Thursday, February 16, 2006

Top 40 Amazon Tools

The biggest online store out there has thousands of tools to compliment it. Some add to the shopping experience, and others are just plain odd, but all show amazing creativity. The following are all built on the Amazon API.


A-Tree – An AJAX powered Amazon mashup that lets you browse Amazon in a branching tree style of organization.

Amazames – Turn browsing Amazon into games such as Blackjack and Mahjong.

Amazon Cli – Part shopping, part game. Shop Amazon in an old school style by typing in commands at a command line. – Add Amazon top selling lists for different product categories to your iGoogle page. – Drag-and-drop DVDs in to buckets, the more you do, the more precise the recommendations of what you should watch next become. When one interests you, click the “Find out more” button and be taken to that movie’s page on Amazon.

Mobile Price Comparison – Access the site with your WAP enabled phone to check prices while you are out-and-about. – Call a specified phone number, enter the UPC number, hear current prices on Amazon as well as customer reviews. – Using your cell phone, you can call in and check prices against Amazon as you shop in a traditional brick-and-mortar store. – Compare prices on Ebay and Amazon via text messaging. – Enter a products barcode on your phone and compare the price with Amazon and read reviews.

Price Changes & Comparison

Amazon On Bookmarks – Bookmark an item on Amazon and get notified of price changes.

AmazonHive – An alternative way to look up items on Amazon and provides you with numerous filters to help focus your search such as pricing.

Aytozon – Gives you a quick way to price compare Amazon and Ebay. – Gives you a 30-day average price on both Ebay and Amazon for items you are looking for. – Aggregates price deals from bargain hunting websites and shows you the prices on sites such as Amazon. – Uses the Amazon API, amongst others, to let you quickly price compare books, DVDs, CDs, and games. – Enter an item, get price comparisons from numerous sites in one shot. – Add Kulist to your toolbar, and while shopping, click it to get price comparisons. – A one-click price checker for Amazon. Add it to your toolbar, go to a page on Amazon, click the button to price compare. – Enter your purchases into this site, if Amazon drops the price within 30 days, it will alert you so that you can get a refund on the difference.

RSSTalker For Amazon – Receive an RSS feed of price drops, feed it single items or an entire wishlist. – Integrates Amazon price comparing with info.


A-Cards – Lets you shop Amazon Japan without knowing any Japanese. Enter words in English, it searches and lets you purchase all from the same site. – Mixes actor news and gossip with shopping via Amazon for items related to that celebrity. – A new graphical way to browse Amazon that involves folders and integration with YouTube. Works with Amazon US and Amazon Japan.

Baebo – Lets you shop Amazon, Ebay, and Yahoo while price comparing all three in a unified experience.

Buyzillion – Built on Amazon eCommerce, offers products in numerous categories from several merchants. – Read reviews from multiple sites all while price comparing and shopping Amazon and Ebay at the same time. – Lets non-profit groups quickly build an Amazon storefront to let them raise funds via the Associates program.

Life2Life Virtual Store – Makes use of the Amazon and Second Life APIs to let you shop from within Second Life. – Mixes the Amazon shopping API with Google Maps and product databases. – A mashup of Amazon Web Services, Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and YouTube for video product reviews. – Uses the Amazon API to create a cleaner, simpler access to the Amazon catalog. – Searches Amazon for the cheapest prices in each category on Amazon. – Price compare on your computer or via SMS on your cell phone, purchase directly from the site using Amazon eCommerce.


Amazon Wishlist Gadget – Add Amazon Wishlist searching to your to your Google homepage or any web site that allows Javascript.

AmazonBox – Display your wishlist, listmania lists, wedding registry, baby registry or your marketplace seller items on your website.

AmzWsh – Display your wishlist, enter your Associated ID, get paid when people buy you a gift!

My 10 Wishes – Helps kids write a letter to Santa and include 10 items they pick from pre-determined Amazon lists of kid-friendly items. – Text info to your Wishpot account about an item, it will be added to your Wishlist, and it will reply with pricing and reviews. – Lets you add items to your wishlist, share them with friends, post them on sites such as your MySpace account. (via)