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Friday, April 21, 2006

Top 20 Tools For Creating Your Own Games

We all play games, but not many of us have tried to actually create games. Have you been scared due to all the programming knowledge you think it takes? Well, thanks to the wonders of the web, now there are numerous tools that enable almost anyone to create a video game. You can give it a try using the 20+ tools we gathered!

Flash Based – Hosts lots of games and videos, features tutorials on working with Flash. – Numerous tutorials for working with Flash including step-by-step guides for certain types of games. – Extensive collection of tutorials for Flash including guides for specific types of games such as shooters.

Lassie Adventure Studio – A 2d creation image with the feel of the old style Lucasarts games. – Create a Flash game from a wide range of objects and then embed it into your MySpace, Blogger, and more sites.

General Sites & Resources – A 3d modeling animation system. – Create your own games with their tools, host them on the site, let thousands of people play. – Everything you need to create a game including a pool of ideas submitted by users.

Martin Piecyk’s Website – A guide to learning how to make games with links to numerous resources. – A gigantic archive of video game midi files that, after asking permission from the people who made the files, you could possibly use in your own freeware games. – An engine to make 2d adventure games with no programming language knowledge required. – Provides game making tools, beta testing, downloads, works in progress, a community and more.

RPG Makers – A character generator for use with RPG Maker. – Lots of resources for RPG Maker including character editors, soundfiles and more. – Home of the RealFeel 2D MMORPG making software. – Home of the Eclipse MMORPG software and also includes many resources for your games such as sprites and sounds. – RPG making resources such as graphics, midis, and wave files. Able to upload games up to 50mb in size. – A popular system for crating MMORPGs.

RPG Maker – Home of the series of the RPG Maker series of programs. – Downloads and tools for various RPG engines. – Tools and utilities for 13 different game making engines. (via)