Thursday, April 20, 2006

Top 20 Mobile Internet Applications

Today is the year of the mobile internet, right? We hear that every year. Let’s forget about predictions and focus on what’s available right now. We bring you over 20 mobile internet applications that you’ll actually use.

Bookmarking – Find mobile websites, mark them for later use, and even build a mobile web page with your favorite links for quick access. – A site that allows you to publish videos, photos, and more to both the normal web and mobile devices.

Miscellaneous – Strip a site or RSS feed down to the bare bones to make it easier on your phone, also use the site as search engine on the go. – Access to email, feeds, update your friends and more. – Sync your Google Calendar with your mobile phone or PDA. – Access any and all of your email accounts from one centralized mobile mailbox. – A widget service for mobile devices that has over 20,000 widgets at your disposal.

Publishing – Publish a mobile blog directly from your phone using SMS or email. – Publish your camera phone pictures directly to the web. – Publish your photos from your phone quickly to the net. – Shoot your video in 3GP format and publish it directly to the web. – Publish videos and pictures from your phone to the web. – Publish your on-the-go pictures as a life blog and then use it on any number of other websites. – Share videos and pictures from moments in your life.

RSS – A custom RSS reader for your mobile phone that will also allow you to sync with your online subscriptions. – Ever feel like you really need to read your RSS feeds on the go? Then this is the service for you. It can be accessed with any phone with 2G or 3G access, and they recommend an XHTML browser. – Subscribe to the feeds you want and then access them from your mobile device. – Convert any website or RSS feed into one readable by your phone.

Search – A search and start page for mobile browsing. – Discover, submit, and rate mobile sites to share with others. – A mobile search engine for all sorts of information including MySpace. (via)