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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Top 50 Enhancements for Skype

As the VoIP service of choice for tens of millions of people, Skype has spawned a robust developer community, with programmers and entrepreneurs building hundreds of applications that look to piggy back on the service’s enormous success. Assuming you’re still sticking with it after some downtime last week, here’s a look at more than 50 Skype tools (note that some services have fees associated with them).

Personalization & Customization

WiMood – Customize your mood indicator with both your most recently played WinAmp song and custom colors, styles, and links.

iTunes Info & History – Displays your current song playing in iTunes and also your 50 most recent tracks. – Display the current track you’re listening to on

Skype Google Gadget – See your Skype credits and make calls to other users from Google Desktop.

RingJacker – Create custom ringers that you can use when you call friends or as your ringtone for incoming calls.

Mood Changer – Gives you the ability to have an automatically updating mood, based on criteria you define.

SoundSlam – Listen to and rate audio clips such as poems, songs, and stories, or upload your own and find out what others think about it.

NotMyNumber – The service for kindly giving your phone number to someone who doesn’t get the hint. Using Skype you can find a “Not My Number” number for your local area code.

iGlasses – Helps you adjust your video/webcam settings from within Skype.

Callto: Linkify – A script to automatically turn Skype phone numbers to hyperlinks in your browser.

SkypeMuter – Automatically mutes music from WinAmp, Windows Media Player, and iTunes when on a call.

Messaging & Collaboration

IM+ for Skype – A version of Skype designed specifically for the iPhone.

Renzoo – Sets up forwarding for your voicemails so you can receive them via email with a direct link to the audio file.

WhiteBoardMeeting – A collaborative white board where Skype users can draw vector images, insert text and images, and save the results.

SMS to Skype – Send instant messages over SMS to any Skype user.

Void.Bot – A bot for public group chats that lets you archive chats and use Google to search conversations.

uSeeToo – An application for sharing images, drawings, and whiteboards with your Skype contacts.

mcePhone – Receive notifications of incoming Skype calls on your TV via Windows Media Center.

Skype Online Status – Let your blog readers know your Skype status and call you if you’re available.

AudioID – Announces who is calling so you can be alerted to incoming calls when you step away from your desk (assuming you have loud speakers).

Video4IM – A free solution for making video calls between users with web cams.


JiWire Bot – Helps you find public hot spot locations.

MyToGo – Allows you to add multiple phones to your Skype number that you can then use to call into your account.

Luxms – Get SMS alerts to your mobile phone when you miss a call on Skype.

Fring – A mobile application that uses your phone’s Internet connection to place calls over Skype.

DialBridge – Routes calls from your cell phone through Skype to save money on calls.


twitter4skype – If you write a chat message to twitter4skype, the entry will appear on your Twitter and you’ll receive your friends’ twitters in Skype.

skype2twitter – Cross-posts your Skype mood messages to your Twitter account.

Moodgeist – Aggregates mood data from users who have opted to ping the service to provide a view of the Skype community.

SkypeMe – A Facebook application that shows your Skype presence and allows friends to call you.

Unype – A virtual world that combines your Skype identity with Google Earth.

SKMap – Plots Skype users with presence information onto a Google Map.

For Business

Skax – Send faxes using Skype with this pay-as-you-go service.

Pamela Call Recorder – Automatically record calls and take notes on a call. Free version records calls up to 15 minutes long.

AfterBeep – Skype answering machine and call recording tool.

Supertintin – Record both audio and video calls. Original video quality is maintained.

Vitaero – Automatically changes you to Do Not Disturb mode when you have PowerPoint open and automatically pauses music in iTunes when you’re on a call.

Yugma – Share your desktop and host meetings of up to 10 people for free over Skype.

Call Recorder for Mac OS X – A solution for recording calls and saving them as Quicktime files for Mac users.

Skype for AppExchange – Setup conference calls on Skype from within the interface.

PrettyMay Recorder – Record Skype conversations as mp3 files and manage voicemail.

PrettyMay Call Center – A small-business call center system. Handle multiple calls simultaneously, setup a virtual PBX (“press 1 for sales, 2 for support, etc.), and record calls.


Transclick – Translates messages from one language to another when sent to other users on Skype.

soZiety – A social network built on top of Skype that aims to connect users for the purpose of learning foreign languages.

Kantalk – A community built around learning foreign languages. You can speak with other languages or share recorded audio and get feedback.

Universal Chat Translator – Translates many different languages to your native language in Skype chats.


Feedcast – Listen to RSS feeds and Podcasts over Skype.

Anothr – Get alerts from your favorite RSS feeds from inside Skype.

GopherNow – Restaurant directory with ability to place calls and make orders using Skype.

eBay via Skype – Listen to information on eBay items through Skype. (via)