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Friday, April 28, 2006

Top 100 Wiki Tools and Resources

Wiki engines are some of the most versatile platforms for creating websites out there. MediaWiki (the engine that powers Wikipedia) is probably the most widely used, but there are literally hundreds of other wiki engines. Here are more than 100 meet your every wiki need.


intodit – A free wiki farm that includes a searchable directory of wikis on just about any topic.

ClearWiki – A private wiki geared toward businesses that includes up to ten users and 256Mb of storage in their free plan.

LittleWiki – A site that offers free private and public wiki page hosting.

Deki Express – A wiki capable of application and data mashups.

@Wiki – A free wiki hosting service that allows for both public and private wikis.

WizzardWiki – A JavaScript and HTML wiki with a WYSIWYG editor.

ContainU – A wiki farm with pages dedicated to people, businesses, products, and more. – A free wiki host that allows you to limit who can edit your pages.

BrainKeeper – An enterprise wiki software that includes a variety of paid plans starting at only $17/month.

Traduwiki – A wiki farm that has a special focus on translating its pages.

Zulupad – A personal online notebook with the ease of a wiki.

BusinessWiki – A wiki platform for businesses that is built on the MediaWiki platform.

Central Desktop – A wiki-based business and team collaboration tool.

Cospire – A free knowledge management system with wiki and blog functionality.

incentive – A corporate wiki, blogging and RSS platform.

Luminotes – A personal wiki-based notebook with a WYSIWYG editor. A downloadable version is also available

Metadot – A free and very easy to use wiki host.

Nexdo – A wiki for knowledge and project management that includes free and paid versions.

PicoWiki – A wiki specifically for smartphones, PDAs, iPhones and Blackberries.

Swirrl – A wiki-based collaboration tool that lets you store, share and analyze data with your team.

Seed Wiki – An ad-free wiki host that gives you the freedom to change your wiki’s layout and style.

Springnote – A personal online notebook based on a wiki platform.

Wibokr – Free wiki and blog hosting with unlimited space. A downloadable version is also available.

SmartPage – A powerful enterprise wiki and blog site.

SuperWiki – A an ad-free, simple wiki that offers addons for forum, chat, blog and calendar functions and unlimited storage.

BluWiki – A free wiki host with no ads or popups where you can publish anything.

Nuospace – An enterprise wiki with a WYSIWYG editor.

MotherWiki – A wiki farm that is aimed at getting wikis started and then helping them migrate to their own servers or wiki host.


Bitweaver – A CMS built around a wiki platform.

bLADE Wiki – A freeware personal wiki for note management.

BoltWire – A small (about 80K) and simple, but powerful, wiki engine.

ButorWiki – An open source Java wiki and CMS.

Canvas ColdFusion Wiki – A ColdFusion wiki built using Model-Glue with a powerful API.

Clearspace – A business collaboration platform that includes wiki functionality.

codeBeamer – A business collaboration suite with an enterprise wiki.

ConnectedText – A free personal wiki for managing your information, notes, and more.

daisy – A content repository and management system with a wiki front-end.

Deki – A downloadable, open source enterprise wiki.

DokuWiki – A standards-compliant wiki specifically for documentation creation.

ErfurtWiki – A PHP-based wiki.

Foswiki – An open-source wiki that supports active and passive macros to enhance usability and functionality.

trac – A wiki-based project management application.

Gazest – A community engine based on a wiki platform.

GeboGebo – A free wiki system that runs on Linux.

GroupsWiki – An open source, rails- and prototype-based WYSIWYG wiki.

Hatta Wiki – A wiki that uses a Mercurial repository to store pages.

IkeWiki – A wiki engine that supports semantic annotation by users.

ikiwiki – A wiki compiler that converts wiki pages into HTML pages.

Instiki – A wiki that supports file uploads, PDF export, RSS feeds and more, making it suitable for use as a CMS.

WikyBlog – A wiki/blog hybrid that was designed for ease of use and speed and uses an AJAX-enhanced interface.

Jacwiki – A php-based 34KB wiki that even includes CAPTCHA.

JAMWiki – A java-based wiki that doesn’t require an external database.

JSPWiki – An extensible wiki engine built around J2EE components.

KeheiWiki – A wiki engine named after a seaside town in Hawaii.

LionWiki – A file-based wiki suitable for small sites or personal journals that is extensible and templatable.

wikidBASE – An app that combines a wiki with the functionalities of a database system.

LunaWiki – A flexible and usable wiki that descended from the QwikiWiki platform.

MicKi – A micro wiki engine with minimal demands on its environment.

miniWiki – A PHP based wiki that’s aimed at single users or small groups with no anonymous editors.

MoinMoinWiki – An extensible wiki engine for collaboration on pages that are easily editable.

Perspective – A free Microsoft .Net wiki popular with big businesses.

PhpWiki – A clone of the original WikiWikiWeb written in PHP.

SmallWiki – A free and open source wiki platform for non-commercial use.

Pimki – An Instiki-based personal information manager.

PmWiki – A customizable wiki engine with hundreds of extensions.

Oddmuse – A wiki engine built in Perl and released under the GNU GPL.

PodWiki – A wiki built using the PerlPod markup.

ProntoWiki – A wiki engine built in ASP .NET with a customizable appearance and layout.

ProWiki – An open source wiki engine originally forked from UseMod.

ScrewTurn Wiki – An ASP .NET wiki engine that installs in minutes and is customizable with plugins and themes available.

Sycamore – An easy to use wiki engine available under the GNU GPL. – A business wiki engine you can try for free.

TiddlyWiki – A wiki engine that consists of a single HTML file that can be emailed, put online or even stored on a portable USB drive.

WikiPoint – Adds wiki functionality to SharePoint.

TikiWiki – A CMS that includes a wiki engine.

Traction TeamPage – An enterprise wiki and blog platform.

VQWiki – “Very Quick Wiki” is a wiki server software based on Java.

WackoWiki – A lightweight wiki engine based on WakkaWiki but with additional features.

Wala – A wiki engine designed to be friendlier and less intimidating to casual users and contributors.

WiClear – A wiki engine still in the early stages of its development.

wikepage – A wiki-blog hybrid released under the GNU GPL.

KiWi – A knowledge management wiki that includes Semantic Web elements.

Wiki Asp – A free wiki that’s easy to use.

WikiDoc – A Windows executable wiki that doesn’t require a web server or database installation and runs right from your PC.

WikiNi – A simple and effective wiki engine for internet or intranet sites.

WikiSH – A small, fast, easy wiki that will run on any Unix machine.

WikkaWiki – A standards compliant, lightweight wiki engine forked from WakkaWiki.

Zwiki – A wiki engine for the Zope 2 application platform that also works within Plone sites.

XoWiki – A wiki based on a rich text editor.

Dandelion – An experimental wiki engine that uses a revision control system for storage.

CodexWiki – An Enterprise ColdFusion wiki that uses mediawiki syntax.

reviki wiki – A Java wiki with an SVN backend.

SnipSnap – Free Java weblog and wiki platform.

Svnwiki – A wiki that stores information in a Subversion repository.

CLiki – A wiki written in Common Lisp.

PumaWiki – Simple wiki that saves all of your information in text files instead of a database.

Ogham – A wiki-like CMS that doesn’t use wiki syntax or automatic linking.

Sputnik – An extensible, full-featured wiki that’s easy to install and doesn’t require root access.

pikipiki – A small, Python-based wiki engine.

PikiePikie – A wiki engine that supports easy text input and image uploading.

wikidPad – An open source, wiki-like notebook.

Hiki – A Ruby-based wiki engine.

Swiki Swiki – A wiki engine written in Squeak. (via)