Friday, March 17, 2006

Top 20 Tools For XML

XML is one of those aspects of websites everyone uses, but few understand. We’ve gathered 20+ tools to help you with just that. – A commercial company offering a full suite of XML editing tools. – Numerous resources, current news, recommended reading list and more.

Don’t Invent XML Languages – Though XML is easily customizable, this site tells you why it’s better to stay with one of the main five versions.

eXist – An open source XML database.

Flash & XML FAQ – A FAQ about the interactions between Flash and XML.

JiBX – A framework for binding Java objects with XML.

Open XML Editor – A free XML editor with form testing and validating.

STG XML Validation Form – A free validator for your XML documents.

Tizag XML Tutorials – Tutorials for just about every aspect of XML.

TopXML – Has tutorials and quizzes for the beginner in XML.

Vex – A visual editor for XML that provides you with a word processor-style interface.

W3C Standards – This website specifies the official syntax for XML.

XML and Databases – A guide to using XML as a data storage system.

XML Checker and Validator – Checks your XML document both for form and validation.

XML Cooktop – A free XML editor for Windows.

XML Copy Editor – A free XML copy editor with built-in validation.

XML Developer Center – Contains downloads, tutorials, a community and more. – Features tutorials, samples, links and more.

XMLmind XML Editor – Offers both free and paid versions with the paid version offering more features.

XML Schema Tutorials -Tutorials for all skill levels from W3Schools. – Full of articles and introductions to all aspects of XML. (via)