Sunday, April 23, 2006

Top 100 Dating Sites For Singles To Find Love

You can do just about anything online anymore, and finding true love isn’t any different. Sure, you can hit some of the general sites, but why not go further? Find a vegetarian, a goth kid, heck, even farmers need love! We’ve rounded up over 120 of the dating sites out there on the web, and that’s certainly enough to get anyone started!

Dietary Specific – A site for all you green lovers out there. You can search by just about every iteration of vegetarian that is known. – Offers heterosexual and homosexual personals for vegetarians all over the world – The perfect place for vegetarians to find like minded people who follow the same dietary restrictions they do. – Though it has Veggie in its name, the site is also accepting singles who are into Eastern philosophies.

Ethnic Specific – An all-latino dating community site. – A community focusing on all aspects of the Asian community as well as dating. – For people of Asian backgrounds from all over the world. – Features video & audio chats to make closer connections. – Caters to African, Black British, African American, Caribbean and the Black European community. – Meet, chat and talk with other black singles. – Helps people of different ethnicities find each other. – A dating site for latinos.

Gay & Lesbian – Get an interview done and then let the matchmaking begin. – Offers daily gay news in addition to gay dating profiles for men. – Offers not only dating services, but also news on the gay community and travel information. – UK based primarily, but accepts profiles from men all around the world. – The women’s version of – Emphasizes finding lasting relationships over hookups or body image. – For gay men who are serious about a relationship. – A site for news and information, as well as dating, for lesbians. – Site catering just to lesbians and their interests. – For both single gays and lesbians; includes webcam chatting.

General – Free dating service with instant messenger, MP3 player for profiles and more. – Well known for their recent antagonistic ads against eHarmony, Chemistry promotes that they are welcoming of all people. – More technically savvy than most sites by offering tags, a Google Maps mashup to see where people are, Ajax-powered singles search and more. – A dating site that encourages friends to get in the process of helping find that jright person for those they care about. – Free chat and emails for registered members. – A general dating site directed towards residents of Europe. – Free dating service that concentrates on finding a date that is near your geographic region. – The somewhat controversial dating site that is as well known for their “never-ending” survey, as they are for the matches they’ve made. – One of the oldest dating sites out there. – Great Expectations Dating pre-screens their users in hopes of providing for your safety. – Browse their profiles for free and join in their message boards for more community style features. – Besides online dating, also offers services by toll-free phone number. – Promotes the idea that “it’s okay to look”, and offers a free six months if you don’t find someone in your first six months. – Touts over 19.5 million profiles for you to browse, has voice messages and 1-on-1 chat. – Offers instant messenger, photo galleries and more. – Site allows you to take quizzes and create your own to get to know people better. – Answer their questinairre and get assigned a letter code that represents who you are, then find your match using it. – Personals section of the former America Online, AOL. – 100% free to use due to ad support. – Video dating comes into the 21st century with video profiles you download to your iPod, and create your own in return. – Completely free dating site that requires no credit card. – Offers an internal instant messaging system for easier contact. – For people looking for simple dates to soul mates. – Free dating service that includes Flickr and Skype integration.

Yahoo Personals – A personals site from the well-known web portal, Yahoo. – Set up your profile, browse others and mark them “yes”, “no” or “mayB”, let them reply with their own rating to make a match. Also has a Facebook application.

Hobby Specific – For those that live for the ride. – Golf lovers can find people that share their love for the game. – For people who love horse riding and want to find others who share their interest. – Ever wished you could find someone that understands your World of Warcr yoaft obsession? DateCraft caters specifically to players of the popular MMORPG. – Sometimes it takes a golfer to understand another golfer, and this site can help you find that perfect match. – Another site for those who want to meet like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts. – For lovers of all types of science fiction.

Lifestyle Based – As the name implies, a site dedicated to people who have been through a divorce. – Earth Wise singles is for people who are dedicated to green living to be able to find one another. – Singles site specializing in singles that work in and around the agricultural industry. – For lovers of the darker side of life, you can find your perfect match here. – For those already with children, and those who are expecting, parents with no partners can find each other here. – A site for attractive and affluent to meet up and date.

Miscellaneous – Unsure of how to break up with someone? Answer some questions and this app will help you write the email. – A community full of dating advice and tips. – Need help figuring out what to do on a date? This site will help you come up with ideas. – A community for people to discuss their experiences on various dating sites so you can choose the one that’s best for you. – Allows you to build your own dating site, whether it be general or something more specialized. – Get relationship advice from people just like yourself.

Region Specific – Offers chat, message boards and anonymity when you want it. All for Canadians. – A UK-based dating site that emphasizes easier-going dates such as going for coffee. – Dating site specilazing in the residents of Canada. – Helping residents of the UK to find a partner. – A dating sitejust for firefighters and people who would like to date one in the UK. – A UK-based site that tries to focus on the fun side of dating. – A site for all of Australia that allows singles to meet and get their friends involved in the process. – Helps you find a partner in Europe after you take a computability test. – Aids those who are looking for celibate, platonic, non-physical or partly physical relationships in the UK and Ireland. – A singles site just for those of you in the UK.

Religion Based – Specifically for members of the Baptist faith. – Specifically for members of the Roman Catholic faith. – Just for the Catholics amongst the Christians. – A site promoting a safe environment for Christian singles to meet one another. – For Christians of all denominations. – A dating site for people that are generally spiritual without subscribing to any one belief. – A Jewish based dating site that even offers SMS notifications for your account. – Jewish dating site that allows anonymous messaging and features message boards for mingling. – The tradition of Jewish matchmaking meets the Internet at this site where the old style of finding love is just modernized. – A dating site devoted to the members of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, the Mormons. – Dedicated to finding love matches for the followers of the Muslim faith.

Specialty – For people with some extra weight to them. – A site for those amongst who lean more to the geeky side of life. – Find your perfect match on your own campus. – Just for those in the college age range. – A dating site built just for pet lovers to find their perfect match. – A home for deaf singles to find the love of their life. – Not only can you do all of the usual dating features, but you can also display your Alma Mater and what your degree(s) are. – Just for geeks to find one another. – A dating site just for the attractive, fit and trendy. – Independent ads for the geek in all of us. – You have to pass an IQ test to gain admission to this dating site so that you can be guaranteed of finding someone of a similar intelligence level. – Let your friends describe you instead of doing it yourself so that your friends can be involved in helping you find someone. – Ever wished you had a sugar daddy or mommy? This site is the one for you! – Are you rich? Need a beautiful/handsome significant other? Well, that’s all this site is about. – Geared to just people over the age of 40. – Perfect for those who don’t feel they fit in at other dating sites. – A place for pet owners to meet up and make a match. – Are you wealthy? Feel like announcing that to your potential mate? Go here.

Speed Dating – A free online speed dating service. – Meet someone online and then invite them to meet up with you at a speed dating event so you can have a trial date. – Speed dating comes to the web and allows you to do it from the comfort of your own home using your webcam. – One-on-one chatting in a speed dating format; five dates of five minutes each, all in a row. – Go on 10 dates right now either by video or chat.

STD Friendly – Focuses on people with herpes, but is open to people with any STD. – Devoted to connecting people with STDs, whether it be for friendship, support or romance. – For singles with STDs and their friends/supporters. – Boasts of having over 21,000 members for you to search through. – HPV, HIV, all varieties of Herpes, this is a good place to start. – Offers forums as well as dating for people with STDs. – This site offers services for those with special health condition, alternative dating services, and those with STDs. – Telling someone that you meet online that you have a sexually transmitted disease, but with STDLoves, everyone has one. – Promotes finding friends and supporters as well as romance. – A relationship site for those with venereal diseases. (via)