Monday, February 13, 2006

Top 40 Mobile Productivity Resources

In the fast paced world, we’re constantly trying to improve our productivity, but it can get hard when you’re on the move. We’ve compiled a list of mobile productivity tools that are accessible through WAP enabled sites, mobile download applications, voice, and SMS integration. Some of them use web applications while others are standalone, but they all help you stay productive while on the go.

To-do Lists and Notes

Stikkit – Web application used to organize your daily details. Stikkit’s integration with Mobivity allows you to create and retrieve your Stikkets from your Stikkit account via SMS.
Remember The Milk – Task management web application where you can interact with your RTM task lists via 2-way SMS using twitter.
Jott – Call and leave yourself or anyone on your contact list a note. The note is transcribed to text and sent to your Jott account/email addresses.
CellTell – CellTell + Backpack = Voice notes for your 37signals Backpack to-do list account.
ToodleDo – To-do list management site, where you can access your Toodledo lists from your mobile WAP browser.
SyncNotes – Access your notes via mobile WAP browser.
motask – Simple mobile WAP browser site to manage to-do lists.
BrainCast – Record notes to yourself, log into the site and listen to them later. Also set reminders for Braincast to call you and play back a recorded message.
AirSet – Personal information manager with contacts, lists, and calendars for yourself and shared groups. Accessible via mobile WAP browser.
mindjot – Remember a product or service while on the go by sending in the mcode, you’ll be sent more information later.
reQall – Call up and record a note that gets converted to text. The note is available on your account online and emailed to you. You can also setup SMS reminders from calendars.
pingme – To-do lists with an integrated reminder system.

Calendars and Reminders

Google Calendar – Access your Google Calendar through a WAP enabled mobile browser.
GooSync – Synchronize your Google calendar with the calendar in your mobile device.
AOL Mobile Reminders – Setup important date reminders and get notifications via SMS.
oh don’t forget – Single reminders to send to yourself via SMS. No account needed, just setup a single reminder and you’re good to go.
Jotlet – Shareable online calendars with SMS reminders.
Web Reminder – Setup multiple reminders to send to yourself via SMS.
rminder – Reminders created with text are translated to voice reminders that call you. Also has integration with major calendar applications.
Planzo – Shareable online calendars and to-do lists with SMS reminders.
bitBomb – Online Calendar with buddy lists and group SMS reminders.
Snoozester – Setup your own wakeup calls and SMS reminders.
myMemorizer – Manage your own events and have SMS reminders sent to you.
Joopz – Send group SMS, set reminders, schedule event SMS messages.
TextMemos – Another simple reminder service, works via SMS.

Email to SMS

TeleFlip – Forward your emails to your phone via SMS. Filter by time of delivery, messag sender and number of SMS messages per email.
TAPGAD – Send in a SMS to the service to request your emails to be sent to you via SMS, even reply to sender of emails through SMS.
emoze – Push Outlook emails, contacts and calendar items to your phone.

Voicemail to Text

SpinVox – Convert your voicemails to text for your email or SMS.
CallWave – Translates your voicemails and sends SMS messages to you. Also has a mobile WAP site to access and manage your messages.
SimulSays – Voicemails are translated to text, after which you can manage the messages through their mobile application.

Mobile Office Tools

scanR – Use your mobile camera phone to scan, copy and fax. Copy documents, white boards and business cards and extract the text.
Qipit – Use your camera phone to capture handwritten notes or printed documents, email or MMS them to Qipit and fax, email or publish and share them.
SoonR – Connects to your remote PC access your desktop, contacts, and files securely. Use your PC to relay Skype calls too.
GoLiveMobile Tip – Query the Wikipedia via SMS.
YAHOO! Go 2.0 – If you are a Yahoo user, you can access just about all your Yahoo applications.
flurry – Access your email, contacts and news through a full mobile application.

Mobile Search and Alerts

Google Mobile SMS – Query Google through SMS and get local directory results and other important information at your fingertips.
1-800-GOOG-411 – Call Google’s 411 service to get directory information, you can request them to send you the requested information via SMS too.
YAHOO! oneSearch – Yahoo’s new mobile search accessible via SMS or WAP enabled browser.
4INFO – Query for live sports scores, entertainment, travel, directory services via SMS.
Tellme – Call or SMS for directory services.
YAHOO! Alerts – Setup Yahoo news, stocks, weather, horoscope and other SMS alerts.
AOL Alerts – Setup AOL news, stocks, weather, horoscope and other SMS alerts.

Miscellaneous Tools – Give out your mobile ID for all your contact info, accessible via mobile device.
pinger – Point to point voice messaging.
Buxfer – Budget and track your expenses via SMS.
Geezeo – Access your account balance via SMS. (via)