Monday, August 20, 2007

Google Answers Censorship In China

Today, Google and Tianya (a famous Chinese community website) launched a free Q&A service - "Tianya Answers". Some believe this is a strong competitors of "Baidu Zhidao" (the biggest Q&A site in China). In the bottom of "Tianya Answers" we can get "Google technology provide".

Social search has been Google's weaknesses, Google Answers is also defeat by Yahoo Answers. In China, Baidu Zhidao is the biggest Q&A service. Google launches Q&A service in China will enable Google to compete with Baidu. But in the "Tianya Answers", we found some of the very obvious Google-specific issues.

When we register a new account, we can get the following message : "Please note that according to Chinese laws, your IP information will be recorded for at least 60 days. And it will be will be provided to government agencies when we get the request."

That is mean, Google will complied with requests from the Chinese authorities to furnish information regarding an IP address of Google's users, and Google will only simply state that they just conform to the laws of the countries in which they operate.

Before in 2006, Google launches the Chinese version of its search engine to be censored ( Google use so-call SafeSearch filter used to keep people away from "bad" information, such as "subversive" material.

Google being in China helps itself more than China and simply does not fit into the "Don't Be Evil" mantra, but Google also known little about China's censorship. The "community website" is the "high-risk" project, they must face the work of looking out for and cleaning up "harmful information", if they do not get the "harmful information" out, they will be out. So they choice to collaborates with the Chinese regime.

Google "Don't Be Evil" ... Not in China.

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  1. Guge already knows what it's up to is a very high-voltage move. Since its launch of Chinese version, Google has been trying to learn the ropes about Chinese Internet, And the efforts work. Although Guge helps Tianya to lauch Tianya's answers services powered by Google innovations and technologies, the search giant is in the know-how about how to defang the harmful informaiton flow. IP adress recording is one signals of the informaiton innoculation. I'm pretty sure Guge wil act quickly and catch the mobsters red handed even if there are a surge of so-called harmful information. So I would like to picture that the brainchild of Guge-Tianya outperform Baidu answers.
    Google failed to make its paid answers service to a hit because it's better at web technologies than seeming human-powered services, such as Q & A service which is a web portal or social networking site's no-brainer. Google is a search engine per se, it means few people want to stay on Google's homepages much longer time, let alone look for questions to answer.
    Speaking of Baidu Answers, I totally disagree with you. Baidu Asnwers is a place where trashes and rubbish pile up, and even some porn information are hidden deep there. But there are nothing the Baidu cyberpolice like to do about a cleanup. And more importantly, Baidu jockeyed for its No.1 slot as a search engine with its dirty tricks in China. So whatever it delivers can make me feel repulsive to it.

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  3. Some remarks on Google could be possibly evil: You can not blame Google for its going-to-be-evil, you should blame some people for what get Google to do that. In China, there is a rather draconian Internet regulation and extremely unhealthy cyber-ecosystem, so any companies have to ditch what they used to do to adjust themselves to the new place if they want to prosper in China. And they MUST learn some new tricks to survive. Google is not an isolated case in the point. I could sympathize with Google even if some aspects of the company's identity and recognition are compromised.

  4. If the Cisco do not sell the Great Firewall to China, I Think it will be much better in today. Collaborates with the Chinese regime is not for Chinese people, it's only for the money.

  5. Well, William, what if other router suppliers were there to offer the censoring technologies to the government instead of Cisco? I bet we could get the same result as what it is right now. There is no difference. The point is if the government has the high-and-mighty power it can use to manipulate something, there will be no any other things which could override it. So let's face it.

  6. I can not understand the end of article!

  7. I prefer Baidu Zhidao better.
    And furthermore,the Blog service by Baidu Inc.
    Baidu.Com is a must-vist website almost every Chinese person will firstly think of to refer to when running into questions.It's pretty good.

  8. I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding Answers Censorship In China - Moonlight Blog, but it's just my opinion, which could be wrong :)