Saturday, March 18, 2006

Top 30 YouTube Resources And Site Integration Tools

YouTube is the most popular site for viewing online videos. We’ve already found a number of ways to download YouTube videos, and now we’ve gathered a list of 30+ general YouTube tools and resources for you. Simply embed them in your website or blog, search YouTube videos with them or use them for converting video file types. Enjoy!

YouTube third party tools

Axara YouTube tools – A collection of utilities for conversion of YouTube videos into a format chosen by the user. These formats are FLV, DVD, AVI, WMV, MOV, M4V, 3GP.

CatchTube – A great video search engine. It has a cool link which displays ‘Most Recent videos’.

Delutube – A free service that provides a new way to watch deleted YouTube videos. The users have to provide the ID of the deleted video to play it.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter – A software utility for downloading and converting YouTube files for iPod, Cell Phone, MP3 etc.

fTube – fTube is a flash based YouTube player that downloads recent videos from YouTube in a list and enables users to play those videos.

IndexTube – A browseable categorized index of public YouTube videos.

iTube – An application allowing users to grab & convert YouTube videos and import them into iTunes.

MemoriesOnWeb – A slideshow software for YouTube videos.

Overstream – Overstream enables users to add subtitles to online videos.

Search The Tube – A portal enabling users to search YouTube videos from websites, blogs or user profiles.

Speedbit Video Accelerator – Speedbit Video Accelator is a download accelerator like typical download managers. Its working principle is similar to other download managers as it opens multiple connections for downloading YouTube videos.

Tubular – Tubular is an intuitive, brand new YouTube client for OS X. Its features include one-click iPod conversion and drag-and-drop playback

TvTube – A Mac application making it easy to users to browse videos on YouTubue and similar video sharing sites.

YouTube API Extraction Tool – A simple feed extraction tool that posts dynamic content from YouTube.

YoutubeCrazyVideos – A desktop player for YouTube videos.

YouTube Podcaster – A podcast feed maker enabling users to generate podcast feeds from submitted keywords or URL.

YouTube Uploader – A desktop application for uploading videos to YouTube without using the original interface.

YouTube Userscripts – A nice collection of scripts for performing multiple tasks with YouTube.

YouTube Widget – A Mac widget which allows users to search, browse and download videos from YouTube.

Youtube Video Slideshow – A fast way to search for YouTube videos.

YouTube videos swicki -A YouTube videos search engine with a tag cloud dedicated to YouTube.

Site integration tools

TubePress – A highly configurable WordPress plugin that displays YouTube videos in an embedded gallery in posts or pages.

TubeSock – TubeSock allows users to download YouTube videos and save them on iPod, Mac or PlayStation.

Viper’s Video Quicktags – A WP plugin that easily generates codes which can be copied from YouTube.

WP-FLV – WP-FLV is a WordPress plugin simplifying the process of inserting flash video files (FLV) inside a WordPress post or page.

WordPress Favourite YouTube Videos – Favorite YouTube Videos is a plugin that displays latest YouTube videos in a configurable manner.

WordPress Related Videos Plugin – A WordPress plugin that uses tags to display similar YouTube videos and also displays them on WordPress blog.

YouTube badge maker – A badge maker which shows recently uploaded 6 videos to users.

YouTube WordPress Plugin – A plugin utilizing the YouTube API to generate videos based on specific tags of posts.

YouTube Video Gallery WordPress Plugin – A video gallery plugin for displaying gallery of videos from Youtube site.

YouTube WordPress Plugin – A simple WordPress plugin to display YouTube videos on WordPress blog. (via)