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Thursday, May 4, 2006

Top 50 iPhone Apps to Enhance Your Photo and Video Experience

We know you’re obsessed with your iPhone, and chances are you’ve been taking a lot more photos – perhaps even recording videos – over the holidays. To satisfy aspiring iPhone photographers and videographers, we’ve assembled a collection of more than 50 iPhone and iPod Touch apps to enhance your photo and video experience.

We’ve included fan favorites, lesser known names, apps for photo editing, apps for video enjoyment, and many more.

Photo Sharing

PixelPipe – Media Gallery – (App Store Rating: 2.5 stars) PixelPipe is a free and fully loaded photo sharing app that lets users easily send and geotag their photos to any of 50 supported destination sites including Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Seesmic, Facebook, FriendFeed, Tumblr, WordPress, and FTP sites. One downside to PixelPipe is that you do have to manually add each destination site, which could take hyper-socialites like myself a substantial amount of time.

AroundShare – (App Store Rating: 1.5 stars) AroundShare supports sharing your photos, with location and description, to Flickr, Twitter, Google Maps, and WordPress blogs. One nice bonus is that users can subscribe to any AroundShare RSS feed to import full resolution images into iPhoto. One flaw is that your photos are shared publicly to the AroundShare website.

Twitxr – (App Store Rating: 2 stars) Twitxr, a competitor to Twitpic, has a dead simple free iPhone app that, once configured online (you do have to create an account), will post your photos to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa.

Rotzy Photo Sharing – (App Store Rating: 3 stars) Rotzy is similar to Twitxr, but there’s a little bit more baked into this free app. You do have to create an account, and should you use it like a photo-sharing social network instead of just a photo sharing utility, you can upload your photos, view your friends’ photos in a Twitter-like timeline view, comment on photos with either text or photos, and auto-post to Facebook and Tumblr.

Photo Apps for Tweets

Twittelator – (App Store Rating: 3 stars) With both free and pro versions available, Twittelator has something for everyone. When it comes to photo-sharing, your photos are posted to Twitpic, and photo-viewing happens right inside the app.

Twinkle – (App Store Rating: 3 stars) With Twinkle, you can share and view photos via this location-aware iPhone app. Just note that uploaded photos are posted to a custom Twinkle URL that doesn’t support comments.

Twitterific – (App Store Rating: 3 stars) Twitterific is a simple Twitter app with a mini-browser that supports photo uploads from the app.

Twitfire – (App Store Rating: 2.5 stars) Twitfire is a free Twitter app that’s especially handy for web browsing and inserting links, it also supports photo uploads to TwitPic.

Tweetie – (App Store Rating: 4 stars) Quickly becoming the hottest Twitter app, Tweetie offers full features and an iChat-like UI for $2.99. Especially of note is the inline Twitpic image viewer.

One Site Wonders [Photos]

Kyte Producer – (App Store Rating 2.5 stars) Even though Kyte is video-centric, the iPhone app is a video workaround where users can create slide shows from the iPhone’s photo gallery, add polls, and chat with their Kyte audience in real-time.

Facebook – (App Store Rating: 3.5 stars) – This social networking app supports photo uploads with captions, posts to Friends’ walls, photo sharing, viewing, and tagging.

MySpace Mobile – (App Store Rating: 3.5 stars) – MySpace Mobile gives MySpace addicts the photo features they want including the ability to post comments on friends’ photos, and the ability to share uploaded photos.

SmugShot – (App Store Rating: 2.5 stars) – SmugShot is a handy mobile app for the SmugMug aficionado. The app is free and adds geotagged photos, as you shoot them, to your SmugMug galleries.

Mobile Fotos (App Store Rating: 3.5 stars) – Mobile Fotos is for Flickr users looking for a simple way to browse and upload photos. For 99 cents, users can swipe through their Flickr photos, contacts’ photos, favorites, groups, sets, and interesting photos. There’s also a nearby search option for finding photos taken near your location. If Flickr isn’t enough, you can also opt to send notifications of photo uploads to Twitter.

Photobucket for iPhone – (App Store Rating: 2 stars) – Photobucket users will appreciate this free app, which originally cost $4.99 at launch, that lets you upload your photos to your Photobucket account, as well as browse other online photos. It’s simple, effective, and just for Photobucket users.

Snaplog (App Store Rating: 2.5 stars) – If you’re a Snaplog Photo Blogger then you’ll like the free Snaplog app that automatically uploads photos to Users can crop photos, add effects, tags, captions, and post to Twitteriffic.

ImageShack – (App Store Rating: 2.5 stars) – ImageShack’s free app has exactly the same feature set as the Photobucket app, but its audience is existing ImageShack users.

Frivolous Photos

Tattoo Shop – (App Store Rating: 3 stars) – Instead of branding yourself for life, why not just add digital tattoos to your photos with Tattoo Shop? The app offers a collection of real-life looking tattoos and text options that you can place on your photos and resize as desired.

Toy Camera – (App Store Rating: 3.5 stars) – For $1.99, Toy Camera automatically applies several random effects to the photos you take.

GothPix – (App Store Rating: 3 stars) – Make your photos look creepy with GothPix. The $1.99 app replaces your image with its darker cousin by randomly adding in splatter, sprays, texture, and high contrast black and white tones.

Shakin’ Faces Morph123 Lite – (App Store Rating: 2 stars) – Blend together pictures of people, animals, or inanimate objects to see them morph into one strange photo. It’s not the most intuitive app to use, but it might be just what the 12 year-old in you is looking for. The Lite version is free, but for a few bucks the fully featured version lets you export your creations in QuickTime movie format.

FAIL Maker – (App Store Rating: 2.5 stars) – FAIL Maker is a dead simple app that lets you take or select a photo, drag and drop a few common FAIL expressions, and save it for future mockery.

Photo Enhancement

Colorator – (App Store Rating: 2 stars) – For 99 cents, Colorator users can color cast their photos by either selecting spots in photos to cast them in black and white, or by changing the entire photo to black and white and then selecting single areas for color popping effects.

EdgePix – (App Store Rating: 3 stars) – This 99 cent app is perfect for the person looking to select from a variety of frames and edges to add to their photos. The app supports multiple borders and boasts 14 different borders and edges.

Photogene – (App Store Rating: 4 stars) – Photogene brings Photoshop-like image editing attributes to your photo library. This $2.99 app lets you rotate, mirror, crop, sharpen, adjust coloring and saturation, and add special effects. Your professional works of art can then be saved to your library for sharing or importing to iPhoto.

Magic Touch – (App Store Rating: 3 stars) – If you’re looking for more photo retouching options and have $1.99 to spare, you might like Magic Touch. The app lets you use your finger to touch up photographs and adjust anything from cosmetic changes like teeth whitening to night vision enhancements.

Photo Lab 1600 – (App Store Rating: 3 stars) – Yet another photo enhancement app with 20+ image effect filters and cropping functionality. Photo Lab 1600 is normally priced at $2.99, but is available now for 99 cents.

Photonasis 2.0 Lite – (App Store Rating: 2.5 stars) – Photonasis 2.0 Lite is a free alternative to Photogenie, offering users 32 photo effects including histogram equalization, gray scale, sepia, dilate (light enhancing), erode (darkness enhancing), emboss, smoothing, motion blur, contour, and cartoon effects. The app, however, only supports adding one filter and is pretty prone to crashing depending your system memory. There is a 99 cent version available, but it’s unclear what the added cost does to enhance the free version.

Pano – (App Store Rating: 4 stars) – Ever wished you could take panoramic photos on your iPhone? Pano, which is a bargain at $2.99, is a simple app with a huge effect. Pano guides users as they take up to six photos that are automatically merged into one panoramic shot. To check out some of the amazing shots that Pano has played a part in creating, make sure to visit the Flickr Pano for iPhone: Panoramas group.

SteadyCam – (App Store Rating: 2.5 stars) – SteadyCam attempts to tackle a common problem—blurry photos—making those photos you do share pretty and pristine. Once you press the shutter button the app waits until your hand is steady before snapping the photo. The premium version, with fullscreen shutter touch, is also available for an additional 99 cents.

Night Camera – (App Store Rating: 2 stars) – This 99 cent app aims to help you take better photos at night or in low light conditions. Like SteadyCam, the app uses the accelerometer to trigger the shutter when it detects that the camera is stable.

FLEX Photo Lab – (App Store Rating: 2.5 stars) – Another free option for photo enhancement is FLEX Photo Lab, brought to you by Ford as a tie-in with their Ford FLEX campaign. The app, which is incredibly easy to use, has 6 different touch-oriented filters that you can add to your photo.

Polarock – (App Store Rating: 3 stars) – Polarock is a simple app that applies the Polaroid effect to your photos. At 99 cents, this app also lets you add in additional styles and captions.

SodaSnap Postcards – (App Store Rating: 2.5 stars) – Make cute postcards from your photos that you can email to friends and family. With SodaSnap, just snap or select a photo, enter a message, and select from your contacts to share and send a postcard with your personalized message.

Seeframe and CEIVA Snap – (App Store Rating: NA (no reviews)) – These apps all have one simple purpose – to let you showcase your iPhone photos on digital picture frames. Seeframe enables users to send their photos to a connected Seeframe digital photo frame. You’ll want to visit the Seeframe website for instructions on how to configure your frame and for information on how to pull in additional online photos via RSS. CEIVA Snap supports sending photos to CEIVA frames and online albums, organizational options, and geotagging.

One Site Wonders [Video]

Qik – To livestream your own video content, you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone, but it might be worth it to stream video via the Qik iPhone app, which also makes it easy for you to view comments from your viewers’ reactions on the fly. I originally jailbroke my iPhone just for Qik, and although I loved the app, I’ve since restored my phone. I’ll just keep hoping that Qik will show up in the App store in the near future.

Flixwagon – a Qik competitor, also supports a mobile livestreaming iPhone app for jailbroken phones. – (App Store Rating: 4 stars) – If you’re not quite ready to jailbreak, you might consider You can create and post 12second slide shows from your iPhone with this brand new app. Just take or select 3 photos, record 12 seconds of audio, and post your new video to the site. It’s a nice video workaround that doesn’t require jailbreaking your phone.

Animoto – (App Store Rating: 4 stars) – This brand new app adds music to your photo library. Just choose between 8 and 16 images, select from 9 different musical genres, preview different song selections, and the final result is a really nice musically-enhanced video that you can embed and share. Check out my little creation from the UCLA vs. Wynoming basketball game at Pauly Pavillion (UCLA won 113 – 62).

For Your Video Watching Pleasure

Television – (App Store Rating: 2 stars) – It is what it is. For $2.99 you can watch 61 television shows from 33 channels on demand on Television. Channels include CNN, CBS, VH1, MTV, and Digg.TV.

Movies – (App Store Rating: 3.5 stars) – Brought to you by Flixster, Movies is the perfect free app for viewing movie trailers, finding show times near your zip code, and browsing top rated and upcoming releases.

Joost – (App Store Rating: 2 stars) – With the Joost app you can choose from over 46,000 available titles to watch music videos, television, and movies on your iPhone or iPod touch. Although the viewing experience is great, the app would definitely benefit from a few additional features, like being able to save and view personal favorites. There’s also still a few kinks that need to be worked out.

i.TV – (App Store Rating: 3 stars) – i.TV is a TV and movie guide with a selection of media to watch on your phone, the ability to browse television previews, movie trailers, and listings, and the option to add content to your Netflix queue. There’s also integration with Tivo, making it possible to set your DVR recordings from your phone.

Truveo Video Search – (App Store Rating: 2.5 stars) – AOL’s Truveo is a pretty nifty free app for searching and viewing videos from various sources. Users can search by category or keywords, check out featured content from sources like CNN, and watch what’s hot.

Howcast How-To Videos – (App Store Rating: 3 stars) – Search and watch how-to videos on origami, recipes, cocktails, car repair, and a plethora of other subject matters. With Howcast, you can view your history, save your favorites, and send them to friends via email.

AppVee – (App Store Rating: 2.5 stars) – If you ever wanted to watch video reviews of iPhone apps, then you’re in luck. AppVee is a free app that has in-depth reviews on hundreds of different apps.

Video Streaming Viewing for Work or Play

iRa Pro – (App Store Rating: 4 stars (1 rating)) – If you’ve got $899.99 to spare, IT know-how, and a predilection for surveillance, then you might want to check out iRa Pro. The app, inspired by the high-end security industry, enables users to view live video feeds from cameras or video management servers. Users can even control pan-tilt-zoom cameras right from their iPhone.

Air Cam Live Video – (App Store Rating: 3 stars) – What does $7.99 buy you in the App Store? Air Cam Live Video. The app utilizes the iSight webcam (or other compatible web cams) to bring a live video feed, with audio, to your iPhone. It’s a neat idea that you can use for surveillance, as a baby monitor, or just for fun. Additional software download required.

iCam – (App Store Rating: 4 stars) – At $4.99, iCam might be a more affordable way to stream live web cam feeds to your phone. The iCam bonus is that you can view up to four feeds simultaneously. Additional software download required.

World Traffic Cameras – (App Store Rating: 2 Stars) – For practical purposes, World Traffic Cameras adds utility to publicly accessible camera feeds. The $4.99 app gives users the ability to search for cams on a map (there are over 4,000 across the globe), select a cam, and actually watch traffic as it happens.

WorldView Live – (App Store Rating: 3 stars) – Voyeristic types will get a kick out of WorldView Live, the $2.99 iPhone app that lets you watch live video streamed from web cams across the world. You can search for webcams using a map, watch live video streams for more than 40 webcams, view the distance from a web cam to your locale, or save and share your favorites with your friends via email. (via

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Top 20 BlackBerry Mobile Apps for Organization and Productivity

iPhone this, G1 that, where is all of the love for the BlackBerry? Like the forgotten child in the orphanage, it seems no one talks about the still popular RIM smartphone anymore. Well, it’s still out there going strong, and long before the iPhone and G1, BlackBerry had apps before apps were cool.

From better instant messaging to full Office document editing, there is something for all business-minded BlackBerry owners in this list of 20 great organization and productivity applications.


BBSmart – Allows you to see your emails as HTML so no more annoying links in place of pictures. Costs $29.95.

Google Talk – A full version of the popular Google Talk IM client for your BlackBerry. Can do everything with your desktop client, even save chats to your account.

IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger – Allows you to IM with your contacts on AIM, GTalk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, MySpace IM and Yahoo. Cost is a rather hefty $49.95.

IM+ for Skype – Gives you the ability to chat with your Skype contacts, see who is online and use your Skype Out account all from your mobile phone with no need for a computer or Wi-Fi. Costs $29.95.

TwitterBerry – While it is arguable if this will actually increase your productivity, it is still nice to have access to your full Twitter account while away from the office or on the road.

Document Productivity

BlackBerry Database Viewer Plus – Allows you to view MS Access, Excel, FoxPro, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL databases directly on your BlackBerry. Costs $19.95.

eOffice – A Microsoft Office compatible suite of applications that allows you to view and edit documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and everything else you could hope for an office application to do. Costs $29.95.

eSpell – eSpell is a spell checker that works on documents, emails and SMS text messages on your BlackBerry. Costs $19.95.

MSDict Concise Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus – The Oxford dictionary and thesaurus comes to the BlackBerry with over 180,000 entries in the dictionary and more than 350,000 synonyms and antonyms in the Thesaurus. Costs $39.95.


Berry Locator – While not exactly about productivity, Berry Locator is an essential app for anyone on the go. If you lose your beloved phone, you can send an email to this app that will be displayed on the screen telling whoever finds it how to get it back to you, and if you have GPS enabled, you will see a map showing you where it is. Costs $6.95.

Personal Productivity Assistant – Allows you to keep an eye on all sorts of accounts while you are on the go. You can keep an eye on your credit card statements, stock broking accounts, cell phone minutes and even monitor your Netflix account from this handy app. Costs $4.95 a month or a one time fee of $29.95.

Pocket Express – Pocket Express gives you flight status, weather, stock reports, a mobile concierge service and more. Costs $9.99 a month, or $99 a year.

RDM+: Remote Desktop for Mobiles – A remote desktop access system for your phone that will give you full control of your chosen computer. Costs $49.95.


Agendus – A Personal Information Manager that doesn’t overwrite your existing built-in applications, but instead stores its data in the same locations as your phone so all information is available to both apps. Aims to cut the number of button clicks needed to do tasks. Costs $39.95.

e-Mobile Today Professional Edition – Significantly overhauls your homepage so it shows more information such as appointments for the day, missed calls, quick access to contacts and a whole lot more. Costs $29.95.

Google Sync – This free app will synchronize your Google Calendar and contacts with the built-in applications in your BlackBerry.

Remember The Milk – MilkSync is a bi-directional synchronization tool for the built-in Tasks app in your phone. They offer a free 15-day trial, but after that it is only available to Pro account subscribers.

Travel Planning & Booking

Travel+ USA – Gives you information on bus, flights and train schedules, ability to look up hotels, sort results by price and more. Costs $19.95.

Travel Mate For BlackBerry – This app allows you to save all of the information about your trip, track expenses, convert currency, look up facts on your destination and more. Costs $25.99.

WorldMate Live – WorldMate Live is the perfect travel companion. It allows you to book hotels on the go, check weather, convert currencies and more. If you pay for the paid version, you also receive real time flight status and alerts. (via)

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Top 15 Free BlackBerry Tools

When people think of the BlackBerry, they tend to think of it only in terms of enterprise users. Over the past few years it has become much more than that; a device that is easily accessible to anyone for any number of uses. One of the biggest trends on the device has been easing communication.

Be it in the form of Instant messaging or social networking, there are plenty of free tools out there for you to use to stay in touch with anyone from anywhere. Use these 15 free tools to turn your BlackBerry into a communications powerhouse.

What are some of your favorite ways to communicate on the BlackBerry?

Instant Messengers

AIM – The old guard instant messenger of AIM is available for various models of BlackBerry and includes picture messaging inside of chat, avatars, emoticons, instant login and more.

Google Talk – Google brings their popular instant messenger to the BlackBerry with features such as changing your status, chat logging just like the desktop version, buddy pictures and everything else you could hope for.

ICQ – A favorite of the technical elite for years, ICQ for the BlackBerry gives you the ability to run several chats at once, near real-time updates on which friends are online auto-login and several other features.

Windows Live Messenger – Windows Live Messenger for the BlackBerry allows you to add, delete and block contacts, customize your status message, participate in multiple chats and a bevy of other features.

Yahoo Messenger – Yahoo’s entry into the BlackBerry instant messaging market allows you to view your current contacts list, add avatars, use emoticons and the usual line-up of features.

Social Networking

Facebook – Facebook for the BlackBerry gives you easy photo sharing for models of the phone with a camera, updates on your mail and wall messages. Also send pokes and a heck of a lot more.

Flickr – The perfect application for models of the BlackBerry with a camera, Flickr will allow you to directly upload your photos, resize, tag and even geotag the image if your unit has GPS.

MySpace – The BlackBerry MySpace application allows you to read email and bulletins, change your mood, add comments, post photos and an assortment of other features.


Cellity – Cellity is an app that allows you to make calls at cheaper rates, offers reduced fees for text messages, microblogging and more.

iSkoot – iSkoot is a third-party application that gives you full control over your Skype account. You can chat with your contacts, make Skype-to-Skype calls, and even use Skype Out to call international phone numbers, all via your BlackBerry.

LogicMail – LogicMail bring IMAP and POP email support to the BlackBerry. You can also send email via SMTP and view images in mail. Provides support for IMAP folders and a whole lot more.

ShoZu – ShoZu allows you to interact with numerous sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, LiveJournal, Blogger and a whole slew more. Available features vary by service.

Twitterberry – How could you talk about communications on any device without bringing up the ubiquitous Twitter? Enter new messages, get replies, send direct messages, check the timeline and more.

Vlingo – While not a communication app in and of itself, Vlingo is a voice command app that will allow you to speak your text messages instead of having to type them off. Also allows you to voice control other selected applications.

YouMail – While not exactly an application, YouMail is a third-party service that allows you to get new services in your voicemail such as the ability to download, forward, look up missed calls and several other features. (via)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Top 20 Mobile Internet Applications

Today is the year of the mobile internet, right? We hear that every year. Let’s forget about predictions and focus on what’s available right now. We bring you over 20 mobile internet applications that you’ll actually use.

Bookmarking – Find mobile websites, mark them for later use, and even build a mobile web page with your favorite links for quick access. – A site that allows you to publish videos, photos, and more to both the normal web and mobile devices.

Miscellaneous – Strip a site or RSS feed down to the bare bones to make it easier on your phone, also use the site as search engine on the go. – Access to email, feeds, update your friends and more. – Sync your Google Calendar with your mobile phone or PDA. – Access any and all of your email accounts from one centralized mobile mailbox. – A widget service for mobile devices that has over 20,000 widgets at your disposal.

Publishing – Publish a mobile blog directly from your phone using SMS or email. – Publish your camera phone pictures directly to the web. – Publish your photos from your phone quickly to the net. – Shoot your video in 3GP format and publish it directly to the web. – Publish videos and pictures from your phone to the web. – Publish your on-the-go pictures as a life blog and then use it on any number of other websites. – Share videos and pictures from moments in your life.

RSS – A custom RSS reader for your mobile phone that will also allow you to sync with your online subscriptions. – Ever feel like you really need to read your RSS feeds on the go? Then this is the service for you. It can be accessed with any phone with 2G or 3G access, and they recommend an XHTML browser. – Subscribe to the feeds you want and then access them from your mobile device. – Convert any website or RSS feed into one readable by your phone.

Search – A search and start page for mobile browsing. – Discover, submit, and rate mobile sites to share with others. – A mobile search engine for all sorts of information including MySpace. (via)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Top 40 Mobile Productivity Resources

In the fast paced world, we’re constantly trying to improve our productivity, but it can get hard when you’re on the move. We’ve compiled a list of mobile productivity tools that are accessible through WAP enabled sites, mobile download applications, voice, and SMS integration. Some of them use web applications while others are standalone, but they all help you stay productive while on the go.

To-do Lists and Notes

Stikkit – Web application used to organize your daily details. Stikkit’s integration with Mobivity allows you to create and retrieve your Stikkets from your Stikkit account via SMS.
Remember The Milk – Task management web application where you can interact with your RTM task lists via 2-way SMS using twitter.
Jott – Call and leave yourself or anyone on your contact list a note. The note is transcribed to text and sent to your Jott account/email addresses.
CellTell – CellTell + Backpack = Voice notes for your 37signals Backpack to-do list account.
ToodleDo – To-do list management site, where you can access your Toodledo lists from your mobile WAP browser.
SyncNotes – Access your notes via mobile WAP browser.
motask – Simple mobile WAP browser site to manage to-do lists.
BrainCast – Record notes to yourself, log into the site and listen to them later. Also set reminders for Braincast to call you and play back a recorded message.
AirSet – Personal information manager with contacts, lists, and calendars for yourself and shared groups. Accessible via mobile WAP browser.
mindjot – Remember a product or service while on the go by sending in the mcode, you’ll be sent more information later.
reQall – Call up and record a note that gets converted to text. The note is available on your account online and emailed to you. You can also setup SMS reminders from calendars.
pingme – To-do lists with an integrated reminder system.

Calendars and Reminders

Google Calendar – Access your Google Calendar through a WAP enabled mobile browser.
GooSync – Synchronize your Google calendar with the calendar in your mobile device.
AOL Mobile Reminders – Setup important date reminders and get notifications via SMS.
oh don’t forget – Single reminders to send to yourself via SMS. No account needed, just setup a single reminder and you’re good to go.
Jotlet – Shareable online calendars with SMS reminders.
Web Reminder – Setup multiple reminders to send to yourself via SMS.
rminder – Reminders created with text are translated to voice reminders that call you. Also has integration with major calendar applications.
Planzo – Shareable online calendars and to-do lists with SMS reminders.
bitBomb – Online Calendar with buddy lists and group SMS reminders.
Snoozester – Setup your own wakeup calls and SMS reminders.
myMemorizer – Manage your own events and have SMS reminders sent to you.
Joopz – Send group SMS, set reminders, schedule event SMS messages.
TextMemos – Another simple reminder service, works via SMS.

Email to SMS

TeleFlip – Forward your emails to your phone via SMS. Filter by time of delivery, messag sender and number of SMS messages per email.
TAPGAD – Send in a SMS to the service to request your emails to be sent to you via SMS, even reply to sender of emails through SMS.
emoze – Push Outlook emails, contacts and calendar items to your phone.

Voicemail to Text

SpinVox – Convert your voicemails to text for your email or SMS.
CallWave – Translates your voicemails and sends SMS messages to you. Also has a mobile WAP site to access and manage your messages.
SimulSays – Voicemails are translated to text, after which you can manage the messages through their mobile application.

Mobile Office Tools

scanR – Use your mobile camera phone to scan, copy and fax. Copy documents, white boards and business cards and extract the text.
Qipit – Use your camera phone to capture handwritten notes or printed documents, email or MMS them to Qipit and fax, email or publish and share them.
SoonR – Connects to your remote PC access your desktop, contacts, and files securely. Use your PC to relay Skype calls too.
GoLiveMobile Tip – Query the Wikipedia via SMS.
YAHOO! Go 2.0 – If you are a Yahoo user, you can access just about all your Yahoo applications.
flurry – Access your email, contacts and news through a full mobile application.

Mobile Search and Alerts

Google Mobile SMS – Query Google through SMS and get local directory results and other important information at your fingertips.
1-800-GOOG-411 – Call Google’s 411 service to get directory information, you can request them to send you the requested information via SMS too.
YAHOO! oneSearch – Yahoo’s new mobile search accessible via SMS or WAP enabled browser.
4INFO – Query for live sports scores, entertainment, travel, directory services via SMS.
Tellme – Call or SMS for directory services.
YAHOO! Alerts – Setup Yahoo news, stocks, weather, horoscope and other SMS alerts.
AOL Alerts – Setup AOL news, stocks, weather, horoscope and other SMS alerts.

Miscellaneous Tools – Give out your mobile ID for all your contact info, accessible via mobile device.
pinger – Point to point voice messaging.
Buxfer – Budget and track your expenses via SMS.
Geezeo – Access your account balance via SMS. (via)