts. (via)

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Top 15 Free BlackBerry Tools

When people think of the BlackBerry, they tend to think of it only in terms of enterprise users. Over the past few years it has become much more than that; a device that is easily accessible to anyone for any number of uses. One of the biggest trends on the device has been easing communication.

Be it in the form of Instant messaging or social networking, there are plenty of free tools out there for you to use to stay in touch with anyone from anywhere. Use these 15 free tools to turn your BlackBerry into a communications powerhouse.

What are some of your favorite ways to communicate on the BlackBerry?

Instant Messengers

AIM – The old guard instant messenger of AIM is available for various models of BlackBerry and includes picture messaging inside of chat, avatars, emoticons, instant login and more.

Google Talk – Google brings their popular instant messenger to the BlackBerry with features such as changing your status, chat logging just like the desktop version, buddy pictures and everything else you could hope for.

ICQ – A favorite of the technical elite for years, ICQ for the BlackBerry gives you the ability to run several chats at once, near real-time updates on which friends are online auto-login and several other features.

Windows Live Messenger – Windows Live Messenger for the BlackBerry allows you to add, delete and block contacts, customize your status message, participate in multiple chats and a bevy of other features.

Yahoo Messenger – Yahoo’s entry into the BlackBerry instant messaging market allows you to view your current contacts list, add avatars, use emoticons and the usual line-up of features.

Social Networking

Facebook – Facebook for the BlackBerry gives you easy photo sharing for models of the phone with a camera, updates on your mail and wall messages. Also send pokes and a heck of a lot more.

Flickr – The perfect application for models of the BlackBerry with a camera, Flickr will allow you to directly upload your photos, resize, tag and even geotag the image if your unit has GPS.

MySpace – The BlackBerry MySpace application allows you to read email and bulletins, change your mood, add comments, post photos and an assortment of other features.


Cellity – Cellity is an app that allows you to make calls at cheaper rates, offers reduced fees for text messages, microblogging and more.

iSkoot – iSkoot is a third-party application that gives you full control over your Skype account. You can chat with your contacts, make Skype-to-Skype calls, and even use Skype Out to call international phone numbers, all via your BlackBerry.

LogicMail – LogicMail bring IMAP and POP email support to the BlackBerry. You can also send email via SMTP and view images in mail. Provides support for IMAP folders and a whole lot more.

ShoZu – ShoZu allows you to interact with numerous sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, LiveJournal, Blogger and a whole slew more. Available features vary by service.

Twitterberry – How could you talk about communications on any device without bringing up the ubiquitous Twitter? Enter new messages, get replies, send direct messages, check the timeline and more.

Vlingo – While not a communication app in and of itself, Vlingo is a voice command app that will allow you to speak your text messages instead of having to type them off. Also allows you to voice control other selected applications.

YouMail – While not exactly an application, YouMail is a third-party service that allows you to get new services in your voicemail such as the ability to download, forward, look up missed calls and several other features. (via)

Friday, April 28, 2006

Top 100 Wiki Tools and Resources

Wiki engines are some of the most versatile platforms for creating websites out there. MediaWiki (the engine that powers Wikipedia) is probably the most widely used, but there are literally hundreds of other wiki engines. Here are more than 100 meet your every wiki need.


intodit – A free wiki farm that includes a searchable directory of wikis on just about any topic.

ClearWiki – A private wiki geared toward businesses that includes up to ten users and 256Mb of storage in their free plan.

LittleWiki – A site that offers free private and public wiki page hosting.

Deki Express – A wiki capable of application and data mashups.

@Wiki – A free wiki hosting service that allows for both public and private wikis.

WizzardWiki – A JavaScript and HTML wiki with a WYSIWYG editor.

ContainU – A wiki farm with pages dedicated to people, businesses, products, and more. – A free wiki host that allows you to limit who can edit your pages.

BrainKeeper – An enterprise wiki software that includes a variety of paid plans starting at only $17/month.

Traduwiki – A wiki farm that has a special focus on translating its pages.

Zulupad – A personal online notebook with the ease of a wiki.

BusinessWiki – A wiki platform for businesses that is built on the MediaWiki platform.

Central Desktop – A wiki-based business and team collaboration tool.

Cospire – A free knowledge management system with wiki and blog functionality.

incentive – A corporate wiki, blogging and RSS platform.

Luminotes – A personal wiki-based notebook with a WYSIWYG editor. A downloadable version is also available

Metadot – A free and very easy to use wiki host.

Nexdo – A wiki for knowledge and project management that includes free and paid versions.

PicoWiki – A wiki specifically for smartphones, PDAs, iPhones and Blackberries.

Swirrl – A wiki-based collaboration tool that lets you store, share and analyze data with your team.

Seed Wiki – An ad-free wiki host that gives you the freedom to change your wiki’s layout and style.

Springnote – A personal online notebook based on a wiki platform.

Wibokr – Free wiki and blog hosting with unlimited space. A downloadable version is also available.

SmartPage – A powerful enterprise wiki and blog site.

SuperWiki – A an ad-free, simple wiki that offers addons for forum, chat, blog and calendar functions and unlimited storage.

BluWiki – A free wiki host with no ads or popups where you can publish anything.

Nuospace – An enterprise wiki with a WYSIWYG editor.

MotherWiki – A wiki farm that is aimed at getting wikis started and then helping them migrate to their own servers or wiki host.


Bitweaver – A CMS built around a wiki platform.

bLADE Wiki – A freeware personal wiki for note management.

BoltWire – A small (about 80K) and simple, but powerful, wiki engine.

ButorWiki – An open source Java wiki and CMS.

Canvas ColdFusion Wiki – A ColdFusion wiki built using Model-Glue with a powerful API.

Clearspace – A business collaboration platform that includes wiki functionality.

codeBeamer – A business collaboration suite with an enterprise wiki.

ConnectedText – A free personal wiki for managing your information, notes, and more.

daisy – A content repository and management system with a wiki front-end.

Deki – A downloadable, open source enterprise wiki.

DokuWiki – A standards-compliant wiki specifically for documentation creation.

ErfurtWiki – A PHP-based wiki.

Foswiki – An open-source wiki that supports active and passive macros to enhance usability and functionality.

trac – A wiki-based project management application.

Gazest – A community engine based on a wiki platform.

GeboGebo – A free wiki system that runs on Linux.

GroupsWiki – An open source, rails- and prototype-based WYSIWYG wiki.

Hatta Wiki – A wiki that uses a Mercurial repository to store pages.

IkeWiki – A wiki engine that supports semantic annotation by users.

ikiwiki – A wiki compiler that converts wiki pages into HTML pages.

Instiki – A wiki that supports file uploads, PDF export, RSS feeds and more, making it suitable for use as a CMS.

WikyBlog – A wiki/blog hybrid that was designed for ease of use and speed and uses an AJAX-enhanced interface.

Jacwiki – A php-based 34KB wiki that even includes CAPTCHA.

JAMWiki – A java-based wiki that doesn’t require an external database.

JSPWiki – An extensible wiki engine built around J2EE components.

KeheiWiki – A wiki engine named after a seaside town in Hawaii.

LionWiki – A file-based wiki suitable for small sites or personal journals that is extensible and templatable.

wikidBASE – An app that combines a wiki with the functionalities of a database system.

LunaWiki – A flexible and usable wiki that descended from the QwikiWiki platform.

MicKi – A micro wiki engine with minimal demands on its environment.

miniWiki – A PHP based wiki that’s aimed at single users or small groups with no anonymous editors.

MoinMoinWiki – An extensible wiki engine for collaboration on pages that are easily editable.

Perspective – A free Microsoft .Net wiki popular with big businesses.

PhpWiki – A clone of the original WikiWikiWeb written in PHP.

SmallWiki – A free and open source wiki platform for non-commercial use.

Pimki – An Instiki-based personal information manager.

PmWiki – A customizable wiki engine with hundreds of extensions.

Oddmuse – A wiki engine built in Perl and released under the GNU GPL.

PodWiki – A wiki built using the PerlPod markup.

ProntoWiki – A wiki engine built in ASP .NET with a customizable appearance and layout.

ProWiki – An open source wiki engine originally forked from UseMod.

ScrewTurn Wiki – An ASP .NET wiki engine that installs in minutes and is customizable with plugins and themes available.

Sycamore – An easy to use wiki engine available under the GNU GPL. – A business wiki engine you can try for free.

TiddlyWiki – A wiki engine that consists of a single HTML file that can be emailed, put online or even stored on a portable USB drive.

WikiPoint – Adds wiki functionality to SharePoint.

TikiWiki – A CMS that includes a wiki engine.

Traction TeamPage – An enterprise wiki and blog platform.

VQWiki – “Very Quick Wiki” is a wiki server software based on Java.

WackoWiki – A lightweight wiki engine based on WakkaWiki but with additional features.

Wala – A wiki engine designed to be friendlier and less intimidating to casual users and contributors.

WiClear – A wiki engine still in the early stages of its development.

wikepage – A wiki-blog hybrid released under the GNU GPL.

KiWi – A knowledge management wiki that includes Semantic Web elements.

Wiki Asp – A free wiki that’s easy to use.

WikiDoc – A Windows executable wiki that doesn’t require a web server or database installation and runs right from your PC.

WikiNi – A simple and effective wiki engine for internet or intranet sites.

WikiSH – A small, fast, easy wiki that will run on any Unix machine.

WikkaWiki – A standards compliant, lightweight wiki engine forked from WakkaWiki.

Zwiki – A wiki engine for the Zope 2 application platform that also works within Plone sites.

XoWiki – A wiki based on a rich text editor.

Dandelion – An experimental wiki engine that uses a revision control system for storage.

CodexWiki – An Enterprise ColdFusion wiki that uses mediawiki syntax.

reviki wiki – A Java wiki with an SVN backend.

SnipSnap – Free Java weblog and wiki platform.

Svnwiki – A wiki that stores information in a Subversion repository.

CLiki – A wiki written in Common Lisp.

PumaWiki – Simple wiki that saves all of your information in text files instead of a database.

Ogham – A wiki-like CMS that doesn’t use wiki syntax or automatic linking.

Sputnik – An extensible, full-featured wiki that’s easy to install and doesn’t require root access.

pikipiki – A small, Python-based wiki engine.

PikiePikie – A wiki engine that supports easy text input and image uploading.

wikidPad – An open source, wiki-like notebook.

Hiki – A Ruby-based wiki engine.

Swiki Swiki – A wiki engine written in Squeak. (via)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Top 30 Adobe AIR Apps for Designers and Developers

Many people think of Twitter apps when they think of Adobe AIR, but there is a whole other world of useful applications out there beyond microblogging.

Designers and developers in particular get a lot of love from the AIR community with tools to help them with just about every aspect of their jobs. Here are over 30 great Adobe AIR apps for designers and developers that can help you do everything from tracking your time to measuring pixels, and more.

Billing & Invoicing Tools

Klok – Klok allows you to not only track time by clients and projects, but what kind of work you do for each. You can also manage contact information for clients, edit time spent and a slew of other features.

Ora Time and Expense – Ora will help you generate timesheets, expense reports and invoices.

Timeloc – Does everything you could ask of a time keeper such as manage multiple clients and jobs, edit the billing so you see a running tally of how much a job has earned you, add notes to a billing period and a whole lot more.

Vertabase Timer – Allows you to track time by clients or by project.

Color & Pattern Tools

Color Browser – Allows you to import color palettes you have created elsewhere, create new ones locally, and put as many colors as you like into any you create.

COLOURlovers Desktop Color Finder – This app will let you search the COLOURlovers database for an astonishing 1 million named colors and more than 300,000 user created color palettes.

Kuler Desktop – This app allows you to browse and choose color palettes for any project you’re working on. When you’ve picked one you like, you can then import it to Creative Suite 3 Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

Random Patter – Allows you to render patterns based on set parameters and then save as an XML document, and images can be saved as an SVG document.

Design Tools

Alcon – A debugging tool for users of ActionScript 2 and ActionScript 3.

BetaDesigns Caliper – This tool floats above your other applications so that you can measure any item on your screen.

designview – Gives you the ability to use Flex Builder Design View.

Dojo Toolbox – A toolbox to work along with the open source Dojo JavaScript tools. Allows you to view your work, cross-reference, use the build tool and a whole lot more.

e2vector illustration app. – Allows you to create new images and export them to SVG, or you can import existing ones to work on.

htmlText Editor – A WYSIWYG editor for htmlText that allows you to design visually for Flex.

Icon Generator – Allows you to generate icons in three steps for CS3 or Web 2.0 style. All icons are generated as 128×128, 48×48, 32×32 and 16×16.

pixDIF – Allows you to measure pixel differences easily between comps and design implementations.

Pixus – Allows you to easily measure the size of a screen object, set size presets, preview your design and more.

Shrink O’ Matic – Drag your JPGs, GIFs and PNGs into the app and then resize them as one batch.

Miscellaneous Tools

.merlin – A manager for fonts that will make sure they are named correctly, sort them into folders by letter, allow you to delete duplicates and more.

Balsamiq Mockups For Desktop Demo – An application for designing mockups of software before going to coding. Teams can work in real time on a project and it also integrates with Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian JIRA and XWiki.

ConceptShare Desktop Companion – A web tool that allows you to create workspaces for a project and then share it with others so you can collaborate on the project.

LibraryManager – Allows you to dump SWF files, see the class information, create information and compare versions.

QR Code generator for mobile tagging – Helps you generate QR codes for your sites and projects.

QuickLoader – Allows for quick uploading and downloading of files from any PHP enabled server. You can define multiple users with different folders, as well as browse & modify files on your server. Has several other features such as an image editor.

Simple Flash Filter Generator – Allows you to generate flashfilters and code in real time.

SlideRocket Player – Allows you to make offline presentations of your work and set up a marketplace to sell more services. Also will allow you to sync with your desktop to make offline presentations, but this requires a paid account.

Snippely – Allows you to store, label and organize various snippets of code in one centralized location on your system.

SQLFury – Aids you in testing an SQL database for possible injection vulnerabilities.

Screencapture Tools

Snapshooter – Enter a valid URL and this app will take a snapshot of the web page to save to your system locally.

SWFShot – Allows you to capture Flash images as JPGs or PNGs in huge screen sizes.

WebKut – A website screen capture tool that allows you to capture the entire page, the viewable area or just a selection.

Websnapshot – Simply enter or drag the URL of that page you want to snapshot from your browser. Select thumbnail, browser size or full page, and it is saved to your gallery. (via)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Top 30 Resources for Blogger Templates

Blogger is one of the most popular hosted blogging platforms out there, but many people are still surprised when they learn you can customize the look of your blog well beyond the pre-built options the site offers.

Finding these other templates can be a bit of a task, so we’ve come up with over 30 resources to help you find brand new designs, converted WordPress themes, people who will build unique custom templates, and more. What are you waiting for? Get out there and freshen up your blog!

Free Templates – This site only offers one template with five variations, but it isn’t every day you see a five column theme for any blogging platform, and it is actually pretty clean in presentation. – A collection of over 100 templates from an assortment of a lot of smaller designers. You can look them up by layout, color, subject matter and so on. – Keeps a small selection of top-notch Blogger themes up and running. – A small selection of unique themes for Blogger accounts. – A large directory of Blogger templates, links to resources for further development and a whole lot more. – Doesn’t seem to have been updated since it originally launched, but all of the templates still work, and have a lot of resemblance to WordPress themes. – Several pages of Blogger templates with tips on how to use them. – Right around 100 templates for Blogger of varying styles and colors. – A small selection of graphical and text based templates for your blog. – Features a wide assortment of over 600 free Blogger templates that can be browsed by category, tag, number of downloads and so on.

Carl Galloway’s Blogger Templates – A small selection of some fairly unique templates that haven’t been updated in some time, but are still fully functional. – Offers over 300 templates for your Blogger account. Have just about every theme and color combination that you can think of. – Focuses heavily on simplified Blogger templates that make for the easiest reading possible.

FreeTemplates.Blogspot.coms – A blog dedicated to bringing you nothing but free Blogger templates. Nicely categorized, and easy to browse. – It has been a while since this site released any new templates, but their designs are very clean and still in working order.

Gecko & Fly Blogger Templates – Offers many Blogger templates, most of which are in a more “classic” style, as well as tutorials on how to tweak your blog even further. – A large selection of free templates that mix original work with converted WordPress themes. – A large and varied collection of templates for use on Blogger, along with a detailed tutorial on how to properly insert them into your account. – Besides offering a large selection of free templates, with a heavy saturation of video game inspired themes, JackBook also offers tips and pointers on better SEO for your blog. – An odd mix of nearly 200 free templates for you to use and with a dash of reviews of DSLR cameras.

PannaSmontana Templates – Numerous free templates for Blogger, but the site is entirely in Italian. Thankfully it is well designed and you can find your way around. – Features a mixture of free templates for you to download, tutorials on how to make your own, and admiration for templates they enjoy. – Offers a handful of free skins for your Blogger account. – A site specializing in converting WordPress themes to the Blogger friendly XML format. – Yes, the name points to them being all about WordPress themes, but they also provide a nice selection of free templates for Blogger. – Offers some very slick looking, free, Blogger templates of the 2 and 3-column varieties.

Premium Templates – Offers up pre-built templates you can buy, will design unique themes and offers background images for sale that you can build your own template around. – Offers free themes and sidebar badges in addition to doing custom designed templates for a fee. – A mixture of free and premium themes for your Blogger account. Very colorful in design and lacking the traditional Blogger look.

Tips & Tricks for Template Design

Firdamatic Template Generator – Allows you to generate 2 or 3-column templates by just filling in the blanks with your answers. – A nicely implemented free Blogger template generator. – Tips for designing your own Blogger template, using Photoshop. (via)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Top 30 Best Tools for Writing Online

Whether you’re new to the world of authorship or a veteran trying to make the most of Web services and applications, there are a number of online tools for writers of all types. From blogging platforms to networking hotbeds, and job boards to real-world gatherings, and more, the supply of utilities is comprehensive, to say the least.

But finding them all can be hard-going, so we’ve taken the liberty to make the discovery process easier by arranging our top finds here for your perusal. Here are 35 of the best social media tools for writers.

Word Processing

As a writer, you may have grown comfortable with applications like Microsoft Word, the Open Office equivalent, or more basic text editors like Notepad for Windows or the Mac OS X mainstay known as TextEdit. But as you spend more time consuming information in your web browser, you might have a growing interest in producing material through the same piece of software. In that case, here are several that will likely suit most, if not all of your needs as narrator:

Google Docs – This is perhaps the most frequently mentioned processor of its kind, simply for the fact that it is a Google property. Whether the name association is good or bad in your eye, Google Docs is quite capable of replacing virtually all common tasks that your typical desktop-based whiteboard can manage.

Zoho Writer – This application is superb in all sorts of ways. It runs neck-and-neck with Google Docs insofar as features go, yet it’s got the added appeal of being an independent option. In a manner of speaking, Zoho Writer has big talent without the big title.

Adobe Buzzword – Like Google did with Docs (formerly known as Writely), Adobe purchased Buzzword. And like Google Docs and Zoho Writer, Buzzword happens to be a solid option. The most obvious difference with Buzzword is that the visual environment is considerably less light in tone. Adobe gray seems there to stay. Which has its appeal, we won’t deny.

ThinkFree Office Write – It doesn’t get spoken about very often, but ThinkFree’s Write application is able to swim with bigger fish if it’s tasked to do so. You may like or dislike it for various reasons, but technically speaking, it’s quite fortuitous.

picoWrite – Among picoScribe’s suite of applications, picoWrite is the one that makes wordplay happen. It’s not the most glamorous item listed in this first segment of services. You might think the toolbar provided is quite unattractive, in fact. Perhaps that adage of “don’t judge a book by its cover” is apt to restate here, however. Give it a go if you feel up to the challenge.

Microsoft Office Web – It’s not available for all to touch and see, but it’s coming. If you’re a Microsoft Word devotee, and can’t imagine having to transition to another brand for your writerly needs, just wait and you shall receive.


Some authors write blogs to complement their long-form work. Sometimes bloggers’ work becomes a long-form product. Journalists, meanwhile, are increasingly required to write blogs to get closer and more familiar with their readers. Social media is the general idea. If you’d like to join this increasingly mainstream movement among the industry’s professional keyboardists, here are several great picks to choose from.

TypePad – One of the premier blogging services in operation today, TypePad, a Six Apart creation, puts a premium on ease of use and functionality. This month the company introduced an option for journalists to obtain a 1 year pro-level membership free of charge, ordinarily a $150 value. They call it the TypePad Journalist Bailout Program. In addition to membership, Six Apart promises visible placement on and enrollment in an advertisement revenue sharing program.

Movable Type – Also from Six Apart, Movable Type is more a business-level class of blogging platform, with emphasis on multi-user management and enhanced customization. If your fledgling blog turns into something of a phenom requiring incorporation and a full-time staff of 20+, Movable Type may be the thing to jump to. – Renowned for its simplicity, openness and extensibility, is a hosted blogging service of immense popularity – largely because it’s free. – You can roll your own blog with a custom installation on a server of your choice with a domain name of your choice. WordPress is the choice of many top blogs.

Squarespace – Customization is key with Squarespace, but it’s very much a visual experience. Almost everything can be handled with the click of a mouse, as opposed to’s sometimes granular, code-heavy makeup.

Blogger – Another simple and very popular blogging engine, Blogger is a Google-run platform that puts emphasis on the basics like none other. In fact, it might be considered too easy for some.


Taking the blogging thing one step further, microblogging restricts the writer to a 140-character-per-post exercise. As you might imagine, this requires inventiveness to produce qualitative and engaging material, whether it be conversational or promotional (or both). And there are a number of ways to go about engaging an audience in this fashion.

Twitter – The most popular and most recognized microblogging solution presently in play, Twitter has many functions. It’s used as a marketing engine. It’s used to talk to “followers.” It’s even used to chronicle poems and verse, as well as brief novella-like inventions. NYTimes reporter Matt Richtel is one figure who employed the platform for creative ends. – A microblogging service created in much the same way as Twitter, allows users to do with 140-character messaging what is able to do with blogging. You create your microblog as you wish, invite whomever you like into the mix, and you’ve effectively got yourself a personal Twitter of your own design. It’s not easy to set up, mind you. But the challenge may prove worthwhile.

Facebook – A network of over 100 million people, Facebook is perhaps the largest purveyor of status updates on the Web next to nifty away messages posted by users of instant messaging services like AIM and Google Talk, et al. Status updates typically denote what a user is doing at a certain moment in time. But the ability to free-form one’s thoughts allows Facebook to act as a microblogging engine of sorts. If you establish a great network of people, the power of this can be extraordinary.

Jotting Ideas

Maybe you’re not ready to start on a book or short story or journalism piece. Maybe you just want to lay down your thoughts on certain matters to make better sense of your mission for a certain project. These services will keep those notes organized.

SpringNote – Founded on the wiki mantra, SprintNote is free, intuitive, enormously utilitarian, and even delivers an iPhone application to extend the experience. Because we all know that some of the best thoughts come when you least expect them – like when you’re walking a city street, without a notebook or desktop PC in view.

Evernote – This is a fantastic note management application that sports numerous access points, including the standard website, desktop applications for Mac and PC users, and even an iPhone-compatible application. All Evernote downloads can synchronize with a user’s account in the cloud.

Google Notebook – With desktop and mobile browser access, Google Notebook is simple, but powerful. Jot your ideas down quickly, wherever you might be, and have easy access when you get to your main terminal at home or at the office.

Zoho Notebook – Similar to Google’s application, Zoho Notebook puts emphasis on convenient information aggregation and collaboration. Need to run a concept by your editor for a manuscript or essay? This is a great way to do it. Wonderfully enough, login is provided for Zoho account owners as well as Google and Yahoo usernames.

Social Networking

Writers may not be the most social folks to roam the planet, but networking on the Web is all but a necessity for people seeking maximum exposure – and maximum sales! Here are several sites to occupy your time away from your word processor.

Red Room – A social network for authors to maintain pages and readers to get better acquainted with those they know and those they may not know so well. Red Room is packed with blogs, essays, videos, podcasts, events and more. It’s one of those places which, the deeper you delve, the more engaging it feels. And it’s still in beta!

Writer’s Network – What may seem a bit plain at first glance is in fact a surprisingly voluminous database of words and the writers behind them. It’s free, with plenty of tips, how-tos, and voting features to see how users rate your work alongside everything else.

Shelfari – A social network with emphasis on what you and others are reading, Shelfari is less about connecting authors to their fans than sharing recommendations and reviews. Of course, authors generally are avid consumers of content, and sometimes only reluctant producers, so sharing a personal library, even if you have an ISBN tag to call your own, might be a fun endeavor.

GoodReads – Similar to Shelfari but constructed in a way that more quickly grants users access to its various components and sections. Also, status updates were recently introduced to GoodReads. If nothing else, GoodReads can be highlighted for its independent role. Shelfari, alternatively, was recently acquired by Amazon. – This is a social network with wide-ranging subject matter, so it cannot claim to be the exclusive domain of readers. Still, Gather has its book clubs, which authors could certainly tap into.

LinkedIn – A website famous for its business networking acumen, LinkedIn could be where you introduce yourself to agents, editors, fellow writers and other valuable connections. Time spent here can be rewarding, for sure.

Facebook – You need only look to pages like that of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, which have grossed roughly a half-million “fans” to see what kind of network effect you can get from Facebook. We mentioned it earlier in the microblogging portion of the roundup, and given the variety of active users, both in age and in occupation, it’s a clear fit in the social networking segment as well.

Jobs and Employment Resources

Hey, a writer’s gotta eat, eh? That’s the express reason for these two sites. Check them out, and if you’ve got suggestions for other services, shout ‘em out in the comments!

Freelancer’s Union – Want jobs? Want to meet important people? Want to advertise yourself and your business? Need insurance as an independently employed person? Freelancer’s Union delivers it all. – It’s rough to browse and job leads can be a real pain to track, but presents lots of links. The more you frequent the site and watch the incoming streams of gigs offered to writers, the more you’ll get out of it.

Book Fairs/Shows

There are many book fairs that take place throughout the year, but there are some major hotspots that all but require publishers’ attention, and by extension, authors as well. Here’s a run-through of some of the majors.

Paris Book Fair – With a 2009 schedule of March 13-18, the Paris Book Fair is just one of the events each year in the French nation where celebration of ideas is the order of each day.

London Book Fair – This event takes places in the spring season (April), and is one of Europe’s largest and most important.

BookExpo America – Occupying the halls of the Jacob Javits Center in New York City for four days in May 2009, BookExpo America is perhaps the pinnacle of book gatherings in the US. Plenty of events occur in the American capital and places elsewhere to argue otherwise, but the name here speaks volumes. Pun intended.

Frankfurt Book Fair – Also one of the largest and most important of gatherings in Europe for the publishing industry, the Frankfurt Book Fair carries the torch for the global book tour each year in October. The 2009 schedule has it for October 14-18 to be specific. (via)

Monday, April 24, 2006

Top 100 Tools for Online Business

Since there are hundreds of new apps coming on the market every year, we figured it was time for an update. This year we came up with more than 270 additional apps. Some are completely new since last year, others might have been overlooked, and still others made significant improvements that gained them a spot on the list.

Accounting, Billing, Invoicing, Estimating & Contracts

LiteAccounting – Invoice and track payment from your customers without a bunch of extra, useless features.

Invoice Journal – Free invoicing program.

endeve – Issue invoices, manage clients and check revenues all in one place.

ContractPal – Take your contracts and forms paperless and have them completed, validated, signed and processed online.

Bootstrap – Online bookkeeping software that lets you track sales and expenses, organize your records for tax time, and more.

Citrus – An online billing website that allows your customers to view, download and pay their invoices by credit card or direct debit.

Zapproved – Create and send proposals, manage the approval process and reach agreements without any hassle.

Mumboe – Online contract and business agreement management app.

FinanciFY – Easy to use online financial management tools for small businesses and individuals.

Invoice Place – Online billing software that lets you track invoices, quotes, receipts and more.

Zoho Invoice – Manage invoices and payments, format invoices and quotes, set up recurring invoices, and more, with free and paid plans.

GoToBilling – An online app that manages invoices and payments, marketing, customer relationship management and more.

NetBooks – Marketing, sales, inventory and financial control in one place.

Pulse – Cash flow management app for small businesses.

Shoeboxed – Online tracking and organizing of your receipts.

FreeAgent Central – Accounting and money management app for freelancers.

CurdBee – An online billing application that integrates with payments through PayPal or Google Checkout.

Clarity Accounting – Online accounting for small businesses and professionals with multi-user support.

Calendars & Scheduling

Appointy – An online appointment management tool.

SuperSaaS – This is online scheduling software that allows you to accept appointments booked directly on your website.

BookingPad – An online bookings system that can be integrated into any website.

clickbook – A free online booking and scheduling program.

eXpireTrack – Track and plan for the date that products are to expire.

Scheduly – Add your business to their directory and then let your clients pick their own appointment time slots (from your available slots).

When is Good – Find out the best time for everyone to meet without the hassle.

Shiftboard – Online scheduling for businesses to coordinate worker schedules.

Robyn – Easy online scheduling for service providers.

ScheduleOnce – Scheduling engine to get everyone who needs to meet together at one time.

TimeBridge – See the availability of everyone you need to meet with.

Charts, Diagrams, and Whiteboards

Exploratree – Online mind mapping software that provides ready-made thinking guides.

Wisdomap – A simple mind mapping application.

Best4C – An online charting and diagramming tool.

Scriblink – A simple, free online whiteboard.

Gliffy – Online diagramming and charting software.

Mindomo – Free online mind mapping software.

Mapul – Online mind mapping that allows you to create organic looking mind maps.

WiseMapping – Free mind mapping software that allows you to publish and share your mind maps.

Collaboration & Workgroups

Homecourt – Homecourt is a Web-based collaboration tool.

blogtronix – An enterprise social platform that includes blogs, wikis, documents and social media so that users in large and small organizations can collaborate and build communities inside and outside their company.

WorkflowPerfect – A Web-based business process tool that facilitates collaboration.

ClientSpot – A project collaboration and time tracking software specifically for virtual assistants and other freelancers.

skrbl – Online collaboration and white board space.

Planzone – Secure and private collaborative project workspace to share files, manage tasks, and communicate with others.

Nuospace – On demand collaboration software that provides online document management, allows you to edit pages in your browser, and offers tools to engage your colleagues.

DeskAway – An online project collaboration app aimed at small businesses and teams that organizes, manages and tracks your online work.

Mentat – A free project-sharing service accessible from a browser of supported devices (including BlackBerry).

Easy Projects .NET – Project collaboration software that offers both a downloadable option and a hosted version.

Ecto Connect – An online collaboration, communication and content sharing app.

Clearspace – An online collaboration suite that includes documents, blogs, discussions, projects, and more.

Twiddla – An online conference tool that allows you to mark up websites, graphics, and photos, or brainstorm on a blank canvas.

Sosius – Online workspace that includes a contact & group manager, custom workspace, file management, calendar, blog, discussions, chat, and more.

CollectiveX – Create free group sites for collaboration and networking.

Yammer – A twitter-like app for getting updates from your co-workers.

BrightIdeasLab – An online home for all your brilliant ideas that also offers collaborative brainstorming space.

Ximdesk – Collaboration and social networking platform for enterprise.

Status – A Twitter-like app for keeping your work group connected.

GroupSwim – Social collaboration and community tools to bring your employees, customers, and partners together.

Kindling – Idea management and collaboration tool that lets you vote on ideas.

Conferences, Presentations & Meetings

Expectnation – A conference program organizing software.

KinetiCast – Create online presentations, deliver them, and then track who’s watching.

Gretastudio – Create on-demand presentations for your company’s products, record training and e-learning materials, or other types of presentations that require audio or video content.

280Slides – A free online presentation software that allows you to import existing documents, download to PowerPoint, publish to the Web and more.

SlideRocket – Design professional quality presentations and then deliver them in person or over the Web.

vcasmo – Presentation software for business presentations, academic teaching, seminars, conferences, sales pitching, live events and more.

slideboom – Allows you to share PowerPoint presentations live online.

Empressr – A visual storytelling and presentation application.

Zoho Show – Create embeddable presentations online, present from a remote location, or share and collaborate on presentations.

slidelive – Present Microsoft PowerPoint presentations live online with this browser-based meeting solution.

Text The Mob – Collect feedback during presentations and seminars by posting polls or message boards on a large screen and having your audience send their input via their cell phones.

ReadyTalk – Online Web meeting and audio conferencing solutions.

Persony – Inexpensive Web conferencing service.

Calliflower – Conference calling tools that include Skype integration, invitations and reminders, and more.

GoToMeeting – Online meeting and conferencing software.

buzz2biz – A free online meeting platform.

MyCommittee – Online tracking of meeting agendas and minutes.

GroupLoop – Web-based committee organizing software.

Crowdsourcing, Networking & Community

Wild Apricot – Online tools for clubs, associations, and communities that include email newsletters, blogs, discussion forums, a member database and more.

OctopusCity – Build your online business network, keep in touch with people through mini-feeds, messaging and free teleconferencing, and save time by keeping one universal address book system.

LittleEngine – A community of small businesses and their patrons that are committed to buying locally and supporting local businesses.

Advisor Garage – A social network that connects entrepreneurs who need advice with advisors on just about any business-related topic.

Xing – A global networking and contact management site for business professionals.

Cambrian House – A free crowdsourcing app.

Socialcast – Private online communities of all sizes to help organize enterprise communication that allows employees to decide how to find and use information while reducing email clutter and unproductive communications. – Global networking for managers, entrepreneurs, and senior execs. – Online networking for entrepreneurs, investors and service providers that helps connect people who can help each other succeed.

Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service & Contact Management

Mojo Helpdesk – Mojo Helpdesk allows you to track customer requests, keep your customers and your staff informed about what’s happening with their accounts, and deliver better service.

TagTicket – This hosted helpdesk software is great for managing customer problems as well as in-house issues. There’s nothing to install, and it allows you to manage, track and share your emails and files with other staff.

RightNow – RightNow is an on-demand customer relationship management program that integrates sales, service, marketing, feedback and voice functions.

sfa finity – This CRM software offers all the regular features, plus account-centric, contact-centric and opportunity-centric perspectives, allowing you to view information the way you prefer.

LinkingUniverse CS – This progress-oriented CRM tool helps you work toward your customer goals. They also have a blog with tips for using the program.

Stazzle – Stazzle is a basic CRM that allows you to track information from birthdays and anniversaries to favorite ball teams and restaurants. It also allows you to track who referred which client and why.

HelpSpot – This help desk software allows support staff to easily manage requests from multiple sources in addition to providing powerful self-help functionality.

CRMdesk – This help desk software allows you to automate your online customer support. – provides a lead management CRM suite that incorporates an auto-dialer and allows coordination between multiple departments dealing with a single customer.

Free CRM – This is a Web-based customer relationship management software that allows for sales force automation. Track leads and manage your sales pipeline.

bConnections – This is a simple, easy to use CRM system that allows you to shorten your sales cycle, provide better customer service, make informed decisions, and increase your sales.

salesboom – This is a CRM and back office solution that’s user friendly and provides seamless integration.

SalesJunction – SalesJunction is a highly customizable but easy to use contact management system that’s very affordable.

Leadvine – LeadVine can help you increase sales by allowing you to post sales leads and have the community find you new customers.

Bizroof CRM – A free, Web-based contact management program.

Bizzvo – Bizzvo offers contact management, email marketing and invoicing solutions.

BatchBook – BatchBook is a small business CRM that manages contacts, communications, and to-do lists, and offers list and report functionality (including creating things like mailing labels and email lists).

Solomon – Solomon is a simplified Web-based CRM and contact manager.

ClairMail – ClairMail provides account management, mobile payments, customer service, and more, all on your mobile phone.

Appature CRM – A marketing-focused customer relationship management program.

Helperoo – A simple email support system geared toward small teams.

Mzinga – A full set of comprehensive social media and enterprise learning solutions that address talent development, enable support staff to communicate and collaborate with customers and partners, and helps your marketing team increase brand visibility, demand for products and services, and more.

Oprius – A contact management software designed for independent sales people.

b2b CRM – A Web-based CRM that manages contacts, activities, and your sales pipeline, and integrates with Outlook and Word.

zendesk – A branded online customer support system.

helpdeskpilot – Help desk software that includes email integration, a knowledge base and more.

Tactile CRM – A cost-effective CRM that tracks sales, deals, emails and customer contacts.

Nuebbo – Online contact and virtual business card management.

Simple Sales Tracking – An online sales tracking app that offers free and paid plans.

Soocial – A simple contact management app and address book.

Database, File Storage & Information Management

Pixily – An online service that lets you aggregate, organize, find and share your documents.

ThinkFree Docs – Online document sharing.

.docstoc – An online repository of free documents you can download, or upload your own documents to share.

Thinkfree – Online access to files, collaboration space for your team, and the ability to edit documents and post to blogs with a Web-based editor.

SpringCM – Online contract and document management.

ProofHQ – Online management and review of designs, artwork and documents.

Xythos – Online document management and storage.

NomaDesk – Online virtual file server with offline continuity.

Middlepost Docs – An online document manager that also allows you to sign docs.

AirSet – Online document management and sharing.


MailChimp – Email marketing app that includes subscriber management, advanced coding capability, tracking and reports, and more.

Ping82 – Control, manage and track your email using tools made to improve communication between people working together on a project.

eMail Manager – A Web-based email management solution for high volume email environments.

IFM Campaign Manager – A Web-based email list management and marketing tool.

Xpenser – Record your expenses with email, SMS, Twitter, IM, and more.

Synergymail – Online email marketing app that includes campaign tracking.

Mad Mimi – Email marketing utility that allows you to create branded email newsletters and promotions.

EmailBrain – Email newsletter management app.

Employee Management, Payroll & Human Resources

Taleo – Taleo is e-recruitment and talent management software.

Zapoint – Zapoint is a Web 2.0 enterprise talent management platform with integrated performance management, skills mapping, organization mapping, recruiting and succession planning.

Halogen Software – Halogen offers talent management and employee performance solutions.

SuccessFactors – An on-demand talent and performance management platform that gets everyone in your company working together by aligning goals.

Cornerstone OnDemand – This is an on-demand talent management suite.

paylocity – Online payroll, human resources, time tracking and tax services.

Litmos – Create, deliver and manage online training.

Akken – Staffing and recruiting management software that includes email, CRM, accounting, human resources, and more.

TalentMaze – A marketplace for employers to find top recruiters to find the best employees for their businesses.

Rejose – Applicant tracking system that’s simple, efficient and cost effective.

Catch the Best – Online resume and applicant tracking solution.


Kumquat – Quickly and easily solicit feedback from clients, superiors, peers, fans, family, or anyone else on projects, plans, on-going activities, blogs, or whatever else you want.

Feefo – Feefo is an independent customer feedback system that is transparent and comprehensive (and doesn’t allow business owners to edit customer feedback).

RivalMap – An online app that helps you monitor and share market news, maintain knowledge of your industry and competitors, and discuss information.

Feedback 2.0 – Collect opinions, expectations, and suggestions from a selected audience and discover the consensus.

ConceptShare – Share media with colleagues and have them leave feedback, reply to comments, approve artwork, and markup on visuals.

Backboard – An online feedback tool that allows users to markup documents (including images, text and websites).

Marketing & Publicity

StartPR – StartPR allows you to monitor your brand on social media sites including blogs, social networks, and more.

Prospect Insight – This is a Web marketing automation suite that provides information to your sales team on where to spend its time in order to maximize your return on investment.

HubSpot – HubSpot is an Internet marketing suite that integrates with your website to track your online marketing efforts.

iKarma – A reputation management service that allows you to compare customer comments, display testimonials, get customer referrals and manage your word-of-mouth. – An online survey service.

Sonar – An online polling software.

formatpixel – Create your own online magazines, catalogs, brochures and more.

Traceworks – Online marketing software that helps you set goals, plan, execute and optimize your marketing activities.

ReputationHQ – Online reputation management app that searches for your desired information across millions of websites.

WordJot – Business blog hosting platform.

IncSpring – An online marketplace for businesses to purchase brands and logos directly from designers.

Anthillz – Professional relationship and reputation management.

BrandDoozie – A DIY online marketing material creation suite that helps you create professional-looking business cards, brochures, logos, and more.

Shoutlet – Distribute and track viral marketing campaigns across social media outlets.

Money Making & eCommerce Solutions

GoodBarry – An integrated system that runs your website, email marketing and online store that also automatically grows your customer database.

Scrobbld – PayPal and eBay order management app that keeps all your transactions in one place.

Office Applications

Celum Imagine – Software that lets you manage and distribute your photos, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs and multimedia content.

gOffice – They offer Web Word Wizard, a true online word processor. – An online, free PDF editor that allows you to merge/combine files, rearrange, reorder and delete pages, lock your PDFs and more.

Organization & Management

OrderMotion – An order management system for online businesses.

MagSuite – An open source marketing automation, sales force automation, accounting, service automation and inventory control system.

Process Maker – Organize your company’s work flow and eliminate paperwork.

Alfresco – Open source enterprise content management that offers collaboration, record management, knowledge management and more.

minutesinaminute – An online app for keeping track of your company meeting minutes.

SyncWizard – Synchronize your contacts, calendars, bookmarks, and more with your portable devices.

analysis-one – Online tool to help you monitor your financial and non-financial business performance.

Phone & Voicemail – This is a Web-based phone call and contact management program that allows you to track incoming and outgoing calls on a daily basis.

Vontoo – Vontoo provides automated voice messaging on demand.

Task Lists, Planning & Project Management

Torch Project Management – Torch allows you to collaborate using messages, e-mails, files, tasks, Google Docs, and other methods. You can bid, track your time and invoice clients directly. Offers seamless work flow (connecting bidding, project management, time tracking and invoicing).

PlanPlus Online – An online calendar, time management, project management, and contact management suite from FranklinCovey.

Wrike – Practical project management software that allows you to create tasks from emails.

Comindwork – Project management, knowledge management, and collaboration software.

No Kahuna – Project management with no unnecessary features.

Teamness – Organize project data and share it online with customers or colleagues.

Teamwork Project Manager – Online project management that includes custom views and quick access tabs.

PriorityTrack – Gather ideas, prioritize, collaborate, and keep projects on track. – Project management for small-to-midsized teams.

Planix – Consistently and accurately estimate resources, scheduling and costs of software development projects.

Pelotronics – Project organization and collaboration app.

Task2Gather – Free online task and project management.

ididwork – Keep track of the work you actually do, see what other members of your team are doing in real-time, and get feedback from your manager. – An online planner for Getting Things Done.

Undone – An online to-do list manager and project management app.

Qcron – Project management and time tracking app.

OnStage – Online project management, workspace and collaboration tool.

Joint Contact – Project collaboration and management tool.

Viewpath – Manage projects and events online.

5pm – An online project management tool with a customizable interface, an interactive timeline, time reports, email integration and more.

Flempo – An online to-do list with the ability to assign tasks and keep track of progress, collect tasks from other systems (using the Flempo API), and more.

TaskAnyone – Assign tasks to anyone via email, and TaskAnyone will follow up until they follow through.

TaskBin – Manage group tasks in a single shared to-do list. – Online project management that includes issue tracking, expense tracking, and knowledge management.

Lighthouse – Simple issue tracking and project management.

@task – Online time tracking, work flow and project management app.

Jumpchart – Online website planning app.

LiquidPlanner – Team management, task management and project scheduling all in one online app.

eloops – Online project management software that includes a calendar, data backup and social networking software.

XPLive – Project management app that focuses on individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

Project Spaces – Project management and online workspace that includes a document library, task list, calendar, announcements and email lists.

Goplan – Simple online project management.

TargetProcess – Project management software that features real-time progress tracking, communications features, and more.

Staction – Group project management and communication app.

Collabtive – Easy to use collaborative project management software that tracks milestones, task lists, time tracking and more.

LessProjects – Project management from the people who created LessAccounting.

Jumptree – Project management that updates you by email, manages accountability and more.

Project2Manage – Free hosted project management that includes milestones, to-do lists, and more.

Mingle – Project management and team collaboration app.

Time Management & Tracking

TrackMyPeople – Track your time and your employees’ time online.

Office Timesheets – Web-based time and expense tracking that’s easy to use and available anywhere.

Tick – A time tracking app for the service industry.

TSheets – Simple online time and labor tracking for small business.

Tempo – Simple time tracking with reporting features. – Online time management, tracking and timesheet solution that is accessible online or via mobile phone.

LiveTimer – Online time tracking service with reporting features, iPhone/iPod Touch interface, and more.

Paymo – Time tracking that includes online invoices and expense tracking.

Time59 – Online time and expense tracking and invoicing.

Paybackable – Online expense tracking that includes mileage expense calculations and expense reporting.

motismo – Online time tracking for creative professionals.

Virtual Office Platforms

WORKetc. – A suite of online tools including employee timesheets, document management, customer support, sales management, project management, billing and invoicing, and more.

ConcourseSuite – This open source online suite of programs offers customer relationship management as well as online presence management, team collaboration, and customer service.

OpenGoo – An open source Web office with text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, task lists, email, calendars, contacts and more.

Website Tools

Outlandish – Landing page management tool for small to medium-sized advertisers.

VersoChat – An all-in-one solution for Web analytics, chatting with online visitors, live Web statistics and more.

LeadLander – Allows you to see exactly which companies are visiting your website to investigate your products.

LEADSExplorer – LeadsExplorer allows you to capture what companies your website visitors are coming from so that you can turn them into leads.

Sharedbase – An online tool to manage your members-only website and your membership database.

SmoothStart – Create online landing pages for generating, managing and tracking new leads.


Gympro – A program for personal trainers that allows you to manage your client information, assessments, workouts and schedule.

Practice Fusion – This is a free online electronic medical records software.

Buildium – An online property management program for property managers and associations.

TopSchool, Inc. – A Student Lifestyle Management system for schools.

ekklesia360 – This is a content management system designed specifically for churches to help increase new visitors and provide up-to-date information to their congregation. – This is a business management solution for personal trainers that allows you to track your clients’ progress.

TenantWIZ – A property management program for vacation homes that works whether you own a single property or a large hotel or condo operation.

booktoeat – booktoeat allows restaurants to accept online reservations and bookings.

restaurantdiary – restaurantdiary is a restaurant booking and reservations system with no commission charges and flat monthly fee.

ClubReady – ClubReady is a fitness club management service that helps increase revenues and dramatically improve client and employee satisfaction.

ServiceBeacon – ServiceBeacon provides a Web-based car dealership marketing application for both new and used car dealerships in addition to their consumer services.

openSIS – An open source student information system that tracks student demographics, contact information, scheduling, gradebooks, report cards, transcripts, health records, attendance, cafeteria management, state reporting, and more.

RdEXpress – An online restaurant booking system for single unit restaurant operators that also includes a CRM and marketing system.

Music Arsenal – A business tool specifically for indie bands that helps you manage tasks, projects (tours, albums, etc.), concerts, records, and more, all online.

Plaid – On-demand ministry management software that organizes contact lists, tracks visitors, sends emails to targeted contacts, prints attendance sheets, and more.

Scriggle-it – An online fan management and music marketing solution for bands and musicians.

DonorDrive – Constituent, donation and event management software for non-profits. Includes reporting and exporting capability, e-mail marketing, message forums, and more.

Ministry(Starter) – A content management system geared toward Christian ministries. – An email tool specifically for real estate agents. – An easy to use online church management software.

Massage manEdger – An online suite of tools for massage therapists that includes a website with online booking, electronic client files, streamlined daily accounting and more.

rezgo – An online booking software for travel tours and activities.

carbonmade – A free online portfolio showcase.

Planning Center Online – A church worship services planning app.

Creative Manager Pro – Online ad agency management software.

Rentomatic – Simplified property management app that includes an online rent-payment system.

Tuggle – Online ministry management suite that includes communication and event management tools.

CollabTrak – Project management specifically for Web designers.

N2uitive – An online insurance claims interview management software.

Macrocasa – Manage your real estate website and business.

Propertyware – Online property management software that organizes property and lease information, records income and expenses, lists vacancies, and more.

RentYield – A property management tool for landlords and real estate investors that allows you to stay on top of your rental income and track performance of your properties.

Shockfolio – An online portfolio site for actors, musicians and photographers.

Weefolio – A free online portfolio creator.

Streetfolio – Property management app that manages cashflow, insurance, mortgages, and more.


GigTide – Online creation of resumes, that also allows you to publish, manage and track your resumes, contacts and cover letters.

RB-Apps – RB-Apps provides customized, DIY business mini-applications based on the RB-Apps Platform.

lumifi – Use lumifi if you need to compile research and collaboration from multiple sources, discover information you might otherwise miss, and assemble that research into a well stated case. (via)