Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Google Launches Chinese Blog Search

Today, Google released a Chinese version of Google Blog Search, the URL is blogsearch.google.cn . The IP address of "Chinese Blog Search" is in Bei Jing. Now Chinese users can use Google blog search services in simplified Chinese language.

According to Google Chinese Blog, the Chinese version of Google Blog Search can track most of Chinese blog service providers,including Sina blog, Sohu blog, Tencent blog, 163.com blog, Baidu space, and other blog networks.

Meanwhile, Google blog search is also support most standalone blogs, such as WordPress, MovableType, Google Blogger blog.

The Chinese blog search is self-censoring, when I try to search "Tiananmen Square" in blogsearch.google.cn, I get no result. Google is not just translate BlogSearch's interface into Chinese language.


  1. William, the blog has a new, clear-cu yet professional makeover. I'll be very pleased if I can dress my blog with the theme. But I think you should work on the typography a little.
    I read the Chinese blog search story at GSeeker yesterday, Came to my mind the first thought that Chinese blog search engine will surely outperform Baidu blog search service. I used to do a mini test on search results with the Google blog search and Baidu's. Turned out Google blog search can generate more accurate results regarding the keywords, but Baidu's turned up nothing but pages of useless articles index where highlighted keywords are already scattered to vanish. I didn't have more proof to my test. And there could be some factors working to make the difference, say, blog post quality, keyword accuracy and technological deviation. One thing is certain: Google keeps delivering high-quality services powered by technologies, so is Guge.

  2. Looks like your blog is suffering a dramatic readership slump. You'd better work harder on posts. Good luck.:-)

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