Thursday, March 16, 2006

Top 25 Tools and Tips For Working With .NET

Microsoft is going to be letting developers take a look at the source code for .NET, but for those of you still in the trenches, coding away, we’ve gathered 25+ tools to help you with your daily tasks. – A rich site of articles and tutorials on using .NET. – Home of the .NET framework with news and starter lessons. – Web themes for your ASP .NET projects.
Channel9 – Wikis, forums, podcasts and more related to all the Microsoft tools, especially .NET. – An open source clearing house for .NET projects, downloads, discussion forums and more. – A resource for articles and tutorials on Visual Basic and .NET. – A Microsoft site for detailing how to use .NET with other other tools to code for Windows, the web, gaming, and hardware. – Features Quickstart guides and forums. – An open source web framework for enterprise class web development. – It’s not every programming language that gets a talk radio show dedicated to it. – A user community for .NET developers that also features code sharing. – A large selection of video tutorials to get you going with .NET.
Lutz Roeder’s Programming .NET – Offers several tools for .NET such as Reflector and Resourcer. – A unit test framework for .NET, includes advanced features to test all aspects of your project. – An open development project that lets you run .NET on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows, and Unix.
MSDN Library – A resource for users of .NET and includes sample code, documentation, technical articles, and reference guides.
NAnt – A free .NET build tool. – A tool built with the idea of controlling complex .NET coding, includes online demos.
NDoc – Generates class library documentation for your projects built in .NET. – A unit-testing framework for all iterations of the .NET language.
ReSharper – An add-in to Visual Studio that adds in unit testing, refactoring, and more.
Snippet Compiler – A program that allows you to run small pieces of .NET code without having to build an entire Visual Studio project for it. – Adds unit testing to Visual Studio and makes it as easy as a one click.
The Regulator – A free tester for regular expressions. – Specializing inserver side development of enterprise level projects using .NET.
W3Schhols – Features a collection of tutorials and code snippets for your use. (via)