Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Top 10 Template Generators for Blogs and Websites

If you are not satisfied with ready-made blog and website templates and want to build your own design, having a bare-bone structure might make it easier. We’ve created a list of top ten tools to help you create that basic structure to kick-start your creativity.


CSSEZ is an online template generator for WordPress and Movable Type blogs. You need to register at the CSSEZ site in order to use the tool. There are some good features with which you can choose between one to four columns for your blog, define the column width, padding, margin, border, font and link styles. You can upload your background image or create one with the image maker.


dotemplate provides 12 free templates that you can choose from. You can choose one and go on to customizing your selected template by changing the color, font, text, position of text, etc. in the background, container, footer, menus, and boxes. You can apply effects like drop shadow, gradient, and round corners. When you are through customizing, you can download the template on your system. This is quite a convenient tool for those wishing to create their own templates without much HTML knowledge. However, an option for uploading your own images would have made this tool better.

Drupal Theme Generator

Drupal Theme Generator is a MS Excel based theme generator for Drupal sites you can use to create PHPtemplate and Xtemplate themes for your Drupal sites. The tool is free yet feature rich with some cool ones like random color theme generator, previewing your theme on your system, HTML color assistant, and integratingCSS, JavaScript, PHP , and HTML code in to the themes from an external file, etc. There are also nine themes that you will get when you download the tool.

Eris’ Template Generator

Eris’ Template Generator provides 11 skins for your blog with three column options for each skin. It supports Diaryland, Diary-x, Movabletype, old Blogger, WordPress, B2, and a free HTML site templates. You can add your tagline, meta tags and include links to to the index, archives, email, notes, profile, buddylist, and last 5 entries for Diaryland, last 10 entries for Movable Type, calendar for B2, blogroll for WordPress, XHTML compliant and content copyright notices, webrings, chat screen names, and buttons.


Firdamatic is an online template generator for old Blogger and Movable Type blogs. You can select from the two column or three column options. Simply enter the information on the relevant boxes on the online form and click generate template. You can add your site name, title image, and choose the font and font color as well.

HTML PHP CSS Website Template Generator

HTML PHP CSS Website Template Generator is an online tool to create a PHP site template, along with its CSS and HTML files. You can customize the style sheet, header, sidebars, header, and footer by adding your font, color, margin and alignment preferences on the template generator’s online form. You can then generate the scripts, which you can copy and save for your use.


PsycHo is an open-source online template generator for the old Blogger, PersianBlog, and BlogFa platforms. You can set your page title, body background color, title background, description, text, spacing, and choose from four column options. You can preview your template and get the code in raw html. It’s simple to use and also works well for those without much HTML knowledge. The good part of PsycHo is that if your Internet connection breaks in between, you can still work on and complete designing your template. This is a good tool but needs to support more blog platforms like the new Blogger and WordPress.


Templatr provides you more than 20 layouts, and formatting options for various page elements including pages, header, footer, titles, margin, padding, border, and more for your WordPress blog. It also provides you an upload tool with which you can upload your site graphics. You can download the template on your system once you are complete.


Weebly is a neat site template generator with more than 15 pre-built designs. You can choose one of these designs and customize them by adding various elements like ads, feed icons, maps, contact form, define the text and picture layouts, columns, add Google and YouTube videos, etc. Once you are through, you can publish the site on your custom domain. Quite handy for all those who wish to make a quick personal site.

WordPress Theme Generator

WordPress Theme Generator is a cool online tool that will enable you to create your own custom made WordPress themes without the need to know much html and css languages. The tool provides options to choose your blog name, site body size, sidebar location and size, add a third column, menu layout, color and text schemes, and add tag cloud, archives and search box. You can upload your site logo online and link to it from your template. Once you are through, you can preview your creation and download it in a zip file. (via)