Saturday, February 11, 2006

Top 30 VoIP Services

You can’t have failed to notice that Skype suffered major downtime this week. However, there many more VoIP service providers that enable users to make free or cheap international calls through computers, landlines or cellphones. Many of them offer social networking features plus easy embedding options in blogs and social networking sites.

Here is our take on 30+ VoIP services.

Mobile Phone Services

EQO – EQO is a service for cell phone users allowing them to make cheap international calls at local rates. Easily installable on most phones and features social networking capabilities. – Increasingly popular mobile VoIP service utilizing 3G and Wi-Fi to enable free mobile calls between skype, msn, google talk and sip users.

MOBIVOX – Make free calls to your Skype buddies using your mobile phone. Inform your Skype buddies and earn call credit for every registered user. No installation or software required.

Nimbuzz – Users can send free messages to their IM buddies (MSN, Gtalk, Skype, AIM, Yahoo) from their cell phones. Also allows you to talk with them for free.

Raketu – Raketu users can make cheap international calls to users all over the world. Raketu comes with bundled social networking features like podcasting, mediaplayer, and news/information feeds. Users only need an internet connected PC and a headset to make voice calls; Raketu is also available for mobile phones.

Rebtel – Rebtel is a browser-based VoIP service that supports 37 countries. Registered users receive local phone numbers for their international friends. They can save the local number on their mobile phones for cheap international calling.

Truphone– Mobile VoIP service enabling registered users to make free calls to more than 40 countries. Community features include discussion forums and blogs.

Zozoc – Zozoc offers free international SMS over GPRS technology for mobile users. Users are only charged for GPRS access and Zozoc is compatible with phones which support Java.

Phone Connecting Services

Earth Caller – Currently in beta, allows you to call any domestic phone number for free from their site.

Gizmo Call – Excellent browser-based VoIP service allowing users to make as well as receive phone calls from users from anywhere in the world. Users get 5 minutes of free calling on registration.

GrandCentral – GrandCentral users are provided with a unique phone number which when called rings at all phones listed in their GrandCentral account. The web-based account can also be used for checking voice-mails, recording and blocking calls.

Jaduka – Jaduka provides low cost voice solutions for business owners. Jaduka enables businesses to convert their site visitors to business leads through its telephony applications.

JAJAH– JAJAH is a simple web-based VoIP service where users can speak with anyone in the world. All they have to do is simply type source number and destination numbers and click to connect the call; their phone rings instantly. Users do not need a headset or software as they can talk via their telephones.

Jangl – Ideal calling service for dating purposes as it provides users with an anonymous phone number. Users have to enter the e-mail address of the person they want to call and they are provided with a random phone number. They can also place the Jangl widget on social networking sites and blogs.

Jaxtr – Jaxtr users can place a “click to call” widget on their blogs and other social networking sites. People interested in calling have to enter their number which initiates a voice call between the two parties.

Nonoh – Nonoh offers 120 days of free calling to registered users who top up their account with credit. It supports countries like Brazil, Malaysia and Japan. Nonoh offers cheap rates for calling paid destinations.

RingCentral – Provides small businesses with a toll-free number and Virtual PBX.

Sitofono – Sitofono is a calling widget that gives site visitors the ability to call Sitofono users on their landline or mobile phones. Sitofono users can receive unlimited calls from anywhere in the world at cheap rates.

Talkety– An innovative web-based VoIP provider enabling users to connect with each other through their cell phones. – Excellent VoIP service for business users giving them the opportunity to convert business site visitors to business leads. Users can place a “call me” widget on Blogger, Google, Pageflakes etc.

Voicemail Services

CallWave– New Web2.0 style voicemail with large storage capacity. Users can read their voice-mails, listen and reply to their voice-mails on their mobile phones. CallWave provides easy to install widgets for yahoo, Google, apple etc.– Smart service for making cheap calls to over 130 destinations in the world. It also offers free services like voice-mails to individuals and groups.

Pinger– Pinger is voice messaging service enabling users to send voice messages to people without ringing their phone. It is quick instant messaging with voice.

TalkDigits – Users are provided with a free US phone number that allows them to make and receive US calls for free. Paid services include choice of local US phone number and cheap international calling.

Soft Phone Services

Octopz – Teams can collaborate with each other via VoIP.

OpenWengo– A terrific networking platform for like minded people, collaborating to create free applications for voice communication over the Internet. Owned by French VoIP provider OpenWengo. The community includes mailing lists, groups and chat applications.

VePhone– VePhone enables users to make phone calls with their browsers. It provides users a UK telephone number which they can use for receiving calls from anywhere. Also offers cheap call rates to landlines and mobiles.

VoIPCheap – Download the soft-phone client to make calls to many countries for free. Calls to other countries are offered at cheap rates.

VoIPDiscount – Another software application which enables users to call people in many countries for free and send international SMS messages at low rates.

WengoPhone – An instant messenger that can talk with all the big IM services, make VoIP calls and set up conference and video calls.

Yoomba– Innovative VoIP startup based in Israel. Yoomba has developed an application that integrates into email networks like Yahoo and Gmail and converts your email address book names to messenger or phone numbers. Users can talk with their address book contacts for free. Yoomba leverages email for enabling voice communication between users. (via)