Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Top 30 Blog Directories

One of the easy attainable promotional tools for blogs are blog directories. Like all directories, they won’t bring you instant fame and thousands of visitors, but they’re still a valuable resource which should not be overlooked. We’ve gathered together 30+ free and paid directories to help you get started.

Free Directories

Blog-Search.com – Directory of over 14,000 blogs, also offers a free newsletter with tips for web masters.

Blogarama.com – Over 63,000 blogs and counting. It shows you how many times people have visited your site, while visitors can leave reviews for the individual sites.

BlogBunch.com – Simple and straightforward site with numerous categories.

BlogCatalog.com – There’s no indication of how many blogs are listed in this directory, but they encourage interaction amongst bloggers and readers.

BlogCode.com – Unique site that lets visitors find blogs with similar topics.

BlogExplosion.com – Get your blog reviewed by fellow bloggers, will also allow you to post a banner and give you stats. 59,000+ blogs in the directory.

Blogflux.com – Over 93,000 blogs in their system. Besides being a directory, BlogFlux offers numerous free tools for webmasters and blog owners.

Bloggernity.com – A plain, straightforward blog directory of over 46,000 sites.

BlogHop.com – When you join with the other 29,000+ blogs listed here, you tag your site with keywords so surfers can find blogs that match their interests.

BlogHub.com – A directory of over 35,000 blogs and a community for talking about all things related to blogging.

BlogListing.net – Free submission except for featured listings.

BlogRankings.com – 10,000+ blogs separated by categories and having an updated list of recently pinged sites.

BlogToplist.com – An old style directory that ranks blogs based on an “in/out” system, but is free to use.

Britblog.com – As the name would suggest, a directory of blogs from Great Britain.

Findingblog.com – Over 2400 blogs are included in this site. A good place to get yourself noticed if marketed correctly.

GeekySpeaky.com – A small blog directory that requires only a reciprocal text link.

GetBlogs.com – Over 11,000 blogs split over 190 categories.

GlobeOfBlogs.com – Nearly 61,000 blogs and counting. The site seems to be friendly to the non-English speaking crowd.

IBlogBusiness.com – A directory of over 2500 business-themed blogs.

LSBlogs.com – A directory that lists more than blogs: it also accepts submissions of blog hosts, tools and related sites.

MyBlog2U.com – Free submission directory with over 2,000 sites listed.

JoeAnt.com – Sites at JoeAnt are indexed by category and by region of the world.

QuickBlogDirectory.com – Another small directory requiring only a reciprocal text link.

SportsBlogs.com – A directory dedicated to sports blogs of all types.

TheWeblogReview.com – A unique directory where your site is categorized and reviewed by the staff first.

WeBlogAlot.com – Allows you to add your RSS feed or a ping.

Paid Directories

AliveDirectory.com – All submissions are manually checked, offers annual and permanent pricing options.

AvivaDirectory.com – A smallish directory at only a little over 750 blogs, but well organized and easy to look at.

Best Of The Web Blogs – This particular directory charges for review, and it does not guarantee your admission, making it a bit more of an elite source for blogs.

Bloggeries.com – Reasonably priced as low as $9.99.

BlogUniverse.com – Submission options as low as $4.99.

Business.com – A directory for business sites in just about every industry.

Site-Sift.com – Entry levels for just about every budget.

Umdum.com – Offers Express and Sponsored listings, all sites are reviewed for quality.

UncoverTheNet.com – The cheapest solution only gets your site name listed; the site is huge and covers a lot of blogs.

Yahoo Directory – It’s a big name directory, but quite expensive to get listed in. You are definitely paying for a “brand name” with this one, but it might be worth it. (via)