Friday, April 14, 2006

Top 20 Customer Management Tools

After all the ways we’ve shown you how to set up a web business, now it’s time to actually manage all of your customers and clients. This list comprises 20+ customer relations systems to help you provide everyone with better customer service. – Designed with small businesses in mind to keep track of customers, vendors and partners. – Focuses on small to medium sized businesses, allows collaboration of the sales force to share info. – A goal and progress oriented customer management solution that tracks your customers through the entire sales process. – Offers a web-based, fully hosted solution for both small and large businesses. – Besides being a CRM solution, it also offers lesson on what exactly CRM can do for your business, and if they aren’t the right solution, they will suggest other companies. – Offers a small, hosted version of their software for companies just getting started, also has larger enterprise versions.

Heap – Beyond just managing your customers, it can also automate the sales process telling you when it’s time to call the customer and follow up on information.

HelpSpot – Made by UserScape, has a self service portal as well as an API for integration with your existing software. – A CRM with built-in dialers so you can just click and call. – Lets you keep track of customer issues with tickets and gives them a chance to give you feedback to see how you are doing. – A CRM with the ability to pull up Google Maps so you can see just where your customer is if you need it. – Offers open source and enterprise versions, integrates with Google widgets. – A customer management system that can be used as a stand-alone or integrated with other apps. – Offers two versions, can manage email and telemarketing campaigns as well as provide you with analytics. – Offers multiple customer management solutions from industry specific to automated self-service for the customers. – Includes hosting with the CRM and an accounting package. – Automates your sales force as well as managing customers and partners. – Allows you to not only manage your customers, but manage email campaigns from it also. – Offers a range of deployment options and prides itself on ease of use and high customization. – Highly customizable CRM with AJAX functionality.

Zoho CRM – Features an Outlook plugin and sales inventory management. (via)