Sunday, March 26, 2006

Top 30 Stock Market Tools & Resources

With bulls once again controlling the stock market Wall-Street-Crash, interest in stock trading Bear-Stearns-Troubles is on the upswing again. Here are 30+ sites to help you learn some things about trading and then trying your own hand at it.

Brokers – An online broker that starts you off with 100 commission free trades. – A popular online trading house with 320 local branches, low minimum account opening balance of $500. – A top rated online trading firm as noted by Barrons and SmartMoney.

OptionsXpress – online options and stock broker, highly rated by Kiplinger’s.

Vanguard – one of the biggest boys in the business has its own online brokerage service, too.

Communities – A news aggregator and community for financial information. – A community that lets you trade information with others via blogs and discussion. – Show off your trading skills, track others, even earn fees from allowing people to follow your trades after you’ve proven yourself. – A social network for investors with analysis and blogs. – Use charts, news, and information to help make predictions in this community. – A social community for investors to trade tips and track performance. – Track your portfolio, get investing ideas and discuss them with others. – A social network for people looking to learn about stocks, share tips, and make friends. – A social network for investors to share information and try to form more well thought out investing strategies. – A virtual stock market site for you test your strategies and compare them with others.

Miscellaneous – Helps you with your financial news by putting it all in one easy place. – A start page for anyone interested in stocks. – Compete with friends and complete strangers to see who the real Wall Street Wall-Street-Layoffs Idol is.

Portfolio Managers – Manage your portfolio online and share it with friends. – Track and evaluate your investments to improve your performance. – Enter your portfolio and get suggestions of where else you can look for more investments.

Tools – Watch the portfolios and real-time trades of top investors, friends, family, and learn from them. – Offers analysis on stocks, day trading, investing, stock charts and more – Offers lots of tools to help you maximize your portfolio. – Using an architecture similar to the [email protected] program, GStock leverages the unused computing power out there in the world to project stocks for up to 10 years. – Offers courses in trading and investing. – A site that attempts to find the best investors in the world and let you track what they do so you can follow along and learn. – A centralized site for charting, portfolios, risk assessment and more. – A source for all your financial news and is fully customizable. – Get advice from one of the largest financial service providers in the country. – Brings together investment advice from blogs, money managers, and investment newsletters. – Search over 18,000 small cap and micro cap stocks. – See which companies release the most press releases in a tag cloud like setting.

Tipping Monkey – Learn how to do trades and play the stock market while only risking virtual money. (via)