Monday, March 20, 2006

Top 20 Online Multiple-Services Blog Pingers

You need only one multiple-service blog pinger to notify blog search engines, aggregators, and directories whenever you update your blog. But, in case your favorite service goes down or if you feel like experimenting with different ones, here is a list of more than 20 online ping tools and blog pingers that will notify various web services for you.

Online Multiple-Services Blog Pingers

Alles Over Ping Service – This is a blog ping service that pings 7 web services. Service is available in Dutch and English.

AllPodcasts – AllPodcasts is a podcast ping service that pings your feed to 7 podcast directories.

Autopinger – This is what I call a ping service with a difference. Autopinger pings your blog at regular intervals so that you don’t have to ping manually. It also displays the ping success rate of the sites it pings in percentages. Autopinger pings 25 English services and 19 non-English services. After a ping, it shows you the actual ping response from the services rather than a just success or failure report.

Blogblip – Currently sends pings to 45 web services. You can request addition of more directories to its list using the form on the site.

Blogflux Pinger – Pings 17 general services, 7 specialized services, 4 Japanese language services, and one service each in Chinese, Danish, French, German, and Spanish languages.

Feedburner Pingshot – If you are using Feedburner to burn RSS feeds for your blog, you can activate its Pingshot feature to ping web services automatically every time you update your blog. Feedburner Pingshot pings to 6 web services and you can add 5 more addresses to ping.

Feed Shark – Pings 16 services that accept blogs, 12 services that accept RSS feeds, and 8 services that accept podcasts. You can view your submission status on your current page itself.

iPings – iPings is a simple ping service that pings your feed to 32 web services.

King Ping – Just enter your blog URL at King Ping to have it submitted to 57 web services.

MyPageRank.Net Ping Service – Simple site that pings your site to 25 web services.

Pingates – Pingates pings your blog to 37 services.

Pingerati – You can use this unique service to ping non post information like contacts, events, job information, addresses, geolocations, etc. called microformats to services that accept these microformats like Eventful, Technorati, and Alexa.

Ping.In – Pings 37 general service sites, 12 non-English services, and 6 special services.

PingMyBlog – PingMyBlog pings the highest number of services – a whopping 68 search engines. You need to enter your blog name, URL, and feed (optional) to ping. Ping reports are available.

Pingoat – Pings 26 English search engines, 15 non-English search engines, and 9 special services. You add your blog name, url, and xml feed (optional) to ping. This service also features ping reports.

Ping-o-Blog – Ping-o-Blog sends pings to 18 general services.

Ping-o-Matic – Ping-o-Matic is one of the oldest blog ping services around. It pings to 17 general services and 5 specialized services. It says on the site that they regularly check the services to make sure they’re legit and so though they ping to a few number of services, these services are the most important ones.

Pingsalot – Pingsalot pings your blog to 24 active servers. It checks your site URL for availability before pinging, and is your site fails to respond, pings are not sent out. – pings your feed to 13 web services.

Miscellaneous Ping Tools

Pingomation – Pingomation can check if your blog has recently pinged Ping-o-Matic. – If you have updated your blog’s sitemap and want to ping the update, this is a tool you should use. pings Google, Yahoo!, and about your updated sitemap.

Twitbacker – Twitbacker is a service to ping your blog update to Twitter. (via)