Thursday, October 30, 2008

GoDaddy and SourceForge Blocked in China Again

GoDaddy, the world's largest ICANN-accredited domain registrar, and SourceForge, the world's largest development and download repository of Open Source code and applications, appears to blocked in Mainland China again after Beijing 2008 Olympic Games closed.

A screen copy of the command tracert shows that the problem is a router inside China Telecom.

Godaddy blocked in china

SourceForge blocked in china

Update: SourceForge unblocked on Nov 2 2008, GoDaddy unblocked on Nov 10 2008.


  1. No good news for Blogger users and me.

  2. The SourceForge re-block is quite recent; I last accessed the site within the last two weeks.

  3. I guess that some guy has gotten a new car with the bribe he recieved to block sourceforge. I cannot imagine why the Chinese government would block the single largest resource of IT knowledge on the web and hurt it's own economy with that.

    I can only suspect some reactionairy capitalist to be responsible for blocking the only free and open source resource on the internet, disregarding the nationalistic interest of the PRC.

    I accessed sourceforge last week and though that now the friggin games were over and it was accessable again they would refrain from shooting themselves in the head.

    Last time it was probably due to a single project out of 300.000 that had some protest against the Olympics. What the hell? Who cares about such things? There are loads of company sites that have much worse views on the issues of human rights in China that remain unblocked and that wouldn't hurt China if blocked.

    Either this is blatant corruption or it is sheer incompetence to block a single adress out of 300.000. In both cases it's a show of stupidity.

  4. I guess that's telecommunication's problem.

  5. Ah, blocked in China too.

  6. Gnib,

    I think that if it's really only a "telecommunication's problem" pretty much all abroad website will be unavailable in China.

    But if the global network can be "shutdown" by just a bad router...

    Opensource is bad for the PC (community party in french)

  7. I made a test with the firefox add-on wich allow you to have the same censorship as in China and it seem's that the ban is over. Well for the moment.