Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Google Maps in Moonlight BBS Censored by CCTV

GlobalVoices: China: Be aware! Google Earth leaks national secret

  On May 6, famous blogger, William Long, was summoned by the Shenzhen Urban Planning and Land Supervision Division that a Google Earth picture indicating military facilities at is in suspect of leaking national secret. During the conversation, someone recorded the whole process with video.

  Ogle Earth: China cracks down on user-generated maps

  Having lived in China for just over a year, I've seen the progressive blocking of Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, YouTube and now most recently DropBox, so today should not have come as a surprise: User-generated maps and annotations are up next.

  danwei: Dodgy CCTV journalism and map clampdown

  The CCTV program 'Topics in Focus', ever happy to attack Internet companies, especially Google, participated in the purge by airing a program last night showing how a Chinese blogger was "revealing state secrets" by writing annotations on Google Earth.

  South China Morning Post: Censored: the map website accused of leaking site of PLA HK barracks

  "Everyone can freely mark information about buildings, even the houses of some top leaders and other so-called secrets, and share them at Google Earth; that's why they want to control such behaviour," he said.