Monday, February 27, 2006

Top 60 Tools For Gmail

With Google announcing the ability to increase your Gmail storage capacity this week, we decided to delve into other ways to extend and enhance Google’s popular webmail service. Presenting: 60+ tools and resources for Gmail.

Desktop Applications

GCount – An application for Mac OSX that alerts you to new mail.

gDisk – An app for Mac OSX giving the ability to turn Gmail accounts into storage drives.

gFeeder – A small ticker for your Gmail that will let you know at a glance what’s coming in for you.

GetMail – Allows you to migrate your emails from Hotmail to your Gmail account.

Gmail Drive – Another tool for turning your Gmail account in to a virtual storage drive, this one works directly from inside Windows Explorer.

Gmail Loader – For Windows or Linux, aids you in loading your email to your Gmail account.

GMailFS – Turns your Gmail space into a virtual drive that your Windows Explorer can see.

GotMailG – A Mac widget to display the number of unread messages in your inbox.

POP3/IMAP server for GMAIL in JAVA – Allows you POP3 access via your favorite mail reader to your Gmail account, IMAP still in development.

Send To GMail – With one click, you can back up any file you want from your computer to your Gmail account.

Firefox Tools

Better Gmail – Combines some of the most popular Greasemonkey scripts in to one extension. Includes things such as skins, saved searches, keyboard macros, and more.

Delegate to Remember The Milk – Adds a button to Gmail and allows you make to-do lists.

Dragdropupload – Allows you to drag your files to the attachment box.

GCalQuickTab – Allows you to quickly change between Google Mail and Calendar with keyboard shortcuts.

Gmail Checker – Allows you to check your Gmail for new messages.

Gmail Manager – Allows you to not only manage multiple accounts, but know how much mail and spam they have.

Gmail Notifier – Get notifications of new emails right in your browser.

Gmail RTL – Adds direction buttons to your email.

Gmail S/Mime – Allows you to send and receive encrypted emails.

Gmail Skins – Change the look of your inbox, insert HTML tables, use emoticons and more.

Google Toolbar – Official Google release of a toolbar with Gmail features.

Gspace – Turns your Gmail account in to a virtual web drive that you can upload files to and store them.

gTalk Sidebar – Incorporates Google Talk into your sidebar.

GTDInBox – A Getting Things Done tool that integrates into Gmail, helps you get organized.

WebMail Notifier – Checks your Gmail account for unread emails; works with other email services also.

Greasemonkey Scripts

Clean Gmail Print – Removes the Gmail logo when you go to print out your email

Folders4Gmail – If you prefer the old style of sorting mail in folders over labels, this is the script for you.

Force HTTPS for GMail, GCal, and GDocs – Forces the corner links in the Google apps to change over to HTTPS.

gDate2Cal 0.1 – Turns dates in Gmail in to links to take you to that day in Google Calendar.

Gmail + Reader Integration – Lets you use Google Reader with your Gmail account.

GMail Attachment Icons – Shows you an icon that lets you know what type of file is attached to an email without opening it.

Gmail attachment reminder v2.4.1 – Reminds you to attach a file your email if it appears you haven’t.

Gmail Contact List – Adds a contact list near the “To” field in compose.

Gmail Conversation Preview – Right click on a conversation to get a preview of it in a bubble.

Gmail Date Search – adds a Search by Date button to Gmail’s search form

Gmail Delete Button – RED Color – Turns the delete button red so there is less chance of hitting it accidentally.

Gmail Emoticons! – Puts an emoticons button next to the “Check Spelling” button to allow you to enter numerous different smilies.

Gmail Encrypt – Allows you to encrypt outgoing emails and create encryption keys.

Gmail FavIcon Alerts – Turns the Gmail favicon in the address bar in to a new mail alert.

Gmail from address selector – Lets you change the reply-to email address depending on who you are sending to. (i.e. sending to someone like “”, you choose your work address as the from address)

Gmail Full Width – Removes the advertising block on the right so that your mails take up the full width.

Gmail Google Calendar sidebar – Adds your Google Calendar to your Gmail display.

Gmail Lite – Removes ads, the footer, stars, and chats.

Gmail Macros – Allows you to create more keyboard shortcuts to speed up your Gmail experience.

Gmail Multi-User Login – For those of you with more than one Gmail account, this will give you a drop down menu with all of your accounts listed.

Gmail Multiple Signatures, plus Float – Will change your signature based on what return address you enter.

Gmail – One Click Conversations – Allows you quick access to the most recent conversations with a contact via a one click button.

GMail Header, Navigation and Ads Switcher – Can choose to hide or show the header, navigation bar, and ads by clicking a button.

Gmail – Zip Attachments and Download – Allows you to download all the attachments of an email by merely clicking on the paper clip icon.

GmailTo -Opens mailto: commands from websites in Gmail compose.

Google Air Skin – Script to use Air Skin in Gmail, Google Calendar, on, and Google Reader.

Label Colors – Lets you choose the colors of various labels so you can tell them apart easier.

Plaxo4Gmail – Allows you to sync your Gmail with your Plaxo info.

Saved Searches – Allows you to save a Gmail search so that you can just click on the saved search to do it again.


GBooks – Allows you to turn a Gmail account in to a bookmarks server.

gExodus – Allows you to export your emails from another account to your Gmail account in mbox format.

Gmail icon generator – Allows you to create a small graphic of your Gmail address to place on websites so that you may display your address without spam bots reading it.

Gmail Music – Store MP3 files in your Gmail account and play them on any computer.

Gmail Todo – Turn your Gmail into a helpful “To Do” list.

PhpGmailDrive – Retrieves a list of attachments from a Gmail account and enables you to list them on a website or blog for others to download.

You’ve Got Gmail – A plugin for the Trillian messenger program that lets you manage your accounts. (via)