Friday, February 10, 2006

Top 30 Peer to Peer Services

Skype’s downtime this week has everyone speaking about P2P again. Here’s our take on more than 30 of the leading peer to peer services.


AllPeers – A Firefox extension that works on a P2P principle to distribute files amongst co-workers, family, and friends.

Ares P2P – Peer-to-peer file sharing with built in audio and video players, chat rooms and more.

BitTorrent – The software that started the torrent craze and sets the standard.

Collanos – A P2P system for collaborative teams to work on projects and transmit their work amongst their work group.

Freenet Project – A decentralized peer-to-peer project with the hopes of keeping freedom of speech alive on the Internet with no fear of censorship.

GNUnet – A secure peer-to-peer system for file sharing.

WiredReach – A peer-to-peer system for businesses to help with the movement of confidential files from one co-worker’s desktop to another.

Television Broadcasting

Babelgum – Numerous themed channels such as music, trends, and anime.

CoolStreaming – International news, games, MTV shows and more.

Cybersky CTV – Sharing streaming television from all over the world, no matter what its original means of delivery.

Jaman – Brings independent and world movies to your computer. Sign up and get three free movies to try them out.

Joost РFrom Comedy Central shows to Godzilla movies, offers a wider variety of choices. Created by Niklas Zennstr̦m and Janus Friis, the founders of Skype and Kazaa.

LiveStation – As the name implies, LiveStation focuses on bringing you TV as it happens.

MediaBlog – Allowing anyone to run a video or audio channel from their home computer utilizing P2P infrastructure.

Miro – Offers HD choices, download YouTube videos; an open source solution you can help with.

Open Media Network – Focusing on educational audio and video programming.

Reel-Joe – An upcoming video-on-demand service.

Reeltime – An online movie and TV video subscription service that delivers content via peer-to-peer.

Tribler – Part P2P network, part social networking: the program will exchange selected personal info with others you connect to.

Vuze – Formerly just the bittorrent client named Azureus, they now also sell and distribute legal content.

Zattoo – Broadcasting TV around the world with a focus on Europe.


FreeCast – Lets you broadcast an audio stream with as low as a DSL connection.

Octoshape – Allows anyone to get started in peer to peer multicasting.

PeerCast – Enjoy existing audio and video streams or start your own.

RawFlow – For everyone from an individual to corporations, RawFlow can help you get started with your peer-to-peer stream.

TVU Networks – Broadcasting TV from around the world and providing everyone the same opportunity.


Avaya – A former big-wig in the PBX phone industry, with the advent of P2P phone technology, they decided to embrace the technology.

BlueNote Networks – Enables a company to build their own Skype-like system to connect tele-workers, remote offices, suppliers and more.

CSpace – Text chat, file transfer, remote desktop, all based on peer-to-peer technology.

Global Village – A product of Zoom Technologies which was a well-known modem maker in the dial-up age.

Iwatsu – A corporate phone provider that handles many different protocols including SIP.

Popular Telephony – An Internet telephony solution for businesses based on P2P technology.

SIPphone – Uses the Session Initiation Protocol to make free SIP-to-SIP calls. (via)