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Thursday, February 9, 2006

Top 50 Digg Tools and Resources

Developers have built a wide variety of tools to enhance the Digg experience for both readers of the social news site and authors hoping to get their content Dugg. With the launch of the Digg API earlier this year, applications have become increasingly useful; we’ve compiled a list of more than 50 of the best.

Official Digg Tools

Digg Widget – Display the latest Digg news on your site with this widget. Allows for custom formatting and automatically updates on the fly.

Digg This Button – Use the Digg This button to encourage your readers to submit your content to

Digg The Blog – The official blog providing news, information, updates and everything else Digg related.

Google IG Module – Personalize your iGoogle page with the latest updates from Digg.

Digg Top Stories – The hottest stories hitting the Digg database.

Digg Buttons and Badges – Offers different styles of official Digg buttons and badges to display on your website or blog.

Google Coop Module – This module adds Digg news stories to the top of your Google search results page.

Digg API – Documentation for developing your own applications for Digg.

Digg Labs – See the latest experiments in different ways to view stories being dugg.

Digg Spy – Provides a real time, auto-refreshing view of stories being dugg.

Firefox Add-Ons

Smart Digg Button – Displays whether or not the current web page you are viewing has been submitted to Digg. If so, it will tell you how many Diggs the page has received.

Digg This! – Adds a Digg This! button to the right-click menu, the tools menu and the toolbar.

Digg Navigation – Firefox extension with fly-out menus organized exactly like Digg, so you can jump to specific pages with one click. Comment Spotlight – Displays comments that have already been submitted to Digg, allowing you to easily wade through hundreds of comments in an article.

Netscape’s Digg Tracker – Firefox extension that helps you keep track of your Digg friends by showing you what they have been digging, submitting and commenting on.

DiggThumbs – Adds website screen shot thumbnails to the listings on Digg.

Groowe Search Toolbar – Adds a search bar for many search engines and sites including Digg.

Cache View – Displays Google’s Cache, Coral’s Cache, Wayback Machine’s Cache, Dot Cache, Tech Guru’s Cache and more. This keeps a site viewable even after a crash from the “Digg effect.”

Digg Toolbar – Instantly access Digg from anywhere on the Web and view real time updates via RSS from the toolbar.

Tadsee – Displays a site’s content through cache if it has crashed.

Digg Sidebar – Auto-refreshing sidebar extension for your Firefox browser. Includes RSS reader, quick links, and quick search for Digg.

Dugged – Adds a duggmirror link to websites listed on Digg.

Interclue for Firefox – Shows you link summaries, link context information, and next action icons in a tooltip window. The window also displays the current Digg count and allows you to Digg the site.

Notifications, Alerts, Messaging and RSS

DiggAlerts – Free service that allows you to receive alerts when other DiggAlert users submit a story in a category you have subscribed to.

Digg Notify – Application that uses a small pop-up box in the corner of your screen to notify you when your story has been dugg. You can also configure Digg Notify to only notify you once a specified level of diggs has been reached.

Dugg Trends Beta – Auto-refreshing Digg mirror site that provides access to current Digg trends and allows you to filter results by category.

Digglicious – A real time mashup of Digg and top stories.

Original Signal – Provides an overview of current Digg stories separated by category and chronological order.

DiggTree – Flash-based RSS aggregator for

Digg Notify Beta – Notifies you every time someone digg’s one of your last fifteen submitted stories. It also shows you how many digg’s the story has received, who dugg it and provides a button to click and open up the page.

Digg With Diggnation – Check out the latest items from a number of RSS feeds from Digg and get the latest audio and video episodes of Diggnation.

DiggUpdate – Receive updates when new stories hit the front page of Digg or when your friends Digg a story.

Digg IRC Bot – Reports newly listed front page stories in IRC. You can also configure the bot to private message you with current headlines.

Digg’s Top Stories – Plugin for the Google Desktop Sidebar that displays the ten most recent stories from Digg.

pspDigg – View Digg RSS feeds directly from the browser on your PSP system.

Diggth Widget – A widget configured for reading various Digg RSS feeds.

Digg News Widget – Aggregates news via various RSS feeds from Digg.

Digg Anywhere – Digg RSS feed optimized for mobile access.

mb3D Engine – A Digg RSS engine that shows Digg feeds in a three dimensional atmosphere.

DiggFiltr – Allows you to create your own custom Digg feed.

WordPress Plug-ins and Widgets

Blogthis – Adds a set of blog-this links to Digg,, and Technorati to your WordPress blog.

Digg This – WordPress plugin that detects incoming links from Digg and displays a link back to the Digg page.

Digg Integrator – Provides your users with the ability to submit your posts to Digg and digg the posts directly from your blog.

AstonishMe Digg Plugin – Quickly and easily add a Digg button at the bottom of your WordPress posts. After the article has been submitted this plugin will begin showing the Digg count as well.

Digg Plugin – Post new Digg articles based on your current posts information and attach “Digg This” buttons anywhere within your posts.

digg IT – This plugin lets your visitors easily submit your articles to Digg or digg them if they have already been submitted.

Digg Dugg – Embed the latest news from Digg into your WordPress blog.

Digg Defender – Caching plugin that directs traffic coming from Digg to Coral Cache to try and prevent a server crash from the Digg effect.

DiggClick – Displays a “Digg It” button on selected posts and displays the Digg count on previously submitted articles.

Everything Else For Digg Users

Digg Entourage – Web-based tool to search your previous 25 submissions and pull detailed information on who has dugg your stories the most.

Rigglations – A widget that displays the relationships between members of and click to user profiles.

Digg City – Shows the 10 most popular Digg stories in a SimCity-esque format.

Jedi Digg – Toolbar that displays the Digg front page stories in rotation. Other features include viewing the story in an embedded browser, viewing the story on duggmirror and Digg the story on the fly.

DiggTop – An application for Windows and MacOSX that lets you view a blended list of your favorite Digg topic or keyword feeds.

Diggitzer – Web based tool that analyzes millions of successful (in terms of popularity) Digg titles and combines them with your keywords to create optimized titles.

Digg vs Dot – Simple website that highlights the act of cross-posting articles between Digg and Slashdot.

Digg Dashboard Widget – This widget retrieves the latest headlines from Digg every fifteen minutes and displays them in an attractive interface.

diggsig – Create an automatically updating Digg signature for your website, MySpace or online forums.

DC Digg 1 – Use this application to browse Digg from your Apple iPhone.

Diggaz With Attitude – Program that displays the latest Digg and Google news articles in your taskbar.

PHPDug – Create a Digg-like site where people can rate and comment on stories posted by other users.

Digg Ticker – Displays a customizable scroller or ticker of the most recent Digg news stories on your website or blog.

Digg 1 – Submit and share stories, news, videos or comments on other user’s content.

Digg Expose – Takes snapshots of pages from Digg and displays them in a configurable expose view. (via)