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Friday, May 5, 2006

Top 100 Tools and Resources for YouTube

YouTube is still the undisputed king of video sharing on the web, so it only makes sense that there would be a slew of tricks and tools for it. From Adobe AIR applications that let you download videos to Firefox extensions that protect you from RickRolls, and much more, here are over 100 tools and resources to help you enhance your video experience.

Adobe AIR Applications

Sometimes you just want to get out of the browser environment, and Adobe AIR apps offer a viable solution with many of the same features you enjoy in the browser. Apps such as the YouTube Video Widget even work online and off, allowing you to watch your downloaded videos any time you’d like from an app you already enjoy.

DeskTube – A social YouTube viewer that allows you to send links to friends to open their DeskTube, tweet what you are watching along with a link, and more.

MyYouTube – Play or download videos from YouTube, create playlists, manage your collection and more.

YouTube Video Widget works Online and Offline – An application designed with mobile devices in mind. It downloads the videos to the local drive and then detects when the device is offline and switches to playing the locally stored copies.

YouTube Widget – Browse through the top rated videos or search YouTube just as you would from the web interface.

Alternative Viewing Methods

It can get boring watching YouTube videos in the exact same way day after day. Why not change it up a bit and look into some alternative methods of viewing? You can even create your own comedy by running videos through things like The Benny Hillifier, which oddly turns out funnier than you might think it would.

AlarmTube – Set a time you want to wake up, choose a video you want to hear as you rise, and you’re done. – A YouTube viewer focused on music lists generated by such as top songs and artists. – Enter some keywords, and you’ll get a constant stream of uninterrupted YouTube videos related to them. – Select a point in a YouTube video, say starting at 53 seconds, and this site will build a link to that point so you can share it with others.

The Benny Hillifier – Enables you to add The Benny Hill Show theme song to any video. – Take a virtual tour of the Earth by clicking on the tags on the Google Maps globe, and seeing a video related to that location. – A customized YouTube browsing site built with the Nintendo Wii in mind. – Why watch only one YouTube video, or even two, when you can watch three at once? Make a triptych of YouTube videos you can watch singly or all at the same time.

YouTube Doubler – Once in a while you run into a video on YouTube where the uploader says it will make more sense if you watch another video with it; Well, with YouTube Doubler, you can do just that. Enter the URLs of both videos, and you’re ready to go.

Firefox Extensions

Is there anything Firefox can’t do? Thanks to its extension development community there are a number of great Firefox extensions for YouTube. For example, by collecting some of the most popular Greasemonkey scripts for YouTube, Better YouTube allows for greater user control and a cleaner interface.

Download YouTube Videos

Ant Toolbar – The official toolbar for includes a YouTube video downloader as well as a built in FLV player so you can play the videos you’ve snagged right from there.

Embedded Objects – This add-on will download pretty much any type of embedded file, including your favorite YouTube videos.

Fast Video Download – Fast Video Download works with numerous video sites and will also add a download link under embedded YouTube videos you find on other sites.

Flash Video Downloader – Besides allowing you to download your favorite videos from YouTube, this add-on will download flash videos from other sites and even games.

Flash Video Resources Downloader – Will let you download videos from most flash-based video sharing sites. Also, enter a YouTube URL and be presented with the download information without needing to go to the page.

Magic’s Video Downloader – Assists you with downloading FLV videos from around two dozen video sharing sites, including the market leader, YouTube.

Media Converter – This extension will allow you to not only download your desired videos, but it will also convert them right in the browser to the format you desire.

Sothink Web Video Downloader – Besides downloading videos from YouTube, Sothink will also let you capture videos in swf, wmv, asf, avi, mov, rm and rmvb formats.

Video DownloadHelper – Once installed, Video DownloadHelper’s icon will animate when you come to a page that has a video you can download. Once you start the download process, you can also choose which format you want to save the file as.


Better YouTube – Collects some of the most popular Greasemonkey scripts for YouTube that do things like give you an alternate player, a cleaner theater interface and more.

GoogleTube – This extension adds a YouTube icon next to Google search results that have videos associated with them. Click on the button and you can watch the videos directly on the search results page.

Groowe Firefox Toolbar – Gives you a toolbar that lets you search YouTube, Digg, Delicious and more.

Now Playing X – Allows you to feed videos you are watching to the Now Playing feature on messengers like Live, Yahoo, AIM, Skype and GTalk.

RickRadar – If you really fear being RickRolled, install this and it will evaluate pages. If it feels there is a high probability of Rick Astley being there, it redirects you.

TubeStop – Only has one job and that is to stop YouTube videos from autoplaying.

VodPod – Allows you to grab the embed code for a video and store it at and then publish it to your blog with just a click.

You Old Enough? – Tired of signing in to verify your age? This add-on will let you bypass the whole process.

YouPlayer – YouPlayer allows you to drag videos to your playlist and form your own list from around the Web. If you find anything you like, right click on it and you can choose to download it.

YouTube – An improved search for YouTube that uses Google’s auto suggest system to help you fill out what you are looking for.

YouTube Cinema – Allows you to play all YouTube videos in a default that shows them in cinema view.

YouTube Comment Snob – This add-on allows you to hide comments from people with numerous misspellings, excessive punctuation, all capital letters, no capital letters and so on.

Greasemonkey Scripts

Gresemonkey scripts give you greater flexibility on a number of sites, enhancing your visual enjoyment, which is important on YouTube. For example, YouTube Cleaner clears away the rubbish and allows you to enjoy what the site was built around: videos.

BetterTube – With support for over 50 sites, this script will allow you to see embed-disabled videos, download to various services, and more.

Coralized-YouTube – Uses the Coral Content Distribution Network to cache videos and speed up their loading on your system.

Download ANY Video from YouTube – This will add a link to any YouTube page allowing you to download the video as an MP4 file.

Loopy for YouTube – Adds a button below a video that lets you loop the video as many times as you like, so it’s perfect for that infectious song you can’t get out of your head.

Play YouTube videos in full screen auto – This script will automatically open YouTube videos into full screen mode, completely bypassing the stand alone page.

Thumbs2Links – Allows you to click on “Get direct links!” from any video index page and begin downloading all of those videos without having to go to individual pages.

VidzBigger – Automatically takes the video to its largest size, and places the comments to the side so you don’t have to scroll down, along with a few other features.

Video Focus – Allows you to watch videos without the distraction of chats, comments, ads and so on, while also giving you the ability to resize videos, customize the background color, center the video on the page and more. Works with dozens of different video sites.

Videoembed – Videoembed works with over 40 video sharing sites so that if you are on a page with a link to their videos, it will automatically bring up the video on the page you are viewing as if it was embedded. Saves you the time and bother of going to YouTube just to get RickRolled.

Years Watching YouTube – Ever wondered how much time is lost to a given YouTube video? This script multiplies the length of the video times the number of views to tell you in years how much time the video has consumed from the world.

YousableTubeFix – A good all-in-one script that blocks ads from the sections you want, lets you download videos into several formats, automatically expands the “More” section, lets you see all comments at once and more.

YouKing – Adds the ability to download the video in various formats by adding links beneath the embed code area.

YouTube Alternate Video Player – Replaces the standard YouTube flash player with the FlowPlayer player.

YouTube Animated Thumbnails – Force the thumbnails to cycle through the three preview images.

YouTube better embed – Cleans up the embed code for YouTube videos to be used on other sites.

YouTube Cleaner – Helps you clean up the appearance of the YouTube video pages by removing the comments, related videos, promoted videos, sharing information and footer. Also allows you to restore them instantly if you should choose to do so.

YouTube Double the Vid – Opens the video you are currently viewing in YouTube Doubler (mentioned earlier in this list).

YouTube Enhancer – Assists with downloading videos you wish to keep, giving you the ability to buffer with autoplay turned off, rollover previews and several media controller options.

YouTube Googler – YouTube Googler allows you to have more control over how a YouTube page is presented to you. You can resize the video, prevent autoplay, and reorder items in the sidebar.

YouTube HD Suite – Adds icons to your YouTube searches to show you which videos are available as HD and MP4, and then provides you with links inside each for downloading in the quality you want.

YouTube HQ + 720p – This script will seek out the highest quality version of a video and load it via Ajax so that there is no need for the whole page to reload. Also adds in the ability to turn autoplay on and off, change the video player color and so on.

YouTube “Lights Out” – Gives you a light bulb icon so you can turn off the “lights” and darken the background for easier enjoyment of your video.

YouTube Lyrics – This handy little script can search up to 11 sites for the lyrics to the song you are watching a video of. Words are added in a box in the YouTube sidebar under the video information.

YouTube Playlist Search Remover – Remove playlists from the search results you see on YouTube so you can stick to just the individual videos.

YouTube Prevent Autoplay – While several other scripts have the ability to turn off the autoplay feature, if that is the only feature you want, this is the script for you.

YouTube Remove Video Ads – Remove all of those video ads from your selected videos.

YouTube Static Video Size – With all the different YouTube video sizes these days, this script will keep them a constant size for you.

YouTube Without Flash – Adds links below the videos to either download the videos or play them in an external player.

YouTube – Previews, click-to-play, download, no flash, 16:9 – Gives you previews for three different sections of the video, uses alternate video player for higher quality clips, adds a download button and more.

YouTubr – Allows you to watch a YouTube video associated with a Flickr image right on the Flickr page.

Search & Browsing Tools

YouTube’s search is not the most powerful thing around, it’s doubtful anyone would argue that. Luckily kindhearted souls out there have built numerous alternative methods such as to help you muddle your way through the millions of video clips. – Browse YouTube keywords in a tag cloud format. – Allows you to search YouTube, see the most popular, featured, or recent in a large display on the front and download anything you like. – Search multiple video sites including YouTube with this one easy to use interface. – A Google Maps and YouTube mashup that lets you browse by geographical location and narrow things down with keywords. – Search by various analytics, browse the tag cloud, see the newest videos and download whichever ones you enjoy. – A visual search engine for several sources, including YouTube that presents the results as thumbnails on a desktop and allows you to hover over them for information, and move them around to your satisfaction.

TimeTube – Enter a few keywords and this site will build a timeline of videos related to them. – Restrict your searches only to music videos on the popular video sharing site. – Search either for just music videos or all of YouTube and get the results as a screen full of thumbnail images you merely have to hover over to get information about.

YouTube Download Sites

For a site that doesn’t offer you the ability to download videos, there sure are plenty of alternatives out there. Some are very easy, like, which just requires a simple URL change, making it a breeze for you to grab any video you want for your own collection. – Download videos from YouTube and save them in formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV and others. – A straightforward YouTube downloading service that allows you to convert videos directly to another format of your choice. – Simply enter the URL of the video, select the format you want to save it in, and click the “Convert & Download” button. – Enter the URL of videos from a multitude of different sites and then save them in the .flv format. – Enter the URL and convert the videos to formats such as MP3, MP4, MPG and more. – Either paste in the URL of the video you wish to download, or use their bookmarklet to grab the ones you desire. – Enter the URL of the video you wish to download, see recent downloads from other users, most popular & random videos and more. – Have your choice of entering the URL you wish to download, or use their search to find videos you want to save. – Enter the URL of the video you wish to save as a FLV, or upload a video if you wish to convert it to this format. – Enter the URL of the video you wish to save, or add their bookmarklet to your toolbar and simply click it as you watch the video. – You can either enter the URL of the YouTube video on their site, or simply add “kiss” in front of “” while on the site, and it will start downloading the video. – Enter URLs from various video streaming sites to download and save the videos. – Download videos from just about any video sharing site out there. – Allows you to download your videos and convert them. Will also allow you to use a one-click tool to do it even quicker.

Video Downloader – Allows you to enter the URL from more video sites than just YouTube, download them, and convert them to another format. – Enter the URL of a video from YouTube or any other of the numerous video streaming sites they support, and then convert them to other formats. – A downloader and nothing else. Enter the URL, right click to save target as, make the extension .flv and you’re done. – Search multiple video sites, download the resulting videos, recommend them, embed them and more. – Convert downloaded YouTube videos into formats such as AVI, 3GP, MP3 and others. – Enter the URL of the video you wish to download, see the latest videos people are grabbing, and check out the videos that have been downloaded the most. – A site just offering simple downloads of YouTube videos in their native .flv format. – Simply enter the URL of the YouTube video you wish to download, choose to download, name the file as .flv and you’re done.

Miscellaneous YouTube Tools

There are numerous one-of-a-kind apps out there for YouTube that will help you do things like share and explore playlists (, track videos that have been removed for copyright violations (YouTomb), and much more. – Enter the URL of a YouTube video, click the load button and you will see a copy of the video that you can add effects & text to. Once you’re done adding you will get a fresh embed code so that you can show off your creation anywhere you like. – Allows you to share your YouTube playlists with others, explore other lists, use it for music at parties and more.

Review Tube – Allows users to create time-based subtitles for various YouTube videos, and then they are made publicly available. – Enter words in their YouTube tab to see how often they appear on the site. A good way to get suggestions for what keywords to use in your video description. – Locate existing subtitles or add your own for any video on YouTube. – Add word balloons, comments, or subtitles to a video and then embed it in your site with the new additions. – Search multiple video sites with one interface and see the results from all of them.

TubeSpy – Take a look at a constantly updating view of what YouTube videos people are watching at that very moment. See one that catches your interest and you can click on it to stop it and watch it. – Get a sense of what videos are going viral and how they are trending. – Add the video ID number and build a new player to use on your site with features like loop, custom skin, play in HQ and more.

YouTomb – A project from MIT that follows what videos are removed from YouTube for copyright violations. Tells you how many days ago the video was removed and how long it had been on the site prior to removal. (via

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Top 30 YouTube Resources And Site Integration Tools

YouTube is the most popular site for viewing online videos. We’ve already found a number of ways to download YouTube videos, and now we’ve gathered a list of 30+ general YouTube tools and resources for you. Simply embed them in your website or blog, search YouTube videos with them or use them for converting video file types. Enjoy!

YouTube third party tools

Axara YouTube tools – A collection of utilities for conversion of YouTube videos into a format chosen by the user. These formats are FLV, DVD, AVI, WMV, MOV, M4V, 3GP.

CatchTube – A great video search engine. It has a cool link which displays ‘Most Recent videos’.

Delutube – A free service that provides a new way to watch deleted YouTube videos. The users have to provide the ID of the deleted video to play it.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter – A software utility for downloading and converting YouTube files for iPod, Cell Phone, MP3 etc.

fTube – fTube is a flash based YouTube player that downloads recent videos from YouTube in a list and enables users to play those videos.

IndexTube – A browseable categorized index of public YouTube videos.

iTube – An application allowing users to grab & convert YouTube videos and import them into iTunes.

MemoriesOnWeb – A slideshow software for YouTube videos.

Overstream – Overstream enables users to add subtitles to online videos.

Search The Tube – A portal enabling users to search YouTube videos from websites, blogs or user profiles.

Speedbit Video Accelerator – Speedbit Video Accelator is a download accelerator like typical download managers. Its working principle is similar to other download managers as it opens multiple connections for downloading YouTube videos.

Tubular – Tubular is an intuitive, brand new YouTube client for OS X. Its features include one-click iPod conversion and drag-and-drop playback

TvTube – A Mac application making it easy to users to browse videos on YouTubue and similar video sharing sites.

YouTube API Extraction Tool – A simple feed extraction tool that posts dynamic content from YouTube.

YoutubeCrazyVideos – A desktop player for YouTube videos.

YouTube Podcaster – A podcast feed maker enabling users to generate podcast feeds from submitted keywords or URL.

YouTube Uploader – A desktop application for uploading videos to YouTube without using the original interface.

YouTube Userscripts – A nice collection of scripts for performing multiple tasks with YouTube.

YouTube Widget – A Mac widget which allows users to search, browse and download videos from YouTube.

Youtube Video Slideshow – A fast way to search for YouTube videos.

YouTube videos swicki -A YouTube videos search engine with a tag cloud dedicated to YouTube.

Site integration tools

TubePress – A highly configurable WordPress plugin that displays YouTube videos in an embedded gallery in posts or pages.

TubeSock – TubeSock allows users to download YouTube videos and save them on iPod, Mac or PlayStation.

Viper’s Video Quicktags – A WP plugin that easily generates codes which can be copied from YouTube.

WP-FLV – WP-FLV is a WordPress plugin simplifying the process of inserting flash video files (FLV) inside a WordPress post or page.

WordPress Favourite YouTube Videos – Favorite YouTube Videos is a plugin that displays latest YouTube videos in a configurable manner.

WordPress Related Videos Plugin – A WordPress plugin that uses tags to display similar YouTube videos and also displays them on WordPress blog.

YouTube badge maker – A badge maker which shows recently uploaded 6 videos to users.

YouTube WordPress Plugin – A plugin utilizing the YouTube API to generate videos based on specific tags of posts.

YouTube Video Gallery WordPress Plugin – A video gallery plugin for displaying gallery of videos from Youtube site.

YouTube WordPress Plugin – A simple WordPress plugin to display YouTube videos on WordPress blog. (via)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Top 70 Podcasting Tools and Resources

Podcasting may not have lived up to the early hype, but with iPods and other MP3 players still selling like crazy, the potential audience for these audio shows is huge. We’ve compiled a monster list of 70+ tools and resources for podcasters and wannabes.

Podcast Creation Guides

How To Create a Podcast –’s step-by-step tutorial for podcast beginners.
iLounge Guide to Podcast Creation – another guide for creating your own podcast for absolute beginners.
Podcasting Legal Guide – find about legal issues relevant to podcasting in this Creative Commons guide.

Podcast Hosting, Sharing and Networking (Free)

Pickstation – A Digg for podcasts and music.
Collectik – “Mixtapes for podcasts”: find, share and organize podcasts.
Podbean – Free podcast hosting and publishing.
Castpost – Free hosting for audio and video clips.
HeyCast – A tool to create video podcasts. Essentially, HeyCast creates RSS feeds from any existing video files on the web. It doesn’t provide hosting or sharing features.
Blubrry – A podcast network that lets you create a podcast and browse the podcasts of others.
Evoca – “YouTube for voice recordings”: create audio recordings from your computer mic, your phone or Skype, share them with others and embed them on websites.
ThePodcastNetwork – A network of podcasts on a range of topics including business, entertainment and comedy.
MyPodcast – podcast hosting solution offering unlimited storage, bandwidth, and free templates for your podcasts.
PodServe – this service is still in alpha stage, but everyone’s invited to try it out. It offers a hosting space for your podcast and a directory of user-created podcasts.
PodcastPeople – a service that enables you to post text, audio and video materials to your own customized show, and even earn some income from it through sponsors.
PCastBaby – free podcast hosting service offering 10MB of storage space and unlimited bandwidth.
Podomatic – create, find and share podcasts with this free service.
Blubrry – create your podcast on Blubrry; browse through other podcasts and create your personal playlist.

Podcast Advertising

Podango – get free unlimited hosting for your podcast and share ad revenue with Podango 50/50.
Podbridge – Provides podcast metrics and advertising.
Podtrac – a service that connects podcasters with advertisers.

Audio Tours

TourCaster – Find audio tours of your favorite cities and download them to your iPod.
iAudioGuide – Find audio guides for major world cities and download them to portable devices.

Video Podcasting

Veodia – Create live TV shows and convert them to video podcasts. – A “video podcasting” service. Broadly similar to YouTube, but the focus is on independent creators, who get a share of revenue.

Mobile Podcasting

Podlinez – a simple service to listen to podcasts on your phone.
Gabcast – Record podcasts straight from your phone.
Yodio – Record audio from your phone, add photos and captions.

Text to Podcasts

BlueGrind – Converts text (especially blogs) into podcasts.
Feed2Podcast – Convert any RSS feed into a podcast.
Talkr – Convert blogs to audio podcasts.
Odiogo – convert RSS feeds, text articles and blog posts to podcasts.

Podcasts to Text

CastingWords – a podcast transcription service that converts podcasts to text for $0.75 minute. It employs human transcribers.

Podcast Directories

Grepr Podcasts – A directory that makes recommendations by finding patterns in your interests and comparing the interests of others.
Yahoo Podcasts – Explore podcasts, listen to them, subscribe to them and even create your own.
MobilCast – directory of podcasts and radio shows, complete with playlists.
PodcastAlley – a podcast directory with over 30,000 podcasts. Maintains a monthly top list.
DigitalPodcast – a simple, categorized podcast directory – a very comprehensive podcast directory; contains tens of thousands of podcasts. – a directory of podcasts with a top list, a list of featured podcasts, and categorization.– a simple directory with a very clean layout. – on Podfeed you can host and share your podcast, find podcasts, as well as read and write podcast reviews.
iAmplify – A premium directory where you pay to download self-help podcasts.
Earkive – Directory that lets you listen to podcasts on your phone (mobile or landline)

Live Podcasting

Talkshoe – Create your own live talkshow or interactive podcast.
Waxxi – Audio shows streamed live, mainly with notable technologists. Once recorded, the live shows are available as podcasts.
NowLive – A social network that lets anyone create a live, interactive talk show. Stickam for audio, in some ways.

Podcast Hosting (Premium)

PodcastSpot – Offers both free and premium podcast hosting.
SwitchPod – a podcast hosting service, with unmetered bandwidth, statistics and even some promotional opportunities.
Hipcast – create audio, video materials and podcasts and post them to your blog.
Libsyn – Liberated Syndication will host your podcasts for a modest monthly fee.

Podcast Search

Everyzing – Audio and video search engine.
Podscope – an audio and video search engine that searches the words spoken in podcasts.
Pluggd – Discover and share podcasts, and search for specific parts of podcasts using advanced search technology called HearHere.
PodNova – Podcast search and community.

Podcast Forums

Podcast Alley Forum – a well visited forum on everything related to podcasting.
DigitalPodcast Forum – a good forum for promoting your podcast.
World Podcast Forum – a fresh forum about podcasting.

Podcast Creation Software (Offline)

Propaganda – Create professional podcasts including background music, jingles, crossfading and more. Windows only. Free trial, $49.95 to buy.
Audacity – Free, open source software for recording and editing audio. Versions for Mac OS X, Windows, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.
Adobe Soundbooth – Advanced audio editing from Adobe. Windows and Mac. Free trial, $199 to buy.
Wildvoice Podcast Studio – Record audio, add music and sound effects and upload to or other sites. Windows only.
SnapKast – Podcast creation for Windows. $79.99.

Podcast Creation Software (Online)

Odeo – Perhaps the most popular podcasting platform. It allows you to record audio within your browser, embed it anywhere and create your own audio channels.
Hipcast – Record high-quality audio right through the web browser or your phone. No additional software needed.
Gcast – Record, mix and broadcast your podcasts. You can record messages by phone and upload MP3 files from your computer.
Podomatic – This site lets you record video and audio online directly from your browser. You can also receive in line calls from listeners wanting to leave voice comments.
ClickCaster – create, broadcast and sell your very own radio shows and podcasts. You can record audio right from your browser or upload an existing MP3.
Wild Voice Shout Recorder – Online service that lets you record audio files through an intuitive interface but doesn’t let you edit them or add special effects.

Miscellaneous Podcast Tools

Enablr – make your podcasts indexed and searchable.
PodShow – a network that brings audio, video, podcasts, and music to your computer, iPod, mobile device, or television.
Divicast – enhance your podcast with images and text and share it with everyone.
Divvycast – where podcasting and music meet. Helps bands to create podcasts.
Podbop – Find bands in your city and download free MP3s to your iPod to preview their music ahead of the show.
Noisely – Enter a subject you’re interested in, and Noisely serves up a selection of podcasts you’ll like. Press play, and all the casts stream continuously until you stop them. (via)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Top 150 Online Video Tools and Resources

Online video is a huge trend – so huge that’s it’s proving hard to keep track. From video sharing sites to video mixers, mashups and converters, we’ve brought together more than 150 of our favorite sites in this category. Enjoy.

Live Video Communications

Stickam – The best site for live video communications with multiple people. There is no major competition for Stickam just yet.
Blogtv – Blogtv is a recent discovery to the public. It allows you to do a live video show, and you can stream it live, as well as archive it for later use.
ooVoo – This allows you to carry on video conversations with live video through a Skype-like program.
Mogulus – This site is basically an all in one broadcast solution for video. You can create, edit, and add things similar to broadcast companies could add.
Ustream – Allows you to stream live video and you can also embed the player in to your own website.
HeyCosmo – A downloadable application that allows you to connect with other people in many ways, even play games and more.
Operator11 – Go live with your camera and create your own channels. You can also send video comments and remix your videos.

Online Video How-to

Better YT Video Quality – This guide helps you with getting the best possible video quality on YouTube, can be applied to other sites as well.
Make Internet TV – This guide has step-by-step instructions for shooting, editing, and publishing videos on the Internet.
How to put your readers at the scene – A scene-setting guide for online web journalists.
Tips for shooting better online video – learn the equipment, shooting and editing basics from this collection of tips.
Online video tips – a Squidoo lens with several useful online video shooting and editing tips.
Home video tips – Chris Pirillo’s tips for shooting better videos at home.
Camcorderinfo – Every online video comes from a camcorder, so here is the best place to get opinions on your next camcorder purchase.
5 Ways To Create a Great Video Podcast – A great article that applies to both video podcasts and video production in general.

Online Video Editors

Eyespot – add effects and transitions to the videos you upload, or use some of the large amount of free video clips and music from Eyespot’s media partners.
MuveeMix – Upload your movie, mix it with music, add cool effects and share it on MySpace, Friendster, Blogger, and other networks.
Motionbox – This service features the ability to link to a very specific point or “segment” within the clip itself.
Cuts – Insert sound effects in your videos, add captions, loop the best parts and in minutes you can share your creation with the world.
JumpCut – a free service that enables you to upload, edit and share your videos. Offers keyframe-based editing, effects, transitions and actions.
VideoEgg – A video editing platform that you can add to create a social network and offers opportunities for monetization.
Mojiti – Select videos from popular video sharing sites, personalize them with your annotations and share them with others.
Photobucket – Edit videos within a browser using Flash and remix photos and home videos with other elements, such as music, video captions and transitions.
StashSpace – Upload, store and edit your videos online. You can also record videos directly from your camcorder or digital camera.
BubblePly – Video annotating service where anyone can add text bubbles that are synchronized with video.
Veotag – Service that lets you display clickable text, called “veotags,” within an audio or video file.
Vidavee Grafitti – add graphics and text into any video; the service is called a “legal form of artful vandalism” by the creators.
Vmix – Vmix is a community and a hosting provider for your videos, aimed at creative authors who want to create remixes of their music and videos.
MovieMasher – a combination of a video editor with a timeline and lots of various effects, a standalone player and a media browser.
MixerCast – Mix your media with professional video, images, music, and network your MixerCast everywhere.
Fliptrack – Make a free musical photo slideshow and music video. It’s easy to do and you do it online.

Online Video Converters

Zamzar – converts all sorts of file formats, including several video formats.
Media Convert – a media converter with a huge amount of options; resulting videos can sometimes be out of sync with audio.
Vixy – a simple converter that can only convert Flash apps from the web to several other video formats.
Hey Watch! – an online video converter focusing on file formats that works on portable multimedia devices, like the iPod.
MediaConverter – a video converter that can be slow and needs polishing, but can sometimes yield really good results.
Movavi – another video converter that allows you to upload videos and convert them to formats you wish to use.

Video sharing

YouTube – YouTube is the king of the video sharing sites, it has more users and videos than the others. Any video you can think of it probably already on YouTube.
Google Video – Since Google bought YouTube, Google’s Video player is mainly used for for-pay content like TV shows. Also there is a search here that indexes all of the video sharing sites on the internet (well, most of them). – is the perfect video sharing site for video podcast makers. It’s designed to let them easily upload all types and qualities of media and then send them to their feed for the users. They also let you add ads to you video so you can make some money.
Ourmedia – A great site where you can upload audio, video, images, and text and share them with the world. The OurMedia community contains over 100,000 members.
Veoh – Watch long form, television quality content and publish your own videos.
DailyMotion – Video sharing platform with multiple video search options. You can join groups of people who publish videos based on a common interest.
Metacafe – A site that helps you discover the best videos through a community that filters, reviews and rates new videos every day.
UnCut – Video uploading and sharing community by AOL. Embed all the videos you want in your blog.
ClipShack – video sharing community that allows you to upload video clips, make friends, keep a collection of your favorite videos and comment on clips.
5min – Video sharing site with a particular vision: collecting videos that can visually explain anything in 5 minutes.
Brightcove – Search, click and watch. Music videos, news, travel, recipes, adventure. Thousands of channels, including the best in online video.
Viddler – Viddler lets add tags and comments to video that will show up at specific times. It also has unique features like flickr and twitter integration.
Revver – The first video sharing site that provides users with the possibility to earn money from the videos they upload.
Vimeo – Vimeo is a video sharing site that has an emphasis on it’s users. The video’s you find there are more likely to be home movies or shorts by aspiring film makers, and also a lot of lip dubs.
Yahoo Video – Yahoo’s version of online video. Similar to Google video, but done the Yahoo way.
HelpfulVideo – Share your knowledge and skills with others for free or little charge via video clips.
BroadbandSports – A video sharing site specifically for sharing sports related videos.
Travelistic – A video sharing site that allows users to post video content specific to travel.
Livevideo – Video sharing site that lets you create personal channels. Upload your own videos and share them with the world.
Kewego – A video sharing network where you can upload your own videos and view videos by others.
Godtube – It’s a Christian version of YouTube. All things Christian welcomed. – An interactive twist to video, this site allows you to view video and add interactive elements to it by using your mouse.
Mediabum – Video sharing site focusing on funny videos.
VMIX – Another video sharing website; All content is screened, so be sure everything you upload is legit.
Grouper – Video sharing site with a big selection of content; enables you to create playlists and easily upload videos to MySpace.
Break – Break is a video site and more for comedic based content.
Videosift – a Digg-like site which lets you submit, vote, and comment on videos.
GeeVee – GeeVee is a video sharing site specifically for sharing videos of game play in video games.
Stage6 – A video site that uses the Divx player so you can upload High Definition video, of course this also means longer upload times, and you need DivX support (usually a browser plugin).
Tube Battle – vote for the best videos, organized by category.

Video hosting

TinyPic – Host videos and images for free; it is possible to upload videos in the most popular formats and link videos on MySpace, eBay, blogs and message boards
Vidilife – Upload videos and store them online. There is no limit in terms of length of the files you can upload.
Dropshots – Good site that lets you upload videos, share them and embed them on other sites.
ZippyVideos – Upload and store video files (maximum 20 MB) in the most popular video formats.
Supload – Free service to host video clips and images. Maximum video file size allowed is 20 MB.
Rupid – Another provider of free video hosting: you can host your videos and share them with others.
Pixilive – Free images and video hosting for MySpace, eBay, Facebook and other sites. Maximum size for videos is 10 MB.
Mydeo – store and stream your videos online. You will be able to embed a video on any website and send streaming video messages .
YourFileHost – Upload files anonymously and share them with others. You can upload any file format up to 25 MB.

Video organization and management

Aggrega – create and organize your own music video channels and share them with others.
Feedbeat – a fantastic service that lets you create playlists with videos from different sources – YouTube, Google Video and others. Each playlist gets its own subdomain on
Ajaxilicious – an online movie catalogue which enables you to manage your movies and share them with others via RSS.
Cliproller – create custom video channels and add as many as you like to your personal Cliproller page.
CozmoTV – CozmoTV is a site that allows you to create and organize channels of video already existing online.

Vidcasts & vlogging

BlogCheese – a simple way to create and share a video blog – all you need is a webcam.
Revision3 – A video podcasting network that’s home to many well made video podcasts, including Diggnation, which is Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht’s video podcast about the top stories on Digg.
Jabbits – Social video blogging: Use your webcam to record your Post or Jab with an easy-to-use recorder.
Ask a Ninja – got questions? Ask a ninja! One of the most popular vidcasts in the world, and definitely the funniest.
Galacticast – a weekly Sci-fi comedy podcast, episodes usually consists of lots of really geeky parodies.
Scriggity – A news podcast, where the viewers send in the news that they think should be on the shows.
SuperDeluxe – A site to find videos that focus mainly on comedic content.
DL.TV – Some of the the old TechTV crew back at it again with their own own show on all things tech. One of the best video podcasts for tech geeks.
Webnation – Amber Mac’s bi-weekly video podcast with news and interviews relating to current events in the tech world.
Tom Green’s the Channel – A daily video podcast that is recorded live and is hosted by Tom Green. He usually has a celebrity guest on the show.
GeekBrief TV – a daily podcast hosted by Cali Lewis, it’s a 3-5 minute update on the latest tech news.
This Week in Tech – famous tech vidcast by Leo Laporte, one of the most viewed vidcasts in the world.
The Broken – tech show for teh 1337 h4×0rz.
Digg Podcasts – a long list of popular podcasts, containing most of the vidcasts on this list and many more.

Video mashups

Virtual Video Map – YouTube videos on a Google map. Find out where do all those cool videos come from.
RealPeopleStuff – a site that combines CraigsList and YouTube, offering video clips related to ads.
TagTV – enter a tag and get results from Flickr and YouTube. Clean and simple design makes TagTV a very neat way to browse photos and videos.
I Love Music Video – combines YouTube with info from your Last.FM account. Great way to get videos (at least until Last.FM signs an evil deal with all those content providers and starts offering music videos).
MusicPortl – information on bands and musicians containing biographies, Flickr images, related blog posts and YouTube videos.
Magg – aggregates videos from several video sites. Also works as a search engine.
RateMyDanceMoves – Hot or Not-style site, presenting you dance-related YouTube videos to vote on.
ReviewTube – a site that enables you to add captions to YouTube videos. Nice idea, but relatively poor execution – the captions frequently overlap, making the text unreadable.

Mobile video apps

Youtube mobile – a stripped down version of YouTube tailored for use on mobile phones.
Shozu – a free service for your phone that makes it easy to send and receive photos, videos and music
Abazab – a universal video player that also works on your mobile phone.
Srobbin Mobile Video – An unofficial search for Google video on your cell phone.
Yahoo Mobile – Yahoo mobile allows you to search, find, and play videos right on your cell phone.
MobiTV – MobiTV allows you to watch television video from popular networks of all kinds.
MTV Mobile Video – Anything MTV related all for download to watch on your cell phone.
ESPN MVP – If you are a Verizon Wireless customer and have the V Cast service enabled, you can watch sports clips and more.
Moblr – Moblr allows you to view videos uploaded to the site directly on your cell phone.
Mobunga – This site allows you to download videos to your mobile phone, as well as iPod and PSP.

Video search

Blinkx – Perform searches within the most popular video networks, such as CBS, Reuters and CNN. Users can search for content and create TV channels that splice relevant content together.
PureVideo – Search within the most popular video directories and video sharing sites. PureVideo features up to six channels and each channel contains about six source sites.
SearchVideo – Search engine and directory created by AOL. Users can also search within specific video channels like MySpace and YouTube.
Search For Video – search engine and video directory that displays results from hundreds of video channels. Search For Video also provides an add-on for Firefox.
Yahoo! Video Search – Yahoo! has a video search engine that gathers videos from Yahoo! directory and from many other online sources. You can also search within specific domains or sites.
TubeSurf – Video search engine that gathers results from popular video directories, such as YouTube, Yahoo! Video, MySpace and Google Video. TubeSurf is also available as an add-on for Firefox.
ClipRoller – Search across popular video sites, such as: YouTube, Metacafe and more. As you continue to search for videos, ClipRoller learns your preferences and delivers content you like to watch.
Pixsy – A video search engine that lets users search content across dozens of video sites. Users are allowed to save searches and single videos.
ScoopVid – Search engine that enables you to either search for videos or browse through channels and categories.
Google Video Search – Google’s Video search recently was updated and now searches many video sites other than just YouTube and Google Video.
AOL Video – once known as the great media search engine, the AOL-purchased SingingFish, AOL Video kept some traits of the crowd’s favorite place to look for hard to find videos, but true fans claim that the site is not as good as its predecessor.
Truveo – Search videos or browse by either channel or category.
Altavista Video – good old Altavista isn’t what it used to be, but it does have a video search section.

Online video downloading services

VideoRonk – Search and download your favorite videos from YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, DailyMotion, iFilm, MySpace, Vimeo,, Revver and more.
VideoDL – Download online videos available on YouTube, Google Video and stright to your computer.
Vixy – Grab videos from popular sites and convert them into various video formats (including iPod and PSP).
KeepVid – Download videos from many video sharing sites, including YouTube, Google Video, MySpace Videos, DailyMotion,, Revver and other services.
VideoDownloader – Get videos from video sharing sites. VideoDownloader is also available as a Firefox extension, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it within your browser.
YouTubeX – Download videos from YouTube. It doesn’t have a lot of options in terms of video sites among which you could choose, but it is very easy to use.
DownThisVideo – This site lets you download videos from YouTube, GoogleVideo, MetaCafe, Vimeo and other services.
KissYouTube – A service that provides two interesting and effective ways to download videos from YouTube.
YouTubeDownloads – Another site that lets you download videos exclusively from YouTube (other sites are not supported).
Kcoolonline – Download videos on your hard disk from more than 90 sites, including YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, iFilm and MySpace, Yahoo and many more.
YouTubia – A YouTube clone that lets you download and save YouTube videos within your IE or Firefox browser.
MediaConverter – A platform that lets you download and convert videos straight from YouTube.

Miscellaneous tools

Hellodeo – Record videos from your webcam and post them on any web page.
Flikzor – Send and receive video comments on your profile, blog and more.
Flixn – Record a video message right in the web browser and share anywhere including MySpace and eBay.
GabMail – Service that enable users to send unlimited numbers of free video email messages.
Bubble Guru – A site for recording webcam video messages and getting them onto your website or sending to others.
CamTwist – Software package (for Mac computers) that lets you add special effects to your video chats.
WebcamMax – Software that lets you add videos, screen, pictures, flash and effects to virtual or real webcam and broadcast on all messengers (Windows
StumbleUpon Video – Just press “Stumble!” and a random video is presented to you, you can also ask for random videos with in categories like Humor, or Cats.
CrowdRules – video answers to your questions.
ClipSync – interact with other users while watching the same video as them.
ClipSyndicate – publish broadcast quality news on your web site.
Broadbandsports – a big collection of sports-related videos. (via)