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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Top 180 Tools and Resources

Social bookmarking was one of the earliest trends out on the social web, and quickly took the lead. Today, we outline over 180 of the best tools and resources to get the most out of the number one social bookmarking site.

Web browser add-ons and Bookmarklets

Randomizer button– A great way to find sites whch you may never have discovered otherwise, the button takes you to a random, recently bookmarked site. Toobar– A Firefox extension allowing you to bookmark and tag sites from a toolbar in the browser. Firefox Extension– The official Firefox extension does a great job of integrating your favorite bookmarks into your favorite web browser.

Quicker Tag Bookmarklet– Add to your Firefox toolbar to quickly tag bookmarks with specific keywords.

Mischievous– Browser plugin for Internet Explorer using to manage your bookmarks. Internet Explorer Context Menu– An IE context menu for, just right click, ad, and tag.– Allows selection of the text for the description of the link to add to your delicious links via usage of a bookmarklet

Another Delicious Sidebar– A Firefox extension sidebar for browsing and editing your bookmarks. Complete– A good alternative to the official Firefox extension, more suited towards power-users. post– Firefox extension which is a simple way to post your current page or link to

VeryDelicious– A Firefox extension toolbar that allowing the user to quickly add and find bookmarks.

Search plugin for Mozilla browsers– Search your bookmarks using this extension for any mozilla browser.

HuntAndGather– A Firefox extension which opens tabs corresponding to the latest URLs stored on given a specific tag with many advanced options.

Delicious Linkbacks– A boomarklet which allows you to easily see all the buzz around any webpage.

Lazy Sheep Bookmarklet– A bookmarklet which automatically tags and describes your bookmarks with use of an algorithm.– Add comments to from anywhere using a simple bookmarklet. loader– Loads Firefox bookmarks directly into

Outfoxed– Adds to your informers list.

foxylicious – A Firefox extension which syncs your local bookmarks with

delic123– A firefox toolbar facilitating multi-faceted search in

Familiar Taste – is a Greasemonkey extension for the Firefox web browser that consults your set of bookmarks to see if you have the current page marked. one click delete – A Firefox extension allowing you to delete bookmarks in a single click. Opera Buttons– A custom Opera button where you enter your username and then you can click on the buttons or drag them into your main bar.

Safarilicious– Automatic exporting of Safari bookmarks to

Scrumptious– A Firefox sidebar add-on for

Fastest Ways to Post– Powerful bookmarklets based on the API.

Internet Explorer Active Channel– Synchronize your bookmarks with Internet Explorer.

Integrating Bloglines and– Easily post Bloglines posts to

Buttons for Internet Explorer– Similar functionality to the Firefox extension, but for IE.– A service menu for the web browser Konqueror.

One-Click Delete– Adds a simple delete link to all pages. Similar bookmarklets at

Save This Page– A direct link from your website to save to

Firefox Search Plugin– Direct search from Firefox.

Epilicious– An extension for the Gnome web browser Epiphany that lets you synchronize your local bookmarks with

Visualization and Alternative UIs

HubLog– Browse tags graphically. direc.tor– A nicely implemented alternative view.– A javascript posting interface for with some additional features such as auto-completion.

Your top sources– See your top bookmark sources. surf– Browse tags/users in a visual interface. Auto-Complete– Adds auto-complete to posting areas for more efficiency.

Grafolicious– Graph the evolution over time of a single bookmark.

Trendalicious– A real-time view of trends. Most popular Treemap– A visual treemap based upon the most popular.

LiveMarks– Real time preview of the latest, and most popular bookmarks.– Find new bookmarks from social bookmarking services like in an alternative interface.– Navigate by means of a faceted interface.

Mapping– Plots the locations of geotags on maps. direc.tor– An alternative ajax-based interface for

DeliciousMind– Create an XML structure from your bookmarks for import into FreeMind mind mapping software.

Styling– A greasemonkey based firefox skin, and a Safari one for styling

Delicious.NET– An RSS wrapper and api mod.

browse.delicious– Explore through a visual browser.

Network Badges– As a website component, display details about you network.

Cloudalicious– Graph the progression of any tag cloud.

Skinning– Apply skins to with these tips.

Graph subscriptions network– Browse users acording to their subscription lists.

Graph related tags– Browse similar tags graphically.

Tagrolls– Show your site’s tags as a part of it.

Linkrolls– Like tagrolls, but for links. pioneers– A display of the first bookmark-ers of the most popular links. Illogical Interface– Filter your bookmarks with logical operators on tags.

Vox Delicii– A heat map-like visualization of the current week’s popular content on Tag Clouds– Collect all of your bookmarks clustered into tag-clouds.

SlashLinks– Automatically mirrors links with a customizable design and layout.

DoubleUp– Let’s your site’s visitors browse your bookmarks unconventionally. – uses the OpenLaszlo platform and the API to display posting histograms and time-specific tag clouds.

Delimages– A view of various images from

Delicious Soup– A tool which reveals some of your activities.

Revealicious– A set of visualizations for your account allowing you to browse, search and select tags, and viewing posts matching them.

Delancey– An alternate view of bookmarks tracking the most frequently used ones. Images– A random Yahoo image search result for a user’s set of tags.

Revealicious– A great way to graphically browse your account. tag clouds– Create tag clouds from your bookmarks.

Delicious Soup– Visually reveals your activities using flash.

Vox Delicii– Another flash tool for visualizing the most popular bookmarks. Popular Treemap– View popular bookmarks in a treemap.

Cloudalicious– Watch a bookmark’s tag clouds over a period of time. Mind Map Maker– Create a clustered mind-map from your bookmarks.

LiveMarks – Watch activity, live.

HubLog: Graph subscriptions network– Visualize networks of users using their inbox subscription lists. popular sites– Displays the most popular new sites in last 24 / 48 hours and of all time with another alternative to’ native UI.

Scripts and Development

Play Tagger– Integrate and play .mp3 files on your website using javascript.

Json Feeds– Load a javascript object containing your latest bookmarks using this script.

Google Reader +– Add Google Reader bookmarks to with this script.

Backing up to Gmail– A tutorial based on a script from Bill Mill. backup– Dumps all your bookmarks into a sqlite database via a Ruby script.

Scripted Re-Mark– Edits all your bookmarks at once, making it easy to batch re-tag bookmarks. + Gmail– A useful script for using from gmail. It runs once a day, crawls each link and sends an email to a gmail account with the from field being the page url, the subject being the tags, and the body being a copy of the page.

Rubilicious– Ruby bindings for– Allows you to access via a Python API.

Services Delicious– Select, add and delete your bookmarks from any PHP script, without worrying about XML. import script– Import your netscape bookmarks to

Bookmark this– Add a bookmark this link to every one of your posts.

Autoblogger– Reads recent bookmarks with a specific tag and creates a link to them with the page title, as well as a random excerpt of the text.– Analyzes your bookmarks to display your interests, made in Ruby.

Related Links in Your Sidebar– Relate links in your sidebar using PHP, RSS and Magpie. PHP script which allows for several sorting methods in your RSS.

The Easiest Way to Publish Links on Your Site– Publish links on your site using javascript.

Greasemonkey Director– A greasemonkey script which auto-loads whenever you visit your page.

Linkback Greasemonkey Script– Displays a “c” bookmarklet within your browser which, when clicked, which displays what the community is saying about what you’re seeing. API– The Application Programming Interface allows developers to create their own tools, ike many you see on this list.

Ridiculous– A wrapper for writing apps in Ruby.

delicious-java– A Java API for

Desktop, Mobile, and CMS Plugins/Applications– An OS X dashboard widget which shows a tag-cloud reflecting your bookmarks.

Delicer– A Windows client which allows you to quickly manage your bookmarks and tags as you would emails.

DeliciousTray– An application which sits in the Windows system tray and gives quick access to all links and tags posted to your account.

Technorati and Tags for Blogger– An easy way to add and technorati tags to posts using the blogger CMS.

Bunnyhug Updater– Download all of your bookmarks and save them on your local machine using a Windows client.– Access your bookmarks on your mobile phone or other devices.– Imports into your WordPress blogroll. cached++– Uses WordPress’ built-in MagpieRSS to fetch and cache your bookmarks.

WordPress Delicious Plugins– The WordPress codex directory of plugins.– A windows client for, add bookmarks, add tags, hotkey accessibility, etc.

dashLicious– A Dashboard widget for posting to Optimized for Safari and NetNewsWire users.

delimport– Index your bookmarks using Mac OS X’s Safari.

Delicious Trackbacks– A wordpress plugin for counting the amount of times your posts have been bookmarked on

Audiolicious– A Windows program which lets you turn any RSS feed into a podcast. It uses text-to-speech to convert the feed’s pages into .mp3s.

Use for categories in blogger– Integrate into categories using the blogger CMS. – is WordPress plugin that displays bookmarks for one user in the sidebar. Organizes by tag, in a dynamic menu and checks once a day for new bookmarks.

Bookmark this! WordPress Plugin– Adds a “Bookmark this!” link to either your posts or your sidebar in WordPress. Facebook app– Facebook app showing your recent bookmarks in your profile.

Dead.licious– A mac app which scans your library for dead links.

Delibar– Yet another OS X app, similar to Pukka, but open source.

BookmarksToDelicious– A python client for posting to

Gnomolicious– A GNOME applet for drag and drop posting to

Deliwin– Now, for a Windows program. Delibar stores all your bookmarks in the system bar for easy access.

Cocoalicious– An open source client for Mac OS X.

Pukka– Another OS X app. Pukka is shareware and is $12.95 to register.

tag cloud v1.0.1– A WordPress plugin which makes a tag-cloud from the most used tags. Smart Tagging Plugin for WordPress– Add smart tagging to your blog or website.


DiggLicious– A digg/ mashup.

Find Similar Sites– An easyutil/ mashup finding relevant websites based on their tags and theusers that bookmarked them.– A Digg, slashdot, and mashup.

Geotag bookmarks– View geotagged bookmarks in Google Earth. 3D– geotag map mashup with FreeEarth.– Use Freemind and in an integrated mind map.

Other Blog– The official blog of the service we all know and love.

deli.ckoma – provides statistical data gained from like posts per day, number of tags per post etc. Url– Search for a urls history on

delicious post checker– Verify and delete bookmarks in

From to WordPress – A guide describing how to automatically bookmark links on Categorizer– Orders your bookmarks hierarchically.

Furl to Delicious – Import your Furl bookmarks to Delicious.

Fresh– An application which checks for broken urls in your bookmarks.

extispicious – Randomly generates meaningful and spiritually juxtaposed tags using the wonders of– A tag filter of sorts.

Private bookmarklet– A way to make private bookmark links using Based on Semi-private bookmarking in

delicious-discuss– A mailing list about

Automatic filing with– File your current webpage into the read later category efficiently.

Wetaste– WYISWYG digest for– Generates analogies for tags.

Backing up– Back up your bookmarks just in case anything happens to them. tag search– Find bookmarks with several different tags.

Startplane– A directory based upon bookmarks and tags.– Easily integrate your tags into your website or blog. filtered– Seeing a link once should be enough. A personalized feed.

Make your own Multipost Bookmarket Tool– A social bookmarking bookmarklet tool which allows you to post multiple times to sites like furl, digg, and of course,

foaflicious – Generate a FOAF file fom your bookmarks.

CollaborativeRank Search– Tagging has a great influence on this search engine’s rankings.

Durl– Find out about those who bookmarked a specific url with

Delicious Plugin– Fetches and displays your feed on your blog.

Post to from FeedDemon– Adds a bookmark link directly to Feedemon.– Find people with the same or similar bookmarks to you.

MySQLicious– Copy and mirror your bookmarks in MySql.

Gataga– Search for bookmarks across several social bookmarking networks like

Extended bookmarklets– Extend the functionality of with custom bookmarklets.

Oishii – Polls the front page every 5 minutes, and returns all sites bookmarked by at least 30 people, a zeitgeist of sorts.

7 Ways to Get to the Top of the Popular Page– A great list put together by ProBlogger, one of the premiere blogging tips sites on the net.

Social Bookmarking in Plain English– A well done Youtube video explaining just what social bookmarking is, just in case you haven’t realized already. Tag Stemmer – Looks for your tags with the same English language stem.

Yummy Tag Buffet– Browse various tags in

Backup with Excel– Backup your bookmarks in an excel spreadsheet.

Sorting – a bookmarklet that will sort not just by total number of posts, but by the ratio of recent to total posts. Sorts popular according to it’s ratio to total posts. network explorer– Explore your friends’ bookmarks and relations with a Java applet.

Feedburner Feedflare– Reflects the number of saves and top tags for items in our Feedburner feed. (via)