Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Top 25 Productivity Modules For iGoogle

We already know we can turn Netvibes into our personal office. Why not do the same with iGoogle, which is gaining popularity (and hundreds of new modules) very fast? We’ve assembled a list of over 25 productivity modules for iGoogle; take notes, send e-mail and SMS and review your daily schedule directly from your favorite personalized portal.

Notes & To-Dos

  • Google Notebook – Add sections, notes, and edit multiple books – directly from iGoogle.
  • Remember the Milk – Extremely powerful to-do manager with reminders, priorities, categories, repeats, and much more.
  • Sticky Note – Sticky notes for iGoogle.
  • To-Do List – Very simple to-do list with nice colored priorities.
  • To-Do List – Another simple to-do list.
  • ToDo Reminder List – This one doesn’t only have to-dos, but also includes a fancy email notification system.
  • Uday’s Scratch Pad – Simple scratch pad for scribbling down notes and ideas.


  • Google Calendar – See your three day agenda, today’s agenda, and future days’ agendas with this powerful gadget.
  • Google Calendar – Simple agenda-only viewer.
  • Google Calendar Viewer – See your GCal agenda for the day at one glance.
  • Microsoft Outlook – If you use Outlook for their calendaring, give this gadget a try. You can view contacts, tasks, your inbox, and create new tasks all from iGoogle.


Instant Messaging

  • AIM Messenger – Use eBuddy mobile to message with your AIM contacts.
  • Google Talk – IM with all your contacts (and do chat rooms) with the official Google Talk module.
  • meebo by C#UK – Another gadget.
  • Meebo Gadget – Chat with virtually any network using Meebo’s online AJAX client.
  • MessengerFX – Use MessengerFX’s powerful online program to chat with MSN users.
  • MSN Messenger 3.0 – Great MSN Messenger Mobile gadget for iGoogle.
  • Yahoo! Messenger – Chat with your Yahoo buddies right from iGoogle.