Saturday, March 25, 2006

Top 30 News Related Sites

Everyone knows about the big news sources such as Google, Yahoo, BBC, and so on, but there is a whole world of customizable news sites and news aggregators out there. We’ve gathered 30+ sites to help you wade through the enormous amount of information that comes your way on the Internet.

Customizable News – Allows you to choose the news feeds you want to read, and dump the ones you don’t want. – Pick the news or sources you prefer, read them on their site, have them emailed or even sent directly to your printer. – A personal news aggregator that attempts, with the use of filters, to help you narrow down the most important news items. – Aggregate news from the countries and categories you choose, throw in personal blogs and major news sources as you like. – Allows you to choose the news sources you want to read and brings them together for you. – A news aggregator that lets you create an unlimited number tabs for each subject, then also share news you find of interest.

General – A site that graphically illustrates how stories across the world relate to each other, and makes it easy for you to follow along. – News taken from RSS feeds, blogs and more on the biggest headlines and headliners. Latest news is done as text, overall news categories done by simply clicking on pictures. – Brings together news from over 25,000 sources and adds in commentary from experts in various fields. – A news site that brings you different perspectives on the same story from around the world, and helps you follow along as it progresses. – Gathers news from news sites, blogs, videos and more to bring you news covered from every conceivable angle. – Gathers information from around the net and ranks the importance of the story based on your location. – This site monitors users interaction with a story and uses standards set by economists to predict its popularity and rank its “newsiness” score. – News feeds separated by category, you can also see big news in tiny pics so you can visually choose your story. – Uses a mixture of automated algorithms and human editing to bring together the best news from a large selection of sources. – A mixture of a news aggregator and RSS reader that will email you headlines you want, and let you search multiple news sources. – A search engine specializing in alternative news sources. – An Australian CNBC-Erin-Burnett site that attempts to digest news for you in your industry, category, area and so on. This is all in an attempt to cut down on the amount of time you have to spend reading. – Aggregates news from traditional sources and blogs, allows you to build a personalized page, and even post results to your blog.

News Opinions – Using a mixture of technology and humans to find hot stories, users make stories popular by clicking through to them. Offers widgets for your blog to help you get noticed. – Submit a story and let others vote on how fair and unbiased it is. – Share news from around the world, express your opinion and let others tell you why your opinion may be in the wrong. – Enter any term and quickly see what opinions are like on that subject across the web.

User Created News Sites – A “newspaper” written by its readers from their local perspective. The higher rated the story, the better placement it gets in the paper. – A citizen based news site using a wiki-based system for organization. – A site for professional and citizen journalists to both cover the news and debate it. – Write stories about the news that matters to you, build credibility when other users vote on your stories. – A citizen journalist site that was named one of Time magazine’s Top 50 Websites of 2007. – Works strictly with images from eyewitnesses. – Users generate the news and vote on what’s worthy of your attention. – A site that allows anyone to contribute to a developing story while being guided by editors. (via)