Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Top 20 Orkut Tools

Orkut may be a bit neglected in the wake of all the Facebook and MySpace related news, but they’re supposedly working on an API, too. If so, we might soon see a lot of new Orkut applications coming up. For the time being, this is a collection of some useful browser addons and desktop tools to make your Orkut experience more enjoyable.

Online and Desktop Applications

AZ Orkut Toolbar – This is a browser toolbar for Firefox and IE that provides you with links to various Orkut pages, like home, profile, messages, fans, album, videos, friends, communities, scraps, settings, and more. There is a universal Orkut search button and a radio player too.

Free Orkut Toolbar – This browser toolbar allows you to access all the Orkut features. Also has built-in radio and chat features.

Orkutalert – This small tool runs in your computer background alerts you whenever you receive a new scrap and when your friends log on to Orkut.

Orkut Cute – Orkut Cute is a feature-laden desktop application for managing your Orkut page. It comes with a scrap editor that has a rich-text formatting bar with an HTML page preview. There is an instant messenger that you can use to chat with your GTalk and MSN Messenger friends. You can use its ‘Get Scraps’ feature to download your scraps from Orkut to your desktop.

Orkut Scraps to RSS Reader – This PHP script allow you to convert your Orkut scraps from your scrapbook and and community messages into a RSS feed. You simply need to add your Orkut user ID or community ID in the provided web address. One simple way to check on your Orkut directly from your RSS reader.

Orkut Word Generator – With this online tool, you can generate words in the shapes of people, Orkut style.

PowerScrap – PowerScrap is a site that you can use to access your social networking sites Most-Networked-Executives like Orkut, YouTube, Myspace, etc. with more features. Once you log in to Orkut from the PowerScrap site, you can change the color of your Orkut page, listen to an online radio station, browse anonymously, send messages to multiple friends, send multimedia content by scraps, send confidential scraps, and much more. The PowerScrap scrap editor also provides you rich-text formatting options.

Scrapboy – You can send and receive Orkut scraps from the Scrapboy desktop application without using a web browser.

TOrkut – Desktop application for accessing and managing your Orkut profile with Scrap Editor and other features.

Firefox Addons

Orkut Helper – Addon with features like auto login to Orkut, create links to various pages, animated smileys, common scraps to friends or community members, and more.

Orkut Scrapbook Searcher – This addon provides a search box inside Orkut for searching through scrapbooks and communities.

Orkut ScrapEasy – Uses Ajax for scraps; this way, you don’t have to leave your scrap page after posting a scrap.

Orkut Scrapper – Brings on more scrapping features like a toolbar, secret scraping, font styles, live preview, translation, etc.

Orkut Scrap Replyer – This addon pops up a form when you click on your friend’s picture. You can use this form to send a scrap.

Orkut Toolbar – This addon provides formatting features for your scraps.


Add Orkut Profile to Your Blog – This is a simple widget for bloggers to add an Orkut badge on their blogs. The widget is available for Blogger blogs.

Orkut Birthday – Add your Orkut birthdays to your Netvibes page.

Orkut Birthdays – Add upcoming birthdays of your friends to iGoogle.

Orkut Photo Album – View your Orkut photo album in iGoogle.

Orkut Scraps – View your Orkut scraps in iGoogle.

Greasemonkey Scripts

Keybord Shortcuts For Orkut – the name says it all; this script adds several handy keyboard shortcuts for Orkut.

Mass Moderation Script – Adds mass ban, mass delete and mass remove options for community moderation in community topics page.

Smiley Toolbar – gives more smiley options to you in the form of a handy toolbar.

Orkut Formatting Toobar – a toolbar that makes text formating in Orkut easier. (via)