Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Top 80 File Conversion Services And Tools

Converting files from one to another format can be a complex task, especially because not many users have the necessary tools handy. Here’s our collection of online conversion services as well as offline desktop tools which provide an easy way to convert files of various types and formats ranging from images, video to audio.


Code Converter – Code converter is a simple code conversion utility for converting VB to C# and vice versa.

Code to HTML converter – Code to HTML converter is an online converter for small files with support for following languages like Plain, Ada.

Online Code Converter – An online code converter for C# and VB.Net conversion
Online Code converter for .Net 2.0.


Delaware currency conversion – Delaware currency conversion site allows users to convert popular currency forms. – allows you to perform currency conversion using the latest exchange rates. – A currency converter for over 164 currencies from across the world. – is rated as the world’s most popular currency conversion site. Users can perform interactive foreign exchange (FX, or forex) rate calculations, using latest currency rates. – features a currency calculator utility as a part of its exchange rates service.


Code to HTML converter – Code to HTML converter is an online HTML converter with the conversion ability for following input formats SQL, C++, C, Perl, Awk, M4 and more.

HTML to Wiki Converter – A tool for converting HTML table tags into Wiki markups.

Image to HTML Converter – A one click conversion service where users simply have to select the type of file (png, gif, jpg) to convert it to html.

IMG2TXT – A cool utility which accepts image files as input and converts them into ASCII text.

Online HTML to RSS converter – A one click utility where users simply enter the URL of the html page and generate its equivalent RSS file.

RSS to HTML conversion – RSS to HTML converter generates HTML page from any RSS feed.

Yellowpipe – Yellowpipe HTML converter enables users to convert HTML files to PHP, Javascript and ASP files.


Advanced Batch Converter – A handy tool for converting multiple image files together, it comes with support for over 90 file formats.

Easy Graphic Converter – East Graphic Converter is a multi-tasking image conversion utility.

Image Converter – An online image converter with support for over 100 image formats. Users can select output file types like jpeg, gif,bmp and PSD.

Image Converter .EXE – A powerful tool with conversion support for multiple files in one single instance.

Image Icon Converter – Image icon converter enables users to convert image icons into windows icons for usage. It also allows image conversion from icon files.

Image Thumbnailer and Converter – An offline image conversion tool for converting between various file types.

Online Image Optimizer – An easy to use optimizer for images. Users can enter the URL of the images or upload it from computer and convert it to GIF, JPEG and PNG format.

Photo To Sketch – A tool that converts photos to pen sketch, pencil and brush sketch.

Smart Converter – A multipurpose program with one of the features as image conversion between various formats.


Create PDF Online – Adobe’s online conversion service provides web-based conversion to PDF documents online.

DocMorph – An online PDF conversion service with support for over 50 formats.

Doc to Image Converter – Doc to Image converter enables users to convert word documents to high quality image files like JPEG, BMP, TIFF etc. – An online service for converting Microsoft word 2007 format files to doc format.

Express PDF – Express PDF enables users to convert web pages, Microsoft Word and Excel documents to PDF format. – An online PDF conversion service with support for DOC, Excel conversion.

Kinati 2PDF Converter – Kinati is a free Postscript to Acrobat file converter.

Lettos – Lettos is an online conversion service used to convert files from DOC, XLS and PPT to PDF format.

Loop Service – A free web-based application that enables users to upload, convert and combin files to PDF format. O

Neevia – Neevia is an PDF and image conversion utility with fine tuning support for adjusting resolution etc.

PDF-o-matic – A handy PDF conversion service for producing PDF files from web-pages.

PDF Online – A simple service that converts input files to PDF format and delivers them via e-mail to users.

PDF to Text converter – An easy solution to extract txt from PDF files.

PDF writer – PDF Writer converts multiple document formats like DOC, XLS, HTML to PDF format.

PDF4U – PDF4U is an online conversion utility for converting Doc, txt, PowerPoint to PDF.

PrimoOnline – PrimoOnline enables web-based conversion to PDF file formats. – A Postscipt to PDF file converter.

RSS 2 PDF – RSS 2 PDf enables you to convert any RSS, Atom or OPML feeds to PDF files.

Text2PDF – Text2PDF provides you the feature of converting PDF by simply entering txt files.


PowerPoint to Flash Conversion – A service for converting Microsoft PowerPoint documents to swf format. – users can convert PowerPoint file formats to video file formats such as AVI, MPEG, MP4 etc.

PPT to Flash Studio – IncrediTools converts PowerPoint files to flash format files. It enables users to edit those files, add audio, image and categories like callouts.

RSS – A simple web-based conversion service from Atom to RSS 2.0 formats.

BlinkBits RSS to JavaScript Converter Tool – BlinkBits conversion utility converts RSS or XML feeds to Javascript files. Primarily, it is useful for displaying RSS feed’s content on a website. – A free utility to convert Atom feeds to RSS 2.0 format.

RSS Feed Converter – RSS Feed Converter accepts the input as RSS Feed URL and converts the file to JavaScript, PHP or HTML.

RSS Feed Conversion Service – A utility which generates converts source RSS 1.0 file format to two types: RSS 1.1 and XHTML.

RSS/RDF Converter – An online conversion engine for converting RSS/RDF file formats into JavaScript files.

RSSxl Beta – An easy to use tool to convert HTML pages to RSS 2.0 feeds.


Zamzar – Zamzar is an extremely popular multi-purpose online file conversion utility with audio, video and document conversion support.


All2Convert – A fast way to convert videos from Youtube – a popular video sharing site.

Any Video Converter – Any Video converter provides support for conversion of almost all video file tyes like AVI, DivX, FLV, RM and more. Users are also provided with transfer options to devices like iPod and PSP.

Apple iPod Video Converter – Apple’s DVD2iPod allows users to convert DVD files to iPod, WMV, AVI and MPEG files.

AVS Video – A quality converter for DVD and VCD file formats.

Cellsea – Cellsea is an online video editor converting video files from desktop or online locations. It provides video conversion support for sites like,,,, Google Video to name a few.

Convert Tube – Convert Tube is a quick online video converter for conversion to MP3, MP4, MOV and 3GP.

Easy Video Converter – A powerful utility for converting between video file formats like AVI, Realmedia, WMV/ASF, Quicktime, 3GP, MP4, FLV etc. – An online free video converter for converting YouTube, Google videos into format compatible with PC, Mobile, iPod etc.

Hey Watch! – Hey Watch! Is an online video conversion utility for iPod like devices.

Koyote – Koyote can convert FLV,DIVX and other video formats into an iPod ready video format.

Media Convert – A cool media conversion utility which enables the users with various options for videos.

MediaConverter – A web-based video conversion utility including conversion from sites like YouTube.

Mux any-to-any videoconverter – An online conversion engine powering users with conversion of file types like MPEG-4, Quicktime, iPod and Flash video.

Movavi – Movavi allows users to convert video files to formats like AVI, Mpeg, iPod, PSP video, 3gp etc.

Reganam – 3GP Converter – A 3GP converter with support for conversion for various video files like MP3, QuickTime, AVI, Real Media and MPEG.

Tubefish – Tubefish video converter is a powerful video conversion service for converting videos to MPEG, AVI, MOV, 3GP and Divx.

Vconvert – Vconvert is an online converter for flv file format and YouTube videos. It converts videos to compatible formats for iPod/iPhone and mobile phone.

VIDEO4IPOD.ORG – A video and movie conversion utility for Apple’s Video iPod.

Video codezone – Simply enter the video URL which needs to be converted and choose the file format like iPod, 3GP, Quicktime, FLV, m4, AVI, mp3.

Vixy – A conversion utility allowing users to convert web-based Flash application to other video formats.

Xconv – Xconv offers free file conversion support for multiple file formats: word, wmv, PowerPoint, real audio, jpeg etc.

You convert it – A multi-purpose conversion utility with conversion support for images, audio, video and units.

Zune Online Audio-Video Converter – An online file converter with support for Zune compatible formats in audio and video. (via)