Sunday, March 5, 2006

Top 20 Tools For Perl Development

Even in this day-and-age of Java and Ajax, Perl still has a role to play in the world of coding. To make sure you don’t forget it, we’ve collected over 20 tools and tutorials to help you with all of your Perl programming needs.

Beginning Perl Tutorials – 20 tutorials for those just beginning their CGI scripting with Perl. – An MVC framework that runs on FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris or Windows. Allows for Perl development. – An archive of modules, scripts, resources, and more.
Creating Perl Modules – A guide to creating modules of reusable Perl code to speed up future scripting. – An open source Perl IDE project running on Sourceforge.
Extreme Perl – An online book about extreme programming with Perl. – A good site for beginners with online tutorials and links to other resources.
Learn Perl in 21 Days – A guide to teaching yourself Perl in just 21 days.
Learning Perl the Hard Way – A free book for learning Perl that assumes you already know programming, just not Perl. – An open source web development engine that works on integrating Perl and HTML.
Perl 6 – A guide to what is going on with the development of Perl 6, and what you can expect from it. – A Wiki for all things related to Perl.
Perl Object Oriented Programming – A guide to object oriented programming in Perl.
Perl One Liners – A summary of how to convert Perl one liners into full scripts.
Perl Regular Expressions – A good basic guide to the most rudimentary expressions in Perl, accompanied by code snippet examples.
Perl Vector Search – A guide to building a search engine using Perl that does not require database access.
Perl2PHP – A guide showing you the equivalent of a Perl command in PHP so you can move back-and-forth between the languages. – A question and answer site for you to ask experts in Perl to help you with your problems. – Perl Object Environment (Poe), is a framework for creating event-driven, multitasking programs in Perl. – A repository of Perl scripts for everyone to use around the web.
When Perl Isn’t Fast Enough – A guide on how to speed up your Perl scripts that may be running too slow. (via)