Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Top 20 PHP Resources

With WordPress 2.5 launching this week, a bunch of themes and plugins needed updating. If you’re not that familiar with PHP, this might present a slight problem. Not to worry, though – we’ve collected together 20+ tools for you to discover the secrets of PHP.
c.anvas.es – A PHP framework for PHP5 with a focus on ease of use.
CakePHP.org – A PHP framework meant to work like Ruby on Rails smf take some of the heavy lifting off the developer.
CodeIgniter.com – An open source PHP framework with an eye towards sites hosted on shared servers.
Coders4Fun.com – A blog about coding, includes lots of PHP code snippets to help you learn new tricks.
DagonDesign PHP Form Mailer Script – A PHP script to aid in making forms of any length.
DIY Framework – A no-frills, bare-bones PHP framework – just as the name implies.
GoodPHPTutorials.com – A large collection of tutorials for every level of PHP developer.
Horde.org – Horde is a framework specializing in PHP applications, and is also very friendly to languages other than English.
KillerPHP.com – Nearly two dozen video tutorials taking you from the most basic aspects of PHP up through advanced techniques.
PHPBuddy.com – A site full of resources for the beginning PHP designer, features numerous scripts to help you over some of those beginning hurdles.
PHPClasses.org – A home for lots of PHP scripts to save you time from doing some of the more mundane work.
PHPFreaks.com – An extensive help site for PHP users of all skill levels, has over 400 code snippets to help you along with different project aspects.
PHPOpenBiz – A PHP framework with an eye towards business applications more than anything else.
PHPVideoTutorials.com – 13 video lessons on PHP ranging from 6 minutes to 22 minutes in length.
Qcodo.com – An open source framework that works with PHP 5 with a heavy focus on making PHP code forms easier to read.
SeagullProject.org – A PHP framework with a built-in templating engine.
Symfony-Project.com – An open source PHP framework with Ajax implementation, admin generator and more.
The PHP Resource Index – Numerous resources, but the star is their archive of over 3600 PHP scripts for just about every function you can dream of.
XajaxProject.org – A Sourceforge project for adding Ajax to any PHP page.
Zend Framework – The Zend framework is another open source PHP project with over 300 contributers.
ZoopFramework.com – A PHP framework capable of producing Web 2.0 forms and handling Ajax. (via)