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Top 100 Dating Sites For Singles To Find Love

You can do just about anything online anymore, and finding true love isn’t any different. Sure, you can hit some of the general sites, but why not go further? Find a vegetarian, a goth kid, heck, even farmers need love! We’ve rounded up over 120 of the dating sites out there on the web, and that’s certainly enough to get anyone started!

Dietary Specific – A site for all you green lovers out there. You can search by just about every iteration of vegetarian that is known. – Offers heterosexual and homosexual personals for vegetarians all over the world – The perfect place for vegetarians to find like minded people who follow the same dietary restrictions they do. – Though it has Veggie in its name, the site is also accepting singles who are into Eastern philosophies.

Ethnic Specific – An all-latino dating community site. – A community focusing on all aspects of the Asian community as well as dating. – For people of Asian backgrounds from all over the world. – Features video & audio chats to make closer connections. – Caters to African, Black British, African American, Caribbean and the Black European community. – Meet, chat and talk with other black singles. – Helps people of different ethnicities find each other. – A dating site for latinos.

Gay & Lesbian – Get an interview done and then let the matchmaking begin. – Offers daily gay news in addition to gay dating profiles for men. – Offers not only dating services, but also news on the gay community and travel information. – UK based primarily, but accepts profiles from men all around the world. – The women’s version of – Emphasizes finding lasting relationships over hookups or body image. – For gay men who are serious about a relationship. – A site for news and information, as well as dating, for lesbians. – Site catering just to lesbians and their interests. – For both single gays and lesbians; includes webcam chatting.

General – Free dating service with instant messenger, MP3 player for profiles and more. – Well known for their recent antagonistic ads against eHarmony, Chemistry promotes that they are welcoming of all people. – More technically savvy than most sites by offering tags, a Google Maps mashup to see where people are, Ajax-powered singles search and more. – A dating site that encourages friends to get in the process of helping find that jright person for those they care about. – Free chat and emails for registered members. – A general dating site directed towards residents of Europe. – Free dating service that concentrates on finding a date that is near your geographic region. – The somewhat controversial dating site that is as well known for their “never-ending” survey, as they are for the matches they’ve made. – One of the oldest dating sites out there. – Great Expectations Dating pre-screens their users in hopes of providing for your safety. – Browse their profiles for free and join in their message boards for more community style features. – Besides online dating, also offers services by toll-free phone number. – Promotes the idea that “it’s okay to look”, and offers a free six months if you don’t find someone in your first six months. – Touts over 19.5 million profiles for you to browse, has voice messages and 1-on-1 chat. – Offers instant messenger, photo galleries and more. – Site allows you to take quizzes and create your own to get to know people better. – Answer their questinairre and get assigned a letter code that represents who you are, then find your match using it. – Personals section of the former America Online, AOL. – 100% free to use due to ad support. – Video dating comes into the 21st century with video profiles you download to your iPod, and create your own in return. – Completely free dating site that requires no credit card. – Offers an internal instant messaging system for easier contact. – For people looking for simple dates to soul mates. – Free dating service that includes Flickr and Skype integration.

Yahoo Personals – A personals site from the well-known web portal, Yahoo. – Set up your profile, browse others and mark them “yes”, “no” or “mayB”, let them reply with their own rating to make a match. Also has a Facebook application.

Hobby Specific – For those that live for the ride. – Golf lovers can find people that share their love for the game. – For people who love horse riding and want to find others who share their interest. – Ever wished you could find someone that understands your World of Warcr yoaft obsession? DateCraft caters specifically to players of the popular MMORPG. – Sometimes it takes a golfer to understand another golfer, and this site can help you find that perfect match. – Another site for those who want to meet like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts. – For lovers of all types of science fiction.

Lifestyle Based – As the name implies, a site dedicated to people who have been through a divorce. – Earth Wise singles is for people who are dedicated to green living to be able to find one another. – Singles site specializing in singles that work in and around the agricultural industry. – For lovers of the darker side of life, you can find your perfect match here. – For those already with children, and those who are expecting, parents with no partners can find each other here. – A site for attractive and affluent to meet up and date.

Miscellaneous – Unsure of how to break up with someone? Answer some questions and this app will help you write the email. – A community full of dating advice and tips. – Need help figuring out what to do on a date? This site will help you come up with ideas. – A community for people to discuss their experiences on various dating sites so you can choose the one that’s best for you. – Allows you to build your own dating site, whether it be general or something more specialized. – Get relationship advice from people just like yourself.

Region Specific – Offers chat, message boards and anonymity when you want it. All for Canadians. – A UK-based dating site that emphasizes easier-going dates such as going for coffee. – Dating site specilazing in the residents of Canada. – Helping residents of the UK to find a partner. – A dating sitejust for firefighters and people who would like to date one in the UK. – A UK-based site that tries to focus on the fun side of dating. – A site for all of Australia that allows singles to meet and get their friends involved in the process. – Helps you find a partner in Europe after you take a computability test. – Aids those who are looking for celibate, platonic, non-physical or partly physical relationships in the UK and Ireland. – A singles site just for those of you in the UK.

Religion Based – Specifically for members of the Baptist faith. – Specifically for members of the Roman Catholic faith. – Just for the Catholics amongst the Christians. – A site promoting a safe environment for Christian singles to meet one another. – For Christians of all denominations. – A dating site for people that are generally spiritual without subscribing to any one belief. – A Jewish based dating site that even offers SMS notifications for your account. – Jewish dating site that allows anonymous messaging and features message boards for mingling. – The tradition of Jewish matchmaking meets the Internet at this site where the old style of finding love is just modernized. – A dating site devoted to the members of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, the Mormons. – Dedicated to finding love matches for the followers of the Muslim faith.

Specialty – For people with some extra weight to them. – A site for those amongst who lean more to the geeky side of life. – Find your perfect match on your own campus. – Just for those in the college age range. – A dating site built just for pet lovers to find their perfect match. – A home for deaf singles to find the love of their life. – Not only can you do all of the usual dating features, but you can also display your Alma Mater and what your degree(s) are. – Just for geeks to find one another. – A dating site just for the attractive, fit and trendy. – Independent ads for the geek in all of us. – You have to pass an IQ test to gain admission to this dating site so that you can be guaranteed of finding someone of a similar intelligence level. – Let your friends describe you instead of doing it yourself so that your friends can be involved in helping you find someone. – Ever wished you had a sugar daddy or mommy? This site is the one for you! – Are you rich? Need a beautiful/handsome significant other? Well, that’s all this site is about. – Geared to just people over the age of 40. – Perfect for those who don’t feel they fit in at other dating sites. – A place for pet owners to meet up and make a match. – Are you wealthy? Feel like announcing that to your potential mate? Go here.

Speed Dating – A free online speed dating service. – Meet someone online and then invite them to meet up with you at a speed dating event so you can have a trial date. – Speed dating comes to the web and allows you to do it from the comfort of your own home using your webcam. – One-on-one chatting in a speed dating format; five dates of five minutes each, all in a row. – Go on 10 dates right now either by video or chat.

STD Friendly – Focuses on people with herpes, but is open to people with any STD. – Devoted to connecting people with STDs, whether it be for friendship, support or romance. – For singles with STDs and their friends/supporters. – Boasts of having over 21,000 members for you to search through. – HPV, HIV, all varieties of Herpes, this is a good place to start. – Offers forums as well as dating for people with STDs. – This site offers services for those with special health condition, alternative dating services, and those with STDs. – Telling someone that you meet online that you have a sexually transmitted disease, but with STDLoves, everyone has one. – Promotes finding friends and supporters as well as romance. – A relationship site for those with venereal diseases. (via)

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Top 90 URL Shortening Services

We know what you’re thinking. That many? Yes, we were surprised, too, but decided to plough through the seemingly endless supply of URL shorteners and put them all in one place. You’ll never have to use more than a handful, but now at least you know what your choices are.

a2n – An URL Shortening Service that can shorten up to 100 long URLs in one go. You can also customize each a2n URL generated with your own personal tag.

AZQQ – A simple URL Shortening Service with a Google like interface. – Create customized URLs of your long URLs. You can add passwords to your URLs as well. – This service allows you to password-protect and customized your URLs.

CanURL – Another simple URL Shortening Service.

C-O.IN – This is an URL redirection service with which you can redirect your long URLs to customized short domain names. – Yet another simple service to create short URLs.

Cuturls – This is a light service with a similar interface like that of AZQQ.

Decent URL – A URL Shortening Service that provides you a premium account for USD 7.00 in which you get to edit your URLs, view click counts, and automatically detect broken links.

DigBig – DigBig allows you to shorten your URLs and provides you an administrative dashboard to view the number of clicks on your URLs after you register with their service.

Doiop – Write your own keyword to use when shortening a long URL with Doiop. – The URL Shortening Service with one of the shortest names.

durl – A simple URL Shortening Service with browser bookmarklets.

DwarfURL – Password-protect the URL you created. You can also see the list of the URLs you have created with Your DwarfURL History.

easyURL – Customizable URL Shortening Service.

EZurl – In addition to providing an URL Shortening Service, EZurl allows you to create an admin name so that you can edit the URL,. there are also features such as URL masking and using customized title of the shorter URL generated. – This is a service to create shorter addresses of your Facebook profile page.

Fhurl – Just a simple URL Shortening Service.

Flingk – A URL Shortening Service with a browser add-on. – allows you to create customized short URLs and also allows you to create an avatar and a link back to your blog or site.

Get-URL – You can create customized shorten URLs and view the daily, weekly, and monthly click stats too with this service.

HotRedirect – A URL Shortening Service with features like URL hiding and path forwarding. There are free and premium accounts available.

hurl it – Create small URLs with hurl it; nothing more to say. – Another URL Shortening Service with the shortest names. You can also use this to mask your real email addresses.

Jaze Redirect Services – This is an URL redirection services with which you can convert your long URLs to shorter domain names. – Another URL redirection service to convert your long URL into shorter domain names of your choice.

Korta ner din url – The URL Shortening Service with the shortest domain name.

linkslice – A clean URL Shortening Service.

LiteURL – A light program to shorten your long URLs.

LNK.IN – You can create customized and password-protected shorten URLs with LNK.IN. You can also add a block of text and LNK.IN will convert all links in that text to LNK.IN links. The service requires you to register before you can use their services.

memurl – A simple service with features for shortening long URLs, using on websites, and browser plugins.

Metamark – Password-protect your short URLs.

Minilien – A French URL Shortening Service.

MooURL – You can create shorten a long URL with MooURL and personalized the new and shorter URL too.

myurl – You can use this service to shorten long URLs, anonymize URLs, and protect links of files hosted on some free file hosting websites.

NanoRef – Create pass-protected short URLs with NanoRef.

NetShortcut – A simple URL Shortening Service with a browser extension. – This is another free URL redirection service. Premium accounts are available for ads free redirection.

notlong – Unlike many similar services, notlong allows you to create a personalized subdomain on the short URL you want to create. You can also view the statistics of your URL views. There is also a browser bookmarklet.

Nutshellurl – A simple URL Shortening Service. Cool name.

Oboeyasui – A URL Shortening Service in Japanese.

Paulding – A simple service for shortening long URLs. – Another service to shorten and customized your Facebook profile URLs.

QuickURL – QucikURL is a URL Shortening Service with a browser addon.

Redirx – Another simple service for shortening long URLs.

RubyURL – A simple URL Shortening Service with a browser bookmarklet. – You can choose from 7 domain names to change your long URLs into shorter ones.

Shorl – When you burn a long URL with Shorl, you are provided a shorter SHorl URL and a link from where you can manage your link click statistics.

ShortenURL – A simple service to create short URLs of long ones.

ShorterLink – Yet another simple service to shorten long URLs.

Shortio – Create customized short URLs and mask original URLs from users.

Short links – Another URL shortening service.

ShortURL – ShortURL allows you to create short URLs with customizable subdomains. It also allows URL masking and shows traffic reports.

Short URL – This is another simple URL shortening service.

Shorty – Create short URLs and store them on your own server.

ShotURL – ShotURL provides customized sub-domain level URL names and password-protection features for your URL.

Shrinkr – A simple URL Shortening Service with a personalized URL feature.

Shrinkurl – A URL Shortening Service with custom and password-protected short URLs.

SHurl – This is a nice service with some unique feature like showing a thumbnail image of the site if it is not work-safe when people click on the URL. You can also view who have clicked on your SHurl.

SimURL – Create a SimURL box on your website to shorten long URLs.

Sitelutions – This is a domain forwarding service providing 20+ domain names from which you can choose from.

SnipURL – SnipURL is a social URL shortening service with web 2.0 features like sharing SnipURLs, your profile page, RSS feeds of your latest Snips, password protect your SnipURLs, etc.

Starturl – You can use this service to create customized short URLs.

TightURL – A simple service for shortening long URLs.

Tiniuri – A service to shorten a long URL or hiding a URL.

Tinylink – A simple URL Shortening Service with Firefox addons.

TinyURL – A URL Shortening Service that offers a browser bookmark button that will provide a TinyURL of the page you are on. TinyURL also provides a Preview feature for your browser that will allow you to preview where a TinyURL will go to, before you click on that link.

TraceURL – A URL Shortening Service that allows you to create a short URL and trace how many people are clicking on that URL.

TruncURL – A simple service that allows you to manage your URLs with a login ID.

TubeURL – Another simple URL Shortening Service. – Yet another simple URL Shortening Service.

Tweetl – This one can create really short URLs. – Another simple URL shortening service targeting Twitter users.

ULimit – This is another web redirection and email forwarding service that you can use to create shorter URLs of your long web addresses.

urlao – This is a neat URL Shortening Service that allows you to create your account on its site so that you can edit your URLs and redirects.

URLBee – This is another simple URL Shortening Service. – A UK-based URL Shortening Service.

URLCutter – A nice service to create customized short URLs with tools like browser bookmarklets, and URL manager.

URLcut – A simple service that you can use to shorten long URLs and password-protect them.

URLHawk – If you want to hide your original URL while users click on your shorten URL, this is the type of service that you should use. – This is yet another simple URL Shortening Service.

urlTea – Add urlTea on your Instant Messenger. Send a long URL and get a short urlTea URL in return. – A simple URL Shortening Service with a browser bookmarklet.

VDirect – This is another web redirection service to convert your long URLs into shorter domain names.

WapURL – Shorten long URLs for WAP sites.

Webalias – This is a domain forwarding service to convert your long ULRs into shorten URLs with subdomains of your choice. – A service that allows you to create your own custom tags for your shorten URLs.

YATUC – YATUC allows you to create password-protected URLs. You can also see the click statistics of your URLS and preview where YATUC URLs are taking you by adding certain tags on on the URLs.

Yep That URL – A customizable URL Shortening Service that also displays the top clicked URLs in its database.

Zootit – A URL shortening Service where you can set your own personalized URL.

6url – A simple service where you can create your own personalized URL.

301url – A URL shortening service with search engine friendly redirection. (via)

Top 10 Online Virus & Malware Scanners

There is no substitution for a quality antivirus solution, but how many times were you in a situation that you simply have none at your disposal? In such situation, the best you can do is use something that’s free and fast. We bring you a list of online virus and malware scanners which will do just fine for a quick scan of the system.

Avast – Online version of popular antivirus software Avast will scan individual files of up to 512kb in size.

BitDefender – An online version of the BitDefender software. Will scan your drives, files, and boot sector. Works only with Internet Explorer.

Computer Associates Malware Scanner – Browse your drives for a file you suspect of being malware and upload it for their scanner to check it for you.

Eset – Just simply click their terms of service and scan your entire system for occurrences of malware.

Freedom – Chck all of your storage inside your browser with this tool based on F-Port.

Jotti’s Malware Scan – Uses several scanners at once to scan files that you upload to detect malware that may be hidden. – Requires a small download and then accesses a constantly updated database of known threats. Extremely small an fast.

Panda Security – Searches your system for worms, viruses, trojans and more after a small Active X download.

TrendMicro – This service will not only scan for viruses, but also spyware and malware. – Upload a file of up to 10MB in size and let the site run it through over 30 virus engines. If their server is overloaded, they also provide you the option to email the file to them. (via)

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Top 20 Tools For Creating Your Own Games

We all play games, but not many of us have tried to actually create games. Have you been scared due to all the programming knowledge you think it takes? Well, thanks to the wonders of the web, now there are numerous tools that enable almost anyone to create a video game. You can give it a try using the 20+ tools we gathered!

Flash Based – Hosts lots of games and videos, features tutorials on working with Flash. – Numerous tutorials for working with Flash including step-by-step guides for certain types of games. – Extensive collection of tutorials for Flash including guides for specific types of games such as shooters.

Lassie Adventure Studio – A 2d creation image with the feel of the old style Lucasarts games. – Create a Flash game from a wide range of objects and then embed it into your MySpace, Blogger, and more sites.

General Sites & Resources – A 3d modeling animation system. – Create your own games with their tools, host them on the site, let thousands of people play. – Everything you need to create a game including a pool of ideas submitted by users.

Martin Piecyk’s Website – A guide to learning how to make games with links to numerous resources. – A gigantic archive of video game midi files that, after asking permission from the people who made the files, you could possibly use in your own freeware games. – An engine to make 2d adventure games with no programming language knowledge required. – Provides game making tools, beta testing, downloads, works in progress, a community and more.

RPG Makers – A character generator for use with RPG Maker. – Lots of resources for RPG Maker including character editors, soundfiles and more. – Home of the RealFeel 2D MMORPG making software. – Home of the Eclipse MMORPG software and also includes many resources for your games such as sprites and sounds. – RPG making resources such as graphics, midis, and wave files. Able to upload games up to 50mb in size. – A popular system for crating MMORPGs.

RPG Maker – Home of the series of the RPG Maker series of programs. – Downloads and tools for various RPG engines. – Tools and utilities for 13 different game making engines. (via)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Top 20 Mobile Internet Applications

Today is the year of the mobile internet, right? We hear that every year. Let’s forget about predictions and focus on what’s available right now. We bring you over 20 mobile internet applications that you’ll actually use.

Bookmarking – Find mobile websites, mark them for later use, and even build a mobile web page with your favorite links for quick access. – A site that allows you to publish videos, photos, and more to both the normal web and mobile devices.

Miscellaneous – Strip a site or RSS feed down to the bare bones to make it easier on your phone, also use the site as search engine on the go. – Access to email, feeds, update your friends and more. – Sync your Google Calendar with your mobile phone or PDA. – Access any and all of your email accounts from one centralized mobile mailbox. – A widget service for mobile devices that has over 20,000 widgets at your disposal.

Publishing – Publish a mobile blog directly from your phone using SMS or email. – Publish your camera phone pictures directly to the web. – Publish your photos from your phone quickly to the net. – Shoot your video in 3GP format and publish it directly to the web. – Publish videos and pictures from your phone to the web. – Publish your on-the-go pictures as a life blog and then use it on any number of other websites. – Share videos and pictures from moments in your life.

RSS – A custom RSS reader for your mobile phone that will also allow you to sync with your online subscriptions. – Ever feel like you really need to read your RSS feeds on the go? Then this is the service for you. It can be accessed with any phone with 2G or 3G access, and they recommend an XHTML browser. – Subscribe to the feeds you want and then access them from your mobile device. – Convert any website or RSS feed into one readable by your phone.

Search – A search and start page for mobile browsing. – Discover, submit, and rate mobile sites to share with others. – A mobile search engine for all sorts of information including MySpace. (via)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Top 10 Template Generators for Blogs and Websites

If you are not satisfied with ready-made blog and website templates and want to build your own design, having a bare-bone structure might make it easier. We’ve created a list of top ten tools to help you create that basic structure to kick-start your creativity.


CSSEZ is an online template generator for WordPress and Movable Type blogs. You need to register at the CSSEZ site in order to use the tool. There are some good features with which you can choose between one to four columns for your blog, define the column width, padding, margin, border, font and link styles. You can upload your background image or create one with the image maker.


dotemplate provides 12 free templates that you can choose from. You can choose one and go on to customizing your selected template by changing the color, font, text, position of text, etc. in the background, container, footer, menus, and boxes. You can apply effects like drop shadow, gradient, and round corners. When you are through customizing, you can download the template on your system. This is quite a convenient tool for those wishing to create their own templates without much HTML knowledge. However, an option for uploading your own images would have made this tool better.

Drupal Theme Generator

Drupal Theme Generator is a MS Excel based theme generator for Drupal sites you can use to create PHPtemplate and Xtemplate themes for your Drupal sites. The tool is free yet feature rich with some cool ones like random color theme generator, previewing your theme on your system, HTML color assistant, and integratingCSS, JavaScript, PHP , and HTML code in to the themes from an external file, etc. There are also nine themes that you will get when you download the tool.

Eris’ Template Generator

Eris’ Template Generator provides 11 skins for your blog with three column options for each skin. It supports Diaryland, Diary-x, Movabletype, old Blogger, WordPress, B2, and a free HTML site templates. You can add your tagline, meta tags and include links to to the index, archives, email, notes, profile, buddylist, and last 5 entries for Diaryland, last 10 entries for Movable Type, calendar for B2, blogroll for WordPress, XHTML compliant and content copyright notices, webrings, chat screen names, and buttons.


Firdamatic is an online template generator for old Blogger and Movable Type blogs. You can select from the two column or three column options. Simply enter the information on the relevant boxes on the online form and click generate template. You can add your site name, title image, and choose the font and font color as well.

HTML PHP CSS Website Template Generator

HTML PHP CSS Website Template Generator is an online tool to create a PHP site template, along with its CSS and HTML files. You can customize the style sheet, header, sidebars, header, and footer by adding your font, color, margin and alignment preferences on the template generator’s online form. You can then generate the scripts, which you can copy and save for your use.


PsycHo is an open-source online template generator for the old Blogger, PersianBlog, and BlogFa platforms. You can set your page title, body background color, title background, description, text, spacing, and choose from four column options. You can preview your template and get the code in raw html. It’s simple to use and also works well for those without much HTML knowledge. The good part of PsycHo is that if your Internet connection breaks in between, you can still work on and complete designing your template. This is a good tool but needs to support more blog platforms like the new Blogger and WordPress.


Templatr provides you more than 20 layouts, and formatting options for various page elements including pages, header, footer, titles, margin, padding, border, and more for your WordPress blog. It also provides you an upload tool with which you can upload your site graphics. You can download the template on your system once you are complete.


Weebly is a neat site template generator with more than 15 pre-built designs. You can choose one of these designs and customize them by adding various elements like ads, feed icons, maps, contact form, define the text and picture layouts, columns, add Google and YouTube videos, etc. Once you are through, you can publish the site on your custom domain. Quite handy for all those who wish to make a quick personal site.

WordPress Theme Generator

WordPress Theme Generator is a cool online tool that will enable you to create your own custom made WordPress themes without the need to know much html and css languages. The tool provides options to choose your blog name, site body size, sidebar location and size, add a third column, menu layout, color and text schemes, and add tag cloud, archives and search box. You can upload your site logo online and link to it from your template. Once you are through, you can preview your creation and download it in a zip file. (via)

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Top 70 IDEs for Developers

For developing cool applications you need an Integrated Development Environment, also called an IDE. Here’s our list of 70+ IDEs for developers and all our geek readers who like to try their hands at coding.


Anjuta C/C++ IDE – A dynamic C/C++ IDE with features including project management, interactive debugger and an editor for browsing and syntax highlighting. Runs on POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes), Linux.

BVRDE – A C/C++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) primarily designed for easy cross-platform development. It allows a developer to compile applications on a remote server easily. Runs on a Windows platform but debugging and compiling is on UNIX systems.

C-Free – C-Free is a professional IDE offering support for multiple compilers including Cygwin, Borland C++ Compiler, Microsoft C+ Compiler, Open Watcom and Digital Mars.

Code::Blocks – A free C++ IDE based on the plug-ins. It works on Windows and Linux.

CPPIDE – A complete integrated development environment for C/C++ environment with a source code editor, compiler and debugger.

c.vim – c.Vim is a C/C++ IDE that enables easy coding and execution of programs.

Dev-C++ – A feature-packed IDE for Windows and POSIX (Linux/BSD/Unix).

Developers IDE – Developers IDE is an Integrated Development Environment (Code Editor) to use Dos based free C/C++ Compilers in a windows environment.

KDevelop – A C/C++ IDE for UNIX under the GPL license.

MinGW Developer Studio – MinGw is a C/C++ IDE ported to Microsoft Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

Paradigm C++ Professional integrated development environment – A comprehensive solution for writing C/C++ code for real mode, extended mode, or protected mode x86 applications in an easy way.

Quincy 2005 – Quincy is an open-source IDE for developing applications on the C/C++ framework.

Rhide – An IDE for developing and debugging C/C++ applications in DJGPP GNU/Linux.

The V IDE for GNU C++ and Java – A free multi-platform C++ framework for writing GUI applications for X Athena, X Motif/Lesstif and all Windows platforms.

UEStudio IDE – UEStudio is a powerful IDE built on the powerful editor UltraEdit. It includes the features of 30 popular compilers (including Microsoft Visual C++, Java, GNU C/C++, PHP, Perl and over 30 etc).


BlueJ Java IDE – A Java IDE packed with built-in editor, compiler, virtual machine and debugger for executing programs in Java. Includes a graphical class structure display, provides support for graphical and textual editing, enables the creation of interactive objects, interactive testing and incremental application building.

DrJava Java IDE – An IDE released under the GNU GPL that enables users to evaluate Java expressions.

Eclipse – A widely used open source IDE for Java. Requires the user to install the Sun Java runtime environment (JRE) installed. The IDE supports Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Linux, Solaris, QNX, AIX, HP-UX, Mac OS X, and possibly other systems as well.

Gel – A Windows IDE with special features including syntax highlighting (Java, JSP, HTML, XML, C, C++, Perl, Python, etc), unlimited undo and redo of code, column selection mode, block indent and unindent, spell checker, enhanced search option, spell checking, auto indent, regular expression searches, code completion (Java and JSP), parameter hints, identifier hints, context sensitive help linked to Javadoc.

Javelin from Step Ahead SW – A highly productive Java IDE for Windows. It enables users to visualize application development in Java through a set of class diagrams.

JBuilder – A popular commercial IDE for developing applications in Java. The enterprise edition includes J2EE support and UML/ app server integration.

JCreator Java IDE LE (Light Edition) – Jcreator is a compact and light-weight Java IDE for Windows environment with Project Management support, a syntax highlighting editor, wizards, class viewer, package viewer, tabbed documents, JDK profiles (which enables users to work with multiple Java Development Kits). It comes in two editions JCreator Standard which is free of cost and JCreator Pro which comes with a 30 day trial.

JEdit – A highly customizable well-designed IDE written in Java.

jGRASP – A compact development environment for Java. It runs on all platforms with a Java Virtual Machine producing Control Structure Diagrams (CSDs) for Java, C, C++, Objective-C, Ada, and VHDL.

JIPE Java IDE – A free IDE for Java allowing programmers to write and test Java applications and applets. It runs on both Windows and Linux and is easily portable to operating systems that have Java Virtual Machine installed.

JPad Pro – Jpad Pro is a low-cost Java editor featuring visual debugger, code completion, and source browser.

IBM Rational Application Developer – A powerful Java IDE for Windows and Linux. It is very strong for JSP, servlets and other J2EE development.

IDEA – An intelligent Java IDE with improved performance, better usability and streamline project configuration. It is a commercial IDE and is available for a 30-day evaluation period. The commercial license can be acquired at a cost of $499.

NetBeans – An open source Java IDE with a syntax highlighting code editor that provides support for auto code completion, annotations, macros, auto-indentation, etc. It also includes visual design tools (wizards) for generation of code.

Oracle JDeveloper – JDeveloper from Oracle is a powerful IDE with J2EE capabilities (including EJB and Struts) and support for Oracle database access.

SlickEdit – SlickEdit is a proprietary, multilanguage IDE with a powerful editor and macro language. It supports all of the most popular programming languages.

Sun Java Studio – An intuitive development environment from Sun Development Environment (IDE) for Java, providing a comprehensive set of features and functionality. It runs on MacOS, Windows and Solaris.

Stylus Studio – An integrated JAVA IDE that enables quick development of XML-enabled Java / J2EE applications.

UltraStudio – UltraStudio is a feature rich text editor for HTML, PHP, Java, Javascript and Perl. It also includes an Integrated Debugger, Integrated VCS Version Control, built-in Class Browsing, Language Intelligence (like Intellisense), Project Converter and other features.

Visual Paradigm Integrated Development Environment (VP-JIDE) – Visual Paradigm Integrated Development Environment for Java programmers/developers enables users to write/compile/run/deploy Java applications/applets with supporting features like project management, class and method navigation, syntax highlight and code completion to enhance productivity.

XEmacs – XEmacs is a free, highly customizable open source text editor and application development system. A modern, GUI version of the original Emacs.

.NET Programming

#Develop – An open source IDE for application development in .NET

Antechinus – A visual editor for designing C# applications. Its common features include basic intellisense and syntax coloring, as well as the option of completing applications from within the IDE. Available for $49.95.

ASP.NET Web Matrix – Web Matrix is a .NET WYSIWYG development tool supported by the community. The download size is small and is approximately 1.3MB in size. Available for free.

PrimalScript – A product of Sapient, PrimalScript is a script level IDE code development tool.

SharpDevelop – An open source development IDE for the .NET environment; similar in appearance to Visual Studio .NET.

Visual Studio .NET – A feature rich Integrated Development Environment for .NET based applications. Provides various options to simplify application development.


EPIC – An open source Perl IDE for the Eclipse platform. Its features are syntax highlighting, on-the-fly syntax check, content assist, Perl doc support, source formatter, templating support and a Perl debugger.

PerlBuilder – Perl Builder is a Windows based IDE for developing applications through Perl. The licensed version is available for $199.

PerlComposer – An open-source GUI tool used to design graphical interfaces for X-windows using Perl/GTK

Perl Editor – Perl Editor enables developers to create, test and debug Perl scripts on Windows tools.

Perl Express – A free Perl IDE for the Windows environment targeted towards experienced and professional developers and beginners.

Open Perl IDE รข€“ An open source integrated development environment for writing and debugging Perl scripts on any version of Windows.

OptiPerl – A fully integrated visual IDE for creating, testing, debugging and running Perl scripts either directly or via HTML documents.

Zeus – A Windows IDE with multi-programming language support. It provides support for C#, Ch, D, Java, Perl, Python, PHP just to name a few.


Dev-PHP – Dev-PHP is a fully featured development IDE for PHP. It is open-source, runs on windows and features: class browser, scripts preview, integration with PHP parsers, PHP-GTK library, and Xdebug of course.

Eclipse PHP IDE – An open source PHP IDE project from Eclipse.

Komodo IDE – A multi-platform, multi-language powerful IDE for developing dynamic web applications with a rich feature set for client-side Ajax technologies such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript and XML and advanced support for Perl, PHP etc.

Nexidion Designer – An IDE for web development on the Linux platform.

NuSphere PhpED – A popular development environment for PHP with a fully-functional two weeks trial. Its advanced features include code folding, true unicode editor, fast SFTP, SSH terminal, database client, embedded mozilla browser, inline error analysis for PHP and validation for HTML.

phpDesigner – A complete PHP integrated development environment for both beginners and professional developers that boosts the process of editing, analysis, debugging and publishing PHP powered applications and websites. Single user license is available for $56.25 and the 14 day trial version enables the user to evaluate the software without any license.

PHPEdit – A professional IDE for PHP with advanced php related tools, powerful debugger and profiler, code beautifier, help integration, real time syntax checker and advanced keyboard templates.

Zend IDE – A powerful PHP IDE for creating rich web applications. Provides PHP, Java and JavaScript support.


BlackAdder – BlackAdder is a cross-platform IDE for developing GUI applications in Python. The free demonstration version is available with limited functionality.

Boa Constructor – An open-source cross-platform Python IDE. Includes an advanced debugger, visual frame creation, multiple source views.

Eric – A full featured Python IDE based on the cross platform Qt GUI toolkit.

IDLE – Features include attribute completion, syntax checking, debugger etc.

SPE IDE – SPE IDE is a free python IDE for Windows, Mac & Linux with UML, PyChecker, Debugger, GUI design, Blender.

Wing IDE – An advanced level Python IDE with support for web, GUI and scrip development through various Python packages like Django, Turbogears, mod_python, wxPython, PyQt, PyGtk, TkInter.

xRope – An open source Python IDE for Linux/Mac OS X platforms.


Arachno Ruby – A commercial cross-platform IDE for Windows available at a price of $49. The powerful IDE features an integrated debugger to save time.

FreeRIDE – A fully featured open-source cross-platform IDE for the Ruby programming language. Also works with Debian and Unix operating systems.

Mondrian – A cross-platform Ruby IDE with an intuitive look and feel. It includes a dynamic object browser, runtime error integration and syntax highlighting

RadRails – RadRails is available as an open-source plug-in for Eclipse and as a stand alone application. Its advanced features include fast server debugging, code completion with type inferencing, CSS/HTML/JS code editors etc.

RDT – An open source Ruby IDE for Eclipse platform with features such as syntax highlighting, syntax check, graphical outline. (via)