Friday, March 10, 2006

Top 20 Tools For RoR Development

Ruby on Rails is a popular web application framework for a lot of modern websites. We’ve gathered 20+ tools to help you with your Ruby on Rails coding – feel free to add more in the comments. – Ruby, Java, AJAX, all in one handy scaffold for better integration in your projects.
DZone Snippets – A repository of thousands of code snippets for different programs, tons for RoR.
Four Days On Rails – An attempt to teach you the basics of Rails in four days and get to where you can build basic apps in that time.
Gardens Point Ruby.NET Compiler – A Ruby on Rails compiler for the .NET system. – An extension package for Rails that allows for templates, working with AJAX, and rapid deployment.
Instant Rails – Ruby, Rails, Apache and MySQL built in to one handy runtime for testing.
Learn To Program – An online tutorial for people who aren’t that familiar with programming, let alone Ruby.
Locomotive – A Mac OS X application for RoR development.
Nuby On Rails – A guide to writing plugins for RoR.
Programming Ruby – An online book about learning the popular language. – Home of Radrails, a downloadable, interactive development environment for RoR.
Ruby Cheatsheet – A detailed, printable, cheatsheet of the most common RoR commands.
Ruby Development Tools – A Sourceforge project, Ruby Development Tools is running on Eclipse.
Ruby Facets – A huge collection of core extension methods and standard library additions for Ruby.
Ruby In Steel – Ruby development that works with Visual Studio 2005. Does cost, but offers a free 30-day trial.
Ruby QuickRef – A reference site for everything related to Ruby on Rails. – The central site for the Rubyconf and Railsconf. – A tutorial site for learning Ruby that assumes you are at least familiar with programming in general. – Test your knowledge of Ruby with the Ruby Quiz site; you may even learn something.
RubyScript2EXE – A Ruby compiler which can strip down the Ruby library and embeds the interpreter in a EXE executable.
Try Ruby! – A hands-on, interactive tutorial of Ruby.
UJS Rails Plugin – An Unobtrusive JavaScript (UJS) plugin for Rails to make it flow smoother.
Yahoo Ruby On Rails Tools – Tools for using RoR with Yahoo and access to more APIs and applications. (via)