Sunday, March 26, 2006

Top 30 Tools to Name and Register Your Domain

We’ve been covering topics such as how to design your site, and even how to code it, but before you do all that, you need to register a domain name. Here are 30+ tools to help you figure out a good name and register it. And if what you want isn’t available, you can always search the after-market for a name.

Domain Name Pickers – Enter keywords, set the maximum number of characters you want, and see what it comes up with. – Enter words to see the possible remaining combinations and suggestions. – Gives tips and advice on how to pick a name, has a random generator and keyword checker.

Domain Name Generator – Tool over at that allows you to enter a word or phrase and see what’s available. – Put in up to 15 each in the prefix and suffix columns and see what combinations are available. – Helps you find the few 4-letter domain names remaining. – Displays domain names that are unregistered as suggestions, offers a thesaurus for your keyword. – See randomly generated domain names and check out which are available. Pick other languages, search for keywords and more. – Enter two words and see what is out there and get suggestions. – Enter words, choose category, define if you will allow hyphens and more.

Web 2.0 Name Generator – Generates random Web 2.0 “sounding” names and then lets you check availability.

Domain Registrars – A bit pricey at $10.95 a year, but a very straightforward site that’s easy to follow. – Offers registrations for $7.99 year with Google Apps thrown in. – Known for easy account management. – ICANN accredited domain register at only $7.99 a year. – Offers a range of domain reseller tools. – Specializes in creating paring pages for all of your domain names. – Various prices depending on the extension. – Probably the best known registrar in the market today. Has received some criticism in the past years, but it’s still quite cheap. – An Australian domain registrar and also offers a name assisting tool. – Offers registration along with buying and selling services. – Domain registrations on the cheap side, with some extra services thrown in for free.

    name – $9.29 a year per registration with lots of free services added in. – One of the oldest companies in the domain name registration market, their prices are a bit high compared to others. – Register domains and monitor your domains registered at other companies. – Another one of the old school registrars that’s been around for ages. – Has domain auctions as well as registrations. – Offers reasonable registration rates with a free domain lock. – Originally known for being a home of many freeware and shareware programs, now it also offers domain registrations. – Allows you to register .vu = Venture, .fm = Family, and .st = Site TLDs. – A Canadian registration service with free domain and email forwarding. (via)