Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Top 30 Mailing List Services

Even though social networks and group management tools are becoming a great way to communicate between large groups of people, business owners and individuals sometimes still need to create professional looking email newsletters to drive marketing campaigns (or keep beta testers informed about their latest web 2.0 service). Here are more than 30 email newsletter services which enable you to create and send professional newsletters to your target audience. – Send mass emails, track their use, verify email addresses and much more. – You can use Aweber to send unlimited automated email messages in HTML format to your target audience. – Build email lists, design and test your emails for speed, use their pre-built templates and more. – Create instant, professional looking e-mail campaigns ready to be sent at anytime. – An application which allows web designers to manage newsletters and deliver campaigns to their subscribers. – Focused and highly targeted customer email campaigns which can be measured with accuracy. – Create custom made emails or choose from already existing templates. You don’t need any technical knowledge, simply use the wizard and create professional looking e-mails in a few minutes. – Nice way to keep track of neighborhood happenings through online newsletter specifically focused on households.

Feedblitz – RSS to email and blog to email. Popular service with bloggers that can also be used to deliver email newsletters through Feedburner (below).

Feedburner – The popular feed management tool for tracking blog readership also supports email newletters. Very popular with bloggers. – A way to interact with friends and family. Ensures tighter integration by aligning individuals with blogging and social networking in the form of a newspaper. – Easy way to create and send newsletters to customers. Includes a statistics feature which allows you to see who is reading your newsletter. – Site owners can add this service to their newsletters; it searches for relevant ads from its database. – A newsletter solution for email marketers as well as bloggers. Subscribers can create, publish and track their campaigns. – Users can embed newsletters and other live information into their web-pages or blogs. – A self-service email marketing company that allows you to create your own opt-in lists, publish your newsletters, and send out marketing campaigns. – Users can create and send online newsletters to friends, family members, businesses and other organizations for special occasions. – A niche e-mail newsletter tool built for web designers. – Choose from many templates to create professional email newsletters for your subscribers. Features real-time reporting of the emails being read and links clicked on. – Users can send newsletters in HTML format which makes e-mail marketing easy. – Use their wizard to create HTML newsletters and manage multiple email lists from one spot. – Online service through which users can create email newsletters and campaigns and send them to focused user groups. – Allows you to create your own full-color newsletters. Features templates, multiple email formats, an archive of past issues and more. – Create your e-mail, send to your list and check results. Simple and easy. – A directory where all the newsletters and mailing lists are consolidated by the users. – Allows users to deliver rich email marketing campaigns via personalized newsletters to recipients. – Web-based tool allowing users to send email newsletters to their subscribers. Includes subscriber management and detailed statistics. – Newsletter focused towards permission based e-mail marketing. – A new way to create newsletters allowing users extensive control over them. They can track results of newsletters for every individual, customize the HTML design and polish it to best fit requirements. – WhatCounts provides consulting into email marketing methods and newsletter management. – Send your newsletters to mass users.– Zookoda is an email marketing application for bloggers. They can send periodic blog posts to their visitors via e-mail for free. (via)