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Saturday, February 4, 2006

Top 150 Apps, Scripts and Add-ons for Facebook

Facebook is growing at a fast rate these days, with hundreds of new applications, scripts and Firefox add-ons driving that growth. We’ve picked out the leading browser extensions, desktop applications, Greasemonkey scripts and Facebook apps – more than 150 in all.


Firefox Toolbar – adds Facebook search and activity notifications to Firefox. Also view friends and share content without visiting Facebook itself.

Facebook HugBack – makes all our pokes display as “hugs” – only visible to you, not your friends.

Notre Dame Facebook Style – a custom “University of Notre Dame” style that adds a custom header and theme to all Facebook pages.

Facebook Photo Album Downloader – download entire albums from Facebook with a click.

Boost for Facebook – adds all kinds of Facebook-specific features to your browser, including skins, notifications, auto-poke, auto-login, friends in your sidebar and more.

Facebar – another Facebook toolbar with automatic login, search and quick links.

Firefox Universal Uploader – a tool to upload and download images to many online services, include Facebook.

Autoslideshow – grabs all the images from the current page and displays a slideshow of them within Firefox. Works with Facebook and lots of other photo sites.


(please note, you need the Firefox browser and the Greasemonkey extension to run these)

Cipher’s Facebook Remove Ads – Removes all the ads.

Facebook Age Checker – Automatically converts the birthdays listed on Facebook to an age, saving you the math.

Facebook AIM status icon – Shows when your Facebook friends are logged in to AIM.

Facebook Autologin v2 – Logs you in automatically.

Facebook events on your Google Calendar – Adds your Facebook events to your Google calendar automatically.

Facebook Fixer – Combines several scripts such as showing bigger profile pictures, adding helpful menu items, showing people’s ages and changing redirecting links to direct links.

Facebook Friend Menu – Puts some of the most common tasks into a drop down menu.

Facebook Poke O’ Matic – Gives you the ability to poke all your friends at once.

Facebook Refresh – Will reload walls, news feeds, alerts, and your inbox automatically.

Facebookpedia – Shows Wikipedia links to interests when you hover over them.

FacebookMessageSaver – Tired of accidentally losing a message before sending it? This will help prevent that problem.

Facebook View Photo in Album – Adds a button above pictures to see them in their albums.

No Facebook Apps – Annoyed by all the apps? This gets rid of them.

revertBook – Another script to remove the clutter of all the Facebook apps people are adding.


Facebook Exporter for iPhoto – Tag, caption, and export photos from your iPhoto library directly to Facebook.

Mobile – View your friends and interact with them while mobile.

Video – Add videos, record from your webcam and much more.


eBay Auctions – List auctions you are running on your own page, browse others, make wishlists.

Forbes Stock Tracker – Track your stocks, see what your friends have, stay on top of financial news.

Jobster – Get job alerts on companies you are interested in.

PayPal – Need to pay someone? Someone owe you? You can handle it all from here.

Resume – Post your resume, sync your LinkedIn resume and recommendations to your Facebook resume.

Yahoo! Finance – Keep up on the latest financial news with Yahoo! Finance.

Zoho – Online Office – Work on your documents inside of Facebook and share them for collaboration.

Food & Drink

Beeeeeeeer – Show off the beers you like and dislike, discover new beers to try.

Cookbook – Share your recipes, find new ones, make up some of your own creation.

Diet & Calorie Counter – Trying to lose weight? Calculate your calories with this handy app.

Drink Recipes – Add drink recipes to your profile from classics to new mixtures.

Eating – Share your favorite restaurants and learn of new ones you might want to try.

Wine – Keep track of the wines you’re storing and those you’ve sampled.


Chuck Norris – Add “facts” about Chuck Norris to your profile.

Countdown Calendar – Add a countdown on your profile for any event of your choice.

Fridge Magnets – Allow friends to rearrange the magnets on your fridge to leave a message.

Glitter Text – Add glitter text to your profile, several styles to choose from.

HOT or NOT – Rate other Facebook users, find the hottest, meet them.

Jack Bauer Fact Generator – Generates fun facts about Jack Bauer, such as his tears cure cancer… too bad he never cries.

LOLcats – One of the most popular things on the Internet right now, enjoy the LOLcats in the comfort of your own profile.

Moods – Share your current mood with your friends using emoticons.

Netflix Movies – Display your current Netflix queue on your profile.

South Park Character Creator – Make yourself into a character from South Park, lots of options.

Virtual iPhone – Can’t get your hands on an actual iPhone, play with a virtual one and explore its menus.

Word Magnets – Use word magnets on your wall.


Blackjack – Add the age old game of Blackjack to your page.

Chess – Play chess against your friends.

(fluff)Friends – Add a fuzzy little pet to your page.

Games – Add a mini-arcade of games to your page.

NES Games – Play classic Nintendo games right in your profile.

PacMan – Play the classic arcade game.

Red Bull Roshambull – Red Bull’s version of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Stick Fighter – Like Street Fighter… only with stick figures.

Texas HoldEm Poker – Play the popular card game.

Vampires – Turn your friends into creatures of the night!

VideoGames – Share with friends what games you have, set up loans between friends for swaps.

Warcrafter – Show off your WoW characters in your profile.

Web Sudoku – Daily Sudoku puzzles of different difficulty levels for your page.

WereWolves – Do full moons excite you? This is the game for you!

Xbox Live – Display your Xbox Live account in your profile.

Zombies – Bite your friends and turn them into Zombies.

Media Players

BBC Radio – Choose the BBC radio stations you want to play on your profile and display what is currently playing.

Boombox – Add as many songs as you like to your profile, browse friends’ music, send songs to others.

Deejay – Display your current top songs in a rotating fashion on your page.

Dizzler Media Player – Search MP3s and videos to create a playlist.

iLike – Add music to your profile, play the music challenge and more. Music – Use your account to play full length tracks on your profile. Music – Turn your music into a playlist, share it with friends, check your music compatibility.

MediaMaster – Upload your tracks, make a playlist, start your own “radio station” on your profile.

Mosoto Remix – Add full length songs to your profile, send them to your friends.

Music Videos – Add music videos to your profile.

MySource – Lets you put songs from MySpace on your Facebook page.

myTV – Search YouTube without leaving Facebook; build a playlist of your favorite clips.

Uber Music Player – Music player with several customizable skins.

yourminis MP3 Player – Search for web based playlists, or link to your own uploaded files.

zuPort: YouTube – Import your videos and favorites from your YouTube account.


Email – Now you can email your off-Facebook friends without leaving the site.

My Chatroom – Adds a chatroom to your profile.

Instant Message – Message your friends from anywhere in Facebook, syncs with your friends automatically.

Mobile Status – Send text messages from your phone to your Facebook page to keep people updated on you as you move around the globe.

mobimiiCHAT – Chat with your friends in real-time, one-on-one, groups, even when logged out of Facebook.

MyPhone – Let your friends call your phone and leave voice mail all while not sharing your phone number.

Send SMS – Send SMS messages to most carriers and even other countries for free.

SkypeMe – Add Skype functionality to Facebook.

Snapvine – Allows you to leave voice comments for people on their profiles.

Talk To Me! – Send and receive voice messages to friends profiles.

Text Me – Gives visitors to your profile the ability to text you. SMS Text Messaging – Allow people to text you without revealing your cell phone number to anyone.


Advanced Wall – Gives you all the normal wall features plus more such as the ability to add video to wall postings.

Graffiti – Lets you draw on your friend’s profiles.

iSellMyTextbook – Helps you connect with other students at your school to sell and buy text books without dealing with the bookstores.

My Heritage – Display your ethnic heritage and show your pride.

My Wikipedia – Display any article from Wikipedia you choose to.

MyTech – Let your friends know about the latest in tech news right on your page.

StyleFiles – Create fabulous looks and share them with your friends.

The Greek Community – Helps you map out your Greek organization.

Top Friends – Powered by Slide, show off 32 of your friends.

Trend Hunter – Showcases the latest trends in any number of subjects on your page.

Twitter – Update your Twitter status and run your feed in Facebook.


Awareness Ribbons – 50 different ribbons for over 400 causes.

Canadian Politics – Support the Canadian politicians of your choice.

Causes – Lets you join with numerous non-profits and speak out on the causes of your choice. – Lets you get involved with over one million non-profits.

Daily Show News – Watch clips from recent episodes.

Election ‘08 – Let everyone know where you stand in the upcoming elections.

US Politics – Support the US politicians of your choice.


Arrested Development – From the short-lived, but much loved series.
Family Guy Quotes – The Griffins have lots to say.

Friends Quotes – Famous lines from the long running sitcom.

Futurama Quote – From the once canceled, but soon to return, animated series.

Grey’s Anatomy Quotes – From the hit medical drama.

House MD Quotes – Quotes from House, MD.

Scrubs Quotes – From the sitcom that has survived more cancellations than a cat has lives.

Seinfeld Quotes – From the classic sitcom.

Sex and the City Quotes – A daily dose of wisdom from the girls.

Shakespeare Quotes – Famous words from the bard.

Simpsons Quotes – From the first family of animation.

Star Trek Quotes – Quotes from each series of Star Trek.

Star Wars Quotes – Hard to not want quotes from a movie that changed a generation.


Currency Converter – Something every world traveler needs, check the latest exchange rates.

Flight Finder – Search for customized airfares.

I’d Rather Be… – Tell everyone where you would rather be.

Map Your Friends – Shows a map with the locations of all your friends.

States I’ve Been To – Shows a color coded map of all the states you’ve been to.

Traveler IQ Challenge – Challenge yourself with your global IQ of locations.

Trips – Plan future trips with friends, list past trips, see if people are going the same place as you.

Where I’ve Been – Show people where you’ve been and where you’ve lived.


4cast Weather – Add a five day forecast to your profile.

Answers – Display your last five questions from Yahoo! Answers. – Share files from your free 1GB account.

Code Box – Allows you to add code to any part of your profile.

Computers Q&A – Need help with a computer problem? Have answers you can offer? This is the app for you.

DivShare – Attach files to any friend’s wall.

Docs – All forms of school work have been uploaded to help you with yours.

Documents – Edit documents with friends, also includes versioning so you won’t lose anything.

FB Styles – Add unique styles to your left hand column.

Flash Attach – Attach files using a Flash application.

Flog – Import posts from your off-site blog to your profile.

iSpace – Gives you HTML control over certain sections of your page so you can have more control.

KnowledgeBook – Find experts on problems you have, offer your help where you can.

Live Blog – Add a full featured blog to your profile that works in either column.

MediaFire – Upload all types of files, organize them, share them with your friends, no limits.

My Profiles – Quick way to add links to your profiles on other social sites such as MySpace.

Polls – Add polls to your profile for friends to vote on.

Powncer – Display your most recent public displays from the social network, Pownce.

Sampa Site – Build a complete website inside of Facebook with a blo, lists, menus, mashups and more.

Send Files – Send large files for free.

Share Files – Send files to anyone inside of a message.

WordPress – Bring over entries from your WordPress blog.


BeepMe – Stay logged in, but not have the site open. Configure what you want to be notified of, and this sits in your start tray letting you know when you have received new items.

Dashboard Widget – For use with Mac OS X, notifies you of messages and more.

fbquick – Desktop application to notify you of wall posts, pokes, messages, events, photo tags, friend requests, group invites, and shares.

fbTrayNotify – Shows popup balloons to notify you of events on Facebook such as messages and pokes.

Simple Photo Uploader – Allows you to bulk upload photos to your albums.

The SocialBar –Internet Explorer Toolbar for FB – A Facebook toolbar for use with Internet Explorer. (via)