Saturday, March 4, 2006

Top 25 Tools For Taming Python

Python is one of the most popular languages out there, and some say the easiest. We’ve gathered 25+ tools to help you with the language no matter what your skill level.

(An Unofficial) Python Tutorial Wiki – As the name says, an unofficial Wiki attempting to keep the Python tutorial organized.
Byte of Python – An online book for learning Python, presented in a Wiki. – An object-oriented framework for Python to deploy web applications. – A web framework with a heavy eye towards automation.
Instant Python – A crash course to get you started in Python programming.
IPython – An enhanced shell for Python that allows for better interactivity.
Learn Python in 10 Minutes – As the name says, apparently you can learn to program in Python in 10 minutes. – A site detailing how to create a GUI in Python and more.
MacPython – A collection of resources for those using Mac OS X and developing Python.
MatPlotLib – A tool for the Python and IPython shells to generate 2D, printable charts, graphs, maps and more.
Movable Python – A portable version of Python that can be stored on a memory stick so you can work from virtually anywhere without having to install the language. – A Python template framework system similar to what is used by Amazon and Salon. – A tool for converting Python scripts in to Windows EXE files.
PyChecker – A source code checker for Python that looks for bugs.
PyDev – An extension for Python and Jython that lets you work with Eclipse. – A collection of free modules to turn Python into a language capable of programming games. – A web framework utilizing Python, Perl, and Ruby to deploy your work.
Python Cookbook – Part of the ActiveState Programmer Network, features numerous contributed Python code snippets.
Python Imaging Library – The P.I.L. adds image processing to to your Python interpreter.
Python Package Index – An archive of over 2800 programming packages for Python.
Python Sidebar for Mozilla – A sidebar you can add to Mozilla browsers (eg. Firefox) which gives you quick access to Python documentation. – A 33-level challenge to test your Python coding skills. – A Python tool to bring web admins and developers a little closer together in what they work with.
Pyx – Python package for creating PostScript and PDF files. – A Python-based database web app framework with Ajax integration. – A public domain framework for Python coded web applications. – A suite for Python that allows you to use object-oriented development for your web applications.
Yahoo Developer Network Python Tools – Articles and tools for getting Python to work with Yahoo. (via)