Sunday, April 16, 2006

Top 20 Classified Advertisement Sites

There was a time where people actually picked up newspapers to read classifieds, and they even paid to put the ads in there! Can you imagine the horrors? While the following list of 25+ classified sites do have a few that have you pay for extra features, the majority are free.

Classified Aggregators

CityList. com – Pulls millions of ads from thousands of sites, and then uses it’s search algorithm to help you find what you need. – A classified listing aggregator that pulls listings from numerous sources. – This engine searches hundreds of sites for you so you don’t have to check multiple sites. – An aggregator from over 75,000 classified ad sources. – Millions of classifieds from 70,000+ sources aggregated in one convenient location.

University Classifieds – Allows you to target your classifieds to the universities of your choice. – College specific classified site that allows you to search listings across hundreds of schools. – Classifieds for items for sale and events by University.

General – Classified listing sites for eight countries. – Post your classifieds for free with video and Google Map support. – Free classified listing broken down by metropolitan areas. – The infamous Craigslist that just about everyone uses for something nowadays. – Been serving up free classifieds online since 1994.

Facebook Marketplace – We do just about everything else on Facebook, so there’s no reason we shouldn’t also buy and sell stuff. – A classified site for Australia. – Post and search free classified ads.

Google Base – Put up your listing and get indexed by Google. – A London specific classified site. – A classified listing site that allows you to upload listings directly from your camera phone.

MySpace Classifieds – Though many people tend to forget about MySpace lately, it is still the #1 social network based on traffic. As long as you’re there, spreading out yet another meme, you might as well stop by their classifieds to buy and sell some items. – Classifieds with voice support and a community aspect. – Search their classifieds different parameters, list your own text ads or full classifieds. – Some unique features in this one where you can take notes on each listing. Posting is free except for featured listings which are $9.95. – A simplistic classified site broken down by state.

Windows Live Explorer – Harness the power of Windows Live with free classified listings.

Yahoo Classifieds – They no longer have “For Sale” and “Pets” sections, but can still be used for real estate, personals, and tickets.

Video Classifieds – Video classifieds that believe “what you see is what you get.” – Post videos of your items so people get the best descriptions possible. (via)